Bas, J.Cole - Tribe (Lyrics)

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Aug 29, 2018




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Comments 177
FutureHype Year ago
*Something a bit different, are we vibing with Bas & J Cole?* 🔥
IAmK_tty 2 months ago
Jason Hernandez lmfao
Jason Hernandez
Jason Hernandez 10 months ago
wait did u really heart your own comment?
Joel Davis
Joel Davis Year ago
Not really.
Treasure Marie
FutureHype heck yea
kiara brinkley
Childish_Markeeloo 19 days ago
Man where’s the respect for bas he’s the one who made this song not cole 😭
savage_morty 25 days ago
I sent this song to my gf
Jace Fortner
Jace Fortner Month ago
This sounds just like make believe by juice Wrld
Johanthedankest 2 months ago
When you transfer to Barcelona
Rezxlve 3 months ago
2020 anyone?
Lucas 3 months ago
Can someone give me songs that vibes like this song?
Amanda 3 months ago
Nice! Words are fire & the vibes in this song are subliminal asf but they flow like the river water we need to put them out lol 🎶
Meg Griffin
Meg Griffin 3 months ago
When J.Cole & Bas combine their powers the results are always amazing.
You_beDead 4 months ago
I'm Tripping at this point
L Malafayer
L Malafayer 4 months ago
Que belaaaaa melodia
Bishnu K Karkee
Bishnu K Karkee 4 months ago
This ones for yall❤
Susie Rodriguez
Susie Rodriguez 5 months ago
A good song..such flow!!
Intellectual Rebirth
I love this song
Tiger Song
Tiger Song 5 months ago
334 my apt number fuck wit ya'll fam
Ashley Martin
Ashley Martin 5 months ago
Fitz twitch stream?????
sdthuggin 5 months ago
When it has 999,999 views and I make it 1,000,000 🥳
Current User
Current User 5 months ago
Does he have a grateful dead shirt on?
Current User
Current User 3 months ago
When I originally made this comment I was watching the music video, why is my comment on the lyric video now? So bizarre
Leslie DeLeon
Leslie DeLeon 6 months ago
My brother put this song and my nephew was hitting the couch 3 times on that same 3 bangs in the song😂😂😂
Austin Baldon
Austin Baldon 6 months ago
Make believe- juice wrld???
Kawhi Banks
Kawhi Banks 7 months ago
Fifa 19?
Eli Allison
Eli Allison 7 months ago
Make belive?
sumaya mohyiden
sumaya mohyiden 7 months ago
from fifa 19 anyone ?
GAMESTRIKE 7 months ago
Not Rubbertoe
Not Rubbertoe 7 months ago
Oh no no
Tikye 8 months ago
Roberto Pizaño
Roberto Pizaño 9 months ago
Whats? Is song of FIFA ?
Trenishia Donson
Trenishia Donson 10 months ago
Loving this
ArizonaCupidz Entertainment
Swear I love j.cole hes so fucking funny and so godamn good👌🏼
José Miguel Nigenda
José Miguel Nigenda 10 months ago
I just came here for fifa
Taasin 10 months ago
Only good thing in FIFA 19
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez 10 months ago
This one's for you!
kidsteez7 kidsteez7
kidsteez7 kidsteez7 11 months ago
Jacob C
Jacob C 11 months ago
who’s here from “make believe” from Juice WRLD
0fficial Jay
0fficial Jay 7 months ago
@8282 Lastnightsblues because it's like the same mashup or beat of Tribe
8282 Lastnightsblues
8282 Lastnightsblues 11 months ago
Why would we be here from make believe?
Jacob C
Jacob C 11 months ago
Alex R facts
Alex R
Alex R 11 months ago
Jacob C bro someone should make a mash up
David Calderon
David Calderon 11 months ago
Love this track it sound like pharcyde runnin
Leonardo galeana
Leonardo galeana 11 months ago
Most underrated song of the year
Abdullah Almfrachi
Abdullah Almfrachi 11 months ago
Fifa 19
lil man
lil man Year ago
When you find tribe by j Cole 1:15
A J Flaws-Tutonu
A J Flaws-Tutonu 8 months ago
Orlando Ramirez
xxxtentacion 17
This song is so amazing ❤️🔥
Chance Soosay
Chance Soosay Year ago
Only one f bomb
Emma _
Emma _ Year ago
Oh yeah yeah
Wolfie Animations
fifa 19
Jamal Cole
Jamal Cole Year ago
For the people who keep saying this is Cole's track. It's not. it's a Bas track. Cole is featured. Respect the rest of dreamville please and thank you
Jens Ritchie
Jens Ritchie Month ago
Jamal Cole the backing track sample is “pollo and pan -zoom zoom-“ that guitar sample
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson 10 months ago
This Guy lol no they aren’t u don’t here nothing bout none other artists except maybe jid
This Guy
This Guy Year ago
C'mon any song Cole is on is his track lol he always takes the ball home with him. Dreamville is stacked like the warriors 💯🔥
Benjamin Fork
Benjamin Fork Year ago
FIFA 19' brought me here....
Tineka Pukerua
Mikayla Bonner
Mikayla Bonner 11 months ago
AYYY ARMY!!! But this song is a bop
John Locke
John Locke Year ago
This song is FIRE!!
Big NiBBa
Big NiBBa Year ago
U are dope my guy 🤩🔥
Swish Mamba
Swish Mamba Year ago
The way you can relate to any of Cole’s songs is just crazy.
Jake Month ago
Not coles song but ya
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 5 months ago
Swish Mamba bas* but yeah, that’s fax
Gavin Edwards
Gavin Edwards Year ago
Nice song
JMH Year ago
Addicted. This shit is so damn good, this song just cover your entire soul!
Fernando Torres Real Madrid
Fifa 19✌
thefoxword Year ago
Fifa 19 ???!!!
Jacky Choii
Jacky Choii Year ago
thefoxword I
Kuba Wielgołaski
Shootout to ea censours
Tee S.
Tee S. Year ago
My son was playing this artist and I was like..who is this? J. Cole he replied. I've been feeling him ever since. One of the best rappers in the game right now. I'm a old head, but I know good music when I hear it. Keep doing you J. Cole. Love this song..good collaboration Bas & J.Cole.
Young Conscious
Young Conscious Month ago
Go listen to his earlier stuff like The Warm Up & Friday Night Lights u won't be disappointed.
pj lazaro
pj lazaro 2 months ago
i don't have children as of now but i want that shit to happen to me shit thats life goals
Daily_life_of_a GIRAFFE
I've never have heard a mum say that she likes rap. Like WHAT! You're a cool mum btw. Good job :D
Tee S.
Tee S. Year ago
😊@JDaddy Films
JDaddy Films
JDaddy Films Year ago
You raised your son right
CocaPolarBear Year ago
This one's for you guys!
bluntsANDfame Year ago
NBA 2K20?
New York Sports Perspective
It better!
kiara brinkley
Go to ktrb90
Diana RÜG
Diana RÜG Year ago
What is the music playing in the background without the rapping?
Classic Lin
Classic Lin 8 months ago
adolf shitler Name not “SaMpLe”
adolf shitler
adolf shitler Year ago
Diana G. Google the sample
Hosu Forest
Hosu Forest Year ago
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