Bare and Scared | Flint Laces

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Be prepared for the worst with Flint Laces, boot laces you can use to create a flame.
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If you enjoy adventuring in the outdoors, you know how fun and rewarding it can be. But you also know how dangerous it can be to get stranded without multiple ways to start a fire.
The tip of each boot lace (called an aglet) is made from ferrocerium and makes a spark when you strike it against the included steel plate.
Since you’re already wearing laces, it only makes sense to wear Flint Laces as a backup plan, whether you’re a hiker, camper, prepper, survivalist, or somebody who just likes to play it smart.
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Jul 31, 2015




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Comments 80
Vat19 3 years ago
Another product to bring with you on Bare and Scared? The LifeStraw! ruvid.net/video/video-A6bVCXdBuD0.html
Dinasya Syafiqah
Dinasya Syafiqah 2 months ago
Are u really naked?!
Grimmy 2 months ago
Vat19 could you please tell me what the background (rock) music was Im dying trying to figure it out Please
KG nzls
KG nzls 3 months ago
We’re they really naked?
Karl Nilsen
Karl Nilsen 8 months ago
I have a burrning question. Can you tie it lighting fast?
Steven Year ago
How fast we can to put off the shoe laces from the shoe?
Echoes Act 3
Echoes Act 3 10 hours ago
Girl thinks The shoelaces are useless bruh ur equal to that What’s 9+1? 21 kid
Ying-Hsi Chen
Ying-Hsi Chen 2 days ago
What the heck Jamie
TURBOKILLER 30 6 days ago
vat19 before
PETER LUONGO 7 days ago
Before Jamie introduced the shoe laces, I had the same reaction as Erica.
Undead Dragoon
Undead Dragoon 17 days ago
I would’ve brought Markiplier’s tactical shovel.
Roy evangelista
Roy evangelista 23 days ago
I did not know if that was a real show bare n scared u showed that in 2 vedios
Gacha Minecraft
Gacha Minecraft 29 days ago
This should be a real show
juliana culajay
juliana culajay Month ago
I'm like you were being smart
Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara Month ago
When your trying to figure out someone else’s shower ~NAKED AND AFRAID~
yeees yeees
yeees yeees Month ago
Are they actually naked
yoav zafrir
yoav zafrir Month ago
If he didnt have shoes on, why not just bring a lighter? And or real fire starter?
Mazhar Khan
Mazhar Khan Month ago
Liddie Month ago
When you’re walking through the woods and you happen to trip on a piece of flint
Hockey Girl
Hockey Girl Month ago
Imagine if you left them untied and scraped them against metal. Very unlikely but still could happen! Lol 😆
Supernatural gaming
Li Yi
Li Yi Month ago
Did Jamie actually get naked in the shots?? 🤣🤣
drak eye one
drak eye one Month ago
where u really nak
Mr_Garcya Month ago
Shit 😡🤬🤬
Zoey_the_beagle Month ago
Thank God it was jamie frick I just tooted
Itz Victor
Itz Victor Month ago
It would be weird if he is actually naked
Daniel Ciavaglia
stiky\N1GhT Month ago
How to burn a witch: Step 1: take off the rubber caps of the flint shoelaces Step 2: have the witch wear the boots containing the shoelaces Step 3: ??? Step 4: success
KING Adoom
KING Adoom Month ago
How isn’t this demonized
r6zzy Month ago
plot twist: they were having sex in the forest
Gacha Minecraft
Gacha Minecraft Month ago
This should be a real show right!
Doge Boi
Doge Boi Month ago
*accidentally scrapes the edge of a tree* Objective: *S U R V I V E.*
Frozencrozen Month ago
KenDoesThings Month ago
ive seen this video atleast once for the 4 years and i can never get this question out of my mind are they actually naked? if not how are they capturing the "full body"
fishbal s
fishbal s Month ago
Imagine kicking someone with that shoe with the blade pointing out
Rebeka Iskandar
Rebeka Iskandar Month ago
this is so old
Josh0806 Month ago
I would bring vessel
Kenny Moreno
Kenny Moreno Month ago
You should have flint laces some workboots that need lace and when I mean boots I mean the ones that made with leaher goes up you legs a little bite
{-NecroNix_Gaming_ YT-}
Why censoring ?
No stripes Zizzy
“Rustle up some grub” LION KING A-
life box
life box Month ago
Can I shave with the striking plate
Chloe Gacha
Chloe Gacha Month ago
Who else has seen naked and afraid like if you have
Gabriel Nguyen
Gabriel Nguyen 2 months ago
Do they come with the shoes
Clickr 2 months ago
Your poor employer and employees
Ibry K
Ibry K 2 months ago
{gacha Vodka}
{gacha Vodka} 2 months ago
Lmao it's really funny that the guys would have had Boners recording the 2 poeple in the jungle part because they're actually naked
karen branton
karen branton 2 months ago
I can't unsee them naked
Are you naked jamie
Darcy Doherty
Darcy Doherty 2 months ago
Are you really naked
Grimmy 2 months ago
What is the background music PLEASEEEE
derp gaming channel
derp gaming channel 2 months ago
I wish kara was that
Ainsleigh Kennedy-Law
What if it strikes while on your shoe?!?!?!!?
SkaterFox 3 months ago
Can y’all Unblur it
Manuel Zaragoza ayala
terry costley
terry costley 3 months ago
Does it come with the shoes
Lauren Emeraldlord
Lauren Emeraldlord 3 months ago
Wait... r u actually NAKED???
Mia Davis
Mia Davis 3 months ago
Obi-wan Kenobi
Obi-wan Kenobi 3 months ago
It must have been so awkward for Jamie to be squatting there with his privates out
Gabby K.
Gabby K. 3 months ago
I have a bracelet that does this and also has a whistle sooo try to make that
Lilly_xolife :3
Lilly_xolife :3 3 months ago
Why the *$(# are they naked?
GreatPanther - Minecraft
Who else thought that this was gonna be an original series
Wow they weren't lying when they said naked
Cid And Cathy Rodriguez
Imagine his actually naked and everyone saw him I would be like "ummmmmmmmm.....noo"
Shawn Liu
Shawn Liu 3 months ago
It’s still dumb to bring shoelaces for the bare and scared thing. Just bring something that can light a fire and do something else useful.
JOKING HAZARD! 3 months ago
Mmm chicken tendees
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 3 months ago
How to start a school fire without a match
happy happy hog
happy happy hog 3 months ago
Fuck you vat19
Jeffy Huang
Jeffy Huang 3 months ago
Vat 19. Advertising to buy shoe laces while also advertising to not buy shoe laces (Hickies) Clap for them.
Wednesdayz Yt
Wednesdayz Yt 3 months ago
WAIT... so should i buy the hikies or these shoe laces?
Kamden Fisher
Kamden Fisher 3 months ago
Furry_Protecter 3 months ago
Mayonnaise Warrior
Mayonnaise Warrior 3 months ago
I honestly think Bare And Scared could be a good show
Robust_ Tank
Robust_ Tank 4 months ago
Is he actually naked
Robust_ Tank
Robust_ Tank 4 months ago
Wait wait wait
Dazo animation
Dazo animation 4 months ago
(Can't find the rubber cap) Me: Nevermine about it Later Ahhhh I'm on fire!!!!!
Kieran Reed
Kieran Reed 4 months ago
I will never unsee naked squating Jamie
Blunt 4 months ago
0:53 It's called an aglet, people who watch phineas and ferb should know this
JERRY tm 4 months ago
I would watch bare and scared as a series
Takcci 4 months ago
Shoes not included*
Gab 5 months ago
Great! Ima light my school on fire now! Take that Mrs. Arnold
WhiteBlock CC
WhiteBlock CC 5 months ago
I like how the thumbnail timestamp censors perfectly
Spaghetti Bros
Spaghetti Bros 5 months ago
Look at Jamies squatting position. HIS FEET. VADIM I HAVE LOCATED THE WESTERN SPY
Turfy The Turtle
Turfy The Turtle 5 months ago
I disliked
Shrey Shah
Shrey Shah 6 months ago
Who knew aglets could be useful? Phineas and Ferb...duh!
45 packs of powder
45 packs of powder 6 months ago
But vat19 you can start a fire with just normal shoe laces
Joseph L
Joseph L 6 months ago
*BoTlLe OpEnEr??*
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