Barbara Castle - EEC Referendum (1975) - Oxford Union Debate

Richard Johnson
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Scenes from the 1975 Oxford Union referendum debate on the European Economic Community. Labour's Barbara Castle argues for Brexit against pro-EEC Liberal Jeremy Thorpe and Conservative Ted Heath.

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May 24, 2016




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Nigel Barrett
Nigel Barrett 5 months ago
Goodness you should remember how poor off the working class was in 1972 compared to 2020 despite the gig economy- no doubt some will remember their folks couldn,t even afford a car let alone bottle of wine as it was a luxury in 1970 and time will tell if brexit will be the economic disaster for the working ordinary folks and those on benefits plus poorer off pensioners after 2020.
Nigel Barrett
Nigel Barrett 5 months ago
Rumor had it Ted Heath was paid 1.5 million pounds to get Britain join the EEC.
Nigel Barrett
Nigel Barrett 5 months ago
Labour,s ante joining the EEC orchestrated by the noble defender of the workers and promoting British industry,Tony Benn, was much to do with fear of dilution of trade union power-remember 1974 the miners were strong enough to bring down a Tory Government but not all Labour mp,s were ante the EEC.
Geoff Brooks
Geoff Brooks Year ago
And now pygmies like Boothroyd are revered instead of giants like Castle.
Clayton Wiffen
Why today's (Metrolib) Left embrace the EU, I will NEVER understand.
Aphrodite Blighty
Brilliant. Barbara I wish you could come back and get this traitor out who calls herself PM along with the cabal.
TheDamiandemos 4 years ago
It's before my time, but I have heard that many people say they voted to stay out of the EEC and that there couldn't have been the majority vote to enter the EEC as reported. Simply put, I have heard that it was rigged.I'm not claiming to have proof of this, I'm only offering it up as a talking point.Fast forward forty years and IMHO the Brexit vote was rigged. They weren't game to rig it by more than a couple of percent, but they rigged it to be very narrow so as to encourage calls for a re-do or perhaps to ignore the results.
Brian Delaney
Brian Delaney 4 years ago
Loved Barbara Castle !
Paul Ralph
Paul Ralph 4 years ago
I saw the full 1975 debate on BBC Parliament the other day - amazing how the Remain side is still using the same scare tactics and FEAR factor as all those years ago. There was also a clip of , I think, Peter Shore, talking about the project FEAR of 1975 on radio 4 the other day, in the same debate. In the debate, Barbara was a fearless and spirited internationalist, arguing passionately against the small minded and discriminatory European Community. She railed against the mocking arrogance of the Oxford Union, which failed to grasp her message,,,, the vote was lost by 6:1. By the way, the Oxford president of the day was also on Radio 4, briefly, and it will come as no surpass that he has now changed sides (firmly for Brexit).
Andrew Wells
Andrew Wells 4 years ago
Does anyone have a link to the full debate?
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