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The Martin Garrix Show Season 4 Episode 2 - THE HOSPITAL
Used To Love is out now: stmpd.co/MDTLID
I received bad news from my doctor and needed to make a tough decision...
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Nov 12, 2019




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Comments 1 212
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix Month ago
I received bad news from my doctor and needed to make a tough decision...
Dandmore 12 days ago
Danny zaldivar those emojis are not necessary.
R2Digit 14 days ago
MG, I hope you read this. I have a metal rod and 5 screws in my ankle. Never thought I'd be the same, but guess what. I'm 100% healed, can do handsprings again and no reoccurring issues. It'll happen for you too! Btw, it was truly a gift seeing you as you. Love you even more than ever now. Good luck with your healing. Just give it the due time. 😍🙏🎶🎤🎹
Natalie Anna
Natalie Anna 19 days ago
Robert Adante
Robert Adante 19 days ago
Get well soon marti
Josiene Baatsen
Josiene Baatsen 21 day ago
Martin Garrix beterschap!! 💋
riski ozora
riski ozora 3 days ago
why your leg
Leo Narrex
Leo Narrex 3 days ago
Which laptop does martin use?
Alex-san 5 days ago
Clave la intro ahre
Dieter Geerts
Dieter Geerts 5 days ago
Beterschap Martijn!
It’s Vizor
It’s Vizor 7 days ago
I’m just gonna up and say this, the top half of Martin’s face is very much similar to a Max Verstappen. The eyebrows, the eyes...if Max grew his hair out a bit and curled it a little, I think he’d look a lot like Martin.
Bárbara Juárez
Bárbara Juárez 9 days ago
Low key Martin kind of can sing? Lol
Stofzuigerzak 11 days ago
Beterschap Martijn
Hannah Hofman
Hannah Hofman 12 days ago
Hoi Martin, even in het Nederlands. Ik kan niet zo goed Engels maar als ik het goed begrijp heb je ervoor gekozen om maar niet die shows te doen dat is denk ik ook de beste keuzen voor jou, Want je moet natuurlijk goed voor jezelf zorgen. Ik snap dat je natuurlijk ook heel graag de shows wou doen want het is ook voor het goede doel maar en nog beter doel is: herstellen dat is het belangerijkste want dat is wat iedereen eigenlijk wil zodat je daarna weer twee keer zo hard kan knallen💪🏼 Ik stop hiermee mijn bericht en vergeet niet iedereen respecteerde je mening en wenst je geluk🙏🏻🥰 Ik vind het wel heel zielig🥺🥺groetjes mij💗
LGeL Lavande
LGeL Lavande 12 days ago
I never watch this show before, I didn't know Martin too (only by name). But omg what's a beautiful human being, he seems very kind. I don't appreciate when thr manager said to the other manager in the car "are you feeling sad?", it is so depressing to cancel shows, I think Martin should heard other things like it's gonna be okey and makes him feel better. Anyway, cancelling the shows is the best option, your health will always matter and will always be above everything! Have a good rest!
kim van groesen
kim van groesen 14 days ago
Waarom heb je twee telefoons
Julissa Hernandez
Julissa Hernandez 14 days ago
Martín garrix ojalá que te recuperes pronto
Missliz Lol
Missliz Lol 15 days ago
heel veel beterschap!❤️
DJ WALKZZ 15 days ago
Poor leg
Anton Korf
Anton Korf 16 days ago
Qihao Lin
Qihao Lin 17 days ago
And now u broke up with her
Lewis Ingram
Lewis Ingram 17 days ago
Why is he not my husband
Hector Wilfredo Eca Saba
Hector Wilfredo Eca Saba
Brother's good good ...
BAWLIN 17 days ago
Deze maat moet ff rust nemen man
Ano nymous
Ano nymous 18 days ago
Yall remember the scene of Avicii sitting in the hospital and his "friends" as well as the doctors told him, that he can make all these shows if they give them enough medicine? Now this is how it should happened back a days. Real friends, good doctors and your mom should have said, stay the fuck home and cancel all your shows.
Paola Valenzuela
Paola Valenzuela 19 days ago
That you recover soon and always stay strong.
Dasha Rodriguez Calvo
*For Martin the shows are really important and we know it, but is health is more important, ¡Improve yourself and so you can give a good shows and jump as you always have! Health is first, always remember that, ¡We love you Martin! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, Greetings from Costa Rica 🇨🇷💖*
Tim Zeinstra
Tim Zeinstra 19 days ago
ff geen haat waar maar was de kroket?
celia verschoor
celia verschoor 19 days ago
Funny i can understand this
Nicky Moorelisse
Nicky Moorelisse 19 days ago
Je gezondheid is het belangrijkste dat snappen wij echt tuurlijk baal je maar je echte fans begrijpen dit❤️
cara 19 days ago
at moments like this I love to be dutch haha I could understand everything perfectly
Dirga Adjie
Dirga Adjie 19 days ago
Get well soon martin. 🤣😁
Ana Wiegeraad
Ana Wiegeraad 20 days ago
OMG ja-stem klinkt zo lief😂😘
Marit 20 days ago
Ik had niet verwacht dat hij Nederlands zou praten😂
stijn center
stijn center 20 days ago
Hoi Martijn ik ben ook Nederlander leuk muziek joh
NTV VlOG 20 days ago
love you Martin Garrix am from vietnamese
Lemon Nation
Lemon Nation 20 days ago
Martin never takes breaks?
Dominique Akkerman
Dominique Akkerman 20 days ago
Ik was dat meisje die in het amc (ziekenhuis) je handtekening vroeg 🙃💗
Melody Buffalo Girl
Shine Al
Shine Al 21 day ago
Yaelahh sini bawa aje ke haji naim, dua hari sembuh dah lu.. dokter lu kebanyakan teori
Roos Hoogeveen
Roos Hoogeveen 21 day ago
Hey ik denk dat iedereen je kan vergeven als je nu voor je eigen gezondheid kiest en een paar shows mist
Gamer Ferian
Gamer Ferian 21 day ago
Aii!! Das nie chill! Hoop dat je snel weer de beste bent!❤️ maar hier in dit huis ben je dat al!!
Luigi 02
Luigi 02 21 day ago
Hard decision. Best wishes from switzerland
Armin Timmermans
Armin Timmermans 21 day ago
dit is fu*king k*t voor je man en ook voor de mensen die jij een geweldige show zou gaan geven beterschap man
SEDANO X STRO 21 day ago
you are so pure! much respect
PhantomMatrix 21 day ago
Your health is more important than anything else in the world!
Théophile D.
Théophile D. 22 days ago
The traduction is awful...
Luciano Huaman Orejon
Sanate pronto +×
Frida Ortega
Frida Ortega 22 days ago
Alguien que me diga que le paso?
Aboom Calugas
Aboom Calugas 22 days ago
When Martin starts to sing melts my heart❤
Chris ng
Chris ng 22 days ago
Jammer man
Sem bleeker
Sem bleeker 22 days ago
Dutch people can understand this nederlandse mensen laat je horen
celia verschoor
celia verschoor 19 days ago
cara 19 days ago
Sarah Pip
Sarah Pip 22 days ago
I have the same problem with that I had my ligament completly ripped in my wrist and had the operation a month ago. And I also have a change that I ripped my ligament in my ankle following a fall.
Bayu Nugroho
Bayu Nugroho 22 days ago
Get well soon
miss internetty
miss internetty 22 days ago
Het is zo belangrijk om jezelf op nr.1 te zetten maar , mooi hoe zo'n jonge jongen al zoveel verantwoordelijkheid heeft , voorbeeld voor veel jongeren! (En ouderen!)
Tereza Šilhavá
Tereza Šilhavá 22 days ago
I love you
Stan Cool
Stan Cool 23 days ago
Beterschap martin♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sol Agusti
Sol Agusti 23 days ago
this reminds me to avicii story
dianne van der plas
Andrew Jorgensen
Andrew Jorgensen 23 days ago
How is Martin so happy? I get the feeling that money isn’t it..... i think success is part of it but I just can’t figure it out
Sayago Flor
Sayago Flor 24 days ago
Recupérate pronto 😭😍
7wen7y 7wo
7wen7y 7wo 24 days ago
You are the best best wishes!
Roos Broekman
Roos Broekman 24 days ago
Hoe heet het liedje op 15:22 ?
Ryiah Alexandra Bergling
just make sure that you learn from avicii‘s mistakes and prioritise health over success please! we don‘t want to lose you aswell!
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