[BE ORIGINAL] ATEEZ(에이티즈) '불놀이야 (I'm The One)' (4K)

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[BE ORIGINAL] ATEEZ 'Fireworks (I'm The One)'
[비 오리지널] 에이티즈 '불놀이야'
두루 두루 격하게 사랑할 수 밖에 없는
프로심장루팡러 에이티즈의 火려한 컴백❤️
에이티니 맘 속에도 불놀이야 불놀이야🔥
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Mar 3, 2021




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Comments 100
Natasya Haryan
Natasya Haryan 2 hours ago
meownclaw 4 hours ago
Checked in...
Le Atiny
Le Atiny 4 hours ago
Sophia Nguyen
Sophia Nguyen 5 hours ago
the quality is even better than the tvs at costco
Kayla Harrison
Kayla Harrison 6 hours ago
2:09 thats da jam😌😌😌👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
monserrat julian zarate
Te amo
Atiny Gia
Atiny Gia 7 hours ago
won't get over this :)
Mihua ;;
Mihua ;; 8 hours ago
I'm not atiny but I love this perfomance help
When tomorrow is fasting month and you cannot simp so you spent the whole day watching ateez T-T
neknarf1973 9 hours ago
Awesome video
Lou Ahn
Lou Ahn 9 hours ago
I don't know how do some people who have only one bias in Ateez, there are insane 😶
Seonghwa Smiles
Seonghwa Smiles 10 hours ago
ATEEZ best group
Lolade Aderibigbe
Lolade Aderibigbe 10 hours ago
Sans part makes me feel like I'm in an edit while the chorus makes me feel like I'm in a me. Just me?ok.
Nina Fontes
Nina Fontes 11 hours ago
Nina Fontes
Nina Fontes 11 hours ago
Anyone here?
Gps -
Gps - 14 hours ago
I seriously love the way san dances. His control over his body is amazing
parca feliz
parca feliz 15 hours ago
1:52 Yeongsan and his eyebrow OOOMMMGGGG
Kristi Vick
Kristi Vick 16 hours ago
The fact that they missed both opportunities to put San in dance line and visual line blows my mind.
'Pwrspy Boo
'Pwrspy Boo 18 hours ago
i already know that Choi San's going to do well but THIS IS CRAZYYYYYYY
Viola Nesya
Viola Nesya 20 hours ago
San ayo istighparrrr
meownclaw 21 hour ago
I am starting to think everyone wants to see HongJoong's abs more than winning kingdom. But it's still consider a winning for Atiny. :D
Nina Fontes
Nina Fontes 21 hour ago
Andreas Catur
Andreas Catur 21 hour ago
Love san, wuyoong, yosang,yunho,
Andreas Catur
Andreas Catur 22 hours ago
Anyong san
Aleksey Vermillion
Aleksey Vermillion 23 hours ago
Gg Gg
Gg Gg 23 hours ago
i still want this... with mingi... oh my god i miss him so much 😭
Now we have 3.3M fighting 15M
meownclaw Day ago
Checked in..
Kumala Rahayuningsih_2
Florencia Gisel Cisnero
Últimamente la ropa de San me altera bastante :'>
woo choi
woo choi Day ago
You just cant have just one bias in ateez, and if you say that is possible you are lying. I've been an atiny for one year and I still cant stick with one because all of them kills me
meownclaw Day ago
I only see HongJoong. Not that others are not attractive/good looking. They all have their own charisma. But something tick about HongJoong.
Hana Yu
Hana Yu Day ago
ikr, my bias change everyday
arundhati Day ago
new to ateez but I’m in love with yunho’s moves, they’re so clean and precise. not to mention his expressions while performing, he’s a fantastic dancer
spazzydots Day ago
umm as someone very new to the group (came from Kingdom), I just have one question: do the blond- and pink-haired guys always come at you like THAT, with absolutely no warning?! because they caught me off-guard here 😭
Angela V
Angela V Day ago
They do. But not only the two of them, all of them love challenging the camera. You'll find yourself blushing in no time.
why리나 Day ago
meet ateez’s demon-line: San, Hongjoong and Seonghwa
Strawhwa Day ago
these two are san(pink) and hongjoong n they're literally the one's with so much charisma, idk what to tell u but their performances are always so full of power that will intimidate u at first but when u see them off stage they're just lil adorable n cute ppl 😭
Nina Fontes
Nina Fontes Day ago
Here every day : )
why리나 Day ago
every day every night here we go go go
JennieJane Day ago
im deeeaaadddd😭😭😭😭🥵🥵🥵🥵❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔🤪🤪
Ghosts Day ago
Love this from Ateez and can't wait to see more 🖤🖤
starlee Day ago
daily stre4ming stre4m this toooo :)
yunhonesty {hastag}
Eva Lemiere
Eva Lemiere Day ago
who still here for hongjoong's abs ?
Marion Vabø
Marion Vabø Day ago
Ezzann Loonatic
san is the kai for this era
So, I'm still kinda new and only know 4 of the 8 members(san, seonghwa(?), Hongjoong, and mingi) but I'm hoping soon I'll be able to know all of them!
just fluff
just fluff Day ago
they all have individual contents and multiple reality shows. you can watch it and get to know each of them more
k Trini
k Trini Day ago
yes you would dont worry check a guide
TheDanishZombie Gaming
No one is talking about Yeosang, he killed it and his voice is so addictive
Flower flower
다시 보러옴
Wooyoung🤓 San😎
Na Jaemin
Na Jaemin Day ago
Hongjoong can you gift wrap those abs with a tummy chain? Lol
Nina Fontes
Nina Fontes Day ago
Viana Nur Listy
Viana Nur Listy 2 days ago
demi apapun si san meresahkan
lafin929 2 days ago
meownclaw 2 days ago
Checked in...
Kat Wright
Kat Wright 2 days ago
Look...I think I died a little bit. I love them all. Whatever. 💜🤠☠️
juliangst 2 days ago
those 60fps are so smooth 👁👄👁
someone who fail to choose bias in Ateez
we're gonna get that 15M. ohohohoho.
someone who fail to choose bias in Ateez
@rumi1379 Don't worry. I cannot count anymore how many times I watch that wave overture. on yt and naver. I had been there when we were struggling cause yt keep deleting our vi3w. and I still watch that stage even until now. It's not that I watch this video just for the abs. It's one of the filler while I watch the kd stage. so, don't worry.
May Chai
May Chai Day ago
@rumi1379 of course we will be there
rumi1379 Day ago
I hope you str4am the Kingdom stages as much as this video
May Chai
May Chai 2 days ago
Yes to see Hong Joong's abs uwu
Rosa Jane Panuayan
Wooyoung Wooyoung Wooyoung that's it!
Nina Fontes
Nina Fontes 2 days ago
SHERIIXaudio 2 days ago
Danube k
Danube k 2 days ago
New Atiny here, I’ve been really struggling to choose my bias and from the comments I realised its crazy if I only have one bias, well
TheBabyGoat Day ago
My bias changes every minute of the day tbh.
Na Jaemin
Na Jaemin 2 days ago
Welcome to the fam :)
Asel Moldabek
Asel Moldabek 2 days ago
skrt 2 days ago
Angie Hernandez
Angie Hernandez 2 days ago
atinys lets not forget hongjoong said he'll show us his abs if we get this to 15 mil;)
meownclaw 2 days ago
Checked in...
Amanda Castro
Amanda Castro 2 days ago
y mingii
May Chai
May Chai 2 days ago
I love my white mushroommmmm
Hana Yu
Hana Yu 2 days ago
lmao XD
Mina en la Cocina مينة في المطبخ
Sanika Nath
Sanika Nath 2 days ago
The quality of this video is higher than my IQ.
Kumala 2 days ago
San that's illegal
Jacky Ramirez
Jacky Ramirez 3 days ago
OK YALL WTF WHO BEEN KEEPING THESE HELLA TALENTED MEN FROM ME...!!! I HATE YOU ALL FOR NOT TELLING ME ABOUT THEM SOONER...😒 fake ass hoes🙄 anyways thE FUCKING CLICKING GUN SOUNDS WHEN THEY “click back their guns” IS SO FUCKING SMART SERIOUSLY THEY DESERVE EVERYTHING AND MORE (i’m new to all of kpop i mainly stan bts, skz, and svt✋🏽 yall gotta tell me about more groups like ateez they’re amazing like wow i’m at a loss for fucking words)
Jacky Ramirez
@Angela V wow i can see that, so far with all the videos and stages i can see that they don’t disappoint
Angela V
Angela V 2 days ago
Welcome to our pirate ship. Please stay and enjoy the ride. Check out all their MVs and live stages, ATEEZ don't disappoint. ^^
Song Lyrics
Song Lyrics 3 days ago
KİNGTEEZ 3 days ago
starlee 3 days ago
y'all better be stre4ming Wave Overture (2 min. 11 sec video WITHOUT the other group's reactions) along with this!!!
Nicole Ocampo
Nicole Ocampo 3 days ago
soragirl9 3 days ago
Still waiting for (ENG) SUBS for this 😭
Nerdfighter5 2 days ago
@soragirl9 Oh I never noticed. I know the behind the scenes ones have them. Odd they disabled them for this performance one
soragirl9 2 days ago
@Nerdfighter5 Yeah I know. But pretty much all ATEEZ videos on STUDIO CHOOM have subtitles. So I don't get it why this one still doesn't 😭
Nerdfighter5 3 days ago
The mv on KQ's channel has them
chicken master
chicken master 3 days ago
Ahhh Yeosang please explain why are wrecking me for the million times
mika 114
mika 114 3 days ago
Nina Fontes
Nina Fontes 3 days ago
Nina Fontes
Nina Fontes 3 days ago
sinem saymaz
sinem saymaz 3 days ago
Off beeeee eridim
gena melodyl
gena melodyl 3 days ago
No one doing it like Ateez
Maria Paz Martinez
Here again whatching this marterpiece.
Purrloin Queen
Purrloin Queen 3 days ago
How can so many people have this much luck in not only the genetic lotto and also be talented dancers performers and singers what the hell??? Ateez this isn’t) fair,,,
라우 3 days ago
atinys i love you and thank you!
Melek 3 days ago
we love you ateez
Renee 3 days ago
I thought I came prepared after seeing the thumbnail, but still, my heart was so not ready for this!
Kendall 3 days ago
Thank you for the wardrobe choice for San 💕💕💕
Nurlisa qishtina
Nurlisa qishtina 3 days ago
seonghwa just like joker
m 3 days ago
Where's mingi
m Day ago
@Lana Savoli oh poor guy... thank youuuu
Lana Savoli
Lana Savoli 3 days ago
he is on hiatus due to anxiety
Vinensia Viona
Vinensia Viona 3 days ago
let's go to 15m
Tanaka Itsuki
Tanaka Itsuki 3 days ago
Bailey Meiner
Bailey Meiner 2 days ago
Mingi's on hiatus, hopefully he is doing well
Nadia Maharani
Nadia Maharani 3 days ago
honestly waiting for this to be 15 million for hongjoong's abs
Na Jaemin
Na Jaemin 3 days ago
It's a bit early for this San but why not :)
Antonia Velásquez
anam salman
anam salman 4 days ago
We have to keep on str3aming hard for our KINGDOM stage. Str3aming is a very important part of the kingdom ranking and we can’t lose in that category. I will NEVER forget the disappointment and sadness on their faces when they heard that they placed 5th. San's message on universe broke my heart even more. I DO NOT wanna see them like that again EVER AGAIN! How do we fix that? We have to work harder for them cause we are literally the only ones by there side, LITERALLY. Our competitors are working hard and their vi3ws are increasing faster compared to us, which only shows how lazy ATINY'S are. I'm mad because I can't believe there were ATINYS on the stream saying they didn't know there was a voting, I'm mad because everyone can say ATEEZ here or there but when you need to move for them.. where are you? Some of you really don’t understand why we need to stream. Can you guys, imagine how they worked hard just for this performance? All their efforts and everything only to settle at 1M views!? SO PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, BE ANGRY BECAUSE WE NEED ANGRY ATINY AT THIS POINT! (But do not engage in fandom wars) The video is just 2 minutes.....2 MINUTES. ATINY C’MON!! This is something we can do EASILY! RUvid is deleting vi3ws so we have more than enough competition going on right now. THS should be your motivation to str3am. If that still doesn't motivate you to str3am, remember that Jongho wants to 10M views. DO IT: www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcA_p... CORRECT WAY TO STR3AM: -720p -volume up (higher than %50) -watch it till the end and don't pause -watch 2-3 videos(mv’s) between -don't skip the ads
soobrise 4 days ago
they good but the outfits.. kinda off
Angela V
Angela V Day ago
@soobrise It's alright. Even not all Atinys know about it, I bet. I watched a fan video discussing the color theory, and it all makes sense. ATEEZ is actually consistent with their use of colors, and I find it particularly fascinating. I have to agree, tho, the outfits could be better, but since Teezers still look so cool, I don't really mind them. xD If you're interested, stay for a bit to check out more from ATEEZ? They're really good, you might fall for them. ^^
soobrise Day ago
@Angela V oh woww. i'm sorry i didn't know, it was just pure my unbiased opinion bc youtube recommend this video hehe
Angela V
Angela V 2 days ago
@soobrise The colors match the cover of their latest album, tho. Colors are important in ATEEZ's world, they never miss. The hair, the outfits, the MVs, the stages, the albums, they're all connected.
soobrise 4 days ago
i mean the stylist could do better ugh
hsscf 4 days ago
0:07 0:41 1:06 1:55 2:20 2:36 2:54
Chiclete com Veneno
i mean....
World’s Largest Explosion!
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