Bassassin - Fortnite Shorts

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Contract Giller is the one you send in to make sure things get done right.
Get the Bassassin Pack now!
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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Mar 26, 2020




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Comments 80
Kevin Trịnh
Kevin Trịnh 3 hours ago
Please make fortnite lite
123calli 5 hours ago
Tren Bellweather
Tren Bellweather 15 hours ago
Fornite add titled back
Max McFarland
Max McFarland 17 hours ago
is it coming back
Tony gill
Tony gill Day ago
im dissapointed epic we cant have save the world mode for nintindo
Fneni Gamer
Fneni Gamer Day ago
Did meowscles just follow that ball of yarn to the box factory?
Yaboyhere 134
perro gamer
perro gamer Day ago
Cristian_Super 28
Meawscoles shadow in yhot
Roslyn Fiddler
Roslyn Fiddler 2 days ago
Omg I just love the cat ITS CUTE
Axel_767 2 days ago
Fortnite, I know the current situation and what is happening there, but imagine the players who have been waiting so long for the event named: "The Device", Everyone wants to see what happens to Midas and his machine, you should do the following: the event put it back this Saturday June 6 and season 3 leave it for June 17, personally I want to see the event with my cousin but she goes to her father's house every two times for a week or two and they just had to change everything so it would go well this Saturday and I personally want to see him with her (Pd/PS: I am 10 years old and I am Spanish)
My Unconventional Fairytale
I wonder what the origin story is the Fisher stick
Nap Gmg
Nap Gmg 3 days ago
0:02 i am gonna get that ball👍💩
Nap Gmg
Nap Gmg 3 days ago
0:12 good part
Jamie The gamer
Jamie The gamer 3 days ago
ccastanedaval 2
ccastanedaval 2 3 days ago
Shupamel poto
桑原清和 3 days ago
rafael gonzaez
rafael gonzaez 3 days ago
Ziad El habouti
Ziad El habouti 3 days ago
Hhh trés cool
Chicken_eggz21 4 days ago
I wish this could come back soon, cuz i really wanted this but i was too late to get my money to buy it.
Bluey Flamey
Bluey Flamey 4 days ago
I swear, the next one will be Fishsticks in the next Chapter 2, Season 3 Battle Pass
sherley fils-aime
fortnite please read this please put in guided misiles and lightsabers in creative
Georgina Gonzalez
Sinx6 Fan
Sinx6 Fan 5 days ago
So that’s how he got kicked off DEADPOOL saw meowscles
gamer_ righ
gamer_ righ 5 days ago
dear epic games give meowscles his yacht back and put deadpool in the box factory
z Ghostly
z Ghostly 5 days ago
That s how meowscles justo los his yacht
Christian e Yago il mio pappagallo
Tiago Costa
Tiago Costa 6 days ago
Hazzar Plays
Hazzar Plays 6 days ago
Miss the trailers that had jonsey in
Maria Sterli
Maria Sterli 6 days ago
Video de dinosaurio
Retail Killer
Retail Killer 6 days ago
When the yachr was to meowscles
Brown Games
Brown Games 7 days ago
CJ 7 days ago
Dude, the season 3 the next week, in the another times you dont make more large the seasons 2, 3 and 4, in that seasons there people who didnt get the level 100 and they didnt have all the chalenges, why you do it now?? Every body now its lvl 100
LazieBuddy 7 days ago
Epic please bring the skin in the item shop please
Yh i wannt itttt
Donchemi Zambrano
I can’t believe epic is still wanting money like they already got a lot why make more ?
Goofy Foofy
Goofy Foofy 7 days ago
It’s dead pool in disguise and he took over yacht
Raki Horrkor
Raki Horrkor 8 days ago
Карась топ и я его купил;)
Сергей Байков
Rachid Berrichi
Rachid Berrichi 8 days ago
Fornite ya se tu historia secreta
CJ 7 days ago
Todos la saben master
Roshni Arora
Roshni Arora 8 days ago
Give me everything pls my name is whiteninjayusi
Max Remove
Max Remove 8 days ago
Зачем ви продолжили iвень
Andre Baines
Andre Baines 8 days ago
Wait, meowscles was ghost at the yacht, but he is shadow.
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas 8 days ago
Low key should’ve called him Fish Wick
Aren Guler
Aren Guler 8 days ago
Fortnight why did you extend the season to June 11 we want the season now because it will be cool fun and entertaining for the people who like fortnight
minisprk gaming
minisprk gaming 6 days ago
bc they need to make the event
Mike Wazouski
Mike Wazouski 9 days ago
Petition to make fortnite fun again
プリン 9 days ago
Angel0 Zer0
Angel0 Zer0 9 days ago
Bring this pack back, i beg you.
manuel bro
manuel bro 9 days ago
Como puedo tener fornite? Epic porfa quiero juger fornite en androi no puedo jugar😭😭😭😭
NS Mix
NS Mix 9 days ago
Bring bassasinan back its the last fish skin I need
Soy saucetv321
Soy saucetv321 9 days ago
Why would epic bring back recon
Gostly - Pubg Mobile
Thats why meowscles is fired from yacht
shini's world
shini's world 10 days ago
Did you know that agent fish was the one who planned to kick meowcles out of the yaht
Tiziano Brizzo
Tiziano Brizzo 10 days ago
Enrique Iglesia por los personajes y todo eso
Natashia Jones
Natashia Jones 10 days ago
Gift me a tossie slide emote
Luke Finlay
Luke Finlay 10 days ago
Can you add him back please
MsBDM28 10 days ago
The bassassin got meowscles off the yacht meowscles wasnt able to do something so he got kicked off and now he lives at the box factory and does all the stuff by himself also hes very sad he has no yacht
DenasDenitas S
DenasDenitas S 11 days ago
I think i kinda feel bad for meowscales he is the cutes skin
Isabelle 11 days ago
Tbh, can ya’ll nerf the henchman, they aim bot me every time, also great vid.
Kritapas Ngampanit
Kritapas Ngampanit 12 days ago
Waleed MAMLOUK 12 days ago
Please bring shadow archetype
Leonardo Apolo
Leonardo Apolo 12 days ago
Q caca al chile
Undyne the Undyng
Undyne the Undyng 12 days ago
Venedixus 12 days ago
Plot Twist: Meowscles was the Fish’s teammate
Yoshidex 64
Yoshidex 64 12 days ago
*Motion Capture*
Michael Winters
Michael Winters 12 days ago
borys yb gaming
borys yb gaming 12 days ago
Epic Games jast najlepszą firmą
Cosmic 12 days ago
Please bring this pack back
Palmer Gamez
Palmer Gamez 13 days ago
and that my friends is why meowcles got kicked out of the yacht
Totally Asian
Totally Asian 13 days ago
I thought they were gonna name it fishassin
lil Kid trey
lil Kid trey 13 days ago
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I got it hahahahahahahaha funny fornite
cristobal gamenplay's
Saquen la skin de banana deriva
alexis 13 days ago
Grisha Griva
Grisha Griva 14 days ago
Параша фортнайт
Razor Blade_YT
Razor Blade_YT 14 days ago
Hey Fortnite Im not sure if your listening but can you please put my wrap in the game! It's called 'Titan Wave' and it has a blue outlining and a quartz texture color of purple
Evan Garries
Evan Garries 14 days ago
epic nerf the freaking Ai at the agency they hit only headshots
random_ user
random_ user 12 days ago
Nah I think there good it makes it a little harder
Quiltedcamera10 14 days ago
This is agent fish going dark
Kids Perfect
Kids Perfect 15 days ago
I liked where they referenced this from
SonicX15 *
SonicX15 * 15 days ago
Fortnite we want the X-Force skins back on the item shop please bring them back and also bring back Deadpools accessory gear in the item shop! I want to get a cool X-Force skin and a Deadpool accessory!
FEDRA GARRO 15 days ago
The back map
Emma Fitzpatrick
Emma Fitzpatrick 15 days ago
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