Beat Battle with Millie Bobby Brown

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Jimmy challenges Millie Bobby Brown to take turns singing as many songs as they can think of without hesitating to go with a random beat played by The Roots.
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Beat Battle with Millie Bobby Brown


Published on


May 23, 2019




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Comments 5 417
potato karate
potato karate 7 hours ago
Right before she sang High Hopes, I was thinking "it would be perfect if she did high Hopes next" and then she DID and now I'm really excited
JustAnAsianWith Yt
JustAnAsianWith Yt 13 hours ago
I like how no one noticed millies foot got stamped
Bruni Cabana
Bruni Cabana Day ago
I love strenger 👍
Briana Parks
Briana Parks Day ago
Did you notice Millie put up two fingers, making an eleven, when she said "here's my number"? Or just me?
Nishant Maan
Nishant Maan Day ago
Wow Jimmy sings cool
rudthenud Day ago
Best video ever
Robyn’s Edits
Millie singing Panic! songs😭😍💞 MY TWO FAVOURITE PEOPLE ON EARTH
Hxnnybee_101 Day ago
*we really gonna sit here and act like this wasn't rehearsed 101 times🙄😂😂😂*
Kim Spence
Kim Spence Day ago
I ship
BN BAQER Day ago
00:52 millie's reaction 😂
Nina Baskov
Nina Baskov 3 days ago
She looks so old. And it's not the clothes only, her attitude as well. She's talented but the industry fucked her time to be a kid.
Ariana Ramos
Ariana Ramos 3 days ago
Happy Birthday jummy🎊🎉
Milla nogueira
Milla nogueira 3 days ago
I've watched this video 500 times and I can't get enough, what a wonderful girl 😱
Me 3 days ago
**And then you realize that she went 2 full season without talking**
Tushar Badgali
Tushar Badgali 3 days ago
She should have also sung "girls like you"-maroon 5.🥰🥰
이름없음 3 days ago
대 만 세 한 민 국
Lucille Azraelle
Lucille Azraelle 3 days ago
Marc K
Marc K 4 days ago
lets hope she dont fall to drugs
Spike Music
Spike Music 4 days ago
I would've done nothing but 80s and 90s rock 😂😂
The Alchemist
The Alchemist 4 days ago
Is it only me or these guys are really growing up faster than DART?
Ivan D'souza
Ivan D'souza 4 days ago
She triggers me
SweetWolfi3 Gaming
Honk J.
Honk J. 5 days ago
Fun when you see a kid singing this stuff, but the old guy is a cringe case.
Jim John
Jim John Day ago
I personally think Jimmy did way better
kiro roque
kiro roque 5 days ago
I think im in love
Mr Madness
Mr Madness 5 days ago
Don’t know why but does anybody else like it 🎈🤡
Mr Madness
Mr Madness 5 days ago
Am I the only one that has a massive crush on millie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
LORD GARMADON 5 days ago
Stranger things spiderman crossover confirmed
Ни тот и ни другой
Толком ничего не понимаю, но я смотрю и мне нравится. Единственное шоу на планете, которое смотрю. Даже без перевода.. 😅
Cacilia Nessler
Cacilia Nessler 6 days ago
J'adore 💖💖💖
Marcus Stewart
Marcus Stewart 7 days ago
She has a really good American accent
MONOPOLYXX 7 days ago
she reminds me of anna kendrick
Apna Channel
Apna Channel 7 days ago
oh millie I love her voice🤗 just need a little more practice🤔
Séverin Official
Hap Pyy!!
Hap Pyy!! 8 days ago
Stwanger Thwings..
Andres Alfaro
Andres Alfaro 8 days ago
I cannot stop to repeat this video again n again n again
Faye Perryman
Faye Perryman 8 days ago
You can tell he’s older by the songs they choose. It’s so funny 😂
Faye Perryman
Faye Perryman 8 days ago
Ela Ünügür
Ela Ünügür 8 days ago
Songs name?
Maggie Peterson
Maggie Peterson 8 days ago
September 2019?! September 3019?!
Louie P
Louie P 8 days ago
this is obviously rehearsed
Louie P
Louie P Day ago
Their actions... They arr obviously confident and acting as if they don't know what to sing..
Jim John
Jim John Day ago
Based on what?
Chris Eller
Chris Eller 8 days ago
Maybe she started as a singer?
Hae mon
Hae mon 9 days ago
Jimmy's voice is so funny at some songs lol MBB more acting then rapping-> Amazing-
DEVIL 9 days ago
Fake surprise acting
Bigmoneygripz247 9 days ago
Invisible makeup
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku 9 days ago
Millie singing If I can't have you 😍
Chox TheMuse
Chox TheMuse 9 days ago
ahhhhh I think this one is my favorite!!!
Peyton Holden
Peyton Holden 10 days ago
1:47 jimmy’s harmony🤩
Sabrina George
Sabrina George 10 days ago
U can really tell there age now... CUSE the songs the choosed
Spitzer Marriage
Spitzer Marriage 10 days ago
Is this rehearsed? Because that’s next level legendary if not.
Mia Saich
Mia Saich 10 days ago
How r she soo talented ! 💜💜
Hatice Akbulut
Hatice Akbulut 10 days ago
İ want she start to singing price tag
Anuj Bhosale
Anuj Bhosale 10 days ago
How does she look soooo Mature I'm way elder than her but I look like Pikachu !!!!!
Taylor Carmean
Taylor Carmean 11 days ago
That bridesmaids reference though
Laiah and Hayden
Laiah and Hayden 11 days ago
Omg Millie won. And he is just old fashion
Vikram j
Vikram j 11 days ago
Just take a minute, and appreciate The Roots. They are just Incredible, this tune is just reverberating in my Head.
Tahlil Abser
Tahlil Abser 11 days ago
is this the part where Jimmy stepped onto Millie's toe ?
Vikram j
Vikram j 11 days ago
Best beat battle without any doubt
Chiquito TV
Chiquito TV 12 days ago
Esme Ellis
Esme Ellis 12 days ago
❤️ I love the both of them so much seeing her on this show is one of my favorite things to watch!
Cupcake Carmy
Cupcake Carmy 12 days ago
nice harmony
Gale Smith
Gale Smith 12 days ago
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