Be Comfortable Not Knowing | Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen
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There are times in all of our lives when God will ask us to step out in faith. We don't understand it. We can't see how a situation is going to work out, but in the midst of not knowing, we can decide to trust Him. These times are necessary in order for our faith to be matured. Being comfortable in the unknown is a powerful act of trust.
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Key Scriptures 🕊:
Genesis 17 & 18
Exodus 14 - 16
Joshua 6:20
Jeremiah 29:11
Romans 8:28

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Aug 4, 2019




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Comments 100
I am cai
I am cai 23 hours ago
Yes Lord, i may not know why its happening to me right now, i trust you and I believe you wont let me face these problems alone.
Carolyn Nduta
Thank you God for Your in control and Your working everything together for my greater good for Your my Jehovah Jireh
nyanzi abraham
nyanzi abraham 2 days ago
Oh God l trust you and you always in my life l knows what is best for me because you are on throne .. My heart and mind is in control of your word because you are my master of life .. l hope and pray that it will better than l think of it .. May God Almighty Bless us this year to see his goodness and happiness in our lives together for Good because we Love him and Glorify his name above all names Hallelujah Jesus 😋😋😋☺️☺️
Deb O.
Deb O. 7 days ago
We have to trust God during times of uncertainty, such as during this CoVid-19 pandemic. It is only God who can heal people and heal the world.
Raj Krupa karun
Raj Krupa karun 8 days ago
I blessed by this message pastor... Bless u
joann so
joann so 9 days ago
Can you stop adding advertisement to your sermon?
Sharmen D
Sharmen D 11 days ago
Please pray for me. God bless you!
cee1224 12 days ago
Felicia Haynes
Felicia Haynes 17 days ago
I pray my kids come home soon. Being a victim of DV costed me my whole life..its taking a toll on me.
Mel Tonge
Mel Tonge 18 days ago
Wow awesome praise God, Glory belongs to you God. This is another excellent message, hitting home with me. Thank you so much Pastor Joel, you are a mighty preacher man for God, you are one of the best preachers in the world. Take care you and your family in Jesus name amen. ♥️♥️♥️♥️🇭🇲🇭🇲🇭🇲🇭🇲🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🌎🌎🌎🌎🛐🛐🛐🛐😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍🇭🇲🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Anugrah Stephen Topno
Amen , blessed .
Johanna Marie Tanuco
amen 🙏
Marlena Lehman
Marlena Lehman 22 days ago
It is very difficult to trust God when we can't see Him working on our behalf, but we must remember to walk by faith n not by sight, n to b strong in the Lord n in the Power of His Might!😇
Tyson Klemm
Tyson Klemm 27 days ago
I don't know how my family will be restored while my wife filed for divorce but praying that God takes that away ..i trust in him and I don't know what I can do except put trust in him and not worry!
maryanne mascarenhas
"GOD Already had the solution, before u had the problem!" Amen! Thank You Br. Joel!🙏
Elena Nuñez
Elena Nuñez 29 days ago
This was my son's and me first time at Lakewood, we will be back soon in Jesus Name.
Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke Month ago
Won love won race God's grace Ggoc
Reinhard Amoh
Reinhard Amoh Month ago
Amen 🙏🏿🙌🏾🙏🏿
David Prasad
David Prasad Month ago
Thank You Joel. I have problems in my life which I always get worried about and don’t know how I will get out of them. But now, I know that I don’t need the answer and that all things are working for my good.
Astrid Ferrera
Astrid Ferrera Month ago
Heavenly father, our almighty provider I rest my life in your hards and trust that all things are working for my good. In your name I trust. In Jesus name. AMEN ❤
Elizabeth Wamalwa
Thank you man of God...I start off my day with one of your teachings...And I have experienced the favour of the Lord in my life
Elizabeth Wamalwa
My situation is not promising, but God is certainly on the throne and he is working out something...In his own time he will make things right...God is in control
Joe call me
Sharon De Silva
Sharon De Silva Month ago
Wow.... always SPOT ON!!! BLESS U Pastor & Thank you!!! God keeps using you to speak into my situation & teach me & encourage me!!! This message is so timely fr me .... I'm going thro some crazy situations in office which I dont understand n its hard & easy to get frustrated. But as you said GOD IS IN CONTROL & He is at work & I'm gonna have a MIGHTY & POWERFUL TESTIMONY in JESUS Name!!! ❤🔥😇
Eugenia Butler
Eugenia Butler Month ago
Amen Hallelujah God will make a way out of no way I receive it in the name of Jesus
Bethann Dubey
Bethann Dubey Month ago
Dear Father thank You that You bless and protect Joel Osteen and the Ministry 💖thank You that You bless them with favor 💖Thou shalt arise , and have mercy upon Joel Osteen and the Ministry 💖for a time to favor them, yea the set time has come💖in Jesus name thank You 💖Amen
Marlyn Flores
Marlyn Flores Month ago
Marlyn Flores
Marlyn Flores Month ago
Thank you so much. I needed it.Thank you Lord for everything.....
Valerie Williams
Ecclesiastes 9:5 Thessalonians 4:16-17
Ka Man Lam
Ka Man Lam Month ago
I surrender to lord . Amen
cesca samuel
cesca samuel Month ago
Faithful God, so unchanging!
Roma Poojari
Roma Poojari Month ago
Thankyou oh god for speaking through your son Joel oesteen bless his church family nation pray for India also
my experience In America
Up all night worrying about the future because I lost my full time job. I trust you God!
Red Rose
Red Rose Month ago
It’s 4:44
Red Rose
Red Rose Month ago
Mary Loveland
Mary Loveland Month ago
Nice sermon Joel
Brittani Davis
Brittani Davis Month ago
Amen God is in control forever and always
Fredericka and kids AlwaysBlessed
I know God is on the throne and he will work things out to have a better control but we need God now as more then ever to be free from Slavery, free us from the Curse and set us from COVID-19 My People will be set free, healthy, safe.
Fredericka and kids AlwaysBlessed
My king was with me all the time and has not stop to protect me and my family from hurt, harm, and danger .
Roberto Colon-melendez
I went through a break with a girlfriend who is going through a bad time as well... i don't know what to do... i know she is still interested in me, but didnt know what to do next until now... decided to let God take control over my relationship and over us, as well as praying for her and her difficulties. Thank you God for your blessing. Amen.
Kimberly King
Kimberly King 2 months ago
Blessing come my way money blessing too
cokerabimbola oyedokun
Thank you Pst Olsteen... Trusting in God is so beautifully Unique in your ministration. Bless you for drawing me closer to the awesomeness of God
Niddy Gardner
Niddy Gardner 2 months ago
He is the God of all my days...thank you God for everything 🙏 🙌
Niddy Gardner
Niddy Gardner 2 months ago
Iam in this position now..lord jesus go before and behind and how to speak humble in every area of my life in jesus powerful name 🙌 🙏❤♥....
evangelina tsa
evangelina tsa 2 months ago
We aren't supposed to know. Just trust, believe, stay in peace, and be patient.
bevelyn ncube
bevelyn ncube 2 months ago
Thank you
Luisa Elena
Luisa Elena 2 months ago
He has not brought us this far to drop us helpless. I believe in you Jesus!!! Through your favor I put God today in the throne! Amen
Pomwene Pouwa
Pomwene Pouwa 2 months ago
All things are working for my good!
Ruthie PAlmer
Ruthie PAlmer 2 months ago
Thank you for teaching.God bless
K. B.
K. B. 2 months ago
Awesome! Power of humbly not knowing: development of faith - God knows.
Sheila Bodiongan
Sheila Bodiongan 2 months ago
i always cry /get teary-eyed whenever i listen to joels words
Jay Nail
Jay Nail 2 months ago
I will 🙇‍♀️🙏 I now all things are working for my good I recieve it thanks
Marian Thompson
Marian Thompson 2 months ago
God bless i feel calm since March thank you amen
Priscah Gesare
Priscah Gesare 2 months ago
Am jobless but I believe God will do miracle one day Amen
Helen Seneh
Helen Seneh 2 months ago
Joyce Gabriel
Joyce Gabriel 2 months ago
I'm stuck,people are denying as I'm asking help and some are discouraging me.but my only hope is you God
L S 2 months ago
This blessed my soul thank you for the word on today hallelujah 🙏🙏🙏🙏
kelly lafond
kelly lafond 2 months ago
i started listening to you when i was struggling with life and what feels like overwhelming obstacles and I’ve listened everyday. Just last week and yesterday I know GOD is on the throne. both of my daughters were in car accidents a week apart. thank GOD no one else was involved. Both cars were a total loss and it is By the grace of God- both of my daughters are alive. the Lord has control. # Praise God.
BeautyLilyaa 3 months ago
As a Muslim .... I just love this man..... He talks to like no one other man do.. Thanks.. 🙏🏼
Idiat Osho
Idiat Osho 3 months ago
Hallelujah God i know not,but i know you know, pls take control
patricia rosenthall
patricia rosenthall 3 months ago
At this time of uncertainty God's work tells us.....we know not....but trust God knows.
Charles Curtis
Charles Curtis 3 months ago
Joel... You are an idiot sold out to satan. Bad deal right?
Angelic Ashley
Angelic Ashley 3 months ago
AMEN I RECEIVE Healing, financial breakthrough and divine connections for marriage amen Thank you Yeshua!
Patricia Andrade
Patricia Andrade 3 months ago
Thank you God for sending Joel your message to me 💞
Sophia Youboty
Sophia Youboty 3 months ago
In Jesus name amen and amen pastor 🙏
Sophia Youboty
Sophia Youboty 3 months ago
Amen pastor amen 👏👏👏👏
Sophia Youboty
Sophia Youboty 3 months ago
firstlady Rosamaria
firstlady Rosamaria 3 months ago
God is on the throne n He remember's His own glory to God
firstlady Rosamaria
firstlady Rosamaria 3 months ago
Turn ur mind off n let God hallelujah hallelujah 🙌🙌🙌 glory to God
firstlady Rosamaria
firstlady Rosamaria 3 months ago
Amen, our ways r not God ways, He knows it all, glory to His name
Tammy Boland
Tammy Boland 3 months ago
I love you Joel.
Think About Is by Denise RR Currie
i like what you are saying but it has been more than 5 years my pray go un-answered. i have been in need for money for all this time I pray the word over this problem anyway so I will just keep praying anyway.....
kay H
kay H 3 months ago
Junior Ebagua
Junior Ebagua 3 months ago
Let us all work together harmoniously to beat corona virus but praying unto Osalobuoha God is Good all the times. Matt 6.33/34 is the answer.Thanks to almighty God Osalobuoha Jesus and the Holy Spirit amen." - Pastor Ebagua
Helen Zote
Helen Zote 3 months ago
Thank you pastor you've changed my life
Seng Naw Aung
Seng Naw Aung 3 months ago
I am one of chronic disease treatment youth so pray for me. I never forget to you. Thank you from my heart.
THE SMQ FAMILY 3 months ago
I dnt kwn where I am going to live but I believe in jesus Christian
Sola Balogun
Sola Balogun 3 months ago
Thank you Lord I put my trust in you always . Take away my fears and fill me with your love .🙏🙏🙏
Chelsey ChelCRabbit
Chelsey ChelCRabbit 3 months ago
Thank you Joel! 😁💐🙏
Nida Hernaez
Nida Hernaez 3 months ago
Praying for you and your family. Be safe. Be well.
Cheryl James
Cheryl James 4 months ago
Prayers for my nephews wife who has breast cancer.
Kirabo Ritah
Kirabo Ritah 4 months ago
Thank you soo much pastor Joel i appreciate fr the encouraging words, may God bless you🙏🙏
Zhaneta Harutyunyan
Zhaneta Harutyunyan 4 months ago
My husband died 2 months ago so young only 26 we got married last year...i didn't understand and didn't know the answer, cause God is working behind the scenes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
LOVE ISLAM 4 months ago
Hi God bless you with all ur lovly family thank you thank you thank you your the best how beautiful is ur words, wow wow wow ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👌👌🌹🌹🌹🥰🥰🥰 love it every day I am listening to you good luck ❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌🌹🌹🌹🥰🥰🥰🥰
Kris 4 months ago
Stirling SILVER
Stirling SILVER 4 months ago
This Word resonated to the depths of my soul... Wow cause I'm one that always needed to know
Alicia Russell
Alicia Russell 4 months ago
I needed this message. I'm grateful for it.
Tiff ani
Tiff ani 4 months ago
Romans 8:28
a l
a l 4 months ago
hmm lest strengthen thy discernment skills... gg's?
a l
a l 4 months ago
its like positive self talks' fk life? just give up? sometimesiwannadie....
Tera Lawrence
Tera Lawrence 4 months ago
I just buried my father, feeling sad alot, and looking for my own place to live so I can be with my child, and I'm ashamed to say but I'm struggling with my faith. Any prayer is appreciated and God Bless you all.
Frank Milo
Frank Milo 4 months ago
Tera, God is with you and I'm praying for him to give peace in your heart, much love, support and encouragement. May God bless you always. In Jesus' name. Amen.
Jenny G
Jenny G 4 months ago
God is on the throne. I gave birth to my miracle twins (a boy and girl) at 49 years old naturally.
Waheeda Whinfiald
Waheeda Whinfiald 4 months ago
Thank you so much for your message I enjoyed it and it has changed my life alot
Rohini Patil
Rohini Patil 4 months ago
We bought a bigger flat and the possession was due this June. However, we could buy the house because we got a buyer for our existing house ..now.thr pandemic happed and we are all stuck up ..plz pray.
David Ngoga
David Ngoga 4 months ago
Supernatural provision is coming to me. God bless you Pastor.
Philomena Mcardo
Philomena Mcardo 4 months ago
Thanks Joel. Your each video is inspiring, brings new hope to live without stress. God bless you
Itse Jonas
Itse Jonas 4 months ago
Oooooh, I should have started listening to him long time back, I've had a very rough childhood... And God found me and I'm learning to leave my past behind and be who God wants me to be.... It's not easy but bit by bit I'm getting there.... I've started writing a book on transformed.
Frank Milo
Frank Milo 4 months ago
I feel exactly the same. My life would be very different if l started listening to God's words much earlier, but anyway, it's never too late. Amen.
Nuttzgurl 4 months ago
I'm homeless I need help I'm scared please pray for me everything was stolen including my car I wanna believe things will get better and I've been doing the right thing but I think god forgot about me I know it's on God's time but its been years when will it get better? I'm really trying so hard I swear
Frank Milo
Frank Milo 4 months ago
Praying for you Nutt. I know it's difficult, but I'm praying for you. Amen
Mike X
Mike X 4 months ago
Jesus, will white people let us be equal? You don't know.
Hi Hello
Hi Hello 4 months ago
I have been listening to his sermons. I have encouraged by it so much each time. Thank you pastor Joel. Especially this sermon is like customized for me in my current situation. Look forward writing a testimony here after finishing the uncertainty by having faith in God. Amen!
Vickey Rudd
Vickey Rudd 4 months ago
Pray this sickness leave my body right now
Vickey Rudd
Vickey Rudd 4 months ago
Prayers for my wedding let me be blessed on my wedding day
Domenic Costello
Domenic Costello 4 months ago
family and marriage issues. Please pray with me and for me.
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