Bathing Beauty Contest - Redondo Beach (1940)

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A little something different today from the archives today.
Preligner Archives - Al Wesson Collection Home Movie
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Comments 44
akavitsuma 3 months ago
Natural beauties and totally real!
betondo fukutu
Real, man. Bet they could all cook too.
jfmmdz Year ago
I love the hands in the air
BIGGLES flys again
BIGGLES flys again 3 years ago
....and not a single camel to be seen......................
BIGGLES flys again
BIGGLES flys again 3 years ago
....no swimsuit segment in Miss America as of this year....
juscurious 3 years ago
Redondo Beach 1940, must have been a good time to be alive. Southern California must have been so beautiful back then. It's such a cesspool today with so many illegals.
Dragon43ish Year ago
93Vet 4 years ago
2:50 what a doll!
STONECOLD1987 5 years ago
i'd take these ladies in bikini wear more than the skinny bored looking girls we have today. when women were women
Dragon43ish 5 years ago
Real natural beauty, the wholesome girl next door look. God these young gals were so beautiful.
twinkle tangle
twinkle tangle 6 years ago
First bikini video I really just could'nt go fap fap at. It was just too wrong to do it.
mrlafayette1964 6 years ago
2:39 nippleage
Docu-Sim 7 years ago
Overweight? Are you serious? These are how women are suppose to look. Not these scrony looking holocaust victims that are women now-a-days. I can't stand an extremely skinny woman like 98% of whats shown in Hollywood these days.
Preemie Maboroshi
Preemie Maboroshi 7 years ago
My favorite girl won! How about that? She was stunning, and her bathing suit was really cool. My second favorite girl was the one from about 1:39 to about 1:55 . I like all the bathing suit styles. But I really love that style with the really tight, false-skirt front. It's really sexy.
wes smith
wes smith 7 years ago
is that Elizabeth Short at 2:55 ??? looks jus like the Black Dahlia to me.
S.AMIN.J 7 years ago
what did you mean buddy?
s6u6r6f6 7 years ago
2:01 and 2:36 get my vote then she's back at 5:28 as a finalist. man can I pick 'em
Wrenchbender412i 7 years ago
Natural beauty is the only beauty. What a great video.
J Evenden
J Evenden 7 years ago
No shit?
0MoTheG 7 years ago
yes, still silly though. Some are so weak/underweight and the heels so high that they can not walk on the them anymore, there are many such videos on youtube where they fall of the catwalk.
0MoTheG 7 years ago
I keep forgetting the name, it is: "ministry of silly walks"
Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS
haha, I thought the same;-)
TubeCompie 7 years ago
Girls with curves you don't see em nowadays.
Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS
Hardly anything surprising, natural beauties... unlike today, where we see Fast-Food-Queens;).
MrAvalanche2004 7 years ago
And I suppose this is as pornographic as it got.. no wonder today we have a bunch of grumpy old men... :0)
MrAvalanche2004 7 years ago
Hubba - Hubba!
Mexican Word of the Day
4:25 colonels got a woody! Lol
cardioflow 7 years ago
Very refreshing to see women who are naturally pretty.
phil123711 7 years ago
Normal women. Wow.
J. Martinni
J. Martinni 7 years ago
The Girls on the catwalks nowadays are better? Really? :D
f1adore 7 years ago
girlsbefore silicone impants and liposuction
0MoTheG 7 years ago
Organized by the ministry of funny walks? Did they have to walk on a beam?
dasUBootVII 7 years ago
Yes, and only 2000 miles away a wretch thrice crippled in mind as in carcass was conniving with them to drag us into it too
david peri
david peri 7 years ago
be interesting to know what happened to each of these "bathing beauties" after this and in the years that followed....I think the American-Dream was alive and well back then because it was a phrase already used in the 30s but in a some what limited way.
david letterman
david letterman 7 years ago
Nary an obscene belly button in sight!
sunlogosis 7 years ago
my grammar and spelling are fine. yours, however, needs a bit of work. but nevermind that, your ignorance is totally showing by not recognizing that your comment and most likely, you, are racist. and, i already went where i wanted to go in my first comment. but, apparently, youre just not intelligent enough to see.
sunlogosis 7 years ago
im 40, and these women are older than my grandma. lol doh!!
onenutmonkey234 7 years ago
People in Africa are actually pretty damn racist.
S.AMIN.J 7 years ago
what an exotic historical and nostalgic video most of those women or probably all them must be died so far.... in second world war millions of innocent people got killed......
sunlogosis 7 years ago
what? so, because they are white, they are racist? the only racism i see, is your idiot comment. i guarantee you whites are the least racist race on the planet. and it amazes me how minority races are exactly what you claim to hate, complete racists. and what sucks even more, is that you guys are openly racist , like your racist comment here. what a stupid fkn person you are.
4GUESTS USA 7 years ago
we were so european in appearance still back then. what the hell happened over the next several decades? unbelievable
David Geiger
David Geiger 7 years ago
They picked girl number one in the final lineup. Girl number three was the true beauty of the four.
xMKIVxVR6x 7 years ago
Now they all look dead :(
bgm1958 7 years ago
What were those guys in uniform at the beginning? They didn't look like Scouts, were they ROTC or something? Anyone know?
FantaOnToast 7 years ago
true beautys
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