Beat Battle with Hailee Steinfeld

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy challenges Hailee Steinfeld to take turns singing as many songs as they can think of to go with a random beat played by The Roots without hesitating.
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Beat Battle with Hailee Steinfeld


Published on


Dec 20, 2018




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Comments 5 077
Jessica 1
Jessica 1 3 hours ago
Jessica 1
Jessica 1 3 hours ago
Wow hailee steinfield sings very goof
Vishnu Vijai
Vishnu Vijai 15 hours ago
Hailee is bae. Period.
Haileigh Bowen
They are so much that your browser. It was the first time. I will be able to make sure.
Mark Maggott
Mark Maggott Day ago
How does jimmy Fallon keep he's job? He's so Beige!
Archie Limpz
Archie Limpz Day ago
I love you hailee
Adam Armstrong
Best legs I have ever seen
Vera Raassing
Her voice is so cute
Дима Неважно
:) весело
Adam Zahariuk
Wow hailee you are talented and beautiful
Those high heels look awfully painful to wear.
Jimena Grant
Jimena Grant Day ago
I love Hailee so fucking much. Haha 💖🧸
minoo Mir
minoo Mir Day ago
The best beat battle which wasn't rehearsed
Ravirajsinh Gohil
Jimmy is really talented...
Aditya Vats
Aditya Vats 2 days ago
Can't believe no one sang Apologize on that second beat
Vincy Xie
Vincy Xie 2 days ago
I watch this video every day for one month
Vincy Xie
Vincy Xie 2 days ago
She’s going to be Kate bishop in marvel!!! I am marvel fan before I no her!!! What’s life without Haiz!?!
Noor Akn
Noor Akn 2 days ago
1:33 One direction?!
Sydney 01
Sydney 01 2 days ago
she’s got great vocals but the i hate the weird technique she uses to sing
Amanda Moura
Amanda Moura 2 days ago
Song 00:56?
junior garcia
junior garcia 2 days ago
Maurice Pangilinan
Fav ko talaga to..❤❤❤
Charlie James
Charlie James 3 days ago
The way they can remember lyrics like that
cindy mananzala martinez
Why didn't we get enough of Hailee? Oh, wait, coz Jimmy took most of it.
Taven Reilley
Taven Reilley 4 days ago
she’s a sweat
Guillermo Monsanto
who is this girl? I had never heard of her before. What have I done to deserve this? The Pet shop boys. A classic
Viabelle Bonzon
Viabelle Bonzon 4 days ago
04:28 HER LAUGH 😍😍😍
ItsRanae 4 days ago
her singing isnt the best
The Cohen Twins
The Cohen Twins 4 days ago
Can Hailee do a cover of Wrecking Ball please?
petar spirovski
petar spirovski 5 days ago
When hailee sings shape of you you can clearly see there is autotune on her voice
Crusader 5 days ago
loved juliet/hailee steinfield
brendon owens
brendon owens 5 days ago
Confidence is beauty.
james4jane4 5 days ago
2 words: LOVED IT. had a smile all the way through.
Lalawmpuia Chhangte
Best scene ever
Fast One
Fast One 6 days ago
Music pleeeeaseeeeee!))))
Jemako V
Jemako V 6 days ago
I love these. do more of these! :D
hailey steinfield should make cover song on iwanna dance with somebody,spam if you think i am right...
Ceci_so_fly 6 days ago
Did any one thing of “one republic- apologize” for the second round?
Yael Lopez
Yael Lopez 6 days ago
You are so good at singing
Noyonika Dutta
Noyonika Dutta 7 days ago
Hey is this already scripted or.....
Pritam Mohanty
Pritam Mohanty 7 days ago
Good for beat
Tiffany S
Tiffany S 7 days ago
Was waiting for someone to start singing OneRepublic's Too Late To Apologize on the second beat
Blair Elliott
Blair Elliott 7 days ago
This is an arguably harder to do than Lip Synch Battle. What a cool concept.
Sanskriti Maurya
Sanskriti Maurya 8 days ago
Why does Jimmy sounds like he doesn’t open his mouth while singing??😂
RYZE MUSIQUE 8 days ago
0:56 song name please
Jarvbs Jones
Jarvbs Jones 8 days ago
pre rehearsed
Олжас Максутов
А она классно поёт!👍👍👍
Bella Woolley
Bella Woolley 9 days ago
I love that jimmy throws in the pet shop boys song, actual so good
Lily Poon
Lily Poon 9 days ago
Stick to acting
soulofmiami 10 days ago
Come ooooooooooon! She's so amazing! How is she not ruling the world yet??? WAY underrated.
Zed Nine
Zed Nine 10 days ago
Wow. Someone doesn't skip leg day!
Luis Aguilar
Luis Aguilar 10 days ago
She’s so beautiful 😍
christopher cain
christopher cain 10 days ago
They need to have Lizzo on this.
Alex Policarpio
Alex Policarpio 10 days ago
I think this is the "realest" looking Beat Battle I have seen in the show. Others looks so practiced. Go Hailee!
Ivan Machado
Ivan Machado 10 days ago
Bitch don’t know 💩
Viabelle Bonzon
Viabelle Bonzon 10 days ago
Can we have a complete versions of every song Hailee just sang? 😍😍😍
Emily Williams
Emily Williams 10 days ago
More Beat Battles please!
fani kapa
fani kapa 11 days ago
I really love her voice
Nerv Central
Nerv Central 11 days ago
This girl makes Jimmy's singing look exceptionally bad lol.
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez 12 days ago
lovely hailee!!! cute girl, i love her truly madly deeply!!! too bad she havent heard what have i done to deserve this.
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