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Watch the all-new short film Battle at Big Rock now.

BATTLE AT BIG ROCK is an all-new short film directed by Colin Trevorrow, written by Trevorrow and Emily Carmichael.
The short takes place one year after the events of the last Jurassic World film in Big Rock National Park, where dinosaurs are now living in our world. The story follows a family of four whose encounter with these wild animals becomes a terrifying fight for survival.
André Holland
Natalie Martinez
Melody Hurd
Pierson Salvador
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Battle at Big Rock | An All-New Short Film | Jurassic World


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Sep 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Geek Nation Report
Geek Nation Report 54 minutes ago
Way better than Fallen Kingdom
Zach P
Zach P 3 hours ago
After Jurassic Park and Walking With Dinosaurs I can't look at other cgi dinosaurs the same again, they look green screened in for me
Etienne De Wet
Etienne De Wet 6 hours ago
Dude if Dominion is more of this yes please. Dinos are scary. Make the dino movies scary again.
Brennan Kline
Brennan Kline 7 hours ago
God please get Trevorow out of the franchise please. Give us something real and not this family friendly bullshit. We want to see arms getting ripped off not kids saving the day with crossbows
TheNecroticRaptor 9 hours ago
Not so mad at the baby crying so much as I am the blatant neglect to console the child the moment the fight began.
Shadeslayer Killer of Evil
Allosaurus is about to kill mother and baby. Father: *WHAT'S UP SON*
Charb Your Friend
Charb Your Friend 19 hours ago
I woulda just hit the kids real hard with a bat on the head and knock him unconscious.
Claytonodon Kazakhstans
Mosasaurs: *apears in oceans* Whales: well, we will gonna go extint now!
Claytonodon Kazakhstans
7:33 That guy on the left is still there! XD
Claytonodon Kazakhstans
6:23 This allosaurus roar is better than t rex roar!
KingDolphin Gaming
Huh I just saw that Dino in my backyard
byZodiiak Day ago
Watching this short film and the short clips of the credits makes me hate that girl of Jurassic World 2 that released all this dinosaurs to walk on our world
Joe Woodward
Joe Woodward Day ago
Does inebody think those comanothoges chase that girl was funny
Poop نيغا القضيب مضحك funny
How convenient that the dinosaur chose to roar for a solid 5 seconds at the family before trying to kill them
JD Fraleigh
JD Fraleigh Day ago
Shut the baby up
xAUDRIUSx Day ago
this is cool
LordOfThe Flightless
Just realised how much this has in common with the Valley of the Gwangi, ceratopsian fighting a huge blue, super scaly allosaurus? Yeh, the Gwangi is back!!! I mean even the lost world music reminds me of that film. THEY EVEN CALL IT A HE. And them fighting it off with big sticks is like the gwangi, and the music, and the sounds it makes. Frikin awesome, just shows how cool a gwangi remake would be
Las Crónicas De Pajitas.
Colin, idoul.
Kierra Morris
Kierra Morris 2 days ago
At 2:24 why do I think that this is normal like oh yeah we see this everyday
Alan Arienti Ziech
The best merchandising trailer ever!!!!
C R 2 days ago
I don't care what the critics or audiences say, I can't wait for Dominion!!!
Wyatt Stockmeyer
Wyatt Stockmeyer 2 days ago
Ark survival evolved
yellow shy guy playz
So this short film is supposed to show how life on earth with because of the events of the 5th movie
yellow shy guy playz
Hay next time you do a short pay some respect to the spinosaurus I bet every one wants that 😠
ShredderSensei 3 days ago
I didn't expect this to be better than Fallen Kingdom
Judith Sanchez
Judith Sanchez 3 days ago
The sounds of allosaurus I don't like
Miguel Rivera
Miguel Rivera 3 days ago
*hello there I am watching this video*
Miguel Rivera
Miguel Rivera 3 days ago
Breaking News: Meteor Shower Today! Me: *breathes heavily*
Nialletto 3 days ago
Moral of the story: Americans are always being hunted by dinosaurs. This is why the Constitution lets you buy guns...
Jose Treves
Jose Treves 3 days ago
8:12 Shark to seal: Ur mom gay Mosasaurus: No U
Yemurayi Dozwah
Yemurayi Dozwah 3 days ago
That was a great short movie
Marco M
Marco M 3 days ago
why did i not know about this before.... why this is not all over the web????
Мишка Коала
Что это за параша?! Почему насутоцератопсы как оголтелые бросаются аллозавра вместо того чтобы бежать?! Как этот "гений" додумался бить динозавра палкой, и на что он со своей женой вообще рассчитывали обороняясь палкой и пустым огнетушителем?! Почему арбалет стреляет сразу два раза, и как это могло напугать огромного хищника который только что дрался с Насутоцератопсами?! Почему он не сожрал маленькую девочку со всей ее семьей?! Зачем в фильме показывать хищных рептилий если они никого не едят?!
clueless city
clueless city 3 days ago
Instead of corona just imagine dinosaur around your house
Reason 3 days ago
So non-avian dinosaurs are walking the Earth again, and people still can't recognize the carnivores from the herbivores or know to stay quiet during an encounter? We're doomed.
홍당무 3 days ago
눈치없는것도 애긴데 애기라서 뭐라그러기가 좀...
Kelly Street
Kelly Street 4 days ago
Why was that baby strapped into a five-point seatbelt for dinner? Lmao
Schnabeltante 4 days ago
OMG!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mateo Shall
Mateo Shall 4 days ago
There’s a lot more than bears out here
Sierra Bundick
Sierra Bundick 4 days ago
i’m sorry but i lost it when the baby was dangling at the table 💀
DinoPrime Zero
DinoPrime Zero 4 days ago
This is the Aftermath of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Char Lie
Char Lie 4 days ago
They exaggerate these dinosaurs way to much
MrJuanMC 5 days ago
Please never kill kids in your movies. Thanks. ❤️
Youtube Punisher
Youtube Punisher 5 days ago
I liked it. But 1. Cover the babies mouth and 2. A Cross bow would just piss a bear off and this lil girl scared off an allosaurous
son goten
son goten 5 days ago
Baby :*cries because it's a baby thing* Everyone: SACRIFICE THE CHILD
PLATNUM croc 5 days ago
what a nice and happy thing that happened to that family, i neerly almost died
Tony Covarrubias
Tony Covarrubias 5 days ago
Does anyone noticed that allosaurus has white eyes like it is possessed?
Mohd Mulysa
Mohd Mulysa 5 days ago
intense. hope this family stick around for Dominion next year.
Felipe Reyes
Felipe Reyes 5 days ago
i hate babies
UpSky2 6 days ago
Dinosaurs Spoil Everything !
Athena_ Badger
Athena_ Badger 6 days ago
Baby: *Star crying* Allosaurus: Just choose boss mode
Athena_ Badger
Athena_ Badger 6 days ago
Babies are a bad idea when it comes to the end of the world as we conceive it at the hands of monstrous creatures
Athena_ Badger
Athena_ Badger 6 days ago
This elevates my Hype quite a bit compared to Jurassic World Dominion, I need to see the movie now
they have guns why cant they kill them
Yaskara Siqueira
Yaskara Siqueira 6 days ago
Não teríamos a menor chance.😵
Аскольд Акишин
Американцы в любой непонятной ситуации -It's ok! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Володя Шилов
It’s not cool😓
Frydee 6 days ago
Living with dinosaurs would be sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!
Yoda The Wise
Yoda The Wise 6 days ago
It’s nice to for once have another predator than T-Rex (and indominus) and raptors
animal jam nightmarefox5
this is the reason to never bring a baby any where
Heimskr 6 days ago
I'm late af to the party, but this was sick!
Andrew Sahmie 3
Andrew Sahmie 3 4 days ago
Guest what was almost late to ok
Fernando Garrido
Fernando Garrido 6 days ago
Note to myself: adopt a twenty something years old.
Kitty Tittyyy
Kitty Tittyyy 6 days ago
Does my insurance cover dinosaur damage?
Lucas PlayzPs4
Lucas PlayzPs4 6 days ago
I know a better way to live in a dinosaur attack sing the no no square song Dinosaur: roar I will eat you Me: no no don’t touch me there this is my no no square Dinosaur: oh I’m sorry I didn’t know you had a no no square like all the other humans I found
Spillosaurus Rex
Spillosaurus Rex 6 days ago
I dare you to make a Jurassic world fight club.
Sunchipp Studio
Sunchipp Studio 7 days ago
Sunchipp Studio
Sunchipp Studio 7 days ago
Sunchipp Studio
Sunchipp Studio 7 days ago
Sunchipp Studio
Sunchipp Studio 7 days ago
Big Ole Biscuit
Big Ole Biscuit 7 days ago
How’d she shoot 2 arrows THAT fast with a crossbow?!
Caleb Benitez
Caleb Benitez 7 days ago
Remember the little clone girl from Fallen Kingdom? Thanks a lot kid.
Water Me Loan 64
Water Me Loan 64 7 days ago
Wow. I'm so how even less excited for the Sixth Movie than I already was. Is any of this actually relevant to the third film?
11 jiha
11 jiha 7 days ago
8:11 most likely triggered Meg fans.
peyton 0
peyton 0 7 days ago
Allosaurus and trike be like no screw you no screw you
Dan Bradley
Dan Bradley 7 days ago
Baby: cries Allosaurus: You have chosen death... Mum: It'll be alright, just sing her a song.
The Non-Avian Cassowary
Esteban Sv
Esteban Sv 7 days ago
the girl : is dat a bear ? me: no , it's a fu**ng triceratops stupid
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