Beauty Tips With Susan Weebers: Getting Ready for Your Valentine's Date

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Beauty Tips With Susan Weebers: Getting Ready for Your Valentine's Date. She's Susan WEE-bers, and she's here to get you ready for your big night!!! Follow her tips and your date will love you as much as Susan loves Richard Simmons!
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Cast: Natalie Madsen and Matt Meese
Director: Luiz Malaman
Producer: Luiz Malaman
Line Producer: Tess Kelly
Writer: Natalie Madsen
Editor: Trent Woolford
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Beauty Tips With Susan Weebers: Getting Ready for Your Valentine's Date


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Feb 5, 2019

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Comments 1 338
Studio C
Studio C 6 months ago
Who's your dream celebrity Valentine's date? 💘 (Sorry, Richard Simmons is TAKEN.)
Tye dye pandas!
Tye dye pandas! 5 days ago
For celebs I'm not into dating and that stuff. Buuuuuuuuuut, if I HAD to choose probably Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, or Daniel Radcliffe.
Tye dye pandas!
Tye dye pandas! 5 days ago
I don't care about that stuff so I will my fave boys from studio c instead. 1. Matt 2. Stephan 3. Jason 4. Jeremy
Starlight Sparkles
Studio C My boyfriend but idk if we’ll be together long
Potterheadtexan Studios
Aaron from studio C
briankulbaba Month ago
Emma watson
EzrapaulLEGO 5 days ago
I only have five subscribers too😪 but that's because I was 8 when I made my videos and they're the worst
Meredith Walker
Meredith Walker 5 days ago
welllll......... is justin timberlake taken? now he is!!!
Blue Morpho
Blue Morpho 5 days ago
She sure looks like she’s been impaled alright , idk if it was Cupid’s row but...
Jennifer Liu
Jennifer Liu 7 days ago
Poor Carl 😂
G0ldAnac0nda 12 days ago
The haters gonna hate...
Emma Wendt
Emma Wendt 18 days ago
1:48 if her grandma was buried in it how did she get it? Is Susan a gravedigger?
jowech2009 22 days ago
To all my 5 subscribers... U HAVE 2.2 million
AmazingZie378 24 days ago
If pain is beauty, does chopping my arm of make me beautiful?
Olivia plays game and does other stuff
Do I look like a Kardashian?
Potterheadtexan Studios
Hello, do you make cat/ Richard Simmons Valentines cards?
bootiful gacha meh
She reminds me of the smell of raw chicken heart
Kaushik Das
Kaushik Das Month ago
Natalie, wow ! Just wow !
Tay J
Tay J Month ago
My dream celebrity valentines date is Devan Key
Kenzie Nelson
Kenzie Nelson Month ago
I wonder if anyone ever follows these 😂
Solei Lao
Solei Lao Month ago
Wow. That’s all I have to say ( And don’t take this the wrong way, I love studio c!!!!)
Jessica-Lopez #33.10
I got super confused cuz I was like; that's Mat but it's not his voice so I was wondering who it was for like 5 minutes. XD
Sleepy Magicrat
Sleepy Magicrat Month ago
Morgz voice in a woman's body
Saanvi Kunte
Saanvi Kunte Month ago
do i LOOK like a kardashian just killed me
ღ Banana chip ღ
ღ Banana chip ღ 2 months ago
I did this but with toothpaste and baby wipes (why do we even have them...)
My toy show YAY!
My toy show YAY! 2 months ago
So funny I mean
My toy show YAY!
My toy show YAY! 2 months ago
Wo funny
My toy show YAY!
My toy show YAY! 2 months ago
I love carl
My toy show YAY!
My toy show YAY! 2 months ago
I am not a hater
Delona M.
Delona M. 2 months ago
Zach Herron
Lead_Marie 2 months ago
Do I look like I’ve been impaled by Cupid’s arrow? You look like you’ve been impaled by somethin...
Kadee Aguirre
Kadee Aguirre 2 months ago
/actor for Spiderman
Kadee Aguirre
Kadee Aguirre 2 months ago
Tom Holland
Kieren Sullivan
Kieren Sullivan 2 months ago
I have deep respect for the actress.
Girlycat Games
Girlycat Games 2 months ago
The internet is clogged with wannabe stars! A lot of them are tweenage wierdos!🤣
Mari Gellerman
Mari Gellerman 2 months ago
I wonder how painful that was
jiji saunders
jiji saunders 2 months ago
Flory Decena
Flory Decena 2 months ago
ART SMART CAMP 2 months ago
Nat is soo good! I totally thought she would break character!!!
Ready set Animate
Ready set Animate 2 months ago
It’s so bad it’s funny
Stephanie Taylor
Stephanie Taylor 2 months ago
Okay but Susan still knows more about makeup than I do
Elijah Kruse
Elijah Kruse 2 months ago
I would've subscribed
Big Hoodie
Big Hoodie 2 months ago
Richard Simmons is to her what Danny devito is to me
The AsapScienceFan
The AsapScienceFan 2 months ago
*clap, clap, clap*
Tiger JIMI
Tiger JIMI 2 months ago
I missed susan so much yayyyyy
Jennifer Wiedrich
Jennifer Wiedrich 2 months ago
I always feel so sad for this character 😂❤️
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 3 months ago
I am laughing just cause i pity her
MacKenzie Hayes
MacKenzie Hayes 3 months ago
Gilda Radner much?
Mae Barrett-Fox
Mae Barrett-Fox 3 months ago
James Charles is weeping.
Matt Bemis
Matt Bemis 3 months ago
trumpet time
trumpet time 3 months ago
Your weirdness makes me sad!
Nasarai Wonder
Nasarai Wonder 3 months ago
She's adorable lol
Awesomeness brothers Project
It’s female Napoleon dynamite!
Catherine Williams
Catherine Williams 3 months ago
The haters gonna hate hate hate but I love you Susan!
Pink Cow
Pink Cow 3 months ago
Dale Nuss
Dale Nuss 4 months ago
Studio C needs to make a character where their soul mate is Bob Ross. I’m begging 🙏.
Little gamer girl
Little gamer girl 4 months ago
Little gamer girl
Little gamer girl 4 months ago
Never take her beauty tips cause you will look like you have a disease called ugliness
Meera Nair
Meera Nair 4 months ago
I feel bad for Carl
Tye dye pandas!
Tye dye pandas! 4 months ago
Cupids arrow= no Kardashian= no A maniac= yes FYI Natalie is very pretty when not playing Susan Weebers
Winona Murray
Winona Murray 4 months ago
I didn't know they made a 4th one
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 4 months ago
Susan you are so funny and glad you have more than 5 followers now. Studio C keeps me laughing & u r all so talented. Bummer Richard is claimed.
Luv kub
Luv kub 4 months ago
Luv kub
Luv kub 4 months ago
shawn bla
shawn bla 4 months ago
You look like a warrior 😂
Geek Girl
Geek Girl 4 months ago
Xav Marz
Xav Marz 4 months ago
0:00- 0:55
Ryan Keller
Ryan Keller 4 months ago
super funny love you natally
Matt Animates
Matt Animates 5 months ago
I hate dorks
Dollface Cakes
Dollface Cakes 5 months ago
My dream date is with Keanu Reeves on one of his bikes. And in the matrix of course.
Nicole Sihler
Nicole Sihler 5 months ago
Do Kyle's birthday or Kyle at a job interview or Kyle doing sports or worst bus driver or worst barista or worst electrician
Deanna Sutton
Deanna Sutton 5 months ago
Low-key Susan is me with make-up. I'm so bad
Alma Cepeda
Alma Cepeda 5 months ago
I LOVE you Susan weebers
FailBoyBBQ 5 months ago
Shut up Carl -Susan weebers
Apar Reyes
Apar Reyes 5 months ago
I will use the beauty tips
S S 5 months ago
I love this I want to cry. I have a counselor from the church and her name is Susan so I call her Susan weebers
Holly Welch
Holly Welch 5 months ago
How do I subscribe to Susan Webeers too? I would like to know.
Infinity 9
Infinity 9 5 months ago
Poor carl
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar 5 months ago
Natalie is beautiful however
Sarah Tanveer
Sarah Tanveer 5 months ago
I have no idea how this AWSOME channel only has 2 m subs. I already made a lot of my friends sub and they’ve fallen in love with it
Misfit 5 months ago
Welcome to beauty tips with Susan Weeeeebers I'm Susan Weeeebers
Kineticgaming 5 months ago
Well my crush told me he didn’t like me on Valentine’s Day so yay 🍦🍩🍪🧁💧😐💔💔💔
kawaiianimecutegirl1 kawaiianimecutegirl1
Truely beautiful make up tutorial. Imma subscribe to susan. Her first real subscriber
Rose Garcia
Rose Garcia 5 months ago
Gh Smith
Gh Smith 5 months ago
do i look like a kardaishen. haha so funny
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