Beanie Feldstein & Florence Pugh - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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In their Actors on Actors conversation, Beanie Feldstein and Florence Pugh talk about working with Meryl Streep, how to pronounce "Midsommar" and what to expect in Marvel's "Black Widow."
Read the full story: bit.ly/2O0bB2i
Florence Pugh on "Black Widow": bit.ly/37jli3F




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Comments 80
Dana Isabelle
Dana Isabelle 20 hours ago
The video I never knew I needed but now can't live without
lara larson
lara larson 16 days ago
Faith Lee
Faith Lee 22 days ago
I love seeing women celebrate other women's successes
Faith Lee
Faith Lee 22 days ago
oh my god QUEENS OF 2019 FILM
Syd L
Syd L 24 days ago
I want to be a young successful actress like these amazing ladies
jesschrx 28 days ago
florence pugh’s safety pin earings? are those by ashley bestdressed
Alba Month ago
So in love with Beanie oh my gOd
Jay Rex Solis
Jay Rex Solis Month ago
Florence is so beautiful. Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Winslet Love child.
Barbara Garofalo
How is it that Florence at 24 carries herself with such aplomb already.
Plamen2007 Month ago
I completely agree with the point that Florence makes at around 3:50 . Hollywood has recently made such a point of putting women in male roles and masculine characters that they've almost neglected the fact that a women's perspective, while different, can provide such a fascinatingly alternative view into a story and a character. Lady Bird and Little Women have been the first films in recent years where I felt that women were actually just allowed to be themselves and not pushed into a masculine character.
Luíza Maria da Costa
Florence Pugh and Beanie Feldstein fangirling over Saiorse Ranon for 32 minutes. Thank you for your service, Variety.
Miranda Month ago
Two of my favorite actresses. 👏
Leine Fran
Leine Fran Month ago
Both of them look so gorgeous.
Brianna Connaghan
I love how everyone who read or watched Little Women hated Amy, but the moment Florence played her, we're all in love with her now.
Florence is going to be a big star, bigger than anyone else. Mark my words.
Molly Month ago
Amy is one of my favourite characters in little women and I think that’s completely down to Florence and her like-ability as herself.
aaron wilson
aaron wilson Month ago
does beanie only have one leg
Ayrisha Chakma
Ayrisha Chakma Month ago
I loved Beanie Feldten. She is so vulnerably beautiful and she doesn't hide it. Such a beautiful human, complimenting everyone endlessly, so warm and loving. I hope she becomes more successful in her career.
R777 Month ago
I've never really understood when people describe people as gorgeous and delicious can someone pls explain
Black Winter Sacrifice Podcast
I'm just insanely attracted to Florence Pugh. She's probably becoming one of my favourite actresses she's got a familiar vibe when I think about it she's very much like Kate Winslet.
Alinde 2 months ago
Honesly just watching these intelligent and well articulated women talk automatically makes me feel smarter
hm loona
hm loona 2 months ago
their voices are so different but both so calming wthfff
Katia Maski
Katia Maski 2 months ago
I would kill for Florence's boots!! 😍😍
Katia Maski
Katia Maski 2 months ago
Hannah Cattell holy moly you’re a legend!!! Xxx :))))
Hannah Cattell
Hannah Cattell 2 months ago
I'm pretty sure they're the alpha mega boots by Pierre hardy and they're on sale at the moment 🥳
Kimson89 2 months ago
If I close my eyes Florence sounds exactly like a young Kate Winslet.
azade sarmast
azade sarmast 2 months ago
Gosh, i love florence’s voice!
sophia 2 months ago
I’m going to need florence to narrate an audiobook because WOW!!
Stigglitz 2 months ago
Fuck I love these icons both so much
Tea Pot
Tea Pot 2 months ago
wait, they shot black widow in Budapest? are we gonna find out what happened in Budapest?
Hannah HBIC
Hannah HBIC Month ago
I think she said she was filming Little Drummer Girl in Budapest. Unless, I heard wrong.
Sean Domhnall O Sullivan
Florence pugh giving so many Winslet vibes throughout th is even the lewk ... Mini Winslet. Such a friggin compliment
Miranda D
Miranda D 2 months ago
Florence's voice sounds like a mixture between Selena Gomez's and Rita Ora's - could listen to her speaking all day! Especially when she's talking about female actresses like in this video - I love it!
Will Spencer
Will Spencer 2 months ago
Literally anytime she says, "I'm not a poet. I'm just a woman" I get chills.
Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller 2 months ago
Where can I apply to be both of their best friends’?
Kayte52 2 months ago
I can feel the texture of this video
Apoorva Solanki
Apoorva Solanki 2 months ago
The Saorise Ronan buddies
Grecia Castillejos
Grecia Castillejos 2 months ago
this should have been 10 hours long
Amelia H
Amelia H 2 months ago
they look like two angels having morning tea together
20shourya 2 months ago
pew pew pew Pugh.
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho 2 months ago
I love their friendship so much! Today they just were in an interview again! So cute!
melissa siebert
melissa siebert 2 months ago
Florence is a class act...love her...
Grace Dumdaw
Grace Dumdaw 2 months ago
I love women🥺
Kinfolk Canine
Kinfolk Canine 2 months ago
sistor = sister + mentor
Val 2 months ago
acting is so beautiful
Winter is coming
Winter is coming 2 months ago
Beanie's voice is so cute
SNC sin
SNC sin 2 months ago
florence's voice is so deep yet so feminine
Sunset and Moonlight
Does someone know who designed the dress worn by Florence Pugh please ? ^^
Sunset and Moonlight
Hannah Cattell Thank you so much ☺️🤩👍 !!!
Hannah Cattell
Hannah Cattell 2 months ago
A brand called Shrimps. It's the Morpheus dress.
igor known
igor known 2 months ago
Florence is a treasure
Alice Orlik
Alice Orlik 2 months ago
I'm so utterly inspired by this video beanie is so lovely!!!
B_To_The_B 2 months ago
Beanie is a disgusting person
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho 2 months ago
jasmine eleanor
jasmine eleanor 2 months ago
my crush on florence has just got even bigger
octoberfire13 2 months ago
I love Beanie!! She is just so magical
Kel McGowan
Kel McGowan 2 months ago
I just found out Beanie is going to be in the adaptation of How To Build A Girl & she is going to be SO good.
Shannon Evans
Shannon Evans 2 months ago
I love the hype Florence is getting these days. I have loved her since Fighting With My Family so glad Little Women is giving her hype. I just wish she kept her hair dark like in Fighting With My Family.
Sean Domhnall O Sullivan
You should watch the falling, first movie I saw her in with Maisie Williams and a soundtrack by Tracy thorn. Its just perfect British filmmaking,, an absolute modern classic.
RayofLight General
RayofLight General 2 months ago
Isobel Iris
Isobel Iris 2 months ago
They are both so... delightful
Joshua Mullins
Joshua Mullins 2 months ago
I don’t think Florence Pugh’s heels are high enough
Jessie Maisie
Jessie Maisie 2 months ago
I wish they’d spoken about Fighting with My family. Absolutely loved that film!
Micah Miller
Micah Miller 2 months ago
So nice to listen to young actors who are so well-spoken and actually have something worthwhile to say.
TheAlice2319 2 months ago
I love these two very very much
Amanda Moore
Amanda Moore 2 months ago
this was such a perfect pairing
akaliofe 2 months ago
Booksmart was literally my favorite movie of 2019 I’m so sad that not that many people saw it
Lindsay McDougall
Lindsay McDougall 2 months ago
You can totally see her nipples through that dress.
Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore 2 months ago
Florence Pugh is such a interesting talent. Her range her demeanor is very enticing.
MaryRoseBerry 2 months ago
Wow, if this isn’t the perfect example of passing the Bechdel Test, I don’t know what is
thefamouscommenter 2 months ago
I am totally in love with Florence Pugh. It's a shame she probably ain't gay T__T
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho 2 months ago
Maybe bi.. I mean, we don't know.. Lmao!
Tess 537
Tess 537 2 months ago
I never really liked the little women movies but the new one is so good
Ling Ling
Ling Ling 2 months ago
Florence is fucking everything
Indianna Moon
Indianna Moon 2 months ago
I’m flippin obsessed with Flo, after watching Midsommar I’m like in awe of how great she is
Jake Godfrey
Jake Godfrey 3 months ago
This is my favourite one of these, such a chilled out chat
rue4u 3 months ago
i want beanie as my best friend
She Lives Her Dream
She Lives Her Dream 3 months ago
Does anyone happen to know where Florence’s dress is from? I adore it! It reminds me of the Little Women period!!
Hannah Cattell
Hannah Cattell 2 months ago
It's by Shrimps and it's called the Morpheus dress.
latinope 3 months ago
The two break out stars of 2019.
shannon anne
shannon anne 3 months ago
I could comment on so many beautiful things about this interview and these women, but that's been done, so I'd like to point out... Florence's *boots.*
Brendonmakesmesmile 3 months ago
I love these two
Vero H.Marin
Vero H.Marin 3 months ago
I’ve seen a lot of Booksmart interviews, and I love how articulated Beanie is without being pretentious and still sounding young ♥️
Tiffany Akridge
Tiffany Akridge 3 months ago
Beanie: Lizzie McGuire Florence: *her soul escapes her body* Florence: YES
nat. 23 days ago
I mean, can relate
Llama Del rey
Llama Del rey 3 months ago
i love how florence is in love with every woman ever....same
Philip Moore
Philip Moore 3 months ago
I love Beanie in Lady Bird and Booksmart and congrats to her nomination for booksmart at the golden globes
Emma Francis
Emma Francis 3 months ago
can florence pugh just marrryyyyyyy meeeeee plsssssssss
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck 3 months ago
Florence was SO GOOD in Little Woman. Go see it!
Mugate Murathime
Mugate Murathime 3 months ago
And excellent in fighting with my family
Lililetus C
Lililetus C 3 months ago
It seems they idolise Saoirse or see her as superior; yet Florence is f'ing amazing! I don't think she is less talented in any way shape or form.
Lililetus C
Lililetus C 3 months ago
@Diasmc Coelho Yes me too. Also she is so incredibly confident... and the little anecdote about how she slid into the carriage next to Meryl and the way she was 'teased' about that just shows that people sometimes do not prize confidence for the rare gift it is. No reason for her to feel starstruck by M Streep. The latter is a legend but they are all working on a film together and all characters are equally important, as are all actors.
Diasmc Coelho
Diasmc Coelho 3 months ago
To be honest i really think she will be more famous than Saoirse. I'm just waiting for Black Widow.
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