Bald Eagle Walking

Timm Martin
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Bald eagle walking on the beach at Anchor Point on the Cook Inlet and Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. The eagle was enjoying a fish snack when a tractor drove by and scared him away. The seagulls immediately swooped in to munch on the eagle's snack, but they flew away as soon as the eagle returned. More at www.npexp.com/cook-inlet/ licensing@rumble

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Jan 7, 2013




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Comments 6 916
A Tem
A Tem 6 minutes ago
nice pants
JoolianV 3 hours ago
I often imagine what a T. rex might look like walking among smaller predators around a carcass.
badgerryan 15
badgerryan 15 12 hours ago
Majestic beast
Dark Espinoza
Dark Espinoza 14 hours ago
It walks like the last boss in the games you play
Aurumaker72 15 hours ago
Oh lawd he comin
hum bug
hum bug 21 hour ago
Easy to imagine a T-Rex walking like that.
BeAmazed 23 hours ago
Eagle be like: hunting?? Noo imma buy food from McDonald's
筋肉 Day ago
环奈Sama Day ago
America's national bird looks like a walking chicken 😂
The Paypol
The Paypol Day ago
The seagulls were paid actors.
BellCross Wolfstein
Title should be *Freedom Walking*
rottenburglore :v
Nobody: Seriously noboby: *USA giving FREEDOOM*:0:34
Cobra Filez
Cobra Filez 2 days ago
How do eagles taste
🇺🇸 walking
Cyber Doomgirl
Cyber Doomgirl 2 days ago
Miss eagle... You are beautiful.
Leonidas Escanor
Leonidas Escanor 2 days ago
When flying became too mainstream.
hh hh
hh hh 2 days ago
tmlen845 3 days ago
nice feet
XiasIV 3 days ago
When you walking
17 AC
17 AC 3 days ago
American foreign policy in a nutshell
The CIA 4 days ago
🇺🇸 *_A M E R I C A N S W A G_* 🇺🇸
Johnny Gonzalez
Johnny Gonzalez 4 days ago
Fully evolved pokemon returning to where he was caught at level 1
ThisGuy 4 days ago
when there is no oil
Blake Muffoletto
Blake Muffoletto 4 days ago
Hes schlatt walking
"don't mind me. Just patrolling and protecting the land from commies"
Lizy Cole
Lizy Cole 5 days ago
"You can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a freedom bird, no time to talk."
Santi Cheeks
Santi Cheeks 5 days ago
Why do birds always look mad all the time
Storm 4 days ago
Born this way
Alpha 6 days ago
Looks like smurfing in noobies
Mid Art
Mid Art 6 days ago
When Usain bolt walks
Papa Kim
Papa Kim 7 days ago
All I can see is FREEDOM
This Guy
This Guy 7 days ago
Look at this freedom boi walking.
Valiantcat7780 7 days ago
BIG PUMA 7 days ago
Damn, look at the way the larger second talons stick up a bit. Kind of like...a...raptor? 😏
BIG PUMA 3 hours ago
JoolianV No, they’re turtles
JoolianV 3 hours ago
BIG PUMA they are raptors
Matt H
Matt H 8 days ago
Seagulls: _chilling on some rocks_ Eagle: Nice place, nigga
Helene Audrey
Helene Audrey 8 days ago
Birds be like: *hey*
Kshitiz Garv
Kshitiz Garv 8 days ago
0:09-0:11 Someone make this into a GIF
Vaisal Free
Vaisal Free 9 days ago
King bird 💪💪👑👑
Storm 4 days ago
Bad bald ass
Capture With Hasan
How is someone with so much hair is bald...
Spooky Frank
Spooky Frank 10 days ago
Me trying to socialize be like
fearx 5
fearx 5 11 days ago
Tamal Ghosh
Tamal Ghosh 11 days ago
He looks like the invigilator in exam hall
さかなちゃん 12 days ago
Kittytoy Neko
Kittytoy Neko 13 days ago
My cat walks like that. Hmm
RPGhost 1776
RPGhost 1776 14 days ago
"I met the CEO of Freedom today, seems like a cool dude"
;;Sтυριd Kyle
;;Sтυριd Kyle 14 days ago
Todas esas aves son noobs
Mr. Gadget
Mr. Gadget 14 days ago
Everybody is a boss until the real boss arrives
Kaloqn Milanov
Kaloqn Milanov 14 days ago
Looking for communist seagulls!
Arch Blas
Arch Blas 14 days ago
The teacher during exam
Doominator -117
Doominator -117 15 days ago
Don't mind him, he's just checking how the FREEDOM is going.
Hockey Frapps
Hockey Frapps 15 days ago
Crow: enjoying fish Eagle: I’m gonna end this mans whole career
TheDaeva 15 days ago
Nice F-35 Lightning II you got there.
Jeremy Sullivan
Jeremy Sullivan 15 days ago
me on my way downstairs looking for BEANS
Musa Agrest
Musa Agrest 15 days ago
Haha cute
Faris Ko
Faris Ko 15 days ago
I want buy one
UTEYBE 16 days ago
Selamun Alleykum It is not walking but dancing
Christopher Cohen
Christopher Cohen 16 days ago
Dude the seagulls were like “oh god here comes this guy lets blow this popsicle stand” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 oh my god
Kenjamarticus 368
Kenjamarticus 368 17 days ago
A l p h a s t a n c e
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