Bad Relationship Memes For Heartbroken Teens

Jarvis Johnson
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I recently discovered a treasure trove of bad relationship advice and emo memes on instagram so this is me talking about that.

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Mar 27, 2019




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Comments 7 507
Jarvis Johnson
Jarvis Johnson 2 years ago
i am man seeking thuth
Carlos Rosado
Carlos Rosado Month ago
@Derek Jensen 0a¹
Aly Gamer
Aly Gamer Month ago
Also you sing good
Aly Gamer
Aly Gamer Month ago
No smart username found
I want the truf
aimee 2 months ago
Bring back crying my best merch
Rainbow CatTail
Rainbow CatTail 16 hours ago
Why are you so good at singing
Victoria 2 days ago
My partner broke up with me this morning, so here I am ig 😀🚶
SomeFamousDude 3 days ago
Nothing will stop detective hoodie from finding the thuth!!!!!
SomeFamousDude 3 days ago
That skit 😂😂😂
Gon Freecss
Gon Freecss 4 days ago
Shade Aadi
Shade Aadi 4 days ago
Studies have shown that 100% of people who has done absolutely anything in there life has died.
Jesse Streeter
Jesse Streeter 5 days ago
To be fair in newer episodes of Tom and Jerry they are friends now.
mysterious 6 days ago
i need a never gonna give you up cover
Mr. battle cats
Mr. battle cats 8 days ago
i have watched this video like 10 times, and only now realise 14:49, is a rick roll. god dam its hard to get it whitout the music.
D003 9 days ago
3 things i can’t control 1. The rotation of the earth 2. The seasons 3. The skeletons buried in the ground
static 10 days ago
loved this video
Karla Rao
Karla Rao 10 days ago
Your voice is amazing wow!
Karla Rao
Karla Rao 10 days ago
The fact that us Indians can immediately tell that these acc were made here is disappointing 😞
Eli Za
Eli Za 11 days ago
Hottub Fullofducks
Hottub Fullofducks 13 days ago
This is top tier content
Tony SmoothWalker
Tony SmoothWalker 13 days ago
Me reading Jarvis sign, in the background, in the beginning of the video: "Seek Thuth"? Huh. Me after 7:26: 👁️.👁️
Oska 16 days ago
sometimes i watch this video just for the tunes
hashbrown 411
hashbrown 411 19 days ago
7:26 that's gonna be in my head all day
WOLFDawg 606
WOLFDawg 606 15 days ago
Made it my ringtone and someone asked me “what song is that?” And I said “The Thuth”
Cheeezballl 20 days ago
Just realized this was made on my bday cool
Jasmine - Ruff-Puff
I can't believe I forgot I used to make forum signatures. That was a huge part of my online childhood and it had completely left my brain until right now.
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster 25 days ago
“Hey fellow kids, it’s relatable and normal for couples to hate each other and fight all the time, and not communicate, and you want to kill your partner, and you hate them, that’s good actually!” I am going to lie down on the floor and rot in public
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster 25 days ago
BRB bottling my feelings to drink them later as drugs
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster 25 days ago
Fucking Pregnant with questions
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster 25 days ago
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster 25 days ago
The “great” bit is how I journal high
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster 25 days ago
1 lombargine machine
skylarsfunfilms Month ago
“Miss me with that boy-shit” had me rollin’ 10:10
KIURazin Month ago
Rick rolled
kay.smi24 Month ago
Jarvis can we get an album!???
Aerin Barke
Aerin Barke Month ago
d u m b l e d a d d y
help let me go
help let me go Month ago
WOLFDawg 606
WOLFDawg 606 Month ago
I need to know the Thuth
Chihiro Fujisaki
eva Month ago
why is jarvis so good at singing
Another Youtuber
7:26 for everyone to click repeatedly
laila_Ψ Month ago
7:33 why does he sound like blink-182 ahhhhh
Kelsey A
Kelsey A Month ago
Why do these all sound like songs I’d hear at an emo night?
J R McKim
J R McKim Month ago
Aol sn was "taz4ever83" Gezz so long ago.. I miss those old chat rooms tho. Was the best thing about AOL. Was confused when I was in a British chatroom on America OnLine.. didn't realize that aol was a worldwide service. But it was a awesome experience to be from a small Louisiana town and able to chat with people from around the room. Kids now will never know just how simple it is now to meet international people. Or even people 3 states away. Does anyone remember the name of the program that would let you know if a call was coming thru while on dial up? My grandmother had it and of someone called it rang through the computer. It showed the number and name. So if it was an important call.. you could take it. But you had to pay the phone company (i had bellsouth) extra for 3 way calling.
Newfie Month ago
robin Month ago
Jarvis please make music
S(he) be(lie)ve(d) Me: sbeve
Ai Aikawa
Ai Aikawa Month ago
"im pregnant" "its ok!! We'll raise our child!! Lets get married right away!! I love you" "i just wanted you to pay half of the abortion-"
Jazi Jo
Jazi Jo Month ago
"I miss the old you" I miss you. Wait let me correct that. I miss the old you, the one who had my back. I miss the old you, who always was around. I miss you. Baby I miss you. Every day you would be there. And I would cry when you werent. But then you never came back. And baby I was hurt. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I wanna die, but I shouldn't. Because you said forever. And now.. I miss you. Wait let me correct that. I miss the old you, the one who had my back. I miss the old you, who always was around. I miss you. Baby I miss you. Baby why weren't you there. I put all my effort into you. You promised me forever. I didn't wanna lose you. And often I miss you. And I hate that we still talk. Because baby I miss you. I still cant believe talk. Because your new partner is so lucky. You were there for me. Baby you cared for me. And I miss you. I miss you. I wish you loved me like I still love you.
bronwyn Month ago
has jarvis come out w/ music yet cuz i’ll be Waiting👀
mikey fae
mikey fae Month ago
yeah this is jarvis's funniest video
Xonk Month ago
Awww dammit I missed crying my best
Shabbaz Jackson
Shabbaz Jackson Month ago
"Thing'll get better, if you let them" got me right in the chest
jillie_pi Month ago
Still waiting for Jarvis' pop punk album drop...
Moss Month ago
HELLO WORLD! I figured out my gender and I am very happy! I am genderfae! Does anyone know a small business to get pronoun bracelets from! I want to support!
OK 83
OK 83 Month ago
happy for you!!
Sindhu Naik
Sindhu Naik Month ago
The last 60 sec of the vd makes me feel a lot better, thanks dude👍✌✌
LpsCate Tube
LpsCate Tube Month ago
Release an album with these songs rn
I have had the gotdamn ‘love you more than words, more than breath, more than life’ Ditty stuck in my head for 2 months and I couldn’t remember where it came from until I stumbled on it here holy shit I’m finally free
Spookeye Boi
Spookeye Boi Month ago
Yeah my phone password is my ex's name. No I will not be changing it, I have a bad memory
char l
char l Month ago
This video is really bringing out my ace/aro side
malcom480 2 months ago
“Age is just a number” my fist is just going to break ur fucking jaw 🪳🤩
rexnote 2 months ago
13readers 2 months ago
You sing fabulously
Andy Mndy
Andy Mndy 2 months ago
Jarvis singing 7:34 7:49
Pocket Cheeto
Pocket Cheeto 2 months ago
7:22 turn on cc Peppa Peppa and Peppa Peppa
Cole Jeffries
Cole Jeffries 2 months ago
Jarvis 100% wrote for Panic! At the Disco in the 2000s
CHEESE 2 months ago
14:48 just click please
CHEESE 2 months ago
Dumbledaddy is seeking the thuth.
Old Shoes
Old Shoes 2 months ago
Seek the thuth
Starnight 2 months ago
7:16 sounded so much like a fob song that 2 minutes later im still wheezing XD
a 2 months ago
17:09 I remember watching that two years ago and just sobbing over it and coming back to it whenever I'm sad, thank you
Noremac 2 months ago
Jarvis can sing damn it
Owl Scarey
Owl Scarey 2 months ago
My new quest is to seek thuth
Sepherioth 2 months ago
I’m 23 million years old, and I’m bored! Any tips?
Brownie9807 2 months ago
If you think the thuth it will be impossible to be bored.
Suga Batz
Suga Batz 2 months ago
Woah woah I know this is like 2 yrs later. But how the hell you gonna through your voice out like that. And then pretend that you didn’t just croon smoothly 😡. I am offended ! lol! Love your vocal runs btw! Very lovely!
Julia 2 months ago
Lol I love your little songs. You make music? 😏
Nice Material
Nice Material 2 months ago
Hey kids. I'm sorry if your folks don't get you, for some reason parents completely forget how difficult adolescence is. They all do. Find your way. ❤️
Mr. Chesthead#3
Mr. Chesthead#3 2 months ago
I'm cringing
Ms12369 2 months ago
I really want to dislike this video just so it gets an even 500 dislikes but how could I ever dislike Jarvis? Can someone with no soul dislike this video to alleviate my ocd tendencies?
Brownie9807 2 months ago
It’s still at 500
Ms12369 2 months ago
@Owl Scarey bless them. Their sacrifice is noticed
Owl Scarey
Owl Scarey 2 months ago
Someone did it! 😃
Biologically Human
Biologically Human 2 months ago
I'm here to tell you that Crying my best merch should come back and everyone wants it.
lyla zoe
lyla zoe 2 months ago
i would low key high key listen to the full versions of the songs
Sky The Dumb CatGirl
Damn I'm going to have to dump my boyfriend just because I'm ugly.. shit how am I going to explain this :3
Kyle Hagerty
Kyle Hagerty 2 months ago
“Waste your time, because youre probably not actually wasting it” is a really good one jarvis
Roy Cunningham
Roy Cunningham 2 months ago
I Skate ... Get Used To IT 😒
INKSOOFS 2 months ago
My mom walked in to "Your still a virgin"
Scott Neulist
Scott Neulist 2 months ago
When are you uploading to spotify?
Mason Climax
Mason Climax 2 months ago
11:50 seems like something Rowling would do
A K 2 months ago
16:24 Guess I'm in love with everyone I speak too
Danny E
Danny E 2 months ago
imagine growing out of your solely listening to fall out boy phase
Leo Lanteigne
Leo Lanteigne 2 months ago
Wasn't expecting a rickroll but here we are
Tenshi S
Tenshi S 3 months ago
also daang these songs slap
Tenshi S
Tenshi S 3 months ago
aww man i rly want a crying my best shirt. bring them back? yes? pls?
Jailyn Kraus💛
Jailyn Kraus💛 3 months ago
Danny did the same type of video. And was so confused when the man was talking to himself about how much money he had. And was aggressively saying everything he had. It was a great time.
3 months ago
aww man i was a little bit too late for the crying my best shirts
Rahwa T
Rahwa T 3 months ago
he sound like brent at 5:03
Layne Doe
Layne Doe 3 months ago
Layne Doe
Layne Doe 3 months ago
Jarvis got PIPES, boi!! 😎🦈🦘🦌
Maarja Kährik
Maarja Kährik 3 months ago
We. Need. An. Album. From. Jarvis. Johnson!
Lily 3 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dumbledaddy!!! I'm dead!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣☠️👻
Robusted 3 months ago
instead of asking the question and getting the answer they got the answer and then asked the question
Waffle Boy
Waffle Boy 3 months ago
7:57 FBI should be knocking any minute now
Plushy_Doctor 3 months ago
Let's be honets, Jarvis can sing *very well*
Hamil cat
Hamil cat 3 months ago
I am 12 and and I can spell a lot better than the weird teenager that made most of these.
Sal The RPG Nerd
Sal The RPG Nerd 3 months ago
Ceraiah 3 months ago
Who else saw seek thuth lol
hope 3 months ago
the ending was wonderful thank you
Mr. Amphibian
Mr. Amphibian 3 months ago
Fun fact: if you put all the Jarvis singing scene on RUvid and give me the link you are my new favorite person
Alex Crane
Alex Crane 3 months ago
Leni Nochwas
Leni Nochwas 3 months ago
wow that advice bit at the end was really sweet
Yes it is I god
Yes it is I god 3 months ago
I feel like these are preteensteens who never paid attention in English class
Greg Bonks
Greg Bonks 3 months ago
"Age, distance, height, & weight are just numbers" Excuse me, AGE.
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