Bear Saves Bird From Drowning

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May 21, 2019




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Comments 13 530
A. Jaxxon
A. Jaxxon 4 months ago
I had no idea about the hidden plastic layer in the coke cans. I am very pleased with this increase in knowledge!
lookatthusfish yae
Last clip at the end of the clip it looked like the death star
Jordan Gadd
Jordan Gadd 5 days ago
You think that's impressive, wait til you find out that giant ball of matches was the deathstar.
JelqtronZero 9 days ago
@gamejr84 no weed foo, seems like you want pewdiepies pole thoug, ya pewdiepussy
gamejr84 9 days ago
@JelqtronZero smoking pole.
JelqtronZero 10 days ago
so thats what my teenage lungs were smoking
DMO Otaku_boi
DMO Otaku_boi 10 hours ago
How the dog hit the woah in doggy language
Its the FREEDOM 12 hours ago
"Next up someone made a giant ball out of matches and burned it" Someone clearly isnt a Starwars fan.
Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu
Tomi Ajayi-Dopemu 15 hours ago
Thats a raven not a crow
Kabegami The Great
Kabegami The Great 15 hours ago
Think the bear was gonna eat it but lost interest when it bit him.
1God1Fury 17 hours ago
2024 Finally base at Moon! Seriously, why would you start building space base at Mars that is millions kilometres away when you have moon right next to earth?
Hayden Boles
Hayden Boles 18 hours ago
0:42 stop hammer time
Faithy boi
Faithy boi 19 hours ago
homie that aint just a ball thats the death star
NaSe Xenon
NaSe Xenon 19 hours ago
2:57 This is 100 yrs after global warming
Dragotaco 20 hours ago
It wasn’t just a ball of matches it was the Death Star and it was memeing on how it got blown up
ChimChims Jams
ChimChims Jams 21 hour ago
2:59 and that’s how the sun was made
p c
p c 22 hours ago
you dont have to talk like that because your gay, just tell people
Rhayr Harry
Rhayr Harry 23 hours ago
We need to go to the moon.
SWog Day ago
At 0:15, I don't think the bear was saving the crow...I think he was "saving it for later".
Poolypo Playz
That’s no ball, that’s a space station
I don't know you guys, but that bear showing emphaty is one hell of a big deal especially in scientific manners.
Bacon Day ago
That dog can dance better than me.
Humble_ lion- скромный Лев
The Bear is like 🎶 you've got a friend in me☻
justaperson Day ago
That’s a Death Star out of matches not a “giant ball” lol
GregMF Day ago
LOL that’s Not just a “ball” of matches, the nerds behind ALL this Should say That’s the Death Star
Spaco Day ago
3:00 was a death star
Glitch YT.
Glitch YT. Day ago
2:56 This Is What Happens On Earth If We Don't Stop Global Warming
baby tot
baby tot Day ago
boy am i impressive what a play by me? ;)
TheWhite Gamer
Thats no a ball thats a deathstar from starwars
David Griego
David Griego Day ago
That no ball that's a Death Star Made of Matches
WHY IS THIS MY ENTERTAINMENT someone in the comments :bc it’s interesting me: low key thoooo
Ant Competitors
2:56 when global warming starts getting severe. My school nurse: put some ice on it you'll be fine!
Rachel Lalite
The bear is awesome
Giga Interdimensional
2:56 *So basically this is global warning*
Hank Bridges
Hank Bridges Day ago
We'll, the raven was taking a bath and the bear just had to be nosy and he pulled the raven out. 😂
JC Productions
In 2:44 they didn’t attack her because they wanted to be in the video
Chilly Burrito
3:12 that's no moon...
faTe zero
faTe zero 2 days ago
2:08 wow I wish I was that talented I’m not talented at anything 😔
Doc_Mercy '
Doc_Mercy ' 2 days ago
3:58 *That’s no bomb, it’s a space station.,*
Lightblue 2 days ago
The bear and the crow: that's the animals heart, I almost felt a tear😥💘
olivia cunningham
“Boy am I impressive. What a play by me.” -me when I remember to shower and drink water
Oblivion Hymnist
Oblivion Hymnist 2 days ago
0:42 When you ask her out and she says yes. (Not that I would know but...)
Gyuuipa Over Hotland
you mean *Bear eats bird while drowning*
Walter Sobchak
Walter Sobchak 2 days ago
I swear this is Eric Cartman talking & he's all grown up !
super siameseSC
super siameseSC 2 days ago
3:00 that's no ball that's a death star
Enderguyk9 2 days ago
The Emperor
The Emperor 2 days ago
3:00 *imperial March plays*
Ev Dog
Ev Dog 2 days ago
It’s banjo and kazzoie
P V 2 days ago
and ten the bear ate it!
Plantation Crip
Plantation Crip 2 days ago
The crow bearly made it out alive
RazorGames 2 days ago
Someone give that bear an award
Love Miss
Love Miss 3 days ago
That crow didn’t have to nip the bear I would have thrown it back the water
Airi 3 days ago
2:56 And this is going to happen to our planet...
Dr. Einaugenbraue
2:57 earth be like
Leonus Goh
Leonus Goh 3 days ago
That bear must've been canadian
Gydos 3 days ago
1:16 i thought my screen had a crack in it
Nonamearisto 3 days ago
2:57 That's definitely a figure of the Death Star made from matches. It has the "crater" and the line over the equator.
Draco Ventus
Draco Ventus 3 days ago
Bears, Birds, Battlestar Galactica
Jeff Burris
Jeff Burris 3 days ago
the giant match ball was a Death Star with dish included
Ariel Torres
Ariel Torres 3 days ago
2:56 how the earth will look in a few years.....
jutubaeh 3 days ago
3:00 the wether chan€L in 100 years v v
TonyElbows 3 days ago
dude please blow your nose
Alan Turrubiates
Alan Turrubiates 3 days ago
2:57 it’s not a ball, it’s a death star
Derf565 3 days ago
thats no ball, thats a space station
Rhodes Brassil
Rhodes Brassil 3 days ago
Death Star
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