Badminton Unlimited | Tai Tzu Ying's Road to the Title | BWF 2021

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We track Tai Tzu Ying's journey at the HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2020, where she was finally able to get past Carolina Marin after two previous defeats to the Olympic champion.

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Feb 5, 2021




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Comments 0
Effendi 2 months ago
Amien N
Amien N 2 months ago
Unfair organization... the real mafia
Niswatul Mukaromah
Niswatul Mukaromah 3 months ago
BWF 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Niswatul Mukaromah
Niswatul Mukaromah 3 months ago
Widia Latief
Widia Latief 3 months ago
M2 Fe
M2 Fe 3 months ago
cheung Wah bor
cheung Wah bor 3 months ago
Tai is queen,great skill,good attitude
J- wu
J- wu 4 months ago
she meant the screaming distracted her
Phocrom 4 months ago
i play badminton, i learn alot skill from TZY via video clips, i love her style, a humble and lovely girl. a her fan from VN
wilbert patual
wilbert patual 4 months ago
She is the best 🤙❣️
Afinc 7
Afinc 7 4 months ago
A truly special and wonderful player...and let's not forget the coaching and support deserve equally as much credit. Winning is one thing but how you win it is another.
F T 4 months ago
She is a humble superb player!
Bujang Inin karong
Bujang Inin karong 4 months ago
I have seen her style of playing and her skill amazed me..
*ceppy_minions* 4 months ago
TTY : "i finaLLy won".. me : very happy when u did it..
王鈴英 4 months ago
Always so humble! My ideal sportsmanship! Show respect to your opponents.
積木 4 months ago
shih shih
shih shih 4 months ago
You are the best,TTY❤️👍💪
bob doe
bob doe 4 months ago
Thats one ugly man.
Pony Huang寶尼
Pony Huang寶尼 4 months ago
tai ~~~~~ keep going we r always here
John Mathews
John Mathews 4 months ago
What an ending.. Love you tai
Chia 4 months ago
Samuel Hu
Samuel Hu 4 months ago
David KC
David KC 4 months ago
youuuuuuuuuuutube 4 months ago
She found a solution to beat Marin: ear plugs.
Richard Wu
Richard Wu 3 months ago
TFK 特洛伊
TFK 特洛伊 4 months ago
@GoldenHawk93 queen of badminton beat over queen of screaming
GoldenHawk93 4 months ago
She screams a lot too
Joy Wang
Joy Wang 4 months ago
@C.K Tan hahaha~~~~
C.K Tan
C.K Tan 4 months ago
better to provide Marin a mouth plug la
Anthony Gee
Anthony Gee 4 months ago
Queen of badminton in my books. Respectful to opponents in wins and losses. First class athlete and great role model for the future generations. Marin may won more titles in these latest tournaments but her attitude overall is a major turn off.
astrid dane
astrid dane 4 months ago
I'm a football player got inspired to play badminton after her recent win. I watched her (skipped online classes and wait on the tv to watch her play) without knowing who is (no prejudice) I could really see talent and the way she plays!! SO INSPIRING (i follow her on ig and wait for her ig stories) got to relearn my mandarin for heeer!!
DAVUID 4 months ago
She was a woman of intelligence and of firmness of will
Awitty banter
Awitty banter 4 months ago
A humble champion who wins with class.
sheffieldgeek 4 months ago
I came here to see her kick Marin's behind again.
蔡Peter 4 months ago
Адольф Шикльгрубер
I love playing badminton 🏸🏸🏸 I live in Russia
K K 4 months ago
I love her game so much. She is leaps and bounds over any other female player I have ever seen.
街頭頑童 4 months ago
Alantek8 4 months ago
Other than TTY’s talent, skill and strategy, was the win also a Marin meltdown?
Hoai Nam Duong
Hoai Nam Duong 4 months ago
I don't think so. Honestly, the court and drift affected the players a lot. They couldn't control their shots when playing on the "bad side". Based on the scores of games 1, 2, and first half of game 3, it appears that Tai controlled it better than Marin. Game 3, Marin was in front most of the time until 19, so there was no meltdown.
Shin Azura
Shin Azura 4 months ago
thanks you to let us know what she thought during match. Next may be is her opponent, Marin? hehe.
Joy Wang
Joy Wang 4 months ago
@Hoai Nam Duong that’s it~~ you’ve said it all~~~
Hoai Nam Duong
Hoai Nam Duong 4 months ago
..."I think I didn't scream loud enough this match so my opponent wasn't irritated and played well to beat me" .... lol
Soraya Channel
Soraya Channel 4 months ago
TTY and Ratchanok is my favorites.
kamala989 4 months ago
Jack Shen
Jack Shen 4 months ago
The Larkin Boys
The Larkin Boys 4 months ago
Tai need to further improve on her speed and power. She just managed to scrape through in this match.
BTrex 4 months ago
It’s like asking Michael Jordan to gain more weight and muscles and work on his rebounds. Speed and power are never TTY’s strength. She never needed them. She has won countless titles, proven superiority over her opponents with her shot skills and precision. Not to mention that, physically, her best years are in the past. By not adding stress to her body will prolong her competitive career.
OwenPHL 4 months ago
I am just excited that TTY beat the screaming creature.
Joy Wang
Joy Wang 4 months ago
Jenny Chuang
Jenny Chuang 4 months ago
You are not the only one
Bà Tai bả có trái cổ luôn kìa chời.
Erwan Husaini
Erwan Husaini 4 months ago
That throat like a man...she is lady..or???😃
AD Lee
AD Lee 4 months ago
What a stupid question. Women can also have adam's apple.
icurecancer 4 months ago
TheCholeski 4 months ago
everyone screams, at the end
Ronnie Nae
Ronnie Nae 4 months ago
C.K Tan 😂😅
C.K Tan
C.K Tan 4 months ago
But the purpose is different
Cory Anselmo
Cory Anselmo 4 months ago
Just realized Tai Tzu Ying has a adam apple
Joy Wang
Joy Wang 4 months ago
No fat~ body so sharp that the bone structure stands out explicitly~~~
misterhiroshi 4 months ago
kamala989 4 months ago
English please
Africo Badminton Channel
Muhammad Fitri
Muhammad Fitri 4 months ago
My fav player of all time
Alan Ho
Alan Ho 4 months ago
Talented and unpredictable player in history!
KS THAM 4 months ago
Wow !! That's Great !!
Avril Fatma
Avril Fatma 4 months ago
Tai zu ying cntk
Adit Vilandrie
Adit Vilandrie 4 months ago
Strong banget
Oscar Yo
Oscar Yo 4 months ago
TTY from Taiwan~ Long time no see, the final excited laugh on your face~
HT Low
HT Low 4 months ago
She is the best sport ambassador for badminton. She is modest, high spirit of sportsmanship, undeterred by screaming intimidation, concentrates on her own faults/needs to win. Wonderful player! I forgot to mention she treats her fans with courtesy & considerations as well.
Dimitrivsky HSU
Dimitrivsky HSU 4 months ago
TTY, love you.
U M 4 months ago
penpineapple games
penpineapple games 4 months ago
5:07 oh marin.... oh marin....
Nam Duong
Nam Duong 4 months ago
sabaku rika
sabaku rika 4 months ago
@Simon Sihar Simanjuntak ga apa2 sama2 anak Tuhan harus di doain juga. Jangan pilih kasih. Oke ✌
Simon Sihar Simanjuntak
@sabaku rika ga bahas minnions... bahas ratu di hatimu ajah 😅..., pokoknya semoga dpt Olympic ya, semoga dpt drawing bagus, semoga drawing nya ga dijalur Akane dan Inthanon...
sabaku rika
sabaku rika 4 months ago
@Simon Sihar Simanjuntak btw, aku tidak menjadikan Tai Tzu Ying atau siapapun ratu di hatiku. Tempat itu hanya buat satu pribadi yaitu Tuhan Yesus Kristus. Ada amin ? 😁
sabaku rika
sabaku rika 4 months ago
@Simon Sihar Simanjuntak amin. Doa anak Tuhan yg tulus biasa nya manjur 😘. Juga doain Markus/Kevin donk, biar mereka juga ga ikutan hambar kayak LCW. 😁
Muhamad Rizky
Muhamad Rizky 4 months ago
The editing reminds me of indian drama 😂
Hai Nguyen
Hai Nguyen 4 months ago
Tai ly là thần tượng của tôi
Hendri Warman
Hendri Warman 4 months ago
Just realized that a woman can have that thing in the throat. Lok
Tobias Breuer
Tobias Breuer 4 months ago
Great shot of Marin behind the flames, really gives you the impression of the final boss that has to be defeated :D
Huitribe Wang
Huitribe Wang 4 months ago
Technically she's top but she hv to win the World Championship n Olympic Gold to be ranked alongside Zhang Ning, Susi Susanti n Carolina Marin as all these 3 r really big occasion players. In recent yrs only China's Li Xurei hv a far better records against her winning 11 n losing 3.
Jenny Chuang
Jenny Chuang 4 months ago
吃不到葡萄說葡萄酸! 🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🎉🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼
de activated
de activated 4 months ago
@Hoai Nam Duong agree. World championship is just lowkey the same with S750+ tour. The word "world" in it doesn't represent the best of it's meaning so it's somehow overrated because of the name. Even WTF/SSFs are harder than WBC
Hoai Nam Duong
Hoai Nam Duong 4 months ago
No need to prove anything. It's pointless to compare the players in different era. But if you really want to, then....in terms of professionalism, Olympics badminton is just about 500 (or below) level tournements, World championship is just another 1000 level tournament and it does not hold pride more than All England title or World tour finals. More than 150 weeks and counting on top of the ranking, 3 All England titles, 3 World tour finals titles...... just saying
Numer Relorcasa
Numer Relorcasa 4 months ago
I beg to disagree all the last and remaining matches with li Xuerei were won by TTY and besides she (TTY) doessnt have to prove anything by winning in Olympics and World Championships. Those were ocassional event, but for her to sustain a streak 2016 to 2021 as WORLD NO. 01 is beyond performance and executory. She deserves more than that appraisal.
Jeremy Chan
Jeremy Chan 4 months ago
No need to prove anything. We love her because she is she, not for titles.
No Name
No Name 4 months ago
shih shih
shih shih 4 months ago
She has a boyfriend before.
Jenny Chuang
Jenny Chuang 4 months ago
No! She is not
AD Lee
AD Lee 4 months ago
DON'T JUDGE A PERSON BY GENDER EXPRESSION. Lesbian or hetero it doesn't matter. She is she.
Barre86 4 months ago
I hope not cause i love her!
KS THAM 4 months ago
@No Name..ok,since you said sorry.Pls next time think First. You make us Mad.
Menghung Tsai
Menghung Tsai 4 months ago
Marwan Syah
Marwan Syah 4 months ago
Queen yo are so amazing
Kang Xian Kho
Kang Xian Kho 4 months ago
Caroline Marin road to title
Putang Inamo
Putang Inamo 4 months ago
Carolina Marin road to Screamer of the Year*
megadisc1982 4 months ago
Thanks bwf for bringing back Badminton
linying319 4 months ago
小戴難得激動阿 現在要奪冠也不愜意了
KC Lau
KC Lau 4 months ago
TS Choong
TS Choong 4 months ago
The shrieking scream of her opponent designed to upset her had no effect this time.
Sandi Firmansyah
Sandi Firmansyah 4 months ago
Patience is the key 👍🏻👍🏻
C.B純彬 4 months ago
longmanwu 4 months ago
我們熟悉穩定的小戴回來了~不愧是當代的羽球天后~ 贏的精采~ 贏的實在!
Lincoln Fineblanket
Lincoln Fineblanket 4 months ago
to me, she is the most wonderful badminton play to watch, you never know with her. play every type of shot in every match.
Eka Suwanto
Eka Suwanto 3 months ago
Bwf rasis melecehkan
Asnan Sinambela
Asnan Sinambela 4 months ago
I agree with you lincoln fineblanket
Siyah Goksuoglu
Siyah Goksuoglu 4 months ago
By leaving a massage like this, we see you know the game so well.
unyu unyu
unyu unyu 4 months ago
F J 4 months ago
Taiwan 🇹🇼 TTY No.1
littlealol 4 months ago
TTY is the best!
周仲寶 4 months ago
周仲寶 4 months ago
Andito Suwardi
Andito Suwardi 4 months ago
Hm .
Jaja ipad Domee
Jaja ipad Domee 4 months ago
Love u alwayzzzztai😍😍😍🏸🥰
Jaja ipad Domee
Jaja ipad Domee 4 months ago
The Life Of An Enderman...