Our First Week on Bad Boys for Life!

Will Smith
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Ahead of the start of production on Bad Boys For Life, Will and Martin get up to speed in Atlanta and prepare to shoot their third film together.
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Feb 8, 2019




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Comments 7 983
Vânia Alves
Vânia Alves 3 hours ago
osman ocal
osman ocal 16 hours ago
Yeah I have everything in life but not Allah
osman ocal
osman ocal 16 hours ago
Will Smith 's swallowed by his ego
Elliston Vallarino
Elliston Vallarino 21 hour ago
Huts Muts
Huts Muts Day ago
Does 2 are from belgium? They made the movie Patsers
Lagunas 20
Lagunas 20 Day ago
Ou sii Will Smith in Yautepec
Chrisation Baby
Damn Big Willie Style smacking that locks when he chew.... damn lol
TerEmbert 2 days ago
Están en Yautepec Morelos grabado la otra parte
ELIAS FILHO 2 days ago
Johnny Dogg
Johnny Dogg 3 days ago
Would love to work with ya bro, just can't drop my full name here. Lol
ITrynda 5 days ago
Will Smith really laughs with his the back throat and chest
FUNNY SCENE 6 days ago
Movie Bad Boys For Life..its going to be in the Top 5 List
Kristof Lee
Kristof Lee 6 days ago
Nigga you need some sleep
Gabriel 03:00
Gabriel 03:00 6 days ago
Can't wait for this m****er
Beverlyn Gaviria castaño
Will Smith 😍😍😍
K E L .L O
K E L .L O 8 days ago
ERIC FORD MEDIA audiosmoke
...i'm still available if you need more bad guys or munitions trained folks...
Wtf...never thought I would see Will behave so low...oh well we all have a bad side.
CptCapeFear 13
CptCapeFear 13 9 days ago
Let’s take s moment at 6:10 when he sounds like chewy love yah will
Wilma Swanepoel
Wilma Swanepoel 12 days ago
When is it coming out in South Africa
wylinondaisland 12 days ago
No matter how much weight Martin loses he always keeps the fat face
Jules Perceval
Jules Perceval 12 days ago
Does anyone know why they didn't bring Gabriel Union back cuz she was interested?
Megan Lombard
Megan Lombard 15 days ago
Will the vlogs are so good!
Daimaou broww-sama
Daimaou broww-sama 15 days ago
happy to see adil el arby having succes in Hollywood
Jakub pogubila
Jakub pogubila 15 days ago
oh ya i got!!..Mr.Smith after Bad Boys 3 what about a Wild West Sequel?..that was a fun movie ...actually all movies i saw you in where good.
Ersel Elric
Ersel Elric 16 days ago
who is she on 6:55 ?
Raychal Plus3DZ
Raychal Plus3DZ 17 days ago
Omg I 💗 this guy 😍 n so do my kids..... 🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽 sending ya 💗💗💗💗💗 from Australia 🇦🇺 😝 Will 🥰
Kuttystr8nutty 18 days ago
Amber Luckes
Amber Luckes 19 days ago
To be honest I don’t really like this will I need west side will I little more than this one
Drayton Kyle
Drayton Kyle 19 days ago
Love all martin movies😘😘
NORWAY Vibes 19 days ago
I never new this guy had a RUvid channel, this is the best on RUvid right now,...check the image man.. Crazy😬
Bluewater Veei
Bluewater Veei 19 days ago
Omggg please make irobot 2! Or even I am legend 2 🙏
pretty streater aka Team breezy
Martin looks different
jootai 19 days ago
I hear the directors are the best!
momo The casual gamer
Damn Martin looking old... XD but amazing video
Freddie Villa
Freddie Villa 20 days ago
Wouldn’t it be cool if will and Martin did a 10 person lottery from the subscribers to win a trip to the opening!!!😀😀😀😀 . Who’s in????
SALIM86 20 days ago
Can't wait for this will smith is not just a amazing actor but a great rapper too one of my favorites truly talented
Marcus Martin
Marcus Martin 20 days ago
Yes bad boys for life
Drake Marin
Drake Marin 20 days ago
How dope would it be where will and Martin have to go to Beverly Hills to track a meth dealer while running into Eddie Murphy “Axel Foley “ cameo !!!
MisterCool 13 days ago
The crossover is not necessary. It would only be a distraction. I would like to see Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz make a cameo, though. Give them 5 minutes as the rival cops.
Leila Akinyi
Leila Akinyi 21 day ago
🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Yaaaayyyyy!!!! I can't wait!!!
Darius Robinson
Darius Robinson 21 day ago
I can't wait for y'all to release this movie I laughing hard as ever just on this LoL y'all wild
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 21 day ago
ruvid.net/video/video-dlnKZceNtD0.html😄😍 🇮🇩
Nat Moli.
Nat Moli. 21 day ago
Te amo
thnxrj 21 day ago
So excited to see Martin on Film!!!! Mar-innnnn!!!
Alan Jr Walker
Alan Jr Walker 21 day ago
Will Smith take that ugly cop uniform off it makes u look fat out of shape and depressed please.
Hardcoreboxingnews 22 days ago
And leave Scotty alone 🤦🏾‍♂️
Hardcoreboxingnews 22 days ago
Will the mf goat‼️
Neo Khesa
Neo Khesa 22 days ago
o its actually happening!! Nice one
Neo Khesa
Neo Khesa 22 days ago
Norman Rivera
Norman Rivera 22 days ago
Will Smith is so funny, but M Lawrence is a priggish. Don't like this guy.
Vanny 22 days ago
dbkali1 22 days ago
Will, Are you planning on ever reprising "I-Robot"?
smoke G
smoke G 22 days ago
Dam they got old..
Ghetto Tech
Ghetto Tech 23 days ago
Best quality
Ghetto Tech
Ghetto Tech 23 days ago
Those subs are flying up
MonkeyBarz179 23 days ago
Will must have the fountain of youth hidden away somewhere. Brother does not age.
King Ace
King Ace 23 days ago
Fawn is fine
Sir Trunkz
Sir Trunkz 23 days ago
Team norvasc baby lets go!!!
Sana Bensinner
Sana Bensinner 23 days ago
We need Shark Tales 2 ...
Nicole Nelson
Nicole Nelson 23 days ago
This made me smile!
Bria Morehead
Bria Morehead 23 days ago
I want some of that damn juice Scoty was making...
IllumiNOTi The_Oblivion_Light
OMG They went Friends on our asses.
Thunder Take You
Thunder Take You 23 days ago
This is cool
Ruthless 100
Ruthless 100 24 days ago
i dont think the dislikes are humans, i think youtube automatically dislikes videos like why dislike this video
Maarten Lemmens
Maarten Lemmens 24 days ago
CeCe Thomas
CeCe Thomas 24 days ago
Love my Martin and Will .Love them Bad Boy's ,I can't wait for part 3. They're characters are intertwined between brother's , cop's and at each other's throat's sometimes but they still live each other.They display great Chemistry in the movie's. I'm from Will Smith's Home town , Philadelphia ,But I never got a chance to meet him.I have mad love for Martin and Will and am glad I got a chance to know them in the River screen and in Music. Waiting for that#3, Bad Boy's.🖤👑👑
A Foster
A Foster 24 days ago
Have some respect for food
Bilal Hussain
Bilal Hussain 24 days ago
Blayre Ward
Blayre Ward 24 days ago
Shouldve been a tv show
dshort914 24 days ago
JonnySage 24 days ago
No Michael Bay? Who will do the rotating firefight scene?
Storm 24 days ago
Martin days are gone since his hit show ..”Martin” ..majority of his movies have been horrible while Will still makes good movies.
MisterCool 13 days ago
In my opinion, the only bad movie Martin made was What's the Worse That Can Happen?, and even that movie wasn't horrible. His best non-Bad Boys film was Blue Streak followed by (in my opinion) National Security.
Victoria Peters
Victoria Peters 24 days ago
It is so nice to see aspects of the movie production. Thank you!
The Kameleon
The Kameleon 25 days ago
Theres to much bullshit in this
Denise Asad Khan-Maas
So to Bilal and Adil!! The Netherlands is proud of you guys! These guys are taking it to another level, watch them!! 🔥🔥🔥
cocun cocun01
cocun cocun01 25 days ago
No se mucho ingles pero lo adoro aun asi me causa risa
Sweet Daddi
Sweet Daddi 25 days ago
Martin got transfered in part 2
Sweet Daddi
Sweet Daddi 25 days ago
I live in Miami. Where they filming in Miami?
The Put On
The Put On 25 days ago
Will Smith's life is a mooovie😭😭
korllark1 25 days ago
"Beverly Hills Cop" of this generation.
Rondy Hunte
Rondy Hunte 25 days ago
Timothy Jacobs
Timothy Jacobs 25 days ago
Michael Bay is not the director?! Aw man...not sure how I feel about this... Anyone familiar with the new directors??
unknown TV
unknown TV 25 days ago
Bad boys for life
Hood patrol
Hood patrol 25 days ago
OMG my iPhone is listening to my conversation! Someone just mention bad boys and is just come up on my recommendation on you tube
LizBiz Ldn
LizBiz Ldn 25 days ago
I can’t wait to watch BadBoys3
Fission Pulsar
Fission Pulsar 25 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-RD72UStS-yI.html Flooding or Underwater
Fission Pulsar
Fission Pulsar 25 days ago
Fission Pulsar
Fission Pulsar 25 days ago
Congratulations 🍾 ETHIOPIA Commercial 🏦 Bank. Scene📽️🎥🎟️📽️🎦🎫🚚🎞️
Lee Hughes
Lee Hughes 25 days ago
YES loved bad boys & bad boys ll Martin Lawrence and will ( like Lowry !!!!! ) Smith bounce off each other perfectly . Martin would have me in fits of laughter it would take all day to film just a few scenes lol . I think 3 bad boy movies is enough don't ruin a great franchise remember bad boys for life baby 🚔!!! . Blessed my brudda,s I'm out peace .. 🧢🎧👊☝️✔
Lilith 25 days ago
Will Smith is a handsome man. Damn
Hassan Bradley
Hassan Bradley 25 days ago
Should've had Martin in this alot more
Prime Artist (Russell Jordan)
Yall dont know Martin Lawrence and Bad Boys like I know Martin & Bad Boys!!!
Randy Krage
Randy Krage 25 days ago
I herd this movie is going to be a rip off of last Friday
Miles Moralez
Miles Moralez 25 days ago
Ernesto james
Ernesto james 25 days ago
It should be Dad bods back in uniformWith their old asses
Chris Reid
Chris Reid 26 days ago
will smith kinda soft lol
Tristen Reed
Tristen Reed 26 days ago
I can’t wait to watch this! Just wish Martin had kept up a good physique like Will. 😂
Jasmine Muse
Jasmine Muse 21 day ago
And , how u look ...I hate when people do that but look a mess there dam self
Carlton Johnson
Carlton Johnson 26 days ago
All we need now is beverly hills cop 4
Nathan Shelby
Nathan Shelby 26 days ago
nic sharp
nic sharp 26 days ago
I winder if Will remembers a guy named Jazzy Jeff? He was a DJ.....
Devin Martinez
Devin Martinez 26 days ago
Mayunta Kent
Mayunta Kent 26 days ago
I love them too they are fools ❤️💙💙❤️♥️
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