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Watch the all-new short film Battle at Big Rock now.

BATTLE AT BIG ROCK is an all-new short film directed by Colin Trevorrow, written by Trevorrow and Emily Carmichael.
The short takes place one year after the events of the last Jurassic World film in Big Rock National Park, where dinosaurs are now living in our world. The story follows a family of four whose encounter with these wild animals becomes a terrifying fight for survival.
André Holland
Natalie Martinez
Melody Hurd
Pierson Salvador
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Battle at Big Rock | An All-New Short Film | Jurassic World


Published on


Sep 15, 2019




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Comments 100
Luke Poculan
Luke Poculan 6 hours ago
dude made a Shaun of the Dead reference in the first few minutes epic
oof 6969
oof 6969 10 hours ago
Dilopho 11 hours ago
It'd be funny if after all of that, the bears they mentioned showed up.
ShadowShinobi 17 hours ago
Shark: *dives out of water to bite seal* Mosasaurus: *mouth wide open* Shark: 😱 chomppp...
Seal:😭 Shark😱 Mosasaurus:😏
Ignacio Troche Martinez
I said it before and I'll say it again. This 9 min short film is better than the last 2 movies released combined.
ToughHorizon Day ago
anyone watching in 2021
Guuh Costa
Guuh Costa Day ago
John Kirby
John Kirby Day ago
This was good but they felt disconnected from what they were looking at. They would be horrified. Scenes were too convenient. Should go into more of a thriller than a family movie
HaHa eMeRaLuDo SpLaShU MiLf HuNtEr
The allosaurus' roar is chilling.
Luis Day ago
Legit wanted the Allosaurus to eat the baby
Julian Deras
Julian Deras 2 days ago
That was so amazing 😲
ThunderJaw 2 days ago
Greg should've shot the allosaurus at the end of this
Matingli2020 2 days ago
La niña se volvio una DinoCazadora profesional de 5 estrellas
Lander Velez
Lander Velez 2 days ago
That girl's face tho
Sanyasi 2.0
Sanyasi 2.0 2 days ago
Why didn't they cram something in babys mouth instead of covering it 😏
Eli Winston
Eli Winston 2 days ago
This isn't the first time Allosaurus face a ceratopsian.
Fabian Duran Alfaro
This is just pure comedy... completely unbelievable that dinosaur would survive more that a few weeks in a modern world with people, only the flying and water reptiles stand a chance to live a little longer
matioshodge 2 days ago
There’s always a bigger fish
Divyatej Singh
Divyatej Singh 2 days ago
Didn't Understand Why A Mexican Lady Hesitate to Slap her Kid when they are really in Front of Death.
Doge, o Astronauta
That's why I don't like babys
Morgan booth
Morgan booth 3 days ago
Mom: hun what are you watching Me: a family comedy :)
Morgan booth
Morgan booth 3 days ago
Uh guys it’s a camp site. The Dino just wanted some BBQ
Morgan booth
Morgan booth 3 days ago
Me: oh boy ten minutes of pure Dino delight Me at 4:50 : well that was a short flick
Morgan booth
Morgan booth 3 days ago
“ it’s okay kids this is just nature sometimes” The nature: 3:40
Comrade Zakariya
Comrade Zakariya 3 days ago
She shot those two bolts really fast
D LP 3 days ago
I don't get it with kids and adults in a zombie, purge, or dinosaur attack! WHY MUST THEY SCREAM!!! Yes, the fear of dying is on the mind, but EVERYONE knows by now to NEVER SCREAM onless you want to die. - Kids, they scream at what whatever they want. - Adults, only scream if they lose their calm or have went through this before. Now BABY'S on the other hand couldn't give a crap! They scream and scream like they have a death wise no madder the situation!
Hassaan Munir
Hassaan Munir 3 days ago
Why the heck did she not put her freakin' hand on baby's mouth?
Tálisson Cavalcante
Algum Brasileiro ?
1984rockabilly 3 days ago
Today's special effects artists need to watch more real life. The animations are aweful.
yo 4 days ago
We need that campfire theme on Spotify
I'm Stuffed
I'm Stuffed 4 days ago
Idk bout you but that's probably the best way to go out
Adalyn Yue
Adalyn Yue 4 days ago
all theropods except therinzosaurids and the galimimus r carnivores
Utahraptor 1016
Utahraptor 1016 4 days ago
Allosaurus: Well there goes my easy meal. Baby: Starts crying: Wife: starts singing songs. Me: Theres only one option Wife: And what is that! Me: We must EAT THE BABY
Chainz Z
Chainz Z 4 days ago
“It’s okay he can’t fight them both together” ... the triceratops are out... there’s still a super predator in camp bud... I know its a fun short but I still get annoyed by unrealistic acting during these situations. Everyone is talking loud af, there’s still lights on in the camper, and they didn’t think to immediately cover that babies mouth and take it into the bathroom? Cmon folks.. borderline Darwinism
Bob Green
Bob Green 11 hours ago
yep. they should have been eaten. would have been a better ending for stupid people camping in the middle of a forest full of dinosaurs. it's reason like this the term GTFO was coined
Aldin Robozone
Aldin Robozone 4 days ago
Is that Jurassic world dominion
Agony Annie
Agony Annie 4 days ago
Life find away
Charles Meaux
Charles Meaux 4 days ago
Oh sure don't touch a weapon, they are bad! Then suddenly oh you did so good! And you were wishing for a gun the entire time...
Matt Walker
Matt Walker 4 days ago
First time anyone sees dino escaped from the manor: OM MAH FRICKEN GAWD WHAT IS THAT?! 2 years later: aww hellll naw stegos blocking the road im gonna be late
Yaya 5 days ago
Is real ? This is part of the movie ?
Roméo Andretti
Its a short film made after jw2
Jack 180
Jack 180 4 days ago
Shadow The Hedgehog
Man the baby is like I’m ‘bout to get everyone killed
AMV_FlameWarrior 5 days ago
That little girl 20 years later: welp first it was dinosaurs now it’s me killing zombies for a living.
Emma Koala Gaming
the dinosaur about to eat the baby: listen i didn't eat this morning and i didn't have a lot of food and Walmart wouldn't let me in so I'm just gonna eat you k we good on that
Emma Koala Gaming
as a big dinosaur fan Jurassic world and all the movies inspired me to show my love for dinosuars
Matt Hajba
Matt Hajba 5 days ago
So who shot the T-rex then?
Patrick 5 days ago
Government: National Lockdown. Family: Let's go camping with dinosaurs. Government: Perfectly fine.
Nathan Caldwell
Nathan Caldwell 5 days ago
JP/JW Parents: Send their children an island filled with ferocious dinosaurs to visit their grandpa as they file a divorce. Jurassic Park 3: Dumbest parents ever. Battle at Big Rock: Mom and Dad fight fully-grown Allosaurus to save their kids. It's about time we had actually competent parents in the Jurassic Park franchise.
AJBTV 6 days ago
When the little girl fell out of the window I thought she was dead, but then she became a crossbow ninja master. Also, was that Greg coming out of the camper at the end?
jj sassman
jj sassman 6 days ago
Mom:*trys to shut the baby up* Allo: *remembers that its just nature* THE DAM THING WONT SHUT UP!
Nathan Caldwell
Nathan Caldwell 5 days ago
Well, babies cry when scared, and seeing a 24-foot long apex predator who just tried to kill another baby earlier, think on that.
Lord Google
Lord Google 6 days ago
Wow! Just stumbled across this, this was awesome!! Cant wait for the new Jurassic World movie!
ian der heilige
ian der heilige 6 days ago
nice is the best of jurassic park
Cameron 7 days ago
After watching the allosaurus go toe to toe with the triceratops if that baby refused to shut up I’d let it have it to save my family’s lives. I’d die for the kid if it were mine of course but if my death just takes away my ability to protect them and the baby is going to keep crying leading them all dying anyway it’s a pretty easy choice..
also i think the ending should've been the idominous walking behind them when they are all hugging each other and then the screen goes black and then you hear screaming and then the idominous roar
mom: every body get down! baby:WAAAAAAA! girl: f*ck you
i love how the mom is like *its one of them*
Elf. Shots
Elf. Shots 7 days ago
This is why I am not planning to have kids when I grow up
synergyn 7 days ago
we've been a family for 2 years now, soon the family gonna end
Gaming Grenade
Gaming Grenade 7 days ago
Bro imaging you go to your insurance company to give you money for a new trailer and say say what caused the damage...”ummm it was a Dino” “mmh ok ima out you on hold for a min” hangs up*
Gaming Grenade
Gaming Grenade 7 days ago
Bro Keats be honest the baby nusaritops (sry if I spelt that wrong) is cuter that’s the baby trike and maybe in dominion they can be friends lol. Also I hope to see this family again
Stefon_ is_legendary
This should be the opening for jurassic world 3, then go to the present day
Myhamor 1985
Myhamor 1985 8 days ago
норм так)
JingYuYap 8 days ago
10:19 , is what
Aqua Owls
Aqua Owls 8 days ago
at the end there i thought a bunch of raptors were gonna corner them
LuckeR's Gaming Channel
this short clips better als the last Movie :D more, more pls ^^
friendly neighbourhood gamer
i liked this short a lot, but why in the ever living hell would you go camping in a forest when you know dinosaurs are there. i'd rather not risk my life. still very good
Charity Quill
Charity Quill 6 days ago
maybe it's in a different state. the girl mentioned that the dinosaurs are migratory but that might not be common knowledge to all people
abnormality16 8 days ago
This is sick
blaster23456 8 days ago
Secretly, the Allosaurus just hates babies and wanted to kill them all.
Eduar Ortiz
Eduar Ortiz 8 days ago
That was AMAZING how they save eachother
Who else really hopes/wishes this will be a scene of a future Jurassic World movie?
Luciana Stevens
Luciana Stevens 8 days ago
The shark thinking he eatin good tonight Mosasaurus like nope!
X Man
X Man 8 days ago
Jurassic world dominion coming in 2022
studios235 9 days ago
Glenn Not
Glenn Not 9 days ago
O look its that multicultural family from every commercial again.
Fire Head
Fire Head 9 days ago
The baby is not the favorite anymore
Jake Tryon
Jake Tryon 9 days ago
That ceratopsian is like the texas long horn of the dinosaurs.
[ OP ravi ]
[ OP ravi ] 10 days ago
That baby was a dumb😅
Saif Abdallah
Saif Abdallah 10 days ago
At that point I would’ve have thrown the baby outside 😭 Ik it messed up but that’s just me lmao
Derpith Facilities
Derpith Facilities 10 days ago
Everyone: bout to die Man: * B A R *
Gustavo Drumond dos Santos Donato IMF-Aluno
I hate this baby,no more i’m just hate this baby( i’m brazilian i dont know how to write in english)
John Schwalb
John Schwalb 10 days ago
There is a giant dino trying to eat humans and the little kid loading and firing a double crossbow is the least realistic thing in this.
Sydney Mores
Sydney Mores 10 days ago
It's not a triceratops it's nasuto
MOTOR TRIP 10 days ago
The baby's crying almost killed the whole family. Babies are not helpful.
Entombed Machine
Entombed Machine 10 days ago
The little girl getting chased by the compys was my favorite part.
Locked Down Spectator
04:08 “Maybe we shouldn’t watch this. I suggest you shut up, hide, or head for the nearest hill. Three very wise options.
Pudim com Sal Oficial
Allosaurus: im about to ruin this whole family career Baby/Kid: no u
J 11 days ago
People have hunted a lot of things out of existence. If big ol dinos were causing that much of a ruckus all that would have to happen is getting the government to OK a 365-day hunting season. People still eat everything today - I hear alligator is pretty good.
Mister Oliver
Mister Oliver 11 days ago
Meanwhile in Texas :ok kids aim your guns and FIRE
Mister Oliver
Mister Oliver 11 days ago
Us news:First dinosaur beard in the USA Everybody:who cares Us news:there’s a meteor shower to night Everybody:wow
OwennewO _2012
OwennewO _2012 11 days ago
The nastuserotops i think thats how u speel it
Trodonte 11 days ago
erik rutkowski
erik rutkowski 11 days ago
And my favorite therapist dinosaur makes an entrance
Tahir The Great
Tahir The Great 11 days ago
At least they didn’t have the black family die
Handoyo Ferdiansyah
i know i hate babies.. but i hate them even more now
Cholonea 12 days ago
The Baby: “I have waited many years for this moment. This family shall be no more than a sacrifice for the gods of the past.”
Gabisa bahasa Inggris :v
Joao Dias
Joao Dias 12 days ago
Great Ideia for a live action series ;) An anthology like series. Each episode featuring a new set of characters and dinosaurs.
Tyler_ Games
Tyler_ Games 12 days ago
are these examples of what's gonna happen in jw:d
GamerzTheater 12 days ago
think about this, this movie takes place a year in the future, which is 2020 and the new movie is coming out in this June. That means, that... Oh no!
Caçadores de Aventuras
esperei desde 1993 por isso ahahahahhahh
Caçadores de Aventuras
Leightonz Rad Vidz
Leightonz Rad Vidz 12 days ago
I like how when after it said “Universal” it had the Jurassic World symbol on the earth
RY - 07MA 752794 Tomken Road MS
here is something i always wanted to test: if the trex is watching thru the window then shoot its eyes with a gun since the eyes arent protected if its about to eat you or is roaring loudly then through a grenade or shoot a rocket into the mouth also fyi jurassic world, theres modern military they could prolly take out a trex in 5 seconds
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