Barcelona vs Real Madrid (5-0)

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Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid ( Xavi, Pedro, David Villa*2, Jeffren)
Real Madrid were humiliated in the El Clasico on November 29, 2010 as Barcelona thrashed them 5-0 at the Nou Camp. The Spanish Prime Minister had predicted a 4-2 for Barcelona, but the Catalans did even better as they thrashed Los Blancos 5-0.
It was billed as a Messi vs Ronaldo game, and Messi clearly won this one.
Sergio Ramos also got sent off for Real Madrid.


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Oct 14, 2016




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Comments 100
Ranjan Kumar
Ranjan Kumar 3 hours ago
From greatest ever to ruins
Regan Li
Regan Li 10 hours ago
the thing about messi is that he can control the entire game however he wants, literally.
RAYUS FN Day ago
11:1 MADRID gana
Pete Nunn
Pete Nunn Day ago
Pete Nunn
Pete Nunn Day ago
Plz sub
A A Day ago
Both team has good class but why I hate RM and why I love Barca this match is one of the big example to understand.
alphin Santhosh
Barcelona Forever
Feels like yesterday Miss you Barcelona ❤❤😢
David Herrera
Asco Ramos siempre una basura malintencionado
Perhat Orazberdiyev
I hate Real Madrid Garbage Team...
king brezzy
king brezzy 3 days ago
We need our old manger messi isn't good in that position rwf is the right position for him
ekmek ek
ekmek ek 3 days ago
11.35-12.00 very iconic moment
William Sunday
William Sunday 4 days ago
Very interested goal score by messi
nabey shauni
nabey shauni 4 days ago
Doggy tarik tudung
Justin Kantounnou
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well,they lost to luis suarez at Atletico
vaj art
vaj art 4 days ago
Thanks to bayern from the bottom of my heart
alex hebert
alex hebert 5 days ago
Perfect Classico: -Messi scores -Sergio Ramos gets a red card -Ronaldo cries
Dame Guéye
Dame Guéye 5 days ago
Ngaaka. Blinde
Sakk 18
Sakk 18 5 days ago
cr7 noob
zerul x
zerul x 5 days ago
i miss this times..pep vs mourinho and ronaldo vs messi😍
Reza Jamshidi
Reza Jamshidi 5 days ago
I cant even express how much I hate Real Madrid
Uk Shield
Uk Shield 6 days ago
All thanks to those who recommended **22_CRACK** ON INSTAGRAM he
Uk Shield
Uk Shield 6 days ago
All thanks to those who recommended **22_CRACK** ON INSTAGRAM he
Uk Shield
Uk Shield 6 days ago
All thanks to those who recommended **22_CRACK** ON INSTAGRAM he
Uk Shield
Uk Shield 6 days ago
All thanks to those who recommended **22_CRACK** ON INSTAGRAM he
gb__production 6 days ago
jackpot jaky
jackpot jaky 6 days ago
Ronaldo muka kaya bebek berak ...... MESSI 👍👍👍👍👍RONALDO 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Asror Fazilov
Asror Fazilov 7 days ago
barsa number 1
320speed 7 days ago
David Villa is still one of my favourite players ever!
Zidane Azizi
Zidane Azizi 8 days ago
Jord Broad
Jord Broad 9 days ago
36k dislikes, Real Madrid fans haven't forgotten this one ha
Sharul Azuan
Sharul Azuan 9 days ago
NICE VIDEOOO…tq for sharing it, welcome to my channel friends,  #excellent ruvid.net/show-UC2WYkIJ4FQLd2I3R4mmaqvg?view_as=subscriber
Mayank Raj
Mayank Raj 9 days ago
I miss this barca...a lot..☹️
ARL Tv 9 days ago
Subscribe to my Channel
Nafia Moitree
Nafia Moitree 9 days ago
Dislikes are from 😈
I got it
I got it 10 days ago
Barca was the best season
I got it
I got it 10 days ago
Barca has bestest couch madrid has strange couch😤
I got it
I got it 10 days ago
Pay refree barca😭
Eli John
Eli John 10 days ago
Those refs were so bad
Kiki Muharam
Kiki Muharam 10 days ago
This tim a really really special
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 11 days ago
Back when football was meant to be played as football
ob ri
ob ri 11 days ago
Every player on this barca team was on their peak, look xavi look iniesta look messi look puyol etc, compared to barca today even messi rn more or less just like any other great player, not an " alien " anymore, pique meh idk how could he drop that much, but maybe now barca has stegen that in my opinion better than valdes
kamaroway günther
kamaroway günther 12 days ago
barcelona real
Debiprasad Mohapatra
66 million views for a match highlight video.Shows you how iconic performance this was from Barca
Vincy Man
Vincy Man 13 days ago
Pedro is so underrated ppl forget he was playing for the greatest team to ever play the sport n was shinning at that😔
Godfrey Mitti
Godfrey Mitti 12 days ago
Not everyone you like be is underrated. People give Pedro his props just like you do.
Jackson J.louis
Jackson J.louis 13 days ago
Talha Akhtar
Talha Akhtar 13 days ago
After 2 years, same barca got crushed by bayern, 7-0 aggregate.
Talha Akhtar
Talha Akhtar 13 days ago
Spanish team fighting with each other thats the reason they never became succesful after WC10 even with a lot of talent.
arash bahmani
arash bahmani 13 days ago
King 13 days ago
not cool ronaldo, pushing the enemy teams coach
dola amelia
dola amelia 13 days ago
Mantap Messi aku memilihmu Messi
Fawwaz Ardhan
Fawwaz Ardhan 13 days ago
Congrulations 8-2
Maxi Culse
Maxi Culse 14 days ago
Barcelona pou lavi
Vyna Wabou
Vyna Wabou 14 days ago
Liking My Own Comments
Omg 36 k dislikess Look at 36000 people who dont accept defeat even after 5-0!!!!
Yudi Satria
Yudi Satria 14 days ago
di sini saya tau kualitas Dan Kehebatan Lionel Messi 💙
Ferdhy leow
Ferdhy leow 14 days ago
This is the real El clasico😎
Elizabeth Winch
Elizabeth Winch 15 days ago
Feels like yesterday Miss you Barcelona ❤❤❤😔
karasavidis iraklis 1979
Real Madrit never forgat this black day.
Pragyanjli !!
Pragyanjli !! 15 days ago
I have no respect for Sergio after seeing this
Jernisio Soares
Jernisio Soares 15 days ago
sk sk
sk sk 16 days ago
Sean Potter
Sean Potter 17 days ago
getting goosebumps watching this til this day!!
Адилет Кадырбеков
Who's watching this in November 2020 ? I can't believe! Where is our team of champions ?
Алмас Турганбаев
Великая команда Пепа Гвардиолы.
Juan Prevost
Juan Prevost 18 days ago
Manita 🖐
Sabbir Hossain
Sabbir Hossain 19 days ago
miss old barca
Visca Barça
Visca Barça 20 days ago
Que saudades desse Barcelona, metia medo em todos! Hoje em dia virou piada 😢😢😢😢
Ronaldo taeh real madrid jubek
Charan Manish
Charan Manish 22 days ago
Ronald's crying face at 3:41
Heiner Molina Peña
Las peores épocas del Madrid De la mano de Mourinho
King Football
King Football 23 days ago
Who loves football? Subscribe to me, please! I have cool selections on my channel!
Association of Games
Kerry Nichols
Kerry Nichols 24 days ago
Kerry Nichols
Kerry Nichols 24 days ago
Rafik Ben
Rafik Ben 24 days ago
Watching this in 2020 to remember Gold times 😢😢
Armen Hovhannisyan
Armen Hovhannisyan 25 days ago
Real Madrid👈😴😴😴😴
aditya menon
aditya menon 25 days ago
Kucing Roemahan
Kucing Roemahan 26 days ago
Pique now hand 8 8 8
Kucing Roemahan
Kucing Roemahan 26 days ago
Sarchie 26 days ago
Ramos very nearly prevented football history from taking its course.. that ‘tackle’ could’ve easily broken Messi’s leg
FnDxstroy 26 days ago
Vegetto Tv
Vegetto Tv 27 days ago
*Los Madridistas reportarán este video para que lo elimine RUvid*
yarsa Zuzza
yarsa Zuzza 27 days ago
those were the days 🤗🤗
Fxnesse 27 days ago
Jakub Janicki
Jakub Janicki 27 days ago
The biggest diif between ronaldo and messi fans. Messi fans say how Messi is great and ronaldo fans how messi is bad .
LNB Gaming
LNB Gaming 28 days ago
Who’s here now That Bartomeu is out.
G0ThAM CiTY FC 28 days ago
35k dislikes from salty Madrid fans🤣
chisco 29 days ago
Who’s here after we beat Juve
Jehnderson Manuel Mego Inocente
Soy el único que va comentar en español arriba Barça 🤩
Sport Plus
Sport Plus 29 days ago
Ramos Kickin Reguillon: 2018 ruvid.net/video/video-4v7tELGarFE.html
Kebede Hadgu
Kebede Hadgu 29 days ago
Rian Boy
Rian Boy 29 days ago
lone survivor
lone survivor 29 days ago
I thought rape video was not allowed in RUvid!!!
Unknown Man
Unknown Man 27 days ago
Tavor Herz
Tavor Herz Month ago
Jean LM
Jean LM 27 days ago
2-6 5-0 0-4
Soyot Amin
Soyot Amin Month ago
Ramos fuck playing
Rudi Hartono
Rudi Hartono Month ago
Assalamualaikum alhamdulilah fens like barca is the best thank.
naruto uz
naruto uz Month ago
Diego Carmona Bermejo
Who else came here to relive the good all days instead of the mess we are right now #valverdeout
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