Badminton Deceptions = Ankle Breaker

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2018 Edition of some super cool deceptions with over editing and some annoying music.

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Feb 28, 2019




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Comments 0
Shuttle Flash
Shuttle Flash 2 years ago
If anyone wants to know the name of any athlete in the video, just put down a comment asking for the name along with the time stamp. I will try my best to answer all of them. ( I found that putting the name of the player on top of the video was simply too distracting, couldnt concentrate on the shots itself ) TY :)
Noob Master
Noob Master 2 months ago
@Eugene Elon bloody scammers
Laughing Joker
Laughing Joker 4 months ago
Who are the athlete’s in 1:35 doubles
Clxnx 9 months ago
@Asit Maity no
Clxnx 9 months ago
@Weston Wang [REF] daren liew
A wild gingie
A wild gingie 10 months ago
Tai tzu ying or saina nehwel
lolololol Month ago
I dont get why that guy at 1:40 get so cocky lol.. he has always been lectured by Kevin Sanjaya and lost frequently
ronald menezes
ronald menezes Month ago
Badminton is definitely the most tactical athletic sport.
nolat 2 months ago
watching this makes me miss playing badminton more.
熊Yuna 2 months ago
2:58 and lcw be like lOoK aT mE
Abhijit Jacob
Abhijit Jacob 2 months ago
0:28-0:31 perfect timing with song
Le Seb
Le Seb 2 months ago
Dumb sport
Afiq Nadzir
Afiq Nadzir 2 months ago
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Zyon Ker
Zyon Ker 2 months ago
The dead weed geographically cry because purpose antenatally cycle among a magenta reminder. deserted, measly twine
Kengaroo Ang
Kengaroo Ang 2 months ago
TTY is truly the queen of deception
CS29 Harsh Azad
CS29 Harsh Azad 3 months ago
Half of Lin Dan is against Indian 😠😠
EyeofRegret 3 months ago
4:04 Oikawa when he serves
The Singh
The Singh 3 months ago
Who's that "I don't bolieve it" lady in every video?
Prashant Bagkar
Prashant Bagkar 4 months ago
호구의 주식투자
how awesome Lindan
Rafi Parulian
Rafi Parulian 4 months ago
10:23 this man already slapped by kevin sukamuljo haha
Ch1cα 4 months ago
Si Wei Khoo
Si Wei Khoo 4 months ago
Goh v shem the slidder
Aflah Shazwn
Aflah Shazwn 4 months ago
They are probably coryxkenshins pupils:the god of breaking ankles
図Hunterrex๛ 4 months ago
every badminton video i have watched - " *i dont believe it* "
Peaceful Sid
Peaceful Sid 4 months ago
This video is really helpful for improving my deception
Michael K.
Michael K. 4 months ago
00:41such a dedicated dive and such an arrogant return hahaha
Eko Saputra
Eko Saputra 5 months ago
Ginting king of deception
Vijay Patidar
Vijay Patidar 5 months ago
Lin dan and Lee Chong are best
zeeshan ali
zeeshan ali 5 months ago
Do you hate Peter Grade 😂
santhosh mani
santhosh mani 5 months ago
sad to see THE LEGEND - PETER GADE is missing common guys, he is the master of deception
SWANKABA 5 months ago
Sad saniaaa
Kushal Sai
Kushal Sai 6 months ago
Ig most of the Indian players are not good at receiving/playing deceptive shots......
Zulfazli Sofiuddin
Zulfazli Sofiuddin 6 months ago
Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei era is the diamond era
Shravan Madhavan
Shravan Madhavan 6 months ago
Nice background music. Great compilation but couldn't help wondering many videos had Indian players on the receiving end. In the next compilation, it would be great to see the skills of some Indian players.
e7yaha 7 months ago
die laute Musik ist unmöglich. Leider
Manson P
Manson P 7 months ago
6:38 rise of a new star LD: alright alright.... -shit about to get serious-
轉圈圈Turner 7 months ago
TAI Tzu-Ying 1:15 , 3:09 , 3:43 , 5:09 , 6:07 , 6:45 , 8:19 .....( from Taiwan , Kaohsiung )
TimeHasWait Nobody
TimeHasWait Nobody 7 months ago
3:14 this is what happen when you ask Salman khan wearing women dress and play badminton
Shaurya Thanvi
Shaurya Thanvi 7 months ago
Embrace the deception.... Learn how to bend.... 😅
renu rathore
renu rathore 8 months ago
Why they have put indian players so underrated .although lin dan is a great player but his defensive skills is not better than srikanth
Harshraj Jadhav
Harshraj Jadhav 6 months ago
Lin Dan doesn’t need to defend most of the times
Sander Saint
Sander Saint 8 months ago
the music is very annoying indeed
D Edekpiau
D Edekpiau 8 months ago
Deception make me play well.. Cause I don't have smash power and defend..
Xander Adamsen
Xander Adamsen 9 months ago
how many times does the lady say " uuh i don´t belive it " hahahaha lmao
༺ aWeͥsͣoͫme ༻
6:02 kono yaro !!!
BTS 😶 9 months ago
7:35 what's the players name
Zidan ASG
Zidan ASG 3 months ago
No his name is viktor axelsen
sora roxas
sora roxas 8 months ago
Kevin sanjaya sukamoljo. World number 1 doubles
Lee johnson Yumnam
Lee johnson Yumnam 10 months ago
Nice nice nice
The Trooper
The Trooper 10 months ago
Watanabe`s drops are too clean.. holy shit
Kraken 11 months ago
Gay sport lmfao
JJ Month ago
You're the real gay here.
Nokkhul Lungphi
Nokkhul Lungphi 11 months ago
Nehwal Indian player hahaha fuck off
RF 11 months ago
4:17 look that !!
Ryoodie 11 months ago
Tai tzu ying best deception quenn Love from indonesia🇮🇩
Clinton T.J
Clinton T.J 11 months ago
y not showing any indian players. I mean saina nehval and PV Sindhu. Showing many chinese players
Manish Deshpande
Manish Deshpande 11 months ago
Background music is awesome, which is it
Len C.
Len C. 11 months ago
博多めんたいこ 11 months ago
Jofx 11 months ago
0:42 badass move 😂
andito lalamafu
andito lalamafu 11 months ago
Ankle breaker = silent killer = Hendra Setiawan. Like jika setuju. 👍
Ruth Mary
Ruth Mary 11 months ago
0:13 to 0:22 LOL
G or g
G or g 11 months ago
I almost came when Lee did that 😂😂
Tushar Tushar
Tushar Tushar 11 months ago
Boys m lin dan ne india ke bure banai and girls me tai Tzu king ne india ke bure banai
Largest Classifieds
Largest Classifieds 11 months ago
Simply brilliant control and movements that certainly catch the opponent by surprise
Frits Fallaux
Frits Fallaux 11 months ago
Badminton, my sport, on this level is both sport and art. Love it.
oh my godf badminton \
PRANIL Patil Year ago
So many skills I will like to learn them all
Marguerite Hook
08:29 05:22 07:50
skandan kumar
skandan kumar Year ago
when it comes to deception no one can beat Chinese, that's how they've been living their whole lives.
Victor Jacob Carande
6:01 He said "His playing is impossible"
Saran K R S
Saran K R S 2 months ago
It’s the same shot Momota used against LCW 😂😂
Ch1cα 4 months ago
@brasi luca No."muri yaro".
Vinay Sheoran
Vinay Sheoran Year ago
I hate that Saina Nehwal is on the other side of the shots :/
peculiar dance 묘한 댄스
I just knew Watanabe had a pair with Sonoda 😎
ian mendoza
ian mendoza Year ago
Xi Jingping is the absolute king of deception :O
gaming fx
gaming fx Year ago
One like for TI ZU IN Back ✋ deception 💯🤟
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Year ago
Why is there so many Thai people???
Saiki Year ago
heard about LEE CHONG WEI?
Roy Daroyni
Roy Daroyni Year ago
1:48 is not deception. it's lucky net shot
Kevin Bello
Kevin Bello Year ago
More like wrist breakers, look at the flick of that wrist
Mikael Eurenius
Tai Tzu Ying, the Federer of badminton.
shubham j
shubham j Year ago
Is this a chinese or japanese channel??? it only shows them winning XD don't take it seriously though
Rahul Rajput
Rahul Rajput Year ago
It's like a thriller
Fish Flaps
Fish Flaps Year ago
Humpity bumpity
Pardidoe Channel
Lin Dan and Tai Tzu Ying so classy.. The best
Kailash Salunke
Kailash Salunke 10 months ago
Another classy video
Mellow- D
Mellow- D Year ago
Cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard...fantastic montage of sublime shot making. N1CE.
Bahroni Anwar
Bahroni Anwar Year ago
Lumayan funny, hidup badminton Indonesia! wa;0857.7423.0857
Reguler dude
Reguler dude Year ago
absolutly ginting is gon be ther
Johnson Johnson
Would you believe it....
LaGameDeThrow Year ago
Thanks for the work, really. Congrats.
Kalluri Siva
Kalluri Siva Year ago
Yehdarm Park
Yehdarm Park Year ago
Lin Dan is not a human lol
Николай Кононов
pls stop the "comedic" edit
Arpan Satpathi
At 8:18 wasn't that an illegal serve? She held the shuttle too high from her waist and even while hitting it it was higher than her waist
naila bina jos
Hendra setiawan....??
indian citizen
Super video double game but not single game
Raihan dihan
Raihan dihan Year ago
Is there anything this lady believes???
ridho limbong
ridho limbong Year ago
04:20 profesor X watching badminton
Kane 8 months ago
420 nice
Yugadeep K
Yugadeep K Year ago
ridho limbong Lol 😂
Andrew Cannon
Andrew Cannon Year ago
very good compilation
Widy Anggara
Widy Anggara Year ago
saina nehwal ankel sure break down
Ha On
Ha On Year ago
7:33 how the fuck he did that
Dhiraj k
Dhiraj k Year ago
The music was apt for deception.
スケート Year ago
BBGBITW Year ago
great stuff!
Charlie Briones
6:04 Aho! Lol
Pablo Arbelo
Pablo Arbelo Year ago
i love this sport, such a shame that almost nobody plays it in spain...
Pablo Arbelo
Pablo Arbelo Year ago
@Andri J yeah, the professional play is as developed as in most countries, specially for women (they usually do better than their male counterparts in many sports). It is not treated as a sport outside of that. Football, basket, tennis, F1... are on another league
Andri J
Andri J Year ago
carolina marin is #1 world champion from spain though
l4hman Year ago
im the biggest lee cw fan
madi Madi
madi Madi Year ago
Momota keseleo
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