Beauty Tips With Susan Weebers: Getting Ready for Your Valentine's Date

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Beauty Tips With Susan Weebers: Getting Ready for Your Valentine's Date. She's Susan WEE-bers, and she's here to get you ready for your big night!!! Follow her tips and your date will love you as much as Susan loves Richard Simmons!
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Cast: Natalie Madsen and Matt Meese
Director: Luiz Malaman
Producer: Luiz Malaman
Line Producer: Tess Kelly
Writer: Natalie Madsen
Editor: Trent Woolford
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Beauty Tips With Susan Weebers: Getting Ready for Your Valentine's Date




5 фев 2019

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Studio C
Studio C 17 дней назад
Who's your dream celebrity Valentine's date? 💘 (Sorry, Richard Simmons is TAKEN.)
Julianna Peterson
Julianna Peterson Час назад
Tom Holland
Linsy Leopard
Linsy Leopard 4 дня назад
The haters gonna hate hate hate But they just jealous Richard Simmons is with you
Hailey DiGirolamo
Hailey DiGirolamo 4 дня назад
Mine would probably be my crush cause he is a celebrity to me!!!!!! (BTW thank you Studio C for bringing Susan back!!! <3 <3 <3)
Tic tac the squirrel
Tic tac the squirrel 6 дней назад
My celebrity crush is Richard Simmons
Josiah Meiner
Josiah Meiner 7 дней назад
SUBSCRIBE TO JK! STUDIOS!!! That’s where Matt, Mall, Jason, Whitney, Stephen, Stacey, Adam, James, Jeremy, and Natalie are starting a new comedy project. After season 9 they will no longer be on Studio C. Loving Lyfe is their first show and their are many more on the way!!!
Unicorn Master
Unicorn Master 15 часов назад
But what I just commented was NOT a hate comment ok I love studio c so much!!!!
Unicorn Master
Unicorn Master 15 часов назад
Is that Richard Simmons in the background we did his workouts in p.e.
bella roo
bella roo 3 дня назад
Beginning: SHUT UP CARL! Ending:...it is now. Just shut up Carl.
Emme Haraway
Emme Haraway 3 дня назад
is she using markers as make up?
Catherine Cooper
Catherine Cooper 3 дня назад
poor carl
Courtney Schrock
Courtney Schrock 3 дня назад
"My Grandma was buried in this broach!!!" Uhm........what??? How did you get it?!
Che zy
Che zy 4 дня назад
Susan weebers
Sol Sisters
Sol Sisters 4 дня назад
i love the tip!
Agility Aly
Agility Aly 4 дня назад
My dream Valentine's activity would be to just hang out with my friends and have a party
Maggie Wilcox
Maggie Wilcox 4 дня назад
Wintercourse 4 дня назад
Honestly, with all the makeup girls wear, half of them look like this anyways. It's gross. Take a picture and you could have had the flash on in a mirror.
Rainbow_ Woof
Rainbow_ Woof 5 дней назад
I know its supposed to be funny, but I'd subscribe to her if she was real XD
Berkeley Spencer
Berkeley Spencer 5 дней назад
Natalie is so beautiful but Susan weebers is ugly. Malory is also beautiful.
Berkeley Spencer
Berkeley Spencer 5 дней назад
Sorry Richard Simmons, I feel bad that you have such o creepy ugly girl crushing on you. You should send Susan weebers a message saying she's stupid and ugly. Poor carl.
I_Am _Alive_Inside
I_Am _Alive_Inside 5 дней назад
Poor Carl the cat
Austin Taggart
Austin Taggart 6 дней назад
No and no
Stick Stick
Stick Stick 6 дней назад
She’s the most bootiful person I’ve ever seen
Evelyn Caster
Evelyn Caster 6 дней назад
James Charles is shook
Alexus Johnson
Alexus Johnson 7 дней назад
FTR I feel like when Susan gets her headgear off she's going to be naturally beautiful ( Natalie is already beautiful, but I'm talking about Susan)
Alexus Johnson
Alexus Johnson 7 дней назад
and my regular valentines day schedule would eat all the candy I got from auntie and uncle, eat it all while reading my cheesy love story, talking to myself out loud (referring to my book)while annoying my cousins for that exact reason :3
Alexus Johnson
Alexus Johnson 7 дней назад
Horizon Penblade
Horizon Penblade 7 дней назад
"my grandma was buried in this brooch!" wait, then... how did you get it... did they dig it up?
Aiko Benesh
Aiko Benesh 7 дней назад
love Susan
Nellie Bjelde
Nellie Bjelde 7 дней назад
Thank you for the helpful tips Susan! I love your channel!
Preston Smith
Preston Smith 8 дней назад
One of my classmates I really like and I want to date as she can’t decide who she likes more between me or my friend next to me as she likes us both
anusha iyer
anusha iyer 8 дней назад
Love her💖💖
Maya Waters
Maya Waters 8 дней назад
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!💋🥳🥰😘😚😍
Dallis Smith
Dallis Smith 8 дней назад
“For my street cred!”
Berkeley Spencer
Berkeley Spencer 5 дней назад
More like dumb cred.
Bubble Pops19275
Bubble Pops19275 9 дней назад
Shut up carl!
Bleu Ahanu Night
Bleu Ahanu Night 9 дней назад
“Lonely with Pizza” *screams from far dark corner* MoOoOoOooOOd!!
RamenMcNugg 9 дней назад
"Uh my name's not Carl" "IT IS NOW." "Oh okay." "Just shut up, carl" XD
Bobddotcom Plays
Bobddotcom Plays 9 дней назад
That outfit wasn’t ugly enough.
animal -
animal - 9 дней назад
Oh that laugh track...hope you guys get rid of that on your channel...
Queenbet Draws
Queenbet Draws 9 дней назад
Susan reminds me of myself at age 5 when I literally tried to make makeup and perfume from stuff I found in my backyard 😝
Tacocatgaming 10 дней назад
Oh yeah, Susan has defiantly been impaled by an arrow, not Cupid's, but you know, still an arrow. Also this is how many dates she's had / `'
Annabelle Mesecher
Annabelle Mesecher 10 дней назад
Susan is my identical twin
Ella Missey
Ella Missey 10 дней назад
My grandma was buried in this broach... that got little reaction... are we gonna talk about this guys?
Cat Duffy
Cat Duffy 10 дней назад
If Susan Weebers can get a Valentine’s date there is hope for all of us
Berkeley Spencer
Berkeley Spencer 5 дней назад
You got that right.
My Little Daredevil
My Little Daredevil 10 дней назад
this is so wierd!!!! 😂
Leigh Kayes
Leigh Kayes 10 дней назад
SUSAN!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP CARL! 😂
S & S
S & S 10 дней назад
No one understands how long I have wanted and waited for another one of these videos
SteventheThorn 11 дней назад
"Do I look like I've been impaled by Cupid's arrow?"
Angela Skywalker
Angela Skywalker 11 дней назад
Listen to music
CinderMech Kb
CinderMech Kb 11 дней назад
It’s funny that the guys think she’s actually pretty (I’m not saying you’re not pretty susan😉 give me soma dat!
Georgia Schooten
Georgia Schooten 11 дней назад
I love when her voice gets low XD
Georgia Schooten
Georgia Schooten 11 дней назад
She's so mean to carl:)
Lexi Claire
Lexi Claire 11 дней назад
Susan weebers: do I look like I've been impaled by Cupid's arrow? Me: u look like you've been impaled by something........
Jacob Harlow
Jacob Harlow 11 дней назад
It’s hard to watch
Lilah Rose
Lilah Rose 11 дней назад
LMMeowMeowz 11 дней назад
I could FEEL the sounds of the sandpaper.
Payton Sotello
Payton Sotello 11 дней назад
She looks like darla from finding nemo
Alexandra K
Alexandra K 11 дней назад
I am a subscriber!
C.L Cat
C.L Cat 12 дней назад
Hewo Read More
jesse reuss
jesse reuss 12 дней назад
She sounds like me.
Rachell Son
Rachell Son 12 дней назад
Natalie's acting is rlly good
Abbie Meservy
Abbie Meservy 12 дней назад
Jessica McMullan
Jessica McMullan 12 дней назад
This is great I am a big fan guys keep it up!
Lexee Benkley
Lexee Benkley 12 дней назад
same. i literally have 4 subs but i am SO thankful for them!!!!
James Weber
James Weber 12 дней назад
Hater gonna hate hate hate hate but I am a lover so I am gonna love love love
Grace Brownson
Grace Brownson 12 дней назад
OMFL SUSAN NEEDS HER OWN CHANNEL!!! 😂😂 Like if u agree 👍😍😂
Grace Brownson
Grace Brownson 12 дней назад
OMFL SUSAN NEEDS HER OWN CHANNEL!!! 😂😂 Like if u agree 👍😍😂
Grace Brownson
Grace Brownson 12 дней назад
OMFL SUSAN NEEDS HER OWN CHANNEL!!! 😂😂 Like if u agree 👍😍😂
Evan B
Evan B 12 дней назад
I did. Why Did I
Penguin 12 дней назад
My sister was born the day this was posted she's five days old today can I get five likes
The Seven Sided Snowflake
The Seven Sided Snowflake 12 дней назад
"Pain is beauty" Hello knives my old friend, I've come to see you again.
iceteafresh offthestreet
iceteafresh offthestreet 12 дней назад
Shut up CARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elle Gamette
Elle Gamette 12 дней назад
your funny
Love Horizon
Love Horizon 12 дней назад
This is really greate advice, can't wait to try
Mia Rice
Mia Rice 12 дней назад
when susan weebers has a better love life than you
Daniel Compton
Daniel Compton 12 дней назад
1:03 Becuase who doesn't want to look in love?! Carl: Other people. Susan weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebers: SHUT UP, CARL!
Lilly Saber
Lilly Saber 12 дней назад
Bring back Scott Sterling!!
Emily Kitchin
Emily Kitchin 12 дней назад
🤣I'm dead!!!🤣
Obdulia Hernandez
Obdulia Hernandez 12 дней назад
Good advise good advise
Naturally Loachy
Naturally Loachy 12 дней назад
You guys should do one when she gets her braces and stuff off and make her look amazing
Shadowa Twillight
Shadowa Twillight 13 дней назад
I've missed Susan Weebers so much, its hilarious!
hasrolhafiz 13 дней назад
Hate you susan weebers
Abigail Flowers
Abigail Flowers 13 дней назад
Love the ending
Yosemite Girl2006
Yosemite Girl2006 13 дней назад
omg she looks life Effie Trinket at the age of 14
John Michael
John Michael 13 дней назад
I am using this advice
Addison Winward
Addison Winward 13 дней назад
Makes me sad, Studio C has to review old content because they don't have any creativity. :(
Sophia G
Sophia G 13 дней назад
It's funny because she still has a crush on Richard Simmons
Sally 2626
Sally 2626 13 дней назад
How much you want to bet that was her brother that she bribed?
Colby Levine
Colby Levine 13 дней назад
I have 5 subscribers to but only one is my mom
Aviv Resnick
Aviv Resnick 13 дней назад
Why does this trigger my asmr
layne carter
layne carter 13 дней назад
she's had her headgear for how many years now? haha love you, susan!
The Smurf
The Smurf 13 дней назад
That moment when Susan Weebers can get a date before I can lol. Love you guys.
crustycries 13 дней назад
My dream Valentine’s Day date would be to go to a broadway show and then run around times square
Alice Hall
Alice Hall 13 дней назад
"Do i look like a Kardashian?" Oh my gosh you guys are hilarious
Olga TERRONES 13 дней назад
I love studio C, but they are not making good videos anymore sorry
Lucia Liang
Lucia Liang 13 дней назад
Sicky vicky from Sonny with a chance anyone?
Murat Bayar
Murat Bayar 14 дней назад
Jea Basbas
Jea Basbas 14 дней назад
lizzyp 14 дней назад
That was great!
Kim Rangel
Kim Rangel 14 дней назад
*follows the tutorial* Now I'm gorgeous!
Proud P. TM
Proud P. TM 14 дней назад
I love her intro 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Greeny Froggy
Greeny Froggy 14 дней назад
susan weebers is my fav
Seth Degn
Seth Degn 14 дней назад
Not gonna lie the dress looks pretty good 😂
Tom Thomas
Tom Thomas 14 дней назад
I need to call the nintendo ambulance... WII U WII U WII U WII U WII U WII U WII U WII U ...
Game Girl
Game Girl 14 дней назад
Umm a head gear doesn't make you talk weird... this is kinda offensive to me.
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