BAD TATTOO? (3 Free Games)

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Like for quality gameplay 3 free games with pewds ★~(◡﹏◕✿)
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Jun 15, 2016




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Comments 18 205
Naihla Douangsavanh
Naihla Douangsavanh 2 months ago
I miss these type of videos he made.😢❤️
King Saladass
King Saladass 3 months ago
see pewds is funnier when he cusses, i mean i like 2019 pewdiepie but it’s not the same
Alley Dominguez
Alley Dominguez 3 months ago
I shed a tear while watching those cute cats ;D
Jagger Paton
Jagger Paton 4 months ago
Who’s here after the disappearance of Jörgen? Can we get an F for Jörgen?😪
Axel Teofisto
Axel Teofisto 4 months ago
Watching these videos 3 years after feels so nostalgic.
Ins4ner Horror
Ins4ner Horror 5 months ago
Lol wuant 1:00 XD
Liezel Broadway
Liezel Broadway 5 months ago
Liezel Broadway
Liezel Broadway 5 months ago
I love this game you know alien
Kat K
Kat K 6 months ago
when he said swedish modern home, I thought this game will take place in IKEA :D
LolWhatIsMeName Lolz
Dean McHarg
Dean McHarg 6 months ago
a time before family friendly felix
Quicksilver Lance
Quicksilver Lance 7 months ago
Lol, I can't remember the last pewds video I watched with this much swearing! xD
Queen Mae
Queen Mae 7 months ago
Everytime he cranks the music box. The sound is so eerie it gives me anxiety attack
Diba Feiznia
Diba Feiznia 8 months ago
"a sexy kitten" Shane Dawson has left the chat
Mike Marino
Mike Marino 8 months ago
Who's watching this in 2019?
Bertil Brix Gru B6A Bjergby undervisningssted
That last game is so frickin awesome
Vanderson Silva Alves
You think you are better than any other youtuber in this website but you suck a lot of regurgitated shit you give up too easily i beat i wanna be the guy i bet you could not even pass the final boss you worthless thing that cannot be called human being all these channels are better than yours jacksepticeye would be god compared to your channel worthless shitty abomination
Billie Eyelash
Billie Eyelash 9 months ago
Dude that horror game looks really cool
AvaRose 9 months ago
2:03 I blew snot out of my nose
《 • mýsţić_wxłf • 》
0:06 *_ThATs RigHt ME MoThErFuCkErS!_*
Big Oof BIG
Big Oof BIG Year ago
2:01 😂💯👌
Lego Lachie
Lego Lachie Year ago
Highlight tiktok Indo
play notes of obsession again pewdie sama
cringe guy emperor
Pewds face at 7:39
MistaVee Year ago
Whos here in 2018
Amrita Tamang
Amrita Tamang Year ago
Please play metal slug
Mioara Bogdan
Mioara Bogdan Year ago
Thumbs up if u are eating doritos while watching
Nicolas Rouleau
Pewds, that crawling thing kind of looks like an amnesia bro at first.
Michael Quinton
I miss this
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen Year ago
Jesus can you fake more reactions? No disrespect tho. But this is why i love new pewdiepie more then this pewdiepie. So staged so faked. I hate fake reactions. But now he shows he is just he. Real felix. Instead of this faking reactions for youtube money bullshit.
Thorbjørn Year ago
First comment
the last game you play it was also play by Markiplier
Veence Ramos
Veence Ramos Year ago
mX Igor
mX Igor Year ago
0:59 that Asian is a pedo
1: 02 kkk
Kaleb Hunt
Kaleb Hunt Year ago
Scare pewds
C R Year ago
8:01 slitheryboi97 is his name
Drafting Punk
Drafting Punk Year ago
The last part.. Was a really Great game.. And. Fucking nice. Graphics..
Mr.Panda Year ago
That moment when your about to cry But then you hear Pewdiepie’s voice
Savvy 1669
Savvy 1669 Year ago
That last game gave me frickin nightmares...
ryu hayabusa
ryu hayabusa Year ago
I miss this pewdiepie so sarcastic, funny.. And so savage 😂😂😂 Watching in 2018 btw
big kaya grass
Jada o_o
Jada o_o Year ago
6 years....... 6 years of playing horror games, and a shutting door scares me:( I AM DDDDEEEEAAAAAAADDDD
lina Year ago
his reactions are so fake help
old Gaming with green. Poole
Jacksepticeye is actually pretty freaking cool stop roasting them you just hating I'm sorry sweetie pie just that I used to watch him all the time stop roasting him he's your friend he just wants to make RUvid videos that just wants to be popular
lina Year ago
old Gaming with green. Poole you do realise he's joking, they're best friends they do this all the time
OtakuEllie Year ago
5:30 was Poods wearing an engagement/wedding ring? I know sometimes he wears rings but... It looks like a wedding ring
Lt. Stoner
Lt. Stoner Year ago
Jumpscare upcoming.
Barry Allen
Barry Allen Year ago
I only have one thing to say: WUANT, FUCKING pewdiepie Português
Dev Hathi
Dev Hathi Year ago
BG music at 0:00 ??
Vqlzi Year ago
This video will never be not funny
Slender2134 Year ago
Thx m8
Drewspacito Year ago
This video seemed forced idk why
Daniela Santos
Daniela Santos 2 years ago
Olha o wuant
Phil Da Master
Phil Da Master 2 years ago
I shop at Ikea I play Minecraft I listen to In Flames And I watch Pewdiepie. Swedish overload
keira's weird life
keira's weird life 2 years ago
OMG I ACTUALLY ALMOST SCREAMED I LITERLY YELLED WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT AND THEN PEWDIEPIE YELLS IT but omg its hard for me to watch him playing horror games because I panic a lot and need to pause it to breathe and calm down because its the chasing its if someone is chasing him I panic and freak out but I don't think I'm particularly scared maybe?
keira's weird life
keira's weird life 2 years ago
that actually made me cry with the cat dying thing
br am
br am 2 years ago
your background transparent full hd music name 3:05
the seems legit 56
the seems legit 56 2 years ago
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