Beating Minecraft But I Explode Every Minute

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Jun 10, 2020




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Comments 100
MrBeast Gaming
MrBeast Gaming 10 months ago
Subscribe or you'll never find diamonds again
dawit fasil
dawit fasil 10 days ago
ok man i want to get my diamonds why are you doing this???ok ii.....i'm just gonna sub
Juana currie
Juana currie 28 days ago
Where is your tattoo?????????
Noah Jackson
Noah Jackson Month ago
You foul! I can’t find diamonds and I am subed
Piggy the Beam
Piggy the Beam 2 months ago
Only if you add more people to your discord
Jeanne Chow Collins
Jeanne Chow Collins 2 months ago
I always do
Shayan Kapadia
Shayan Kapadia 7 hours ago
8:47 Karl’s face😂😂😂
Liam Hislop
Liam Hislop Day ago
Karls face literally crashed my computer. it was frozen for 5 minutes and a ear splitting noise was playing
Hasnain Kherani
Just Love Karl💟
Sunlord Boss
Sunlord Boss 3 days ago
MrBeast: In the next episode Me: If there will be a next episode
Matthew Paul
Matthew Paul 3 days ago
I hate how karl didn't mine the diamonds right away
Pinky Knight
Pinky Knight 3 days ago
this is the best video in this channel
Bash Lindsay
Bash Lindsay 4 days ago
Everyone knows that the comic relief always dies, in this case Karl
Nekash Mohankumar
How are they playing together in a server together. My friend and I play on Java and we want to have our own world but we can’t figure out how.
Hill Studios
Hill Studios 5 days ago
Stop bullying Karl please 😭😤😢🥺😩
99Wins 5 days ago
I know nobody asked but I made a tally of how many times each person exploded Jimmy: 14 Chris: 10 Karl: 16
99Wins 5 days ago
Am I the only person who thinks Jimmy should link the downloads to the mods in the description because I would love to play these mods with the boys
Anwen Liu
Anwen Liu 5 days ago
Maybe one day you will play Skyrim. Maybe.
Anwen Liu
Anwen Liu 5 days ago
I hope so
francois jeraj
francois jeraj 5 days ago
mr.beast the discord is full and i am sad :( #13
DreadedBread 5 days ago
I liked as soon as Karl got blown up in front of the diamond
Monit Veeragandham
Karl is the best amazing carl boys.
fox love 11
fox love 11 7 days ago
5:45 b r u h I was drinking a monster and I laughed chocked and it came out my nose 🤣🤣🤣
Mr Animator
Mr Animator 7 days ago
This is his least viewed mrbeast gaming vid
Oof potato
Oof potato 7 days ago
Mrbeast :you can only make a nether portal with a dimond pickaxe Bucket and lava pool :am I a joke to you
PJ Fambam
PJ Fambam 8 days ago
this is the first time that i heard that chandler has a girlfriend
NinjadudeSantana 8 days ago
I’m dying of laughter at 8:46
Alpha G Unicorn
Alpha G Unicorn 8 days ago
Chandler has a girlfriend what a achievement!😂
Alpha G Unicorn
Alpha G Unicorn 8 days ago
When Jimmy said we are going to beat Minecraft I thought he said we are going to feed Minecraft 😂😂😂😂😂
Jarne Scherens
Jarne Scherens 8 days ago
Alternative titel: Karl blowing up for 11 minutes
Acecreamsings 9 days ago
According to my calculations,it is mainly 90% Karl, 9% Jimmy, 1% Chris.
Lowenna Mcgrellis
actually mr beast cammacazide
Piotr wochnaa
Piotr wochnaa 10 days ago
Reuben Harding
Reuben Harding 10 days ago
they should of just put a water bucket on themselves just before they blow up
Fluffy Games
Fluffy Games 10 days ago
lol this is least viewed video and its not even his first
Aastha 10 days ago
Mr Beast: I survived death Immediately dies Karl : Death came back for a visit Jimmy 💀
Elouan Ruettiger
Elouan Ruettiger 10 days ago
since when does chandler have a girlfriend???
mrgaming 11 days ago
Is it just me when Chris say wtf
1K subbs with awesome videos
0:26 Why is that happening? did you edit this video?
when you
when you 11 days ago
Perfect strat is if ever time it reaches 50 seconds, all of them quickly stuff all their items in a chest if they have any, then run as far away as you can in the chest and craft a bed to set your spawn, or if you're in the Nether craft a respawn anchor, or if you're in the stronghold simply set your spawn as you're gonna enter the end and put a chest and stuff all your items in it when it's almost gonna be a minute so you won't lose your items, it's effective and would same some time getting your items in a long way or losing your items in the explosion
ryan hannigan
ryan hannigan 12 days ago
The wealthy faucet feasibly groan because earthquake wailly scare throughout a thinkable sidecar. damaging, polite tanker
Blood repear
Blood repear 13 days ago
9:09 so unlucky
minecraft doesn't approve of Karl lmao
Goat Garbage
Goat Garbage 14 days ago
Great now do this is hardcore mode
jacob panaligan
jacob panaligan 14 days ago
Khush Plays
Khush Plays 15 days ago
Khush Plays
Khush Plays 15 days ago
Khush Plays
Khush Plays 15 days ago
Brick 16 days ago
A petition to a Minecraft let's play series of Mrbeast and the boys
Eh Taw
Eh Taw 16 days ago
How many slogo does mr beast have
Sxftbadass 16 days ago
wait didnt any of yall hear chris saying fuck
jokesonyou 16 days ago
Minecraft ISIS edition
NC Gamer17
NC Gamer17 16 days ago
Mrbeast make part 3 of Every Minute someone blows up
Daenor 17 days ago
Life as a creeper be like
Kartik Jadhav
Kartik Jadhav 19 days ago
Anabel Corrigan
Anabel Corrigan 19 days ago
Does anyone else just binge watch mr beast gaming videos
Jameson McCotter
Jameson McCotter 20 days ago
9:07 I’m dead 😂😂😂🤣
Vlad Vlad
Vlad Vlad 20 days ago
Y'all gonna do part 3 of this soon? :D
MrGlitchtastic 22 days ago
Can i have 50,000 i wanna start my pc streaming my moms in debt so she can afford it
Sammy Socks
Sammy Socks 23 days ago
“DIAMONS BABY” Top ten moments before disaster
Rys Dominic Rovera
Rys Dominic Rovera 24 days ago
Kshathriyan D
Kshathriyan D 24 days ago
Pls part 3
Michelle Hinkson
Michelle Hinkson 24 days ago
Sergiu Sferle
Sergiu Sferle 24 days ago
Helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Netraa Ramesh
Netraa Ramesh 25 days ago
Mrbeast please play with exploding TNT please
Leotropix 26 days ago
9:38 that is an actual portal but on the worng side
Pus Grey & Pus Meng
How much time Jimmy survive an explosion
When did Karl earn his facecam
X- ELECTRIC 29 days ago
0:25 who else saw the blood splatter when his arm got cut off on the green screen?
Gamer boss yt
Gamer boss yt Month ago
the server kept making karl explode cause the server hates karl like we all do lol
Adam Wright
Adam Wright Month ago
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson Month ago
Please never stop doing minecraft
John Hawthorne
John Hawthorne Month ago
Dang candler has a gf
Star kamateson
Star kamateson Month ago
Yee T
Yee T Month ago
Jesus. Loves you.
Jellroh Cartuciano
a subscriber from Philippines here 💖🖐
H Lougheed
H Lougheed Month ago
Karl deserves it
Shattari Aliya
Shattari Aliya Month ago
I love you MrBeast. You are best ytber i have ever 👀👀👀seen.. I am 👦👦boy
Susana Lopez
Susana Lopez Month ago
Karl is about to get the last hit on the ender dragon karl blows up
Master Chief 117
I like turtles
Daniel Saville
Daniel Saville Month ago
I love them arguin lolz
Cristobal Flores
9:05 🤣
Carlos R Gonzalez
10:23 Chris uses creatives to float out the hole
One by one World
Least viewed video on the mr beast channel
Priyam Awasthi
Priyam Awasthi Month ago
10:25...Chris is flying??? EDIT: His heath bear disappears too
Marikina CJ
Marikina CJ Month ago
7:37 Chris: WHAT THE F__K
fnf plans
fnf plans Month ago
I hate you jimmyee
Jack Griffiths
Jack Griffiths Month ago
Meanwhile Chandler chilling at his island with his ostriches and cooking sausages...
Sky Love
Sky Love Month ago
Max-dark-light Month ago
They should hav tried using a shield to block the creeper
isha gill
isha gill Month ago
The unarmed calf pathogenetically knot because sidewalk pragmatically wave vice a yielding nail. ugliest, alleged shingle
Beatriz Soares
Beatriz Soares Month ago
I mean, Karl with a Bandana 😍🥰🥵
azelgamer 101
azelgamer 101 Month ago
Poor karl
Sadiki Martin
Sadiki Martin Month ago
I didn't know chAndler had a girlfriend
zox 3
zox 3 Month ago
هل في أي عرب /is there any arbe
los angel
los angel Month ago
The illustrious raft aboaly fade because shake gradually start like a tight waste. simplistic, clear coin
Jaygames 07
Jaygames 07 Month ago
Did anyone notice a weird thing with their voices.
NIGHTMARE _ Month ago
This is the funniest video from the gaming channel
jada detorres
jada detorres Month ago
The smelly curtain principally stuff because submarine multivariately march plus a damaged nigeria. ten, cute glockenspiel
Little Man
Little Man Month ago
The intro is sooooooo goooooooooooood perfect timeing
ok but karl looks so good here
BadRaccoon Gaming
Karl: ur tering this famly apart Jimmy: Thats no way to talk to ur mom
Magik Carp
Magik Carp Month ago
9:38 Jimmy-"it looks like a bu-ow"
Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN
Me all like where's chandler
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