Beauty Pageant Contestants Share Their Horror Stories

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Women who competed in beauty pageants share their wildest stories!
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Ashna Sharan
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Comments 80
Grace Young
Grace Young 10 days ago
Ashna I think is a girl that works for Dhar man
Ana Karen
Ana Karen 16 days ago
Didn’t anyone else recognize the first one from Dhar Mann?
NeoMikey 18 days ago
Wherever you are in life, just continue to dance. You've got this.
Why tf would you *choose to start doing pageants as an adult??*
doris castillo
doris castillo 27 days ago
Isn’t the first girl from Dhar Mar?
Amelia Rosalina Blackblood The Hedgehog
That never happened to me before
Myra Groenewegen
This makeup mirror story is everyone's worst nightmare in any competition. But also, the competition kind of set up situations that could lead to confrontation. The role of looks and aesthetic presentation in these competitions has always been out of proportion and controversial and it's the one area where time and resources are never really equal at the outset. Create more unexpected tension than already there about how long people have to get ready and you could be throwing lots of people under the bus. The malicious contestant should have been thrown out. But ,as with the picnic situation, people have all tried so hard-- Maybe these women have hurt themselves so many times to play this kind of zero-sum game already that rationalize hurting each other. Things like a picnic that's really just for the pictures or organizers making access to makeup mirrors more difficult plays into inherent tensions. I'd have imagined some people would practically sleep at their makeup mirrors, when beauty and upkeep has these kinds of stakes.
Anastacia GD
Anastacia GD Month ago
salma a
salma a Month ago
no way i did miss new york teen usa
Melanie Lopez Munguia
Isn’t the girl named Ashna on the Channel Dhar Mann on RUvid?????
Marlowe Shields
Marlowe Shields Month ago
Taylor K
Taylor K Month ago
Layal N
Layal N Month ago
I had a beach photoshoot and one girl told me my hair was getting too frizzy/thick from the humidity. Then she said ‘here, I’ll fix it’ and she dunked my head into the water.. lol
Sophia DiMaggio
Sophia DiMaggio Month ago
The first girl who talked uf u have ever watched Dar Man she is one of the actors
Chloeokee Month ago
kind of
b1njjj95 Month ago
Your roommate totally set you up and was laughing at your naïvity. Never, *EVER* trust your 'friends' at a competition.
Michael Owino
Michael Owino Month ago
Rabia Malik
Rabia Malik Month ago
6:06 she sounds like maranda sings hahahahahaaaahhhh😂😂😨😵
Natalie Padilla
Natalie Padilla Month ago
5 mins is enough to change dress and heels 👠
kattelyn92 Month ago
I found these stories interesting but wow I do not understand pageant culture lol. Why do they room them all together before the pageant? It's like they want to breed toxicity lol
Mystic Queen
Mystic Queen Month ago
2:47 Are you sure? Maybe she was wearing blue and black?
Trinity Ausby
Trinity Ausby Month ago
U could of brought a second dress and shoe and bring extra makeup and some hair stuff and went to the bathroom and change when u got to the place to picnic
Sean SJ
Sean SJ Month ago
Why do pageants still exist as a thing?
Mozammel Hossain
The pink jacket girl really (to me) lookes like the girl from dhar mann
astarlitwishforyou 2 months ago
As a dancer, I can confirm that Bollywood girl absolutely did the right thing! The first rule of any performance art is that *everything* you do onstage is intentional. Scarf falls off? Novelty costume choice. Shoe comes undone? It's so you can see my feet better. Smile, improv, convince them you meant to do that. So when you make a mistake you absolutely _cannot_ stop, or run off, and you _must_ perform to the end. I know keeping a smile on whilst internally keyboard smashing in panic must have been difficult-- kudos for getting through and for your win!!
YAGIRLEMMA 5436 2 months ago
I had clip on earrings and my ear turned red and swollen but I got first place
Legal 2 months ago
This videos make me want to not have a job
Susana Downes
Susana Downes 2 months ago
When I competed internationally, when they would give us “smart casual” as a dress code, if your outfit doesn’t have a sequin; you’re under dressed.
Bella The Sheep
Bella The Sheep 2 months ago
In one of my pageants I ran into a bush
JAMIe Davis
JAMIe Davis 2 months ago
Me listening to this like bedtime stories
Princess Marlena
Princess Marlena 2 months ago
I purposely let my swimsuit “ride up” 😈 But it got me kicked out of the contest.
Poulomi Hari
Poulomi Hari 2 months ago
Throw in some jewllery when you don't have time to finish your makeup...
Miller Blaylock
Miller Blaylock 2 months ago
If i've learned anything about my time at state pageants, CASUAL *DOES NOT* MEAN CASUAL!
The Valerie Lorenzo
The Valerie Lorenzo 2 months ago
Omg they are vicious
Yukta Rajnandini
Yukta Rajnandini 2 months ago
The first girl was in Dhar Mann Videos!
It's _Meh
It's _Meh 2 months ago
I saw Ashna in Dhar Mann
Emma Rainey
Emma Rainey 2 months ago
Are the pageant organisers deliberately trying to instigate homicide?
awcutebby 2 months ago
what are even the point of beauty pageants?
z 2 months ago
came for funny stories, stayed for the Desi representation :’) you go brown queen!
diiaphxnous_lxght 2 months ago
On the last story, you got high marks because you continued to problem solve while you had the problem hanging over you, thats a talent right there!
M. Light
M. Light 2 months ago
Ivanka Trump?
Cara Marais
Cara Marais 2 months ago
The first story is literally my nightmare
Jessica Zeller
Jessica Zeller 2 months ago
I have so many pageant horror stories...
Elsa Aita
Elsa Aita 2 months ago
These pageant girls are so catty
Ami Israel
Ami Israel 2 months ago
Thay girl who put the stuff in the corner should have been disqualified on the spot
Rachel Lor
Rachel Lor 3 days ago
Ami Israel i agree. Real shady.
Rexxington 2 months ago
What these stories like is that some of the girls in these are just complete full blown bitches and need make-up and glamor to hide that fact.
Mahin Hossain
Mahin Hossain 2 months ago
Omg isn’t Ashna the girl from those Dhar Maan videos?
Alyssia Squires
Alyssia Squires 2 months ago
Ashna works with dhar mann.right?
Norah Carden
Norah Carden 3 months ago
I remember when she won miss Roanoke valley, I was actually there
Sienna Szarek
Sienna Szarek 3 months ago
Once I competed for little Miss Hampton and I had done it the year before so we kind of knew the routine but guess what they changed it so I was ripping off my clothing and then the pageant director comes in looking for me saying that I need to get on stage and oh my God I hade I bra and White pants on so I was in a panic so I start putting back my clothes on which probably took a solid five minutes and then a run on stage just in time for the last girl to girl and me say my name so... that year I did deny win but I did the next year and also I was 11 at the time so ya that’s my story.
Marina Silveira Silveira
In the wise words of Gina Linetti: “DANCE, DANCE, DAAAANCE!!”
Cool Turtle
Cool Turtle 3 months ago
Why didn’t the first girl just change quickly?
forachange 3 months ago
Best thing about the video is the little music at the end,.
Heidi Boergert
Heidi Boergert 3 months ago
the girl with the green shirt is so pretty. love her hair and makeup.
upasana kumari
upasana kumari 3 months ago
The Indian girl should have removed the scarf in such a way as if it's a dance step.
Ritika Shrivastab
Ritika Shrivastab 3 months ago
Am I the only one who is addicted to this channel??
PAvS Official
PAvS Official 3 months ago
That india girl looks like she just let her self go.
pinupdollsarabeth 3 months ago
This was a local town pageant and it was my first. I had a very dedicated dad who would do anything for me. We we're told walking in "make sure you know where your shoes are at all times. Some girls like to take one shoe". So scared for that I had my dad hold them while he's in back waiting for me to come off stage. I continue to do the set and I realise my dad is the only dad/ parent holding 3 pairs of shoes. She made me and my dad paranoid. Luckily we made it to the regionals however we know now she did that to throw me off.
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 3 months ago
I had a friend into beauty pageants, and guess what happened in her last pageant at age 16? She was the runner-up for a state one, and she actually started dating one of the first people who lost, a body builder who was stunning. The two got hitched, and have a dog now and a beautiful little boy.
Mira The Gato
Mira The Gato 3 months ago
0:01 isn't that one of the actors in dhar mann's videos?
Lucja Swietoslawska
Lucja Swietoslawska 3 months ago
Where do i know that first girl from??!?@?!
Jamie Vee
Jamie Vee 3 months ago
7:51 Honestly if a mishap happens stopping to fix things makes it look worse than if you keep going. I remember I lost a shoe at marching band practice one year cuz I was wearing slides. I kept going through my sets on the wet field with one shoe until they stopped us, then grabbed it lol
MsRain123 3 months ago
Yeah, some pageant roommates are bitches!
Mahrukh Farooq
Mahrukh Farooq 3 months ago
The first girl is so me. I tend to overdress for casual occasions and usually underdress for big events. I have no shame though.
Holland Stan
Holland Stan Month ago
I'd rather underdress than overdress rather But that's probably because I am a teen going thru the whole idc stage
tlali 2 months ago
I'd rather overdress than underdress.
Lazaña Bishie
Lazaña Bishie 3 months ago
Konstantin Najdanov
Konstantin Najdanov 3 months ago
Omg same
2 million subscribers in 2 weeks ???
Isn't that one girl from dar mann
Tumey 17
Tumey 17 Month ago
6 years=2 weeks
Lara Butler
Lara Butler 3 months ago
Lola-Marie Hooleyy
Lola-Marie Hooleyy 3 months ago
Please come and support a small RUvidr 🙊first video posted today ❤️
Mahrukh Waqar
Mahrukh Waqar 3 months ago
Girls can be soo mean and evil
kcl060 3 months ago
Boy, it's a cold, cold world in the pageant community. I'm good the girls all rallied to protect the one against the bully.
Heather Perry
Heather Perry 3 months ago
The Indian girl is beautiful!
CrashvanderSpek 21
CrashvanderSpek 21 3 months ago
I’ve been in a pageant twice Both times was in the hospital about 3 days prior I think that maybe they’re not for me
Akashlina Basu
Akashlina Basu 3 months ago
Ashna did Bumro Bumro didn't she? Her dance action looks like that.
Danielle (Student) CHAU
Hey my name is Danielle
Blaine Judd
Blaine Judd 3 months ago
The first story reminds me of the scene in mean girls where Cady dresses up as a dead bride because Regina George told her to 😂 the roommate was sabotaging 100%
musicgal421 2 months ago
Blaine Judd that never happened. Cady wore it on her own. Maybe you’re thinking of Legally Blonde? Vivian tells Elle it’s a costume party so she comes as a bunny
sarah sandoval
sarah sandoval 2 months ago
regina didnt tell her to do that, lol
Elena Montoya
Elena Montoya 3 months ago
Blaine Judd it was an “ex wife”💁🏽‍♀️😂
Imi D
Imi D 3 months ago
wow the girl in the pink is SO braggy & unlikeable. being in a patriarchal pageant ain’t cool babe.
Sandhya V
Sandhya V 3 months ago
Watching this after finishing insatiable series ....
Steph Shore
Steph Shore 4 months ago
That first horror story is actually my total nightmare, that’s literally the worst feeling
Arin IsBest
Arin IsBest 4 months ago
Do drag queens
Cloud Moon
Cloud Moon 4 months ago
So you know the first girl, isn't she an actor for Dhar Mann?
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