Baelin's Route - An Epic NPC Man Adventure

Viva La Dirt League
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Baelin (Rowan Bettjeman), a simple background NPC in the video game 'Skycraft' has been walking the same route for as long as he can remember. However, his peaceful (and mindless) routine is violently shaken as a short-tempered Adventurer (Ben Van Lier) drags him off his path and into a dangerous quest to escort a mysterious NPC girl named Willow (Phoenix Cross) across the harsh world of Azerim.

ORIGINAL 'BAELIN'S ROUTE' SOUNDTRACK: mikenewport.hearnow.com/

Special thanks to Alfonso de Orleans-Borbon for getting us across the line on the Kickstarter campaign!


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Viva La Dirt League
Morning! Nice day for fishing aint it! Hu ha!
Aaron Andrews
Aaron Andrews 9 days ago
Morning!!! This was great, I hope you guys make more of these, fucking awesome
Richard Trier
Richard Trier 23 days ago
this was the best home made video creation i have ever seen. very well done to everyone involved would watch these forever
Ash Month ago
Huu Hahh!!
Liam Anderson
Liam Anderson Month ago
@Sviorr no its Nice day for fishin aint it huh ha not fishing he says fishin
Sviorr Month ago
Morning, nice day for fishing, ain't it? Morning! Morning, nice day for fishing, ain't it! Hu ha, Hu ha, Hu ha!
Эльф Лесной
Эльф Лесной 7 minutes ago
друзья вы лучшие )
help games
help games 19 minutes ago
That was amazing, guys. The movie with soul and banter.
santia go
santia go 23 minutes ago
Актёр Пандоры
I love you
Alexander Morozov
Alexander Morozov 33 minutes ago
Brilliant! Well done Viva La Dirt League! Thanks Adventurers!
Max 42 minutes ago
that so cool, ty guys 4 u great job!
Андрей Солбаков
Великолепный фильм !!!
TheLoserBoi Hour ago
My mind has been obliterated. I had no idea they could make a better movie than most studios
Derek4kGaming Hour ago
They need to add this to netflix
просто обалденно на уровне властелина колец
Утречка, отличный денек для рыбылки! Ха-ха!
Кирилл Бердышев
It's amazing. Just amazing
Александр Галинский
magnificently, delightfully, magically, very funny and very touching. thank everyone involved
Илья Бочанов
Спасибо, за хороший фильм
Геральт Ривский
Это просто потрясающие! Восхитительно величественные виды природа, такого, я не видел даже в фильмах. Вы проделали колоссальную работу и сотворили по истине замечательный фильм у которого нет аналогов. Спасибо Вам за Ваш труд.
El manso
El manso 3 hours ago
Eev The Candle Seller
Baelin is my mom when you give her a broomstick
Célian D
Célian D 4 hours ago
This was awesomely cute and touching.
Steve O
Steve O 4 hours ago
And so, we shall always remember the nobel adventurer that Baelin truly is every time we hear those glorious words "Good morning! Nice day for fishin' ain't it? Hu ha"!
iamalongusername 4 hours ago
That is one sturdy fishing rod
iamalongusername 4 hours ago
You JUST said you were ok, then you said you were dizzy one second later.
Valdas V
Valdas V 4 hours ago
Man their videos should get way more views.
Midnight Coasters
Midnight Coasters 4 hours ago
I think we would all play an Epic NPC man MMO
Даг Стенхоуп
Господи, ребята, вы лучшие.
Omguserr 5 hours ago
I mean if we could take it as an allegory to our current lives which are dominated by narratives pushed by SocialMedia/MSM/GOV/CORP - this NPC shows us that sometimes stepping out of the path which was laid to you may bring an adventure which will bring change, so maybe sometimes it's good to stop and take a look around us instead of walking the path which was preset for us. Thanks for this short was really good.
INSANITY 5 hours ago
Even Thegh
Even Thegh 5 hours ago
This is legit
Fareed Mohamed
Fareed Mohamed 5 hours ago
Marvelous Work~~
katanazez 6 hours ago
make more please I need more!!!!
Loonya Greed
Loonya Greed 6 hours ago
Спасибо за чудесную историю) привет из России ) Утречка! Отличный денёк для рыбалки. Хэ-Ха!
elis loa
elis loa 6 hours ago
Bloody Prophecy
Bloody Prophecy 6 hours ago
....................OMG....that fight scene around @20:00 ........... on par with most action flick fights these days.
Мадияр Фазылов
Это просто офигенно круто ребята 👍👍👍
Daniel DeAmicis
Daniel DeAmicis 7 hours ago
this is done so well. they need to do a seakale
William Clements
William Clements 7 hours ago
That’s a dnd character if I’ve ever seen one.
P4EJIA 7 hours ago
Greetings from Russia. Thanks for the awesome videos.
Danik Moroz
Danik Moroz 8 hours ago
Guys, you’re really talented and this is really something unbelievable!!! Go on and thanks a lot for your effort !!!!
Eatsleepdrivee 8 hours ago
Oh my god what a masterpiece. Please keep making such short films, for example, I think the second part of this video may come. Good Morning!
О бмв и не только
Спасибо огромное!
Holy Hex
Holy Hex 8 hours ago
Great job!
Avgustusis_Talking 9 hours ago
Это шедевр.
Martin Madridista
Martin Madridista 9 hours ago
This was truly amazing.. loooove it
Royal Pankake
Royal Pankake 9 hours ago
Hope you guys make another like this best yet love your guys work keep it up :)
myplane150 9 hours ago
This was really damn good! Please do more... ☺☻☺
DiGrease 10 hours ago
Очень классная история и потрясающе снято! Пересмотрел больше раз чем Властелин колец)
Александр Черкавский
Фантастика !) просто нету слов ) очень круто)
F2 Play 卍
F2 Play 卍 11 hours ago
I wonder whats his fishing rod's stats is, it looks stuff and can nullify trajectories.
Дмитрий 11 hours ago
Very cool!
Choomadan 11 hours ago
Ребята, спасибо от души за этот Шедевр!!! Местами прослезился. Мало что вызывает столько эмоций!!! Вы лучшие!!!
Ольга Щербакова
Wow! Это прекрасно! Игра актеров, работа оператора, сценарий. Спасибо вам, ребята, это великолепный фильм!
Midi Apache
Midi Apache 11 hours ago
Hu ha
Midi Apache
Midi Apache 11 hours ago
Это восхитительно. Спасибо всей вашей команде за творчество
Sergius Blagonravov
Sergius Blagonravov 11 hours ago
It's AWESOME, guys!
Ethan Ryder
Ethan Ryder 11 hours ago
" MORNIN' " *said with intensity to imply that was fucking awesome*
Ballal Patil
Ballal Patil 11 hours ago
he beat them to death with a fucking fishing pole lmfaoooo. This is nuts. Keep up the good work guys
monfr0 11 hours ago
That was a pretty good side quest
Adam Keenan
Adam Keenan 11 hours ago
That was actually pretty amazing. Good job 👏
Xironimys 12 hours ago
Утречко! Отличный денёк для рыбалки! Хы-ха!
Gamer AL
Gamer AL 12 hours ago
I like the part where Rowan sais 'Mornin'! Nice day for fishing,ain't it?'.
Arthur Brogson
Arthur Brogson 12 hours ago
That was fckn EPIC
General SaiD
General SaiD 12 hours ago
Vladimir Nechiporyuk
Egor Konoval
Egor Konoval 12 hours ago
Привет из Украины 🖐️🖐️🖐️ спасибо большое за ролик было приятно его посмотреть 👍👍 вы супер ) отыграли на все 100%
Alex Bear
Alex Bear 12 hours ago
dancingowl 13 hours ago
Дмитрий Справедливый
Утречко! Прекрасный день для рыбалки! Хы-ха!) Спасибо за творчество, хоть вы меня нихрена и не поняли!)
Jatin Soni
Jatin Soni 13 hours ago
Acting and all the work you guys put in....much appreciated....just amazing
Александр 13 hours ago
Утречка! Прекрасный денек для рыбалки! Ну и спасения принцесс конечно! Огромное спасибо за проделанную работу!
Orrik 13 hours ago
Ребята вы круты!! You are awesome. Like from russia 👍
Отец Сергий
это потрясающе. )))
Иван Вавренюк
Дякую.))) Це чудовий твір))) не зупиняйтесь будь ласка)))
Jean-sébastien Masson
Makes me wanna install the “skip” feature IRL
Driumkhen 13 hours ago
Wow, just wow, the camera shots, the incredible makeup and acting, the beautiful scenery and the special effects. This was an epic adventure. Mornin, nice day for fishing huha
KiKi Koy
KiKi Koy 14 hours ago
Masterpiece ❤️ I really loved it ❤️
Lucas Barroso
Lucas Barroso 14 hours ago
Nailed it boys
Nicolas Waldelm
Nicolas Waldelm 14 hours ago
вася васьков
great job guys!
Андрей Варин
Top-1 in the world.
Please make this a real game. Please, I need it so badly. The story and characters, even the world is more fleshed out than most mmos.
Саша Шикерин
Wow! That was cool
Uuu Eee
Uuu Eee 14 hours ago
Battle scenes is awesome.
Aleksey Sev
Aleksey Sev 14 hours ago
Молодчаги, круто сняли!!!👍👍👍👍👍🔥
Jetgar Ace
Jetgar Ace 14 hours ago
From Russia with love
Papa Pankoval
Papa Pankoval 15 hours ago
Great job in every sense!
Uuu Eee
Uuu Eee 15 hours ago
Утречко! Отличный денëк для рыбалки! Ха-ха!
Ederney 15 hours ago
Георгий Черныш
My... God... What does Hollywood exist for, if enthusiasts produce THIS!!!
Matthew Marcus
Matthew Marcus 15 hours ago
Wish the ending was NPC man realizing something was different about Baelen and offering a quest, with which Baelen responds with an affirmative, "Hu ha!" Loved the movie guys. :)
Heyokah 15 hours ago
This is how you put the EPIC into NPC man. So wonderfully done.
woo chee
woo chee 15 hours ago
PS> Kudos to Phoenix Cross for her portrayal of the princess. Well done
OwO 15 hours ago
27:33 wrong
OwO Hour ago
@Javier Segura he's not an adventurer, just a cool NPC ʕಠ_ಠʔ
Javier Segura
Javier Segura Hour ago
It's not wrong, on 15:22 it's made clear she does that because they're both NPCs and are programmed only to deal with adventurers.
Daniel Hastings
Daniel Hastings 15 hours ago
This is so beautifully nuanced. I love this.
Edward Yusupov
Edward Yusupov 15 hours ago
Amazing work! 😍👍👏👏👏👏👏
DartAlexus X
DartAlexus X 15 hours ago
Jh0nn3 16 hours ago
that girl's acting is phenomenal, hopefully she'll get recognized
KptBlaubaer70 16 hours ago
Wall of Text incoming.... In all honesty, this half-an-hour movie ended up either accidently as one of the best short movies with a really confusing but then good story, or is was all well planned and well written and of course very well executed. The landscapes and scenerie are absolutly astonishing, the music is just perfect, the special effects are very, very good, ALL actors are doing a perfect job, the story, the more you think of it, is very well thought through, there is one-take fight-scenes, the costumes are awesome. There is just almost nothing to complain. The only flaw is one thing, sometimes you hear, that the voices were recorded in a studio. But that's about it. There is Rowan, who can bring so many different meanings in to just 1 line. And i thought, Phoenix Cross does a very, very good job at acting too, and there couldn't be anyone better playing her role as Willow. The annoyed Player Ben, who is so pissed about this "game" at all, brings exactly that on point. Storywise, my take is, if an NPC gets away somehow from his routine/route he was programmed for, he gets a conscience. Of course lots of NPC's are unvulnerable. When Ben tried to kill an NPC, he gets a penalty, in his case character death. You just leave NPC's alone. When Baelin killed/penalized the Player Ben, he was alone outside his route with another NPC Willow, suddenly becoming aware, there is something more outside his route, finding and finishing his own Quest, returning happy and with a bit of awareness, that there is more to his programmed life, than it seems, and you can even DO more, than you're programmed for (the slap to the thief). If you want to take it even deeper: Living your 9to5-life isn't all. If you want, you can do more. You just need to be aware of that yourself. Maybe someone needs to force you away from your daily routine. My take on this: Hats off to this masterpiece. It deserves billions of views. More of this please P.S.: my gosh, New Zealand is so beautiful
KeksFee_ 17 hours ago
Amazing! Just amazing! :D
Luigi Potato
Luigi Potato 17 hours ago
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