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Bear Grylls reviews how realistic survival movies are, including The Revenant, Cast Away, Point Break, Titanic, Bird Box, and more. Bear talks about his experience sleeping inside the carcass of a camel, dealing with a malfunctioning parachute, and almost freezing to death. Bear Grylls hosts Nat Geo’s six-part series Hostile Planet, premiering April 1, at 9/8c.
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Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies | Vanity Fair


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Mar 22, 2019




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Comments 15 901
End Nitro
End Nitro 11 hours ago
Meteor crashes onto the earth and demolishes an entire continent, killing a couple hundred million people and reducing the world population exponentially. Bear: I've actually been in that situation before.
RV 20 hours ago
Les Stroud is better.
Eric Stockslager
the Predator materializes in the jungle in front of you and his laser sights target your face Bear:"I've been in this situation before".
Daniel Thomas
Love this guy
RTX RBX Day ago
All bear gryll’s video is fake, he isn’t some kind of expert or anything! OH WAIT HE IS! *EXPERT OF HYPOCRITE*
blake jenkins
Sure he was a SAS but.. He got exposed hard..
Sean McLain
Sean McLain Day ago
Yes, Bear Grylls. The man who stays in 5 star hotels while supposedly surviving in the wilderness is going to tell us about survival movies. This should be great.
Philip Montague
This is great content.
Brohn Eden
Brohn Eden Day ago
Bear you like wim hof
Rosy Rodriguez
8:37 i thought he was going to say “never underestimate the power of sandra bullock”
Sophia Neilsson
Oh man, I got hypothermia sea kyaking in early spring when I was a kid (New Zealand). I am a good swimmer, and I will never forget that first shock when I overturned and I felt like the water was just kicked out of me. I felt like I couldn't move or breathe and it was so cold I didn't even shiver. It was terrifying. Never went sea kayaking again
A C 2 days ago
Bear gills should review this comment section
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 2 days ago
You're a FRAUD
Rais Pavlov
Rais Pavlov 2 days ago
Wait... Thats not the person to tell what's realistic...
Anthony plays
Anthony plays 2 days ago
Tony Rome
Tony Rome 2 days ago
What does Bear Grylls know about survival all his TV shows when the crew left for the night so did he and he stayed in the hotel he does stupid stuff that could get you hurt or killed
Carrie Webber
Carrie Webber 2 days ago
The problem with Titanic wasn't how long they lasted after the ship went down, it was how long they were splashing around on the lower decks before it went down. And while they were splashing on the lower decks, no one seemed to notice or care how cold the water was. Almost as if it were swimming pool temperatures instead of the North Atlantic. Weird.
Renegade 24
Renegade 24 2 days ago
Gets brutally murderd Bear Grylls: “I’ve actually experienced that my self.”
Caedwyn 3 days ago
why 10k down votes? o.O
Alice Lily
Alice Lily 3 days ago
i came here for cast away and tom hanks then i saw michael scott
Alice Lily
Alice Lily 3 days ago
i never knew bear grylls but he looks scarily familiar
dumped300c 3 days ago
They should of showed a episode of Survivor... Unrealistic.
abortodedios 4 days ago
anyone know the watch he is wearing ?
steven universe
steven universe 4 days ago
if I am listening to him talking about things hes been through. my eyes would roll back til I see my brain also doing eye roll.
TypicalMan 4 days ago
steven universe why are you watching this then
Paradox 4 days ago
it is not realistic to survive an attack as in the revenant bear scene..
cameron fraser
cameron fraser 5 days ago
Getting a fake survivalist to review...also fake survival
jason H. Zeger
jason H. Zeger 5 days ago
where is 127 hours?
Simon Pierre Lauzon
as I write this comment I realize that Bear Grylls has written it before and remembers it
Rachael Doran
Rachael Doran 6 days ago
Does anybody else think it was incredibly unrealistic that the woman wasn't instantly pulled in by the Croc? Like she was fighting against it with mostly her neck. Those things take down massive animals
ToxicSkull0 6 days ago
Plays Minecraft* Me: “I’ve been in this situation many times before”
Binish Babu
Binish Babu 6 days ago
Prongsverse 7 days ago
Lord of the flies: *a bunch of children on an island murder two other kids* Bear Grylls: I’ve actually been in this situation before
Zlatina Vasileva
Zlatina Vasileva 7 days ago
You ate our frog! Bearly Grillite give us back Lucko the frog!
wut wut
wut wut 8 days ago
Hey VF! How about a real survival expert review the stupid stunts Bear Grylls does in his tv shows.
Olli Casey
Olli Casey 8 days ago
Didn't include Alive (plane crash, rugby team in the Andes). One of my favourite survival movies. Can't get them all, but I would have hoped more survival skills focused movies than Titanic.
Zach Hatten
Zach Hatten 9 days ago
Bear Grylls is a phony. Les Stroud is the real survival expert
Alexcia Reyes
Alexcia Reyes 9 days ago
The office clip killed me 😂 was not expecting that but I’m not complaining
Grace C
Grace C 9 days ago
Les Stroud would've been a better choice, in my opinion
Dee B
Dee B 9 days ago
Bear Grylls grills bear.
Mansi Chandra
Mansi Chandra 9 days ago
Why would 10K people dislike this?
george xmas
george xmas 9 days ago
Zafia a
Zafia a 9 days ago
He speaks like such a humble person with a lot of experience. 💜👍
Kraft 02
Kraft 02 9 days ago
Indiana Jones gets in fridge to survive nuclear bomb Bear Grylls: I’ve been in this situation many times
Tony, The Stark
Tony, The Stark 10 days ago
Where hasn't he been?
Tony, The Stark
Tony, The Stark 6 days ago
@tunnar79 well...
tunnar79 6 days ago
Down in the Mariana Trench.
Zen Master L B
Zen Master L B 10 days ago
you have no right to comment on any survival movies you fraud.
Falco 10 days ago
Amateur! He doesn't even compare to minecraft steve
USCGNJ GT 10 days ago
This guy has done it all
yoshi pa
yoshi pa 11 days ago
Keanu vs. Bear vs. Chuck Norris
Shish Kebab
Shish Kebab 11 days ago
Bear : "Penetrates a croc with a knife" Bear say hello to PETA.
NMages20 11 days ago
Isn't this dude a fraud?
tunnar79 6 days ago
Only to people with the average IQ of Somalia.
Uriel Martinez
Uriel Martinez 11 days ago
Love this man!
conduct 11 days ago
*watches thanos snap his fi-* Bear: oh yeah I was there.
Glam Tomboy
Glam Tomboy 11 days ago
Man I clicked for the comments and I’m so not disappointed lol 😂
Noah & Atlas
Noah & Atlas 11 days ago
For some reason, this was never what I imagined Bear Grylls to look and sound like.
NickyvMLP 11 days ago
I remember killing a crocodile with Drew Brees. Bear Grylls's life is basically a living Mad Lib
Liliya Smirnova
Liliya Smirnova 12 days ago
what did this guy NOT do in life????
Lonezewolf Gaming
Lonezewolf Gaming 12 days ago
Bear Grylls, *Been there, done that, Been there before*
Ineke Waumans
Ineke Waumans 12 days ago
“Oh they’re in a boat, that’s okay”
William 1221
William 1221 12 days ago
this man is one of my heroes
igar1 12 days ago
How old is Bear? He's had all the experiences there are!
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