Bear Saves Bird From Drowning

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Longboard: instagram.com/hyo_joo/?hl=en
Soda: ruvid.net/video/video-X1pB6O6AYMU.html
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chill. by sakura Hz soundcloud.com/sakurahertz
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May 21, 2019

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Comments 11 454
A. Jaxxon
A. Jaxxon Month ago
I had no idea about the hidden plastic layer in the coke cans. I am very pleased with this increase in knowledge!
Myles Keck
Myles Keck 3 days ago
It fake I can taste metal when I drink coke in a can
Andy Lee
Andy Lee 8 days ago
I tryed to place a rock in the can I wonder what happened to the plastic layer
OptimalOptimus50 15 days ago
Same lol
Andrew Siegel
Andrew Siegel 20 days ago
Could you use that plastic as a condom?
bradley 23 days ago
A. Jaxxon ok
Lillayy 14 minutes ago
i'd give that boy treats everyday awwww
Peter Libranti
Peter Libranti 48 minutes ago
2:56 when the sun is born 3:10 when the sun dies out
Lolguy17 57 minutes ago
0:45 my dog does that all the time
big coochie
big coochie Hour ago
0:31 he said : Bruhh
Cpt yarin
Cpt yarin Hour ago
Is that Moon Narrator. is Morgan Freeman?
LOL_10111011#Roblox #
Daily dose of internet: "This person made a giant ball out of matches and burnt it." Me: *nah fam that's a death Star from starwars.*
The Last Bro
The Last Bro 2 hours ago
0:38 man I wish I was excited to eat food just like that dog it looked happy as hell
Nothing Much
Nothing Much Hour ago
I love you daddy
Lucis [Lübū TÆ]
Lucis [Lübū TÆ] 2 hours ago
Bird saves Bear from starving.
BeatBounce ZER0
BeatBounce ZER0 3 hours ago
2:57 i think its the Deathstar from StarWars
Penny Wishes
Penny Wishes 4 hours ago
I love it that when we see animals drowning People: Get the camera
Naughty Bacon
Naughty Bacon 5 hours ago
That’s no ball
Yashi Nightheart
Yashi Nightheart 5 hours ago
Oh me gosh karasuno!!! (Anime weebs will know)
bonfoxys 5 hours ago
this is what earth is gonna happend 2:57
llama queen
llama queen 6 hours ago
Hmmm... I guess bill nye did say tbe planet was on fucking fire...
Skater Boi
Skater Boi 6 hours ago
2:57 that’s not any ball of matches it’s THE DEATH STARR FROM STAR WARS :0 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Christopher Segovia
May god bless the bear
Retro Gaming - Clash Of Clans
3:05 - when a soccerball is kicked in an anime
Happyfloydgaming 8 hours ago
I didn't know cheetas were cute
Teh Cat CAT :3
Teh Cat CAT :3 9 hours ago
0:20 banjo kazooie?
Zap 70
Zap 70 9 hours ago
2:52 - Darth Vader : They did again!
DJ Cream
DJ Cream 10 hours ago
He’s saving that bird for later
Statrillix Gaming
Statrillix Gaming 10 hours ago
2:57 to 3:12 when ww3 starts
Statrillix Gaming
Statrillix Gaming 10 hours ago
And ends
Chinchilla Master
Chinchilla Master 10 hours ago
The ball of matches looks like the Death Star
Horse lovers nh
Horse lovers nh 10 hours ago
0:50 BUT WHY WITH THE EARS!!!!!!!!!!👎👎👎😡😡
Gorim33 10 hours ago
That's no ball of matches! That's the Death Star!
21pilotsTBV 10 hours ago
I don’t wanna go to the moon though ;-;
C C 10 hours ago
Goes to show to all the cowardly “hunters” animals are more impreso and aware than we give them credit for.
Aubrey Marie
Aubrey Marie 10 hours ago
2:53 *This guy made a ball out of matches and burned it* *Garret Watts:*am I a joke to you?
QuicQ XD
QuicQ XD 11 hours ago
The animal kingdom is kinda awesome
Marina Wren
Marina Wren 11 hours ago
Am I overdosing if this is my daily dose I have been watching this for week on end
Arkines 11 hours ago
Banjo kazooie
pizzalover9 6
pizzalover9 6 11 hours ago
Not to be rude, but isn't that a death star made of matches? Not a bomb?
The Gamer Gods 702
The Gamer Gods 702 11 hours ago
Banjo saves Kazooie's life in real life
kill joy
kill joy 11 hours ago
idiot its the death star from star wars its not just some giant ball
linus5999 11 hours ago
2:22 What are they talking about? Theres already the "KID NEXT DOOR MOON BASE."
MR ITEM SHOPZZZ 12 hours ago
The dog treat one is so cute 😂🤩😢😏😡😫😖❤️😔😈😕😭🥰🧐😟🍑🙂🤪😁🙁😞🥳😎🙃🥺😒☹️😩😣😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣☺️😊😇🙂🙃😉😌😍🥰😘😗😙😚😋😛😝😜🤪🤨🧐🤓😎🥳😏😒😞😔😟😕🙁☹️😔😟😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩🥺😢😭😤😠😡
Thomas van Heel
Thomas van Heel 12 hours ago
2:52 "That's no ball, it's a space station."
CyroCube 13 hours ago
That was banjo...
Jaxon Relle
Jaxon Relle 13 hours ago
That’s Mach ball turned into The Death Star when no fire was there anymore
Mussab Khan
Mussab Khan 13 hours ago
Logan Hamilton
Logan Hamilton 14 hours ago
The ball of matches ia the death star in star wars
polemikful 14 hours ago
Not a giant ball of matches, a fully operational intergalactic station of combat
Cayden Patey
Cayden Patey 14 hours ago
He made the death star from Star Wars
ukcuf 14 hours ago
And ate him
Eclipse 14 hours ago
And humanity is watching the birb drown. Just letting it drown.
Charles Thoreson
Charles Thoreson 14 hours ago
2:02 Wow! Hila! Great moves, keep it up! Proud of you!
Isabella G.
Isabella G. 15 hours ago
The Match ball was pretty *lit*
Katharina g
Katharina g 15 hours ago
2:53 The deathstar!
MertCfg 15 hours ago
2:52 Death star you mean
MertCfg 15 hours ago
Metal has not taste neither you can smell it...
Duolingo 15 hours ago
bear saves fish from drowning
Yell 15 hours ago
A bit sad you didn’t point out that the ball WAS THE FREAKING DEATH STAR but great vid other wise :]
GaurdianOfBacon Gamer
My gold fish ran away then I went to look for him and he drowned rip Frankie
Mezosi Matt
Mezosi Matt 16 hours ago
it was a death star mate
Clap Yozo
Clap Yozo 17 hours ago
No way, we aren’t moving to the moon in 5 years.
Marius Česnaukas
Marius Česnaukas 18 hours ago
Nobody: My dreams: 2:56
Noam Schwartz
Noam Schwartz 19 hours ago
0:42 I was legit hoping this dog was going to hit the shmoney dance lol
TheAmazingWorldOf Gumball
Is every single person going to the moon
Masiah_J. 6002
Masiah_J. 6002 23 hours ago
That girl can skateboard damn
ghost recon
ghost recon Day ago
3:10 death star
A²Z Network
A²Z Network Day ago
Its not just a BALL! its the deathstar, jeez....
Dio Day ago
That's wholesome. What a good bear
BeeZerK_X Day ago
then eats it
Fix the earth first NASA before going to another planet to trash.
Slift prune
Slift prune Day ago
Oh crap! I guess blizzard was right. In 20 year or less from now we will have built flying cars or hovering cars and a bass like thing on the moon.
Mazinic Day ago
Bear Saves Fish From Drowning
Gracie Felichio
1:59 Does that mean you’re still drinking out of a plastic bottle then?
Union of Soviet Republics
no no no NASA never went to the moon the only ones that mighted have were the soviets
Ayato Day ago
3:05 Ecosystem: *Am i a Joke to You?*
Sarai Kelly
Sarai Kelly Day ago
There is a dent just like the death star
Sarai Kelly
Sarai Kelly Day ago
The ball is actually the death star from star wars
Craigs Craig
Craigs Craig Day ago
I’m not going to a moon where ill only live for a day In 2024
Ross Thomas
Ross Thomas Day ago
The reason why didn't call it the death star is so people would talk about it the comments.
ZanZYFull 0122
Pigs In Da 6IX
This is the most simple channel but always gets mad views, congratulations
YouTube MANS
YouTube MANS Day ago
*Happiness noise
?????? Day ago
That was how banjo and kazooie became best friends
3:00 come on its clearly the Death Star, that shows that you only steal content without caring too much...
Jayden Tube
Jayden Tube Day ago
People:we can save birds so easily Bears:hold my bird
Logan Triplett Films
When I’m on the moon, I’ll be Space Boi. (Umbrella Academy)
Weightastic Playz
That do giant ball that’s the Death Star
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Day ago
NaHb YiKeRs
NaHb YiKeRs Day ago
Daily dose he made the Death Star out of matches
Fuschia Flash
Im sure you get this alot. But I was having a bad day, I watched this, now I'm not having a bad day. Thank you
Cubing extra 124
The story of banjo kazooie
Adds to title: *Then eats it*
Nariyan Sanchez
The bomb of matches is actually the Death Star from Star Wars
Deborah McDaniel
You are bad guy, but this does not mean you are bad guy
Jenna Ramsey
Jenna Ramsey Day ago
I need to take lessons on self affirmation from that announcer. “What a play by me.”
asarwar111 Day ago
Dog: just checking for spirits in my treat
Typical Swolly
That’s no bomb (moon) thats the deathstar (space station)
su1cide king
su1cide king 2 days ago
2:56 that's a death star mate not a ball
Dhika08 2 days ago
at the year 2020 this will happen to the earth 2:56
HypercatZ 2 days ago
2:52 "A ball"... That's the Death Star!
HypercatZ 2 days ago
Riley Shaw
Riley Shaw 2 days ago
That giant ball is the death star if you see the dint in it
white storm
white storm 2 days ago
Me:*sees title* Me: “Then eats it?”
FryLord0612 2 days ago
Was not a bomb he made the Death Star
Kermos the Mad Frog
My dog does the same thing
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