Bald Eagle Walking

Timm Martin
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Bald eagle walking on the beach at Anchor Point on the Cook Inlet and Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. The eagle was enjoying a fish snack when a tractor drove by and scared him away. The seagulls immediately swooped in to munch on the eagle's snack, but they flew away as soon as the eagle returned. More at www.npexp.com/cook-inlet/ licensing@rumble

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Jan 6, 2013




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Gabriel Robert
Gabriel Robert 8 minutes ago
Comings through, coming through. MURRICA!
paws 15 minutes ago
He looks so B U F F E D
Dray 17 minutes ago
walking putin vibes
eaglerocks123 41 minute ago
Hey look a Bird showing us what its ancestors did 66 million years ago
Aurelio Sandoval Ruiz
Aurelio Sandoval Ruiz 51 minute ago
I cant be the only one thinking how majestic this bird is
Really____ H2O
Really____ H2O 57 minutes ago
Thats me Walking for the first time after quarantine
Boo 58 minutes ago
Everybody is gangsta until the bald eagle starts walking.
Dark Star King
“When I grow up, I want to be a seagull!”
Ian Helm
Ian Helm Hour ago
When ya walkin'
exing.57 2 hours ago
He do be vibing tho
Gold Gaming
Gold Gaming 2 hours ago
*Walks in democracy*
Mingmar Lama
Mingmar Lama 2 hours ago
it just feels so weird seeing them walking... i prefer them flying and resting on trees all the time..
Ethan Productions
Ethan Productions 3 hours ago
Hello sir, have you had your full serving of freedom today?
teno_drew 3 hours ago
What is he eating? Looks like Freedom.
The gamer On steam
The gamer On steam 3 hours ago
peek merica
Just_a_Guy 3 hours ago
Bald Eagle: **Walks** 6mil people: *Interesting*
Zeke the atom cat
Zeke the atom cat 3 hours ago
Seagulls: doing nothing Eagle: knock knock it’s the United States
Cookie Of Chaos
Cookie Of Chaos 4 hours ago
He looks like he is wearing pants while the others wear shorts...
Zen 4 hours ago
I know he's got no hair, but that's normal for bird, it's got feathers please don't bully it.
Doggo /friend
Doggo /friend 5 hours ago
Somebody better wide putin this
Can You Xie Me
Can You Xie Me 5 hours ago
Me: 0:08 *me trying to sneak and get food at 3 am without making any noise*
Daniel Larmour
Daniel Larmour 5 hours ago
Perhaps he wants to eat a seagull
Batatinha :3
Batatinha :3 6 hours ago
Bald eagles aren't bald
TheRandomDireWolf 777
It's so majestic and to think, this is how dinosaurs walked as well.
TheRandomDireWolf 777
@Agente Polaris I mean, most likely, many feathered Dinosaurs have been found, mainly in China, they even think when they pinned prey down, they flapped their wings to balance them selves like modern birds do, they would walk similarly, but not completely the same as eagles are built for flying and normal standing, kinda like Microraptor, since it didn't walk on the ground much, but instead climbed and glided so it's feet were not as designed for walking, so if it was chased by an animal on the ground, it's doomed, most likely eaten by sinornithosaurus or any other carnivore at the time.
Agente Polaris
Agente Polaris 4 hours ago
Close but not exactly
fshn4x4 6 hours ago
Am I the only one who hears Bad To the Bone as he/she struts? "Bad to the bone! Buh-buh-buh baaaaad!"
theAnt 0n
theAnt 0n 6 hours ago
I think this video with the music from wide Putin walking would be great!
Somebody 7 hours ago
I thought this was gonna be a Putin walking meme.
Kyle Anthony
Kyle Anthony 7 hours ago
Bruh moment am I right guys
Orangeforever 7 hours ago
He’s like: ima getchu u lil sea chickens
partan dorou
partan dorou 7 hours ago
lustrous lamb
lustrous lamb 7 hours ago
Someone edit this to make the wide walking meme
Asemy 8 hours ago
When you walking
Pamela Perez
Pamela Perez 8 hours ago
Big “I’m just gonna squeeze through here” energy 😂
Syam Ahmad
Syam Ahmad 8 hours ago
Shhh... Im walking.. dont make sound
MR. X 8 hours ago
Let him vibe
Yours_Truely 9 hours ago
How come he kinda reminds me of how The grinch walked sneaking to take the presents..
Biggie Boi
Biggie Boi 9 hours ago
Video of a bald eagle walking: exists 5.9 million people: *INTERESTING*
The Grey Crusader
The Grey Crusader 10 hours ago
He walks with such authority.
Marvelous1 10 hours ago
Who want some of deebo ahahha
Dj- Neon
Dj- Neon 10 hours ago
W I D E Eagle walking
Jacob Bishopp
Jacob Bishopp 11 hours ago
A prime example of just how closely related to dinosaurs these guys are
Pizza Sub
Pizza Sub 11 hours ago
wide eagle
Six 11 hours ago
“Psst.. hey - you.. yea you.. seagul.. wanna buy some WoRmZ?”
David Avila
David Avila 11 hours ago
That fucking walk....damn,
Brave Lil' Toasty 1273
"Smells like Bitch in here."
jeekipro the greatness
he lus qt
Jasper Wilde
Jasper Wilde 11 hours ago
it walks like i do when i steal a snack from the kitchen
-Aurora- 12 hours ago
We need a “Wide” Eagle video
Patriotic Constitutionalist
Nobody wanted to fight over the fish?
D1ckHead Hunter
D1ckHead Hunter 12 hours ago
What a beautiful chicken
the savage rat monkey
My favorite eagle
yepisuredolikecats 13 hours ago
he do a little hoppity
Gabe Garvin
Gabe Garvin 13 hours ago
It looks so silly when it’s walking. But that’s nature for you. Birds are beautiful fliers though when we see them walk they always do silly things with there legs and feet.
DeLaPrd 13 hours ago
He realized that he can just walk up to his prey without scaring it, but then didn't know how to attack...
Porheng Kheam
Porheng Kheam 13 hours ago
After watching the video, I've reached a conclusion. That boy is infact walking.
Bronze Felix
Bronze Felix 13 hours ago
Acrid Moon
Acrid Moon 14 hours ago
I don’t remember putting this in my liked videos but i know its going to be good because of it
Shafran Crocus
Shafran Crocus 14 hours ago
"Ima bird motherfu**r Ima bird..."
krx xx
krx xx 14 hours ago
he really do be walkin' doe
Jishnu the Vlandian Banner Knight
Eagle: *looks down* Eagle: Oh look, I have legs Eagle: *proceeds to walk*
【 j a m i e 】
【 j a m i e 】 14 hours ago
**Song for Denise starts playing**
Fierro Mapuche
Fierro Mapuche 15 hours ago
You are aproaching me!!!?
Yusuf hussein
Yusuf hussein 15 hours ago
Eagle: Hello peasants. Just came down to see what poverty feels like.
K K 15 hours ago
The Chad Freedom stride.
Amy Sarah Ace
Amy Sarah Ace 15 hours ago
I imagine this eagle has the Allstate voice while sounding like a cowboy
Crismemos 15 hours ago
Wide eagle walking
2 Pickles and Dish soap
NGL I expected song for denise (wide putin song) to play throughout the video
America f### yah Sqwaaaa
Soundwave superior
Soundwave superior 15 hours ago
Can we make this the new Putin walking?
Sparky 16 hours ago
it needs the wide putin music
Vitor Sousa
Vitor Sousa 16 hours ago
Now we need the WIDE eagle walking
Rengar Main
Rengar Main 16 hours ago
*putin walk intensefies
Bruh mode
Bruh mode 16 hours ago
Make him wide
lorenz zarraga
lorenz zarraga 16 hours ago
Thug life walking like a boss😂😂
Carime's lockdowned tree
I was waiting for Wide Putin Music to start playing
boss 17 hours ago
This is where the raptors went
Mazin Ajaz
Mazin Ajaz 17 hours ago
This guy dropped his AirPods while flying and is now searching for them
Mazin Ajaz
Mazin Ajaz 16 hours ago
Swami Coupet just go with the joke dude....
Swami Coupet
Swami Coupet 16 hours ago
Aorpods didn't exist 7 years ago.
Pteri Dixon
Pteri Dixon 17 hours ago
"This place doesn't smell liberated enough."
DeLaPrd 13 hours ago
"WTF, only one bird of color?! SCREEEEEE!"
Mir Sayef Ali
Mir Sayef Ali 17 hours ago
*Eagle* *walking* Other birds: Aight Imma head out.
Cleverer Heart95
Cleverer Heart95 18 hours ago
Move ova ya fookin noobs!
Без имени
Без имени 18 hours ago
"Hey hey hey seaguls come here. seems you got oil? want me to introduce democracy?"
KenzieM 18 hours ago
He’s wearing pants. Iggles have pants.
JahJah 18 hours ago
*W I D E* Eagle walking.
Solus 18 hours ago
Moves just like a velociraptor.
sepulchur 13
sepulchur 13 18 hours ago
I want to see this creature 100x bigger.
Thùy Trinh Trịnh
Thùy Trinh Trịnh 19 hours ago
Lol look like wide putin walking style
Naveen Krishnasamy
Naveen Krishnasamy 20 hours ago
Disappointed this wasn't a 'WidePutin' type of video. It would be the perfect, American response. EDIT: It just popped up in my recommended before I realised it was 7 years old. How about an updated version?
invinciblemic 20 hours ago
He do be walkin tho. NGL
!? 20 hours ago
Living the vibe
Neckhorse 20 hours ago
ǰąɲƹŁŁƹ ɦɨŁŁɨąřȡ -
Looks like a hoodie crab walking
Blake Kucera
Blake Kucera 21 hour ago
flying.exe has stopped working
Codyiguess 21 hour ago
Somone put the spongebob walking sound effect over his footsteps pls
Anggara Gustika
Anggara Gustika 21 hour ago
The playable character trying to blend in in the corwd
T K 22 hours ago
That's me walking on the beach, oh ouch chit uuuu ahh eee ouch..Damn these rocks are hot!
JooJ TDP 22 hours ago
He's striding
NOVA 229
NOVA 229 22 hours ago
he looks like a creepy old seagull with a trenchcoat
BearPuff 22 hours ago
The mighty eagle: graceful in the sky, not so much on land.
Phil_Rock [PHLPPRCK]
I love how sinister it looks. But the way it walks is just to cute.
mike epps
mike epps 23 hours ago
Thats wants to watch but knows its rude to 0:38
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