BAT CAT - Halloween Special!

Simon's Cat
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Will Simon’s Cat come to the rescue of a terrified Simon?
Watch our Halloween Special Bat Cat and share your stories of any time your cat has protected you against any creepy critters?
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Curiosity finally sends Simon’s Cat over to the bark side! (Woof, Woof)
Director: Simon Tofield
Animation Director/Animator: Rachel Thorn
Animator: Rachel Thorn
Designer: Trevor Phillips
Art Director: Liza Nechaeva
Music: Shrooty
Foley: Fonic
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Production Manager: Matthias Sundberg / Phoebe Lane
Executive Producer: Mike Bell
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Oct 11, 2019




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Comments 80
Matthieu Eagan
Matthieu Eagan 17 days ago
That better not be a horseshoe bat.
Y C 24 days ago
Cat is cute
hitha praveen
hitha praveen 29 days ago
I would do anything to get a butterfly close to me
Sabrina Kenrick
Sabrina Kenrick Month ago
It's funny how the cat wasn't interested in the moth because it was small but went crazy for the cute bat😂
Win Win music
Win Win music Month ago
omg his tablet!
Tre Man XD
Tre Man XD Month ago
I really love this short the bats make me get into the feel of Halloween
kittilly bot
kittilly bot Month ago
Cats are adorable
Jennifer Lawson
Jennifer Lawson 2 months ago
Dear Simon, and staff, hope I can copy your cat and bat on two pockets. Bats are myfavorite animal and Simon's cartooning of animals catches alot of character
Dominic Lichtenthal
Dominic Lichtenthal 2 months ago
B.J. Hawkins
B.J. Hawkins 2 months ago
*Deep raspy voice* I'm Bat Cat.
Яна Новаковская
I love bats!🦇
JonatasAdoM 2 months ago
So relatable! Also my home too is full of bugs, there are moths, bats, spiders... and centipedes.
pyrovania 2 months ago
Oh my, the bit with the moth is so accurate.
Keren Chen Neyman
Keren Chen Neyman 2 months ago
Exactly what I’m doing when I’m scared !!😂 Cats are the best 😻
Amy Becker
Amy Becker 3 months ago
Should a bat enter your home DO NOT PANIC!!! Crouch down and open ONE window. Then keep down and turn off ALL lights. Crawl out of the room and shut the door. Take ALL animals with you! Check in after a short while to see if it found its way out. If necessary go outside and shine a flashlight on the open window to help the bat get out. Remember: Our bat friends have only a few hours each night to gobble down thousands of insects, invluding potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes.
roozbeh papi
roozbeh papi 3 months ago
that was perfect . You are great
Very non-specific channel
I can't believe he predicted the coronavirus in october already
Jbird 3 months ago
Does anyone have a fear of moths?
E MistreSS Of Poker E
Кота конечно можно приучить к свисту вместо кис-кис, но вот то что хозяин-мальчик-мужчина боится мотыльков, пауков и тп вообще убивает как-то наповал))))
Michael Knoedler
Michael Knoedler 4 months ago
1zu1 meine Tochter! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jacob Ramirez
Jacob Ramirez 4 months ago
Even more bats came! 😄! 2:10
Emmilit Strangers
Emmilit Strangers 4 months ago
Угараю просто ..🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
LittleCoyote 4 months ago
The bat isn't an issue, it's butterflies and moths. XD
Jonathan Deeters
Jonathan Deeters 5 months ago
i had a bat in my house once and my cat just hid from it
Kleiner Helfer
Kleiner Helfer 6 months ago
Weird. Bats are cute.
Chaznia Marquardt
Chaznia Marquardt 6 months ago
Afraid of a moth?!
MusicaClassicaOggi 7 months ago
1:50 dog barking far away in the night, LOL!!
ThePampelune 7 months ago
Mr. Boombastic
Mr. Boombastic 7 months ago
It‘s pretty funny
Andreas Becker
Andreas Becker 7 months ago
micheal afton
micheal afton 7 months ago
haha so smiles
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