Baking a Cake with TEA (no nail polish)

Simply Nailogical
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Oct 19, 2019




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Comments 80
Harper Holloway
Harper Holloway 4 hours ago
Craftealady 06
Craftealady 06 5 hours ago
No 30 year old: Ben: mY BAcK
Haillee Langston-Nolze
Ben should make some tutorial for baking
Crazy Girl
Crazy Girl 3 hours ago
Yeah he really should
Masyn Endy
Masyn Endy 7 hours ago
Omg! Ur bday is a day b4 mine! Just a few years off...mine is october 18 2006
tabitha marie
tabitha marie 9 hours ago
alternate title: ben being done with cristine for 17:54
Lars Oosterhof
Lars Oosterhof 17 hours ago
3:05 “David will laugh at you”, best quote ever!
Aesthetic Yeonbin
Aesthetic Yeonbin 22 hours ago
Honestly Ben could be a good Jeffree Star :>
Sadie Mason
Sadie Mason Day ago
Aston Martin Girl
Is it just me or does hef kitchen kinda look like Safiyas ?
Natasha Heslop
Such hungry. What time is it?
Star Butler xx
Me sat here making a cake too because of quarantine 👁👄👁
Christina Mercadante
12:44 killed me.
Bianca Acevedoビアンカ
Ben act super professional cristine. interrupts his resepie xD.
casij22745 Day ago
Wow that looks really really GOOD!!!!! Great job Ben! I definitely want to try this!!!
Maddie Bells
Maddie Bells Day ago
It’s a birthday partea
Andrea 2 days ago
To be honest though, i don’t think a tea turkey would be bad if done right with the correct ingredients
Sheyla Brito
Sheyla Brito 2 days ago
What is she 30 or 31 years old
dreadthedays says
** Ben has been out of his shell for a while ** Ben comments #1 on 90% of SN Vids... #
Lilly Pacx
Lilly Pacx 2 days ago
at 2:20 I was like wait... SHE'S A CRYBABY!?!??!
Eclipse Fall
Eclipse Fall 2 days ago
My friend recommended you because she said: Your both crackheads and both teaheads 😂😂😂
Co0kies :〉
Co0kies :〉 2 days ago
The new title: Baking With My Crazy Girlfriend That’s Trying To Kill Me
Azu Mii
Azu Mii 3 days ago
If my future man isn't like Ben, I'll die alone with 7 cats.
_N_Kings_Gaming _
Ruby Neal
Ruby Neal 3 days ago
'and now i must eat the wHoLe cAkE.'
Melayna M
Melayna M 3 days ago
Well thanks for the loot bag Christine...? lol 😂 seriously though happy birthday Christine love you Sorry had to edit because I can’t spell
Melayna M
Melayna M 9 hours ago
Ozzy, Honey and me!
Cristine with no H
Regina Mertens
Regina Mertens 3 days ago
kitkat 101
kitkat 101 3 days ago
oh yes ben!!! ben is a MAN who can cook and work!!! he loves her so muchh! its so cute!! 🥴
Lea Lodahl-Holmer
17:25 Cristine: So don’t forget to use my code simply Subtitles: So DOn’t foRgET tO USe My cOaCh sIMpLy wHEn yoU ARe gAY.
Jaden Stewart
Jaden Stewart 3 days ago
It's nice they don't have to get married to show there love 👩‍❤️‍👨💐😽
Ozzy, Honey and me!
Madina Ahmadzai
Madina Ahmadzai 3 days ago
Christene:*gets a sponsor* Also Christene:*makes fun of the name* XD
Ozzy, Honey and me!
Christene? You Mean Cristine
Lydia Danielle
Lydia Danielle 4 days ago
Ben: Bend and snap Me: heh i get it
Kate Archclaw
Kate Archclaw 4 days ago
Oof I was eating cake while watching xD
Random Pegasister
Ben should open a bakery
Nora Lovasen
Nora Lovasen 4 days ago
Did They say bag of milk?
Cute Mirea
Cute Mirea 4 days ago
You know i think ben needs to propose to cristine they been bf and gf for a long time now
Jynxime 2 days ago
They don’t want to get married tho
Pepe the Pig
Pepe the Pig 4 days ago
I think it is so fun how they are so goofy together,and ben said a bag of milk 😂
Ozzy, Honey and me!
Canada has bags of milk, so does England
Ileana Lupu
Ileana Lupu 4 days ago
That wasn't a teaspoon that was a whole bowl. Cristine is the funniest ever
Andrea Skerl
Andrea Skerl 4 days ago
wait wtf is up with ben’s hair
I like snails UwU
2kids 4 days ago
Ben should have a cooking channel.
Lia DeGennaro
Lia DeGennaro 5 days ago
Grace Cadd
Grace Cadd 5 days ago
Why isn't she simply tea logical it would make so much more sense
Rauha Honkanen
Rauha Honkanen 5 days ago
I call this pracTEAce I'll leave now
Alisha Eapen
Alisha Eapen 5 days ago
Christine: can i lick this Ben: No Christine: does it anyway love your videos you both always make me laugh i love how many times Ben said no to Christine in this video
Enas Saad Saad
Enas Saad Saad 5 days ago
You are Really cute
Jennifer Gilchrist
"where do you want it?" "In my mouth." 👀
HeyItsShay 5 days ago
@simplybakelogical or @simplybenlogical
Sunny Faith
Sunny Faith 5 days ago
Mom what do you think?
Rachel Niederhoffer
Ok I know this isn't the content you normally make but I would not be mad if there were more baking videos on this channel because this shit is HILARIOUS
Amy Berggren
Amy Berggren 6 days ago
BEN good chef Christine funny Tea Loving and halo loving buteful person😊
Amy Berggren
Amy Berggren 3 days ago
Ozzy, Honey and me! I don’t care
Ozzy, Honey and me!
There's no H in Cristine
Ebony Lambert
Ebony Lambert 6 days ago
Currently rewatching this for the 5th time with a big cup of tea. This is bliss 😊😊
bailee Mcdonald
bailee Mcdonald 6 days ago
Can we just appreciate qween cristine making a Melanie martinez referance!
Alice Lima
Alice Lima 6 days ago
169,609 ooooooh the likes are puurrrfect
* Victoria *
* Victoria * 6 days ago
Little did she know she would get many months of just her and ben...
Kattlover 2261
Kattlover 2261 6 days ago
Sophie Sherbanenko
“My back” I felt that 😞 Seriously I need help
Camryn Hartley
Camryn Hartley 6 days ago
At minute 4:32 beyyn died rip
0April Jay0
0April Jay0 6 days ago
It has 169k likes
Lexi Runyan
Lexi Runyan 6 days ago
Lexi Runyan
Lexi Runyan 6 days ago
Cris: "you don't need to measure its just a lie of life" Also Cris: "don't over heat the tea or you'll burn it"
Rose Thorn
Rose Thorn 6 days ago
I think beyn should either create a new cooking channel or post more cooking videos on his already existing one. He is actually a good chef tho 😂
Thomas Pugh
Thomas Pugh 6 days ago
Wait! 17:03 Ben says that's "Ocake" and NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT
Jacqui Collins
Jacqui Collins 7 days ago
12:58 am I the only one who died from his dancing
DMroj0 7 days ago
thank you cristine for introducing me to david in late 2017. i have too much. help me.
Hideki 7 days ago
simply is a definition of chaotic evil.
Snowy Gacha Girl
Snowy Gacha Girl 7 days ago
Christine: +peels parchment paper+ Me: ThErEs yA pEeL pR0N
lqajlax 23
lqajlax 23 7 days ago
I feel kinda weird because she didn't say bake that shit for an hour, to make it a reference to bake that shit for a minute
Lachlan Wintour
Lachlan Wintour 7 days ago
Happy birthday parTEA!
Turtle 7 days ago
Lauren Dunkelberger
So like anytime i drink tea (i only drink like one cup prob once or twice a month) but i have to pee a LOT, like gallons but with cristine drinking tea everyday who knows how many times a day, does she pee a lot? 😂😂
Elise Schoenwald
Elise Schoenwald 7 days ago
Ben...pls give me that recipe.I really want to try it out.Also please tell Cristine that I LOVE her vids.
Wow Idk
Wow Idk 8 days ago
0:03 ....did they bleep the word sh*t? They say it all of the time.... Am I hearing things? Am I going crazy? WHAT HAS QUARENTINE DONE TO ME?!??! im so confused someone please help
I Am Truly Greg
I Am Truly Greg 8 days ago
What was the song she used when she was cutting the cake?
Rainboo Beagle
Rainboo Beagle 8 days ago
this is too real. omg cristine. you should bake a cookie with TEA in it!!
Quinn Payne
Quinn Payne 8 days ago
the first commercial is about dieting for me
Poorva Kasture
Poorva Kasture 8 days ago
She finally got that sponsorship she wanted
giulia eleonora
giulia eleonora 8 days ago
2:20 is it a melanie martinez reference?
Ella Moratiel
Ella Moratiel 8 days ago
Ben: And we’re adding.... Me: ...nail vinyls next?
Sofi Cox
Sofi Cox 8 days ago
Timberlyn Miles
Timberlyn Miles 8 days ago
I really don't intend this as shade but isn't it just marvelous that Beyyyyn went from just being a random hand giving Christine tea to doing one of her videos for her. I absolutely love seeing these two together and I'm so happy Ben is getting in on the fun and doing it with confidence.
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