Beat Battle with Millie Bobby Brown

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy challenges Millie Bobby Brown to take turns singing as many songs as they can think of without hesitating to go with a random beat played by The Roots.
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Beat Battle with Millie Bobby Brown


Published on


May 23, 2019




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Comments 5 938
cindy calumpit
cindy calumpit 12 hours ago
I really want to see Finn Wolfhard sing along with 80s songs
nunni Tayeng
nunni Tayeng 17 hours ago
Two most overacting human on earth.. but oh wait it's Jimmy's job. But Millie.. she just there to trigger me.
doowroh 18 hours ago
Millie is the greatest.
Ava Madison
Ava Madison 18 hours ago
1:11 that transition
Mazzy _
Mazzy _ Day ago
I didn’t know that she could sing. But wooooowww 😍
rohan keron
rohan keron Day ago
The first lyrics that came to my head were "everybody was kung fu fighting! "
Juste_ _anne
Juste_ _anne Day ago
Les français avouer elle chante trop bien 😭💖
Cleo Kristine Mallari
millie has a good voice
- Mills -
- Mills - 5 days ago
My girl❤️🐳
Mariam Harutyunyan
Слух покинул чат
Aj Rivera
Aj Rivera 6 days ago
at 1:47 that harmony tho 🤩🤩
mr cheese the gerbil
Coment-millie Like:billie eillish I pick both
Karla Jácome
Karla Jácome 7 days ago
They erased my comment looool haaaa holy f
Hopped Leppis
Hopped Leppis 8 days ago
0:29 what i expected "You da motherfucking bitch up on this call you giving me money ay ay"
yourmom Hudgins
yourmom Hudgins 8 days ago
Millie sings better than you
AvrylLisia 8 days ago
I think this show should challenge the KPop stars if they come to this show....it gonna fun...haha
Aaron Delgado
Aaron Delgado 8 days ago
How are they doing this ?
Cyrix Cyrus
Cyrix Cyrus 8 days ago
she's really awesome. im girl but when it comes to her, gosh! i like her
Pennywise 9 days ago
Do this with Billie eilish
Reem Bazzi
Reem Bazzi 10 days ago
She needs to join the masked singer!
Montravius Daniel
Reem Bazzi Couldn’t agree more.
Maryanne Wambui
Maryanne Wambui 10 days ago
She's sooo awesome!
UwU 11 days ago
Hey ! You guys are all amazing stop comparing yourselves to Millie please
Gacha Cookie
Gacha Cookie 11 days ago
Every like i will add 😀
Insert clever name here
This is astoundingly impressive, I could NEVER play.
Lisauglybitch Lisaugly
Ugly bitch💩💩💩💩💀🖕🏼🖕🏼🤢🤢🤢🖕🏽👎👎🖕🏿🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿
Rishi Iyer
Rishi Iyer 13 days ago
I was hoping someone would start singing 'all star'
Danielle Quintanilla
I want to see Ariana play this game!
Millie Brown
Millie Brown 14 days ago
Где русские, я че-то не поняла?
Eden SGM
Eden SGM 14 days ago
I enjoyed this way too much
Flame 146
Flame 146 15 days ago
Eleven😬 Lucas😡 Mike😮 Dustin😶 Will🙃
Grace Maley
Grace Maley 15 days ago
When Millie started singing royal by Lorde I flippped out ( lordes my cousin )
Kral Gaming TR
Kral Gaming TR 16 days ago
Jimmy's voise is suck
Ana Forero Leal
Ana Forero Leal 16 days ago
Gacha Creamy Cake Wolf queen
Millie Bobby brown acts to old for her age
Macarena Giani
Macarena Giani 17 days ago
she looks like a 30 woman
the fatimagic
the fatimagic 18 days ago
usually i don't get the feeling that this segment is rehearsed or scripted, but there's no way a fifteen year old knowns wilson phillips off the top of her head lol. this was still great though.
Axl Llamas
Axl Llamas 18 days ago
Millie is so lovely 😍
Milo Burrage
Milo Burrage 19 days ago
Millie Bobby Brown is like the youngest 20 year old ever!
Milo Burrage
Milo Burrage 5 days ago
Ik I was speaking Metaphorically
Patrick Star, but gay
She's not 20
Ana carol
Ana carol 19 days ago
Sem ofensas mas ela n canta bem
Vicente Walbaum
Vicente Walbaum 19 days ago
Her face at 2:04 Lmao
Kassad101 20 days ago
Аружан Расилова
She is 15 OMG
Voin 21 day ago
I really like Millie!!!
Bella Amor
Bella Amor 22 days ago
I love that mucic
jimmy: there are no winners or losers in the game....that being said when you run out of songs you lose........lol
Ahmed Pathan
Ahmed Pathan 23 days ago
Jennifer Aniston vibes
jnr1 24 days ago
*Com certeza a Eleven foi e vai ser o papel da vida dela, **0:47** "But here's my number" 11*
Mangoe._. 24 days ago
I would just sit there and think of a song for 20 minutes
Ender Walton
Ender Walton 25 days ago
I dont know any of the song jimmy sings..... But I know every song millie sings
Matteo 25 days ago
What is the song at 1:42 ?
Jordged 25 days ago
Dude, you can't tell me she's only 15 years old. You lying
peter griffin
peter griffin 25 days ago
millie bob is very weird in a bad way
Sonic Fx
Sonic Fx 26 days ago
She's so cute
jo-jo D
jo-jo D 26 days ago
Oh my Lord!! Just another day that Millie Bobby Brown made my day! 😄 ugh I love herrrrrrr!!! 😄😄😄😄😜
Anna Henshw
Anna Henshw 26 days ago
They should have sang NEVER ENDING STORY! Ahhhhhhhhhh
Aisha Lady
Aisha Lady 27 days ago
I'd really want to see Finn Wolfhard or Jack DG doing this. Millie is so cute, Jimmy so funny, I really don't care if it was rehearsed.
SergioGamer HD
SergioGamer HD 27 days ago
Nintendø Mini
Nintendø Mini 27 days ago
It would be nice if they slipped in some TØP in there
Jameel Choudhury
Jameel Choudhury 27 days ago
This brought me so much joy
Grow Turkiye
Grow Turkiye 28 days ago
This girl did be famous after stranger things BuT 31 MİLLİON FOLLOWERS is... bruh im 15 years old i play fortnite i try hard for fast building but this girl is _#:#&#;##&#+#₺+#-₺(₺-₺#(#((#-3#(;#6 Son of a bi****
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