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Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW


Published on


May 16, 2019

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Comments 102 432
Onyx1916 51 minute ago
CW can delete our comments, but they can't delete their shame.
Jaxon Hahn
Jaxon Hahn Hour ago
They fucked up big time
Rash Macawadib
Seeing this trailer... I think I know why Batman left😂 😂 🤣
Playtime Hour ago
*I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work.* *Goes into the bat cave, takes his suit and everything Batman literally made.*
Mangomart13 Hour ago
Guys is she a woman I can’t tell?
jayfore Hour ago
Oh god that was bad... Not so much the trailer as everything about the show.
ENV - Underground Comedy
Wow that was REALLY REALLY BAD!!!!
Sebastian Ramirez
Samuel Reznik
Samuel Reznik Hour ago
"Batman gave up on us". Hmm I wonder why.
Herr Absurd
Herr Absurd Hour ago
Ellen Ripley didn't need to say "girl power" or make some man baiting comment every five minutes to make an impact that has lasted decades. Whenever we get shows and films like this turning up which feel the need to do that you know two things: 1. its gonna crash and burn and 2. no one will remember this existed in 5 years. For god's sake write good stories not pathetic political tracts.
Assani Yuma
Assani Yuma Hour ago
This show is destroying the dc universe that we grew up loving . And no offense to women but this sexual agenda nonsense is goin to far now. THIS SHOW SHOULD BE CANCELLED
Ariana fan Robinett
Looks like anti men
tekashi 69
tekashi 69 2 hours ago
400k dislikes here I come !
I81ICU812 2 hours ago
DC, get woke, go broke.
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus 2 hours ago
Marco Estiercol
Marco Estiercol 2 hours ago
It's official. The Joker is the showrunner of this turd. The best way to kill Batman's legacy. Well played Joker.
Jacob Toler
Jacob Toler 3 hours ago
I feel like she is almost the opposite of Batman, how he is a by the book superhero who has strict moral restrictions, Bat-women on the other hand feels like person who breaks rules just because she can. Idk what to think
vos kaeon
vos kaeon 3 hours ago
Do the lyrics say "ima take a dump"?
Luke Mosiman
Luke Mosiman 3 hours ago
Just her wanting credit shows what kind of person she is. A real hero doesn't care about credit but saving people and making the world better.
kondor7070 3 hours ago
394K dislikes ? Made my day.
PURPLE PRESENT 3 hours ago
This trailer is more subtle than captain marvel
PURPLE PRESENT 3 hours ago
Would’ve been better if the message was sending her dad his daughter in a bodybag.
The Pixelizer
The Pixelizer 3 hours ago
DC has some pretty good shows running with the Arrowverse, started torturing it with Supergirl and now apparently wants to kill it.
PURPLE PRESENT 3 hours ago
“I might watch the first episode when it comes out.” Bad idea
Ronnie 3 hours ago
And then for no reason whatsoever, Trump was re-elected in 2020.
эрик давыдыч
PlaysGaming467-Gaming and more
Why does she have to be gay
vos kaeon
vos kaeon 3 hours ago
She's been gay for years i think, at least since the launch of new 52, it's just that it hasn't been focused on that much.
TdogGaming 13
TdogGaming 13 5 hours ago
Place your bets for how long it’ll take for Batman to save the show from cancellation!!
Tony Duncan
Tony Duncan 5 hours ago
You really have no idea what people want.
ŞPØØК 5 hours ago
TheConfusedCatten 5 hours ago
the cringe is real wtf
90AlmostFamous 5 hours ago
the social justice knight
Jake from state farm
I don't know why, but the suit looks terrible
Dionisio Ramos
Dionisio Ramos 6 hours ago
Bodhi Gaming
Bodhi Gaming 6 hours ago
Ok, yeah, obviously its a pathetically bad forced propaganda piece of crap. I get that. But that's not the sad part. The sad part is this might have been a really good show. Imagine a Batwoman TV show with a good story line. Its a shame...
Rachael Susan
Rachael Susan 6 hours ago
kwolf43 6 hours ago
Adding my two cents to the over 100,000 comments but really CW batwoman not sexist at all but Batman is exactly that Batman, what's next are you going to replace wonder woman with wonder man and if you do I bet he will be gay too , why did you not go with something familiar like Batgirl most know who she , No one wants to see some water down version of a well known hero like Batman to be made a woman to just to pander to one group I won't be turning in at all nothing will ever replace the Batman the dark knight he has earned that tag, title whatever and is battle tested and proven talk about walking in someone else shoes The dark knight lives on.
Senapspiser 7 hours ago
It is so silly it's unbearable.
Александр Кондаков
They will make a bad show, but we will be guilty anyway.
GamerZrage 8 hours ago
✋🏿Raise your hand if you laughed at the, "I'm a WOmannnn," part. 😂😂😂
Another Human
Another Human 8 hours ago
You realize that the word "human" ends with "man"
Mangomart13 8 hours ago
I don’t think it’s bad because she is a girl but because she is a feminist!
Gurretz 8 hours ago
oh no
Muhammad Walid
Muhammad Walid 8 hours ago
That's not you push an agenda.. it's partially entertainment partially propaganda.. you forgot to mix entertainment part.. "I'm not about to let a man take credit for a women's work" when literally women are stealing men's work.. to promote so called inclusiveness .. smdh .. irony
Echo's gaming
Echo's gaming 8 hours ago
They can’t just say Batman’s dead
Faruk ÖZDEMİR 9 hours ago
its awesome. i wish you could do the same thing to the geralt, hulk, or every other MAN charactere. Because we need women, they are best and they do batter everything than man, man are bug, ewwww i mean M*N.
Kirwin Stewart
Kirwin Stewart 9 hours ago
I know I'm not a big comic nerd, but something doesn't make sense to me. I don't remember any mention of Bruce Wayne's extended family after his parents murders. So how did his "cousin" come into existence?
Slap shot Studio2006
Kirwin Stewart plus how stupid the security guard was to letting her into the bat cave because she said she’s related to Bruce
calvin yip
calvin yip 9 hours ago
0:47 is that lesbian?eww. This trailer is a disrespect to Batman . Feels more of a feminist batwoman .2:06 wow definitely a feminist.
vos kaeon
vos kaeon 3 hours ago
The lesbian part's the best one Because Ruby Rose not talking in it.
Venree 10 hours ago
Guess its time to rewatch the dark knight trilogy and pretend batwoman never existed
Jn Mc
Jn Mc 10 hours ago
So batwoman is of jewish descent and lesbian? Is this your way of telling us that jews and lesbians should not be discriminated? Well thanks for making a cringy superhero movie about it. Because I am too dumb to understand through simple education.
Kano52 10 hours ago
They really should have done the bad bloods storyline, because God this is hot garbage
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 10 hours ago
79-👍 and 394 - 👎 at the moment...
Slap shot Studio2006
Harley Quinn yea what’s your point
Equus Pallidus
Equus Pallidus 11 hours ago
And everytime she is seen doing something, she is stealing something. go woman power...while your doing 5-10.
Lenixion 11 hours ago
I yearn for true gender equality. I have no patience for one who talks about female privilege when it suits them and then complains about someone "not being a man" when it's convenient
playfreak 11 hours ago
Ok put to the side everything.. whats with the hitting sounds in fighting, its like watching tom and jerry fight 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👌👍
vos kaeon
vos kaeon 3 hours ago
I can't unhear that.
95 asb
95 asb 11 hours ago
How no the name of the song
Another Human
Another Human 2 hours ago
@95 asb Sorry my browser doesnt like femenist stuff it refuses to work
95 asb
95 asb 2 hours ago
@Another Human you shower about these
95 asb
95 asb 2 hours ago
@Another Human can you give me the link i can't find it
95 asb
95 asb 2 hours ago
@Another Human thenk you
vos kaeon
vos kaeon 3 hours ago
1:09 , even though it's "Ima take you down" , i hear it as "Ima take a dump"
Ярослав Храмцов
Worst trailer ever
Nolan Riddle
Nolan Riddle 12 hours ago
I guarantee this wont last than more than a season
xXJosephSlayzXx 12 hours ago
Kate Kane isn’t lesbian what the fu
vos kaeon
vos kaeon 2 hours ago
Wasn't she one in new 52? But even then there are *a lot* more problems in this trailer (like where the hell did they get this music)
mike eggebraaten jr
mike eggebraaten jr 12 hours ago
Thank you SJW Dipshits you ppl are ruining anything that could be a fair shot at equality in entertainment you ppl are the worst
dominique sergent
dominique sergent 12 hours ago
Syd _eL
Syd _eL 13 hours ago
Bruce Wayne never had cousins or any relatives. Never at anytime in the comics Batman had family besides Alfred. (+ parents). CW must stand for Cringe Worthy Network.
vos kaeon
vos kaeon 2 hours ago
Also that possible Thomas Wayne Jr in the Qourt of the owel's series
Andrés Napoleón Turcios Díaz
What about his son, Damian Wayne?
Captain Beckett
Captain Beckett 13 hours ago
She has one greatest battle to face against. Not Joker But.... Rotten Tomatoes
Gibson Weasel
Gibson Weasel 13 hours ago
This sucks on too many levels!!
Timmy123 Zeppeli
Timmy123 Zeppeli 14 hours ago
NHL Trump
NHL Trump 14 hours ago
Well I know what show I won’t be watching this fall
キングCorruption 14 hours ago
Pls cancel this show this rlly makes bat woman look bad, just pls cancel it don't make ur network worse than it already is...
Jay J
Jay J 15 hours ago
Motivation for her to become a crime fighting vigilante is......her girlfriend was taken?.........how convenient the criminals messed with the wrong cousin.
Crisp Audio
Crisp Audio 15 hours ago
I came to look at the comments. Many men of culture I see.
Kenyan Valle
Kenyan Valle 15 hours ago
Why is a guy playing batwoman
Irma Desir
Irma Desir 16 hours ago
Why so much dislike? Omg I feel so bad.
Slap shot Studio2006
Irma Desir well it’s obvious why there are so many dislikes
KoolKIller 16 hours ago
Lemme get this straight. Swamp Thing got a 92% on rotten tomatoes but it got canceled. This gets 342K dislikes and the CW said let’s stream it? Okay then
Son of Malebolgia
Son of Malebolgia 16 hours ago
Good god... the CW is TRASH. Their DC shows are basically just superhero shows for Twilight fans. Awful. how do they even keep getting funding for this garbage?
cloud 1
cloud 1 16 hours ago
Caleb Green
Caleb Green 16 hours ago
Why is this trailer just so bad
Infinity Zombi
Infinity Zombi 17 hours ago
Jerald Pernell
Jerald Pernell 15 hours ago
gowtham 17 hours ago
Moe Lester
Moe Lester 17 hours ago
We should have got a Nightwing show instead
Burke Burn
Burke Burn 17 hours ago
First thin horrible music Second thing “I’m not going to let a man take credit for a woman’s work” really Last thing give up
Ty Drizzy
Ty Drizzy 17 hours ago
You couldn’t pay me no amount of money to watch this feminist lesbian lgtbd waste of time
CAM _ 18 hours ago
It's so easy to trigger these little boys on youtube
Slap shot Studio2006
CAM _ yea because all the hate are triggered boys and not because the trailer sucks
No2Blame 18 hours ago
Wtf is this sh*t? Obviously someone wants DC Universe dead
Mustakrakish16 18 hours ago
Just stopping by to make sure my dislike is still accounted for.
gowtham 17 hours ago
Me too
tdogg nunya
tdogg nunya 18 hours ago
The only good thing about this trailer was the final shot
vos kaeon
vos kaeon 2 hours ago
That wig looked bad imo.
Ademilson Albuquerque
love it
Slap shot Studio2006
Ademilson Albuquerque I didn’t know it was Opposite day
100mm tube of justice
sorry but 1) why steal Barbra Gordon's hair? 2) Clooney's nipples were bigger. this piece of regurgitated cat vomit will not be watched by my tv, I am not a normie by any means, and lets be honest the batwoman character was never overly popular, I preferred the plasticman toon to her.
Miss Enna
Miss Enna 19 hours ago
😂😂😂 Wow. What’s next? Hopefully the planet disintegrating. It’s official. I’m old. Not sure how much more of this narrative I can take. Lol #riphumanity
Ankuran Das
Ankuran Das 19 hours ago
How she got her red hair then 😱
:0 guys I just figured out-!!!! *sHEs A WoMAN-*
Dil Brooks
Dil Brooks 2 hours ago
Hmmmmm...I dunno. What evidence do you have of this?
Simpl3simon 19 hours ago
So hateful towards men
Avi P
Avi P 19 hours ago
I'm so proud of this community.
Zee GamingFox
Zee GamingFox 19 hours ago
If they were gonna make a DC movie based on a lesbian woman, then why not just make a Poison Ivy movie?
Patti Spurlin
Patti Spurlin 19 hours ago
Wait, that's a woman?
Michael H
Michael H 19 hours ago
This looked so bad even my cat vomited
Nathaniel Bonebrake
Nathaniel Bonebrake 19 hours ago
GhostEye Gaming
GhostEye Gaming 20 hours ago
OMG she is a gay WTF CW
AHToons 20 hours ago
Feminists be hating on men for disliking movies/series with women leading roles. You want to introduce a female main character, perfect it's awesome but why do you have to make the movie/serie bad? Just make something good and nobody will hate on it.
cyrillia Etienne
cyrillia Etienne 20 hours ago
Why does she looks like a man, batwoman shouldn't she be feminine? And why is every show from cw now gay and lesbian couples what since it becomes OK for people to be that what straight couples just went out of style?
Larry The Butcher
Larry The Butcher 20 hours ago
I think the cliche' to minute record has been broken.
Logan Braveheart
Logan Braveheart 20 hours ago
I'm just hit a thumb the video down
Racket Tattoo
Racket Tattoo 20 hours ago
Not about to let a man take credit for a woman'st work? YOU stole his suit, cave, money, weapons, resources, employee and god knows what else. jesus christ this is so awful and cringey. You better not steel his car. that is off limits.
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