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Bear Grylls reviews how realistic survival movies are, including The Revenant, Cast Away, Point Break, Titanic, Bird Box, and more. Bear talks about his experience sleeping inside the carcass of a camel, dealing with a malfunctioning parachute, and almost freezing to death. Bear Grylls hosts Nat Geo’s six-part series Hostile Planet, premiering April 1, at 9/8c.
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Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies | Vanity Fair




22 мар 2019




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Комментарии 4 506
HiImRawr 43 минуты назад
Should review his own episodes and see how real they are 🤔
DoesNotInhale 43 минуты назад
why are there no comments about him being a fraud? nights in hotels while shooting out in the wild. paid extravagant dinners after he'd pretend to be starving lunching on bugs? wtf
T T 44 минуты назад
贝尔 老了~
pum 44 минуты назад
Bear Grylls didn't talk about the full fledged meals on his show tho
brittany snyder
brittany snyder 45 минут назад
why didnt he get on them dam piece of drift wood with her i always wondered why then rememberd it a fuckn movie and its better plot if one of them dies
ray feather N refine
ray feather N refine 45 минут назад
Ragin Asian
Ragin Asian 45 минут назад
You lost your virginity to James Charles Like to undo
Crypto 46 минут назад
An event: *exists* Bear Grylls: I've been in this exact situation before
Me 46 минут назад
*Shows the Death Star firing on Alderaan* Bear Grylls: "So this is another situation I've experienced."
Caitlin Bloody Mary
Caitlin Bloody Mary 47 минут назад
But why doesn't he age though?!
DynestiGTI 47 минут назад
9:08 haha
Ruttigorn Logsdon
Ruttigorn Logsdon 48 минут назад
Do you really want to survive a bad situation? Then don't take life risking things he does on his shows!
Birat Roy
Birat Roy 49 минут назад
I spend my childhood watching Bear grylls.
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 49 минут назад
He said in 10 to 15mins you will go into shock. It’s def not that long. Unless your the ice man. The average person, hypothermia can take 2 to 5mins I believe to hit.
Md. Abrar Chowdhury
Md. Abrar Chowdhury 49 минут назад
Theo N
Theo N 49 минут назад
I Grew Up Watching this MAN !
Just MtNz
Just MtNz 49 минут назад
Username . . .
Username . . . 49 минут назад
"I cut its fur off and used it as a blanket." PETA WANTS TO KNOW YOUR LOCATION
Walter White
Walter White 49 минут назад
10000 SUBS WITHOUT VIDEO can we do this!!!
Person abducted by aliens Bear grylls: *I been in that situation before*
Joel Carver
Joel Carver 51 минуту назад
Bear Grylls is the Boss! Also these attempts at memes are lame and boring.
Tyler Steel
Tyler Steel 52 минуты назад
wtf he was in sas?
Rebecca DeLoach
Rebecca DeLoach 52 минуты назад
*what did he just say about my boy Michael*
MightiestArm 52 минуты назад
I've never clicked on a video so fast, I love Bear Grylls can't wait for good Netflix show to come out
Oda Swifteye
Oda Swifteye 53 минуты назад
No drinking of the urine. 0/10
Random Ortiz
Random Ortiz 54 минуты назад
Darth maul gets cut in half and falls to his death Bear: Ah I’ve been in this kind of situation
magicbuskey 54 минуты назад
To be fair to The Office, Dwight was looming around. LOL
Sega Saetern
Sega Saetern 55 минут назад
Too many comments about “I’ve been in that situation before” and not many comments about Michael Scott being analyzed by bear grylls
Lost Traveler Studios
Lost Traveler Studios 55 минут назад
Should of got Les Stroud instead of this fool
Ninjaman195 55 минут назад
oh i thought this was Wired my bad
rinnegan sr
rinnegan sr 55 минут назад
His show is as real as wwe
Baro Taro
Baro Taro 55 минут назад
*Nobody:* Bear grylls: Yeah,I've been in this situation before
Aadit Paul
Aadit Paul 55 минут назад
The whole video was a recount of Bear Grylls adventurer
Alan Medrano
Alan Medrano 55 минут назад
This comment thread is the best 🤣
FTB Bucketzz
FTB Bucketzz 56 минут назад
Black_Leopard 56 минут назад
Doctor Strange: *Uses Time stone* Bear Grylls: "Yeah I've actually been in that situation before"
me curse you mimikyu
me curse you mimikyu 56 минут назад
Bear grylls watches jarrasssic park... I been in this situation before..
vksrlat 56 минут назад
Ask Bear about Terminator, Commando and Mission Impossible Movies Reality! 😕
Headshot 58 минут назад
He should review Paul Brothers prank videos.
Hector Aguilar
Hector Aguilar 58 минут назад
Huge asteroid is hurling towards earth Bear grylls: ah yes I remember this 66 million years ago
Murat Şakar
Murat Şakar 58 минут назад
çok güzel bir program tebrikler👍👍👍👍
Toad Sage
Toad Sage 59 минут назад
This guy was the MAN when I was like 10. Literally
Planet Boondock
Planet Boondock 59 минут назад
0:48 Waking up INSIDE a dead camel, while dealing with Lariam side-effects
John Bush
John Bush 59 минут назад
My dads cousins horse was in the revanent
KNoesey 59 минут назад
Oh lawd I love him
Timothy Johnson
Timothy Johnson 59 минут назад
You ruined pt break
me curse you mimikyu
me curse you mimikyu Час назад
Says the man who sleeps in hotels and not in the wilderness...
Rj Pena
Rj Pena Час назад
7:03 that crocodile isint realistic cuz it would have twisted his whole body.
Rj Pena
Rj Pena 58 минут назад
AudioCultSG Official
AudioCultSG Official Час назад
what irony.
memeulous Gamer
memeulous Gamer Час назад
Jefree star and James Charles had a 3 some with you Like 2 undo 👇🏼
Joshtapus Час назад
Wasn’t he the guy that lived in a hotel with people accommodating him while filming much of the show
Black_Leopard Час назад
Guardians of the galaxy 2: *crash on an alien planet* Bear Grylls: "I've actually been in this situation before, back in the British navy when our spaceship blew and I messed up my back..."
Declan Harding
Declan Harding Час назад
Les Stroud has entered the chat Bear Grylls has left the chat
V Indian
V Indian Час назад
I can imagine how he may have felt like when he saw Rob's body preserved on top of Everest.
Lawrence Saint Dominic
Lawrence Saint Dominic Час назад
He looks exactly the same as he did when I watched him on tv like 15 years ago 😁
Viet Vu
Viet Vu Час назад
I don't know that I need this. The best!
Carmella King
Carmella King Час назад
He was my sh!t in geography class in 8th grade
Salee 1
Salee 1 Час назад
No life of Pi bruh cmon
NachoGirl Час назад
That spicy wing guy should interview him if he hasnt already
Hariharan Mahendran
Hariharan Mahendran Час назад
He probably had to google what was legit when the cameras were off
Yogendra Pokhrel
Yogendra Pokhrel Час назад
This dude had done everything in my bucket list.
Deksam101 Час назад
Eleventh Час назад
His talking about realistic but his series is so fake
Phike Час назад
I see a fine coming in Drew Brees future for bear dry snitching 😂
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson Час назад
hiram Час назад
That Drew Brees story was out of control lmfaoooo
John Gabriel Ferraer
John Gabriel Ferraer Час назад
melissa arias
melissa arias Час назад
i thought he died?!
Michael Petersen
Michael Petersen Час назад
7:50 Sean Payton spits his drink all over the screen ...
Tubby-1wnl Час назад
Ya so normal day just out in the Amazon with the saints quarter back executing crocodiles
INTJ A Час назад
The sun shines! Bear Grylls: "Yeah I've actually been in that situation before..."
hiram Час назад
It’s kind of scary to think of the bodies left on Everest that you can just pass by on your way up or down..
Michael Kimberlin
Michael Kimberlin Час назад
Funny thing is. It’s all fake. He shots his scenes then goes to his hotel and eats caviar. Doesn’t really sleep in the wilderness. All FAKE and of course it’s reality tv. More like FAKE
ctanis Час назад
Whenever he says “survival”
Tom Knox
Tom Knox Час назад
Death star explodes Bear grylls - I have been in this situation before
Ramahl Ah Chee
Ramahl Ah Chee Час назад
I kinda think he fake. Like he has done so many things and it’s really not possible
Vector Rector
Vector Rector Час назад
I thought he was a fraud
SealAngel Час назад
I have a man crush on Bear Grylls
Kriste Isopahkala
Kriste Isopahkala Час назад
Bear is just being nice. He knows that for a survival situation to be realistic, at some point pee must be drank.
Art Vein
Art Vein Час назад
Bear Grylls: Titanic is realistic Neil Degrasse Tyson: No it's not Stephen Speilberg: I agree with Neil... I messed up
Eric Ramos
Eric Ramos Час назад
*Is this Ted Bear?*
Grandmas Boy
Grandmas Boy Час назад
Bear you have successfully charmed USA's panties off us mate!🤗
Un1que Arch3r
Un1que Arch3r Час назад
Me: *Enters the video with excitement* *First clip rolls* Me: I’m good. *leaves* 😅😰
Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson Час назад
How to Cook That seems to have gone on a different direction.
Gavo Santiago
Gavo Santiago Час назад
Definitely made for stupid s and American s aplaut all this nosense stupid thing
Ramahl Ah Chee
Ramahl Ah Chee Час назад
Everything is his favourite
Thomas Johnson
Thomas Johnson Час назад
The Apple Seeds
The Apple Seeds Час назад
Dude has literally experienced everything. 😂
Gavo Santiago
Gavo Santiago Час назад
Hoiligut is busit
Random Commentator
Random Commentator Час назад
*Loses mom at the market* Bear Grylls: Yeah, i've been in this situation before...
kartikey bhardwaj
kartikey bhardwaj Час назад
I'm waiting for him to say Avengers Infinity War was Realistic!!
Harfan Mohammed
Harfan Mohammed Час назад
Where is vivegam??
Philandros Час назад
Why is the guy who faked and cheated in his own survival show, reviewing survival movies? How does he still hold any creditibility...
Avery Schurman
Avery Schurman Час назад
He's probably the coolest dude alive.
FactHub Час назад
I just realized I have never seen Bear Grylls in HD before
Anima-Sun Valley
Anima-Sun Valley Час назад
Wow no comment on Michael Scott? I’m really disappointed with the people in this comment section!
Jazzy Storm
Jazzy Storm Час назад
This is Life of Pi erasure
Thomas Monroe
Thomas Monroe Час назад
So....tell me again...why did you and Drew wind up on top of a crocodile and need to drive a knife through its skull? How ‘bout some decent hotel reviews....
galaxy zone
galaxy zone Час назад
how realistic man vs wild😁😁
Teru Kage
Teru Kage Час назад
A normal human neck being strong enough to resist a monster sized crocodile...sure, why not?
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