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Martin Garrix
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The Martin Garrix Show Season 4 Episode 2 - THE HOSPITAL
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I received bad news from my doctor and needed to make a tough decision...
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Nov 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix 8 months ago
I received bad news from my doctor and needed to make a tough decision...
Aarya Bhikraj
Aarya Bhikraj 5 days ago
Dutch sounds just like Afrikaans 😂👌🏻I understand what they saying and... Love you Martin 😁❤️
Brandon Quax
Brandon Quax Month ago
what decision
DJ ARAP Month ago
yeah Martin, a leg surgery. I had a surgery on my appendix in three of my bodies and I couldn't go to beach throughout my summer from July to September.
Arnoob 69
Arnoob 69 2 months ago
I was the 2.5k like
Christie Collins
Christie Collins 2 months ago
You should do your own vocals Martin u have a beautiful voice xxx 💙
fatimah anwaar
fatimah anwaar 7 days ago
I thought DJ's never get injured as most of the time they perform while sitting down on a chair
Jean-Luc Laprade
Jean-Luc Laprade 10 days ago
I love your Martin Garrix
Khloe-Chelsea Wilce
martin is such a mood, mummy in the doctor office with you lmao that's me innit 😭😂
music grapes
music grapes 20 days ago
12:25 charelle 💜
Stefan m
Stefan m 20 days ago
That doctor was such a great straight up guy!
Bunny Month ago
Kalikz 2000
Kalikz 2000 Month ago
Person “time to relax” Martin Garrick “time to make music” This is why he is one of the most successful DJ’s at his age NONE STOP GRIND
Dada Volks
Dada Volks Month ago
Martin can play as Clark Kent in the next Superman 😍
Kev Rapaoly
Kev Rapaoly Month ago
At 12:40 He didn't knew that it will be used to love hehe
Sathya Barr
Sathya Barr Month ago
Your leg matters more then your show your the greatest dj in the world .
Erico Siswanto
Erico Siswanto Month ago
in indonesia, u can fix tht in few day with pijat urut
Pablo Magariños
Wow, Used To Love changed a lot
Maria Vasquez
Maria Vasquez Month ago
Hermoso martin!! Musica electroDJ 👏😍😍
Anthony G
Anthony G Month ago
This guy is amazingly entertaining even when he’s not on the stage!
Mathijs Month ago
Martin: I have to cancel my festivals😭 Corona: Hold my beer
diie_ lisaaa
diie_ lisaaa 2 months ago
Ist das in den Niederlanden? Ich finde die Sprache so lustig, Mischung aus Deutsch und englisch xD
?? Month ago
Man versteht wenigstens etwas 😂😂
Anyelis Diaz
Anyelis Diaz 2 months ago
Queremos una 5ta temporada de The Martin Garrix Show
Osbaldo Saenz
Osbaldo Saenz 2 months ago
Very fortunate. I've had the opportunity to see Garrix in Vegas at Omnia about 6 times. I skipped the scene for a few years and they saw he was playing at Omnia again (he was on your). I quickly bought my tickets and 2 months before my trip, this happened. I cancelled my trip and was looking forward to seeing his this year. Now we have coronavirus and I don't know if things will ever get back to normal. Garrix is the reason I like EDM... can't wait to see him again!
Filmy Musica
Filmy Musica 2 months ago
Doctors : You don't owe these people , you have given them everything. Martin garrix : Not everything yet !! . . .Martin is like batman returning to Gotham .
Rasa Rasavic
Rasa Rasavic 2 months ago
я когда со стремянки пизданулся,у меня нога опухла и была на порядок хуже,я просто обрабатывал ногу йодом и все заебись прошло через месяц)))Работать продолжал!)
Allie Kroes
Allie Kroes 2 months ago
Wow he's wearing a TWLOHA shirt! Love him
Ajoy kumar Chowdhury
Brent 2 months ago
Waarom niet Nederlands
Uday Shrivas
Uday Shrivas 3 months ago
Get well soon Martin garrix
Laura Castrillòn Jaramillo
Loving that song so much, my favorite one, Love you so much !! You are very big
Keesh Keesh
Keesh Keesh 3 months ago
I am really sorry this happened to you! I hope you get better really soon. Sending lots of love to you.❤️
Hugo Slomski
Hugo Slomski 3 months ago
het is erg pijnlijk lijkt mij
Btpc1 3 months ago
Like als je nl bent
Ruth Rodriguez
Ruth Rodriguez 3 months ago
Mrlopkeson 3 months ago
10:40 so high😂
xtalll Lala
xtalll Lala 4 months ago
Goal ! With sister and girlfriend taking care of him with friend playing guitar for him when he is in hospital life goal
xtalll Lala
xtalll Lala Month ago
?? At that time they were together
?? Month ago
I thought he's no longer with Charelle 🤔
aman lodwal
aman lodwal 4 months ago
can anyone tell that where i can found that background mark otten guitar
TehBunnieh 4 months ago
Joppiesaus! Eyyy my man has good taste :D
Serah Memories
Serah Memories 4 months ago
I wish your health will back.💝🦵👑💪
Monica Martinez
Monica Martinez 4 months ago
Cúrate que tienes toda la vida por delante.Eres joven.Estas triunfando , con tú música por todo el mundo.A mí me gusta algunas canciones y los vídeos.Sigue así.Martin Garrix.
Tipo24 5 months ago
someone who knows what laptop he use?
Flor Mv
Flor Mv 5 months ago
Martín 🎵🎵🎧💕💖💟
Nashpai Lucy
Nashpai Lucy 5 months ago
You will be okay. I hope you are okay
Luis Salazar
Luis Salazar 6 months ago
he didnt want to lose those millions
Raeanne Joseph
Raeanne Joseph 6 months ago
i've never heard him sing before omgggg i love it
Jacqueline Echeverria-Rousseau
That jump with Tiesto last week though *shaking my finger*
Andi Haze
Andi Haze 6 months ago
luv to see u guys are friends (Capriati / Techno .. Garrix / EDM) Most Techno & EDM ppl hate each other but u both killin it :D
I'm Desolate
I'm Desolate 6 months ago
I absolutely love that he wears a To write love on her arms T-shirt!!
Juancarlos Donaire
Juancarlos Donaire 6 months ago
como se llama el tema de intro?
De Draken
De Draken 6 months ago
Hé Martin ik heb gezien en gehoord dat je je enkelbanden hebt gescheurd. wist je dat ik ook dj ben en dat ik mun been heb gebroken maar genoeg over mij .ik wens je veel beter schap 🎤🎧🧑🏼‍🦽🎛
riski ozora
riski ozora 7 months ago
why your leg
Arie Narberg
Arie Narberg 7 months ago
Which laptop does martin use?
Alex-san 7 months ago
Clave la intro ahre
Vaibhavi Shrivastava 103
I’m just gonna up and say this, the top half of Martin’s face is very much similar to a Max Verstappen. The eyebrows, the eyes...if Max grew his hair out a bit and curled it a little, I think he’d look a lot like Martin.
Bárbara Juárez
Bárbara Juárez 7 months ago
Low key Martin kind of can sing? Lol
Doenjel_Beuker 7 months ago
Beterschap Martijn
LGeL Lavande
LGeL Lavande 7 months ago
I never watch this show before, I didn't know Martin too (only by name). But omg what's a beautiful human being, he seems very kind. I don't appreciate when thr manager said to the other manager in the car "are you feeling sad?", it is so depressing to cancel shows, I think Martin should heard other things like it's gonna be okey and makes him feel better. Anyway, cancelling the shows is the best option, your health will always matter and will always be above everything! Have a good rest!
kim van groesen
kim van groesen 7 months ago
Waarom heb je twee telefoons
Julissa Hernandez
Julissa Hernandez 7 months ago
Martín garrix ojalá que te recuperes pronto
Liz Kiss
Liz Kiss 7 months ago
heel veel beterschap!❤️
DJ MEHME 7 months ago
Poor leg
Anton Korf
Anton Korf 7 months ago
Qihao Lin
Qihao Lin 7 months ago
And now u broke up with her
Lewis Ingram
Lewis Ingram 7 months ago
Why is he not my husband
Hector Wilfredo Eca Saba
Hector Wilfredo Eca Saba
Brother's good good ...
BAWLIN 7 months ago
Deze maat moet ff rust nemen man
Ano nymous
Ano nymous 7 months ago
Yall remember the scene of Avicii sitting in the hospital and his "friends" as well as the doctors told him, that he can make all these shows if they give them enough medicine? Now this is how it should happened back a days. Real friends, good doctors and your mom should have said, stay the fuck home and cancel all your shows.
Laura Kristiina
Laura Kristiina 2 months ago
Shelovesadventure People around Tim didn’t even want to care they didn’t even try they pushed Tim to do more shows and work harder. Where was his family all that time? Maybe yeah they talked on the phone but in his situation it just wasn’t enough of support (I’m pretty sure they didn’t even care) They didn’t understand how serious it was. How some people can be so mean and fake and I don’t even know what to say I just don’t have words to explain how terrible people were around him. I don’t want to be mean but sadly It was like that. It doesn’t matter anymore because Tim is no longer with us. We still love him and we are not gonna let people forget him.We will never forget you Tim. 💔🙏❤️
Shelovesadventure 6 months ago
You are so right... It's sad that some people doesn't have a very good support system... It breaks my heart that Tim had to go through that all alone :( That's why is so important to surrender yourself with people who really care
Paola Valenzuela
Paola Valenzuela 7 months ago
That you recover soon and always stay strong.
Dasha Rodriguez Calvo
*For Martin the shows are really important and we know it, but is health is more important, ¡Improve yourself and so you can give a good shows and jump as you always have! Health is first, always remember that, ¡We love you Martin! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, Greetings from Costa Rica 🇨🇷💖*
Tim Zeinstra
Tim Zeinstra 7 months ago
ff geen haat waar maar was de kroket?
celia verschoor
celia verschoor 7 months ago
Funny i can understand this
Nicky Moorelisse
Nicky Moorelisse 7 months ago
Je gezondheid is het belangrijkste dat snappen wij echt tuurlijk baal je maar je echte fans begrijpen dit❤️
caraslimelight 7 months ago
at moments like this I love to be dutch haha I could understand everything perfectly
Dirga Adjie
Dirga Adjie 7 months ago
Get well soon martin. 🤣😁
Someone Random
Someone Random 7 months ago
OMG ja-stem klinkt zo lief😂😘
Marit 7 months ago
Ik had niet verwacht dat hij Nederlands zou praten😂
stijn center
stijn center 7 months ago
Hoi Martijn ik ben ook Nederlander leuk muziek joh
The van Nguyen
The van Nguyen 7 months ago
love you Martin Garrix am from vietnamese
FosterChild 7 months ago
Martin never takes breaks?
Dominique Akkerman
Dominique Akkerman 7 months ago
Ik was dat meisje die in het amc (ziekenhuis) je handtekening vroeg 🙃💗
Melody Buffalo Girl
Melody Buffalo Girl 7 months ago
Shine Al
Shine Al 7 months ago
Yaelahh sini bawa aje ke haji naim, dua hari sembuh dah lu.. dokter lu kebanyakan teori
Ferian Anemaet
Ferian Anemaet 7 months ago
Aii!! Das nie chill! Hoop dat je snel weer de beste bent!❤️ maar hier in dit huis ben je dat al!!
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