[BANGTAN BOMB] Last day of 'Boy With Luv' stage @ 2019 슈퍼콘서트 - BTS (방탄소년단)

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Sep 16, 2019




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Comments 80
Andreea Valentyna
Andreea Valentyna 8 hours ago
Does anyone have any idea what book is RM reading? 3:11
Karina Reyes
Karina Reyes Day ago
Mis amores 💜💜💜💜
Nardia Ng
Nardia Ng Day ago
At 3:14 Namjoon looked like an absolute child, it’s adorable💜💜💜
gescyka goncalves
Tell me where you see ugliness in Hoseok? He's beautiful. Look at the perfection of this very beautiful man. Namjoon is also a beautiful man! 😍😽💞💞
kim Mooney kim Mooney
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵L'ove BTS 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sohana Haque
Sohana Haque 4 days ago
3:22 Did anyone else notice Jk's muscles?
Алексей Шабалин
Есть кто рускийй?
Sabina Kasymhan
Sabina Kasymhan 5 days ago
Jhhhhhhhoooppppppppeeee ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Rec room idiot Lol
•태 태• عاشقة
احلى شيء نص الليل😭
Md Abdul Qaiyum
Md Abdul Qaiyum 6 days ago
I really missed boy with luv concert
최빠방 8 days ago
항상 이 영상보면서 느끼지만 왜 광주에 사는데 이 콘서트 가지 못 했을까....인생최대 후회...
Heba Mohamed
Heba Mohamed 10 days ago
انا بحبهم جدا دول عندهم اكثر من20 مليون مشترك
Sara Bibi
Sara Bibi 10 days ago
1:59 i can littrally feel the pain jimmin😣
Wifa Agusra
Wifa Agusra 12 days ago
Utututu cayang 💜
Triani Tok
Triani Tok 12 days ago
Love Jungkook dan seokjin💖💝❤️😍
Nur Zaelani12345
Nur Zaelani12345 13 days ago
Sains dan Liffi
Sains dan Liffi 16 days ago
Rosa mercedes Espinal morales
Jimin Hola
mimran estelle
mimran estelle 18 days ago
Jimin a l'air de souffrir. D'ailleurs il boite
nada cantekk
nada cantekk 18 days ago
Ganteng banget jir😩😩
Esperanza Suárez Rodríguez
こんにちは良い夜私は女の子です。 Fa
mshofie 1234
mshofie 1234 19 days ago
persona nongrata
persona nongrata 19 days ago
love youuu~~~~
sofyan gerard
sofyan gerard 19 days ago
Says orang
aliyah 19 days ago
what is hoseok eating??
jungkook camila
jungkook camila 20 days ago
Jimin estaba muerto de frio
Janice Vu
Janice Vu 21 day ago
1:41 from his walk feels like he's in pain his knee hurt so much that time
동구래미 21 day ago
Aku sungguh mencintai mereka bertujuh Fighting oppa Stay safe and stay health
Ismy Ismy
Ismy Ismy 22 days ago
Ellaine Kate Sanchez
That 3:48 to 3:56 Jhope smile is so cute..
Sirilak Thopwong
Sirilak Thopwong 27 days ago
Jimin just woke up and Jungkook is “battery FULL”
🤍 28 days ago
하,, 정말 이때 애들 머리 넘 이쁘다 헤메님들 돌아와 ㅠㅠ
Azzahra haula
Azzahra haula 29 days ago
jimin jhope I LOVE 😚😍💖
Adha Yudistira
Adha Yudistira 29 days ago
Covid 19
Hendry Chandra
Hendry Chandra Month ago
Why bts wearing a masker
A In
A In 23 days ago
In Korea, masks are part of fashion. Celebrities use masks for various purposes. 한국에서 마스크는 패션의 일부분이다. 연예인들은 여러가지 용도로 마스크를 사용한다.
Tin Mulyadi
Tin Mulyadi Month ago
Amelia Lucero
Amelia Lucero Month ago
Quiero que vengan a mi país Ecuador
Amelia Lucero
Amelia Lucero Month ago
Los amooo Saludos desde Ecuador espero que vengan algún día esa fe no se me pierde Lo amo 💜💜
vantiny Month ago
¿Te imaginas tener a Namjoon de novio? Re intelectual, guapo, lee, pfff I need.
Leslie Puc
Leslie Puc Month ago
Like si cantaste la música de fondo jajaj
Thùy Trang
Thùy Trang Month ago
Oppa ăn cute lắm luôn
Consuelo Brown
Consuelo Brown Month ago
Be careful Jiminnie 🥺💜
Rodelyn K JK BTS Euphoria
Jungkook; jacket at the Back....SUPER MAMA💞💞💞💞💞💞....
Cons lima
Cons lima Month ago
look the 0:08
Полина Брылякова
Чимин заболел что ли
Ha Anh Le
Ha Anh Le Month ago
0:24 - 0:35 literally my death sentence
Motallib Khan
Motallib Khan Month ago
I love this song very much.👍👌👌👌..(boy with luv). Love from india😁😊😊😊
박혜인 Month ago
이걸 쌩눈으로 본 내 인생이 레전드
문승미 Month ago
Ivy Butterfly.
Ivy Butterfly. Month ago
BTS o the armys of Brazil (B-Armys) love you very much kisses and hugs from Brazil 😍😗❤😘
Vanessa Gutierrez
Mis hermosos los amooo sepan k no hay distancia k nos separe Corea dl Sur y a mi pais Ecuador yo los amo los admiro y respeto BTS BTS BTS💕🇪🇨
JUAN 2.0
JUAN 2.0 Month ago
v is the best I want you to ever come to Argentina to speak Spanish
Ilma Mendes
Ilma Mendes Month ago
Vocês sabe o que ta acroteceno que jimin
عالم bts عالمBLACK PINK
Jimin Stan
Jimin Stan Month ago
Jimin, it looks sad,😥 I'll take care of you my angel 💜😇 Jungkook looks to Jimin full of love😍
Johanna Rosales
Johanna Rosales Month ago
Guapos preciosos lindo hermoso los amos 💗💗
Allison Chang
Allison Chang Month ago
Well most of them
Allison Chang
Allison Chang Month ago
Why are they all wearing masks
A In
A In 23 days ago
In Korea, masks are part of fashion. Celebrities use masks for various purposes. 한국에서 마스크는 패션의 일부분이다. 연예인들은 여러가지 용도로 마스크를 사용한다.
opsiiee lyrics
opsiiee lyrics Month ago
Jungkkok with black hair with pink shirt hits different
Esperanza Mora
Esperanza Mora Month ago
Say Borlongan
Say Borlongan Month ago
They look so tired😭
zen nin
zen nin Month ago
0:27 can i do that for you 😆😆
BTS fofwa
BTS fofwa Month ago
Love jimim por mim mama e io
dola mahmuda
dola mahmuda Month ago
EU LY Month ago
Lo que come Hoseok es algo como helado frito con crema..!? 💜
Itzel Segundo
Itzel Segundo Month ago
Tiziana Carbajal candiotti
Los amo 😍😘😙❤💙💙💙💙💙💙
Ot7 Bangtanuwu
Ot7 Bangtanuwu Month ago
*trying my best not to look down.* ugghhh 💦
rock bison
rock bison Month ago
No one: Literally no one: Not even the bighit staff: Not even the camera director: Namjoon: aNoThA oNE
문지유 Month ago
이번엔 슈가,뷔의 출생지! 대구에서하구...내가 대구시림이여서서 실물영접 할려니 코.로.나....집이랑도 급나 가끼운댐... 나중에 히면 가야겠군...
Deepthi Markose
Deepthi Markose Month ago
Therapist: Tell me some of the things that gets you all depressed. Me: Korean (auto-genereated)
Executioner 123
Executioner 123 Month ago
JungKook so handsome ❤️💜
Ain Kramah
Ain Kramah Month ago
0:39 wait wth did the staff just tight in rm shirt..wahh lucky😂
Маргош Бамболби
I love Namjoon💖💖💖
Stephaine Badio
Stephaine Badio Month ago
Mi amor
Angie Month ago
what book is rm reading?🤔
MQLQK الوردة
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