Backwards Talking (GAME)

Good Mythical Morning
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Today we try and figure out words and phrases that are played backwards. GMM #636!
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Production Assistant: Chase Hilt
Show Graphics Package and Lighting: Ben Eck
Content Manager: Becca Canote
Set Construction/Dresser: Cassie Cobb
Intro Motion Graphics: Digital Twigs www.digitaltwigs.com
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Mar 6, 2015




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Comments 18 696
Rob Coelho
Rob Coelho 21 hour ago
it would be funny if the video was inverted upside down
Turtle cocaine
Turtle cocaine 22 hours ago
7:25 Rhett looks so sad
Eepasheep Day ago
They should bring back song biscuits
The Hufflepuff Hermione
I got Wheel of Mythicality as soon as Rhett said round and spins.
n86cc 4 days ago
Backwards Talking part 2?
Aldriniel Verallo
he looks like aamir khan
Aron Air
Aron Air 7 days ago
Am I still the only one who doesn’t understand the whole Tokyo thing?
Rayquaza ck
Rayquaza ck 9 days ago
Anyone else feeling bollke
oxyninjassassin 10 days ago
Why does rhett have to do that when toyko is said???
BigFatBananaGaming 666
9:20 link you okay?
David Dahl
David Dahl 12 days ago
I like your boots
Poopie Hed
Poopie Hed 14 days ago
!!delloR-kciR neeb evah uoY
Kaidrock123 16 days ago
i wonder if you can guess this?.... i like your boots lol
Anika Zarsuela
Anika Zarsuela 17 days ago
10:58 Link: I like your boots.. Rhett: BHAHHAHA
Loliolysser 19 days ago
The king backwards it gnik eht not eht gnik
Novideosonlycomments 1
Turn on captions at 8:59
TAEYEON’g _SS 21 day ago
We’re going to develop The entirely useless skill of hearing of words or phrases spoken in reverse and then understanding them in forward
Carmen Trance
Carmen Trance 22 days ago
Sirens are being sounded.
TyDie85 23 days ago
Rhett goes from being shocked that link got it to saying "I thought you'd get it because ____". Which is it, bro? XD
Nova Dreamer
Nova Dreamer 23 days ago
.siht daer nac uoy fi desirprus eb lliw I
hugh900 mk
hugh900 mk 25 days ago
0 . .10
Naxia Moon
Naxia Moon 25 days ago
How many people came here after good mythical more 2020 lol
Alex Mari
Alex Mari 26 days ago
My favorite part: 4:53
Alex Mari
Alex Mari 26 days ago
The video starts here: 1:10
Glass of Milk
Glass of Milk 12 days ago
No it doesn't. It starts at 0:00 as do all videos
OriginalGaucho 28 days ago
Shouldn't the crown say gnik eht? 🤔
Christian Krantz
Christian Krantz 28 days ago
this was four years ago?! i stopped watching whenever they moved into this type of setup so i must have been watching for 5-6 years at least wow.
pawprints1986 28 days ago
Whos watching this after watching todays More? (Jan 23, 2020)
kaiya thomas
kaiya thomas 28 days ago
pawprints1986 me!
Shawna Nottingham
Shawna Nottingham 28 days ago
You should say something about that great cake she made
Ian Butler
Ian Butler 28 days ago
This was...5 years ago
Joe 28 days ago
Who’s here after today’s episode of gmmore?
Mishti Sen
Mishti Sen 29 days ago
Here after the new backward talking video lol
TheBeatlesToday 29 days ago
Who’s back here after watching the new backwords phrases GMMore episode?
Elizabeth Shaji
Elizabeth Shaji 7 days ago
Tokyo :)
The Colorful Gecko
The Colorful Gecko 15 days ago
yepppp hahaha!!
Row Kah
Row Kah Month ago
Nicole A
Nicole A Month ago
Link...“ purple noun... purple own... purple town!” Rhett... “ purple town! Come on down to purple town!” 😂😂
J. Osborne
J. Osborne Month ago
Friend: It's okay, just act cool man... Me: 6:48
Klara Bilan
Klara Bilan Month ago
9:55 Rhett: you want a hint? Link: *looks at Rhett* it's my buns...
Lidya Christiani
stoob ruoy ekil i
Row Kah
Row Kah Month ago
od uoY?
The goofy Gamer653
You wanna hint It’s my buns
Commenter 1233
Commenter 1233 Month ago
*why is no one talking about the awesome cake at the end?!*
dosterrebecca Month ago
Do a mother one
Diamond Lover
Diamond Lover Month ago
OCD is a good song
Daniel Kot
Daniel Kot Month ago
Kristian Volkmann
No one: Not a single girl in the universe: Link: I liKe YoUr BoOtS!
Sebastian Michaelis
Anyone in 2020?
Hudh Ziyau
Hudh Ziyau Month ago
*BULKY* *in japanese accent*
Roblox Master
Roblox Master Month ago
Link: “See how u do with this one.” “i LiKe yOuR bOoTs” “dAnGiT!”
Spencer Blackwell
Spencer Blackwell 28 days ago
Roblox Master
Roblox Master Month ago
Link: “It’s my buns..?” Rhett and I: “...”
Charity Rivera
Charity Rivera Month ago
.snamuhyrtuoc ekil I .sdrawkcab siht daer osla nac uoy, ak yonip gnuK
atl.lilvince Month ago
Can you make a second version or a part 2 of this😂😂😂
Melissa Odom
Melissa Odom Month ago
[gd] pickleq44
[gd] pickleq44 Month ago
When you try to talk to a stranger 10:58
Melissa Stoops
Melissa Stoops Month ago
ttehr 5102-elckip
Melissa Stoops
Melissa Stoops Month ago
It says Rhett 2015-pickle
Smolbean Month ago
Ziwelz Rawrz
Ziwelz Rawrz Month ago
*”I L I K E. Y O U R. SH O E S.”*
AJ Dolata
AJ Dolata 2 months ago
When will the Swedish Chef accept his new helpers?
Syro Z Randomised
Syro Z Randomised 2 months ago
ydoboN: eM: remooB kO
Joe Cambo
Joe Cambo 2 months ago
Bun slurge
Pizza Wonderer
Pizza Wonderer 2 months ago
taht tuoba klat stel
Dead Rider
Dead Rider 2 months ago
I was hoping that the would be backwards
Niño Yuson
Niño Yuson 2 months ago
nich on sah tther
mato Month ago
rehtt has no hcin
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