Beast Wars Interview with Scott McNeil [Dinobot, Rattrap, Waspinator, Silverbolt]

Bull Session
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This is an interview with voice actor Scott McNeil on his experience working on the 1990s cartoon, Beast Wars: Transformers.
Scott McNeil plays Dinobot, Rattrap, Waspinator, and Silverbolt on Beast Wars.
This interview was originally included as a bonus feature on a now out of print Beast Wars DVD set. I have uploaded it here for posterity.
Check out more of Scott's work here: www.imdb.com/name/nm0573926/
Special thanks to the folks over at www.rebootrevival.com/ for providing this footage!
P.S. Happy Birthday, Scott!




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Comments 80
Bull Session
Bull Session Year ago
Happy Birthday, Scott! What's your favourite Scott McNeil role? Comment below!
mets2128 Month ago
We’re all gonna die
Drake Dy
Drake Dy Month ago
Bull Session Silverbolt and Waspinator
YUME The Mighty Guy
YUME The Mighty Guy 10 months ago
Gotta Go with Waspinator and Dinobot in Beast Wars: Transformers and Piccolo in DBZ
LunaPastel Year ago
Sr. Hasbeena from ¡Mucha Lucha!
Dragonoidlover 616
Dinobot, rattrap, and silverbolt
Rico G Da_Boogeyman
Still holds up🤘
Andrew Cheshire
Andrew Cheshire 14 days ago
"Just be yourself." "I CAN'T! I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!"
Artie Quick
Artie Quick 25 days ago
holy crap i did not know dinobot, rattrap, waspinator and silverbolt were all played by the same guy
Misremembered Realms
Shit! I didn't realize that all of my favorite characters from "Beast Wars: Transformers" were voiced by one person. Is this what they call... Love?
Kristopher Kelly
I'm 21 and every time I watch Code of Hero's I still cry and salute with the maximals when Dinobot passes
Alata goseiger
Alata goseiger Month ago
Voicing 4 different characters is a true talent
TheUltimatePredikon 2 months ago
Jet fire and body remember him?
JamesTheBrony/JTB 3 months ago
‘SHUT UP RATTRAP!’ & of course ‘We’re all gonna die!’
Patrik 3 months ago
If i had my own cartoon, Scott McNeil would definetly be in it, as a voiceactor
BlackAngloSaxon 3 months ago
I didn’t know Shawn Micheals does cartoon voices.
The Dragon Killer
The Dragon Killer 4 months ago
I thought he was an Aussie.......
nick Deagle
nick Deagle 4 months ago
that was great thank you for posting it and thank www.rebootrevival.com for providing it
Caye Daws
Caye Daws 5 months ago
The Frank Welker of the beast wars.
UltraHero588 6 months ago
Didn't he also voice Ironhide in the Movies?
DinoBot65 6 months ago
Happy Birthday Scott McNeil and happy 1 year anniversary to this video.
Cam’Ron 9 months ago
I loved him as Dinobot, Beautiful Man
David Rich
David Rich 10 months ago
Can we get an unedited version where Scott is cussing like a moldy Predacon?
fslayer1290 10 months ago
I have had a crush on this man for over 20 years. Gees.
The Van Pelt Scream
The Van Pelt Scream 11 months ago
The Shawn Michaels of voice acting
Trolmaster -
Trolmaster - Year ago
Actually , he is still doing voice acting , also , wow , he wore that cowboy hat even back then ?!
56 and still handsome as hell. *swoon* I love his talent too. My fav voice actor.
James Gallagher
I wish to meet you Scott McNeil at comic con
Inkognito Year ago
Director: he's DEAD! Scott: there goes my pay cheque 😂😂😂😂
Labrecteck Year ago
Dinobot and Rat-trap, one of my favorite buddy-buddy combos ever! lol
Michael Kimmings
I'd leave work early 'with pay' to watch Beast Wars followed by Weird Science. Was no argument. ... I'm going...
Michael Kimmings
Insane?.....??? Who cares
Michael Kimmings
That voice.... so ...so... familiar?
Fredy Rodriguez
Fredy Rodriguez 6 months ago
Michael Kimmings because it’s Waspinator!
Michael Kimmings
Rock star look is sweet stuff .... go man
Ivey Ao
Ivey Ao Year ago
Well he did get that action with Black Arachnia regardless .
21Braeden Carnes
He's the same guy who voices as one of the flim flam brothers.
thegooseman Year ago
Dude oozes badassery. 👊
He'll always be Piccolo, Koga, and Duo to me.
Caitlyn Green
Caitlyn Green 7 months ago
Wolverine and the other characters.
SHEHARYAR KHAN 9 months ago
Surprised u dont have more likes lol
DLRX Year ago
He is my Piccolo
CyberRonin Year ago
His normal voice sounds like Silverbolt.
Alex Lemonds
Alex Lemonds Year ago
According to TFA's producers they attempted to get McNeil to reprise the role of Waspinator but international gobbledygook nixed that, forcing them to use Tom Kenny instead who I must say did a very good impression of the original.
Alex Lemonds
Alex Lemonds Year ago
@Bull Session Yeah, it would've been great to hear other BW actors in the show besides David Kaye. Bob Forward & Larry DiTillio co wrote Predacons Rising, a Waspinator/Blackarachnia centric episode which featured several nods to their series. Also, later on, we'd encounter TFA versions of Rattrap (Rattletrap), Cheetor, Depth Charge, Botanica, Spittor & Inferno.
Bull Session
Bull Session Year ago
Aww that's too bad. I hate it when that bureaucratic nonsense gets in the way
Solitary Year ago
Rat Traps was my dude as a kid... my rat as a kid
David Henshaw
David Henshaw Year ago
When i first saw Scott i thought he was Shawn Michaels hahaha
Yeah he does look alot like ol' HBK now that you mention it
Mega Deuce
Mega Deuce Year ago
Why not retcon beats machines and continue the series similar to DBS or retell the original seasons but make it longer?
Armordillo Year ago
All of Scott McNeil's rolls are my favorite! He is a uniquely talented vocal actor that any show would be very VERY lucky to have him!
Goktimus Prime
Ripped straight off the Madman DVD special features, eh? How'd you get permission for that?
Bull Session
Bull Session Year ago
I didn't. I'm not monetizing these, and I'm not claiming any ownership over them. I just put em up so people without the DVDs can see them, since the Madman DVDs are out of print, and I couldn't find these interviews anywhere else on RUvid.
Scott McNeil rocks!
Scott O'Drowsky
Silverbolt: "Strong, proud, brave, and smart as a sack of hammers!" lol!
stainshield Year ago
Scott McNeil reminds me of Michael Bell and also his birthday is on the same day as Colleen O'Shaughnessey's birthday and a day before B.J. Ward's birthday, also he is a distant cousin of Tress MacNeille.
Melamber Year ago
so he basically did all the cool bots...and Rattrap (lol) WASPINATOR RULES!
Sean H.
Sean H. Year ago
I will always remember him as my first exposure to dragonball z, and inuyasha and of course dinobot!
Vasculio Year ago
The Dinobot voice is epic!
Dead Pool
Dead Pool Year ago
Scott McNeil is strange, yet awesome
Eric Dayton
Eric Dayton Year ago
i didn't know he played Dinobot, Waspnator, and Silverbolt also, i know he played Rattrap and Duo Maxwell, but at first i didn't know who the actor was in til now.
FishAnd Jam
FishAnd Jam Year ago
The best Waspinator moment, in my opinion, is the "Waspinator sick of being evil" scene
Dwayne Martin
Dwayne Martin Year ago
Wow, he is SO hot!!!!
alex hernandez
so talented hahaha he's awesome, its gotta be a vo thing but i notice sooooo many voice actors cant get through a sentence without doing a voice hahah i work in radio and am guilty of it myself
Brian Brown
Brian Brown Year ago
Such a talented actor.
Damn he likes wearing that hat does he ? I see a lot of videos of him wearing that thing.
Bull Session
Bull Session Year ago
Yea Scott McNeil loves his hat haha
SonicIce Year ago
It was an amazing show remember it as a young child today's kids got screwed :((((
Cam’Ron 9 months ago
Yes, I Agree sadly
FitzyCify Year ago
M. Knight Shayamalan made a critical error in the casting of Split. McAvoy ain't got nothing on McNeil! Seriously, the fluidity and consistency of how he switches from one voice to another in this interview tape is truly otherworldly!
Dank Starscream
Scott McNeil is always GOLD to watch. That alone is the reason why this interview is my favorite lol
Awesome Productions
Yeah, he’s definitely the MVP of Beast Wars, though Gary Chalk and David Kaye come pretty close.
Dank Starscream
Ah, he's yet another great famous Virgo huh? Interesting lol. Happy Belated Birthday to him then :P
Bull Session
Bull Session Year ago
Mhmm, that's why I put this one up first haha (it also happened in a huge coincidence that Sept 15th was his birthday)
isaned Year ago
I just want those Megatron boots and head!!!
Caitlyn Green
Caitlyn Green Year ago
He was radically dramatic.
MrX Year ago
i miss them too bring them back or make a good game
Bumboibricks !
Bumboibricks !
Wow !
Zoltán Perei
Zoltán Perei Year ago
This interview was recorded in 2006 for the 10th anniversary DVD's. OMG it feels like it was just yesterday. BTW it's a big pitty there wasn't a big cast reunion at the Con for the 20th anniversary. :(
Brendan Johnson
Any buddy hear Rosco P. Coltrane there at 10:54 ? or like him and Hommer Simpson mushed together?
as a kid I had no idea dinobot died; last episode I watched was when optimus went into that star and his little craft exploded then it said "The End?" I didnt have time to watch it anymore
oddly enough, he could pass for a rockstar
Bull Session
Bull Session Year ago
Among voice actors, he basically is a rock star
T.J. Payeur
T.J. Payeur Year ago
This was awesome! Thanks!
Jesse12489 Year ago
All i hear is Proto Man. Bro....
Destiny Heero Prime
i wonder if scott will return for beast wars if it really get the reboot that been spreading around for the last couple of years online for 2019 or 2020 release rumor was
Bull Session
Bull Session Year ago
That would be fantastic. Hell, just have Scott McNeil play every role.
joey walsh
joey walsh Year ago
I appreciate this way more than I could articulate. Thank you so much for uploading this.
Monkey Scientist
I love how eccentric and goofy Scott is in this interview. It reminds me a lot of how Jim Carrey tends to portray his characters. Scott definitely has Jim's zaniness down pat. Also, I WANT THOSE MEGATRON BOOTS! How the heck did he get those?! I mean, damn. I would wear those all the time if I had them! I'd walk through the part of them on every day! I don't care if people thought I was a Barney The Dinosaur cosplayer, I would rock those Megatron boots like it was no tomorrow!
Bull Session
Bull Session Year ago
Cool, lemme know
RoboP Year ago
Well those who can confirm it would be the voice actors themselves or Madman Entertainment. I actually posted a message on their FB page and intend to confirm from them. So when I hear back, I intend to follow up on that.
Bull Session
Bull Session Year ago
Obviously the interviewer is Australian... I never disputed that; it's an Austrailian DVD. However, I went and read the article on TF wiki, and there's nothing in it about Madman flying anybody to Australia. In fact the article specifically mentions that this DVD set was pretty low-budget, as evidenced by the poor sound quality, and the fact that as you noted, traffic can be heard in the background. I therefore find it unlikely that Madman opted to fly ten Canadians to Australia and back just to get interviews with them. It makes far more sense for them to have flown one or two Australian Madman employees to Canada to conduct the interviews. Presumably this is why Simon Furman's interview appears to be recorded in his home, with his own camera (since Furman lives in the UK rather than Canada). If indeed everyone else being interviewed had been flown to Australia, then why not Furman as well? And why film David Kaye's interview in a different location? It seems pretty clear to me that these interviews were not filmed in Australia. It would make absolutely no logisical sense whatsoever to do it that way. If you can provide a source on your claim though, I'd happily concede.
RoboP Year ago
@Bull Session Well to follow up. There was a Beast Wars episode 1 commentary a couple of them did and unfortunately as noted on TF wiki you can hear background traffic noise. They did fly a few voice actors and others out to interview them for the anniversary stuff. Madman are a pretty big distributor. And in fact one of the few. Also again he used specific Australian lingo referring to the interviewer as a fellow Aussie. That strongly implies where the interview took place.
Bull Session
Bull Session Year ago
Yea, I know this is from the Madman DVD. However there's zero chance this was filmed at Madman. There's no way they would have flown 10 people to Australia to film a 10-20 minute interview each, when they could much more easily and cheaply fly one of their people to Canada to conduct all the interviews. Since there are six Mainframe employees interviewed, and because of the Beast Wars poster in the background; the same one that I've seen in an interview with Mainframe Producer Chris Brough, I'm guessing this was filmed in some office Mainframe opperated at the time.
It's-a me Megatron.
Code of a Hero still gets me to this day.
Kristopher Kelly
Rose Puppy
Rose Puppy 2 months ago
I cried, so much when I first saw it. Still makes me sad today.
T.J. Payeur
T.J. Payeur Year ago
Me too...
Drew Griffin
Drew Griffin Year ago
Favorite role and the one I know him best for is definitely Piccolo. That menacing voice tells you to "Take your hands off Gohan!" you better do it! (unless you're villain of the week, of course)
j Year ago
Thank you so much for uploading this Voice wise as a kid I would like Waspinator the most. But looking back, I really liked Rat Trap's voice. There wasn't that many two dialogue in the same line characters back then(sarcasm into sadness, quippy then blunt, etc.)
Richard Jerald
Waspinator happy at last
Wow Paul, thanks so much for this upload I thoroughly enjoyed it
Bull Session
Bull Session Year ago
You're welcome! Scott McNeil is the best
rodster6 Year ago
God I love this guy. Thanks for uploading this.
Griffin Gterra
This man is hilarious. I love him even more.
Akira Year ago
Bull Session
Bull Session Year ago
Sure did
Andres Proulx
Andres Proulx Year ago
Thanks so much for uploading this!
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