Back to school: What we can learn from Denmark’s coronavirus response

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In Denmark - children under 11 have been back at school for more than a month - while secondary pupils went back to their classrooms on Monday. (Subscribe: bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)
Denmark has seen less than 600 deaths out of a population of six million - a far lower rate than many countries in Europe. So can the UK learn any valuable lessons from what they've done? Our foreign affairs correspondent Jonathan Rugman reports from Copenhagen.
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Comments 50
Regnar Andersen
There's a lot more, also in general, you could learn from us in Denmark 🇩🇰🇬🇱, Scandinavia as a whole 🇸🇯🇸🇪🇫🇮 and also the EU🇪🇺. Please UK🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 _don't_ look at the US 🇺🇸🤦🤦‍♂️😣 First of all your government (with that _trumpist_ PM) have risked and lost the lives of fellow Brits, and secondly it will cost a lot financially.
Regnar Andersen
Regnar Andersen 10 hours ago
@Gabriel Esbensen of course not with respect to corona, but as I wrote, _"also in general"_ , though right now I can only think of O. P. Anderson snaps😄
Gabriel Esbensen
Gabriel Esbensen 21 hour ago
Looking at sweden is probably not a good idea either.
Frederique Horvath
1:37 why is she talking like someone who comes from either Scotland or Ireland?
Heather Hernandez
Sometimes people learn English from people from those places and take on the accent
Eva Andersen
Eva Andersen 3 days ago
Most likely she has a parent from there or have lived there for a long time period, for exchange, education, etc.
Triple Platinum Auto Sales
He asked how do you play with your friends without touching them? There were two girls behind them who touched. Gtfoh..
Antaeus 3 days ago
God bless Denmark, this country has a great leader.
Mohammed Hanif
Mohammed Hanif 6 hours ago
The U.S.A Should of had one now.
Sebastian Lund Nielsen
I appreciate your comment, my Hellenic brother. I am afraid though, that our success has little or nothing to do with our current Social Democratic government.
Monique Catalina
Monique Catalina 4 days ago
You go guys ty for showing us how we should
paxwallacejazz 4 days ago
Here in Copenhagen no one wears masks any longer. That all stopped about a month ago.
Tom V
Tom V 3 days ago
meanwhile in the U.S. we basically screwed ourselves over. LOL I mean by opening when cases were still going up and pretending everything was ok we extended our misery. Plus we have this attitude that masks infringe our rights. My gut tells me we will see school open then close two weeks later.
The 2 countries that lockdowned as soon as coromavirus cases spiked : Denmark and South Korea. 2 countries with top goverments in the world!
From the UK where the goverment didn’t lockdown until 20,000 cases..
Katy 3 days ago
thank you so much! Where are you from? 🙏
matias kian jensen
matias kian jensen 18 days ago
Thats the School i go to
Simon Poulsen
Simon Poulsen 29 days ago
They love film and interview those cute brown-skinned kids. If they had picked kids at random it would have been something like 80% Vanilla with 15-20% chocolate. What a strange bias to bring into a story about coronavirus.
Anas 40 minutes ago
Why is it strange?
Ida Skipper Sørensen
At first it was Only a couple classes that opened up. It was Only from gade 0. To 5. Grade. I know that the grades a kinda differend but the children that were between 6 and 11 years old
Fia Durhuus
Fia Durhuus 11 hours ago
@Finn Krone their point was that not everyone went back to school immediately. older students stayed home for another month, i believe.
Finn Krone
Finn Krone 4 days ago
Ida Skipper Sørensen : How can you say "a coupele of classes when the whole Danish country started at ard the same time with the 6-11 year olds. What is your point?
Emil Brodersen
Emil Brodersen Month ago
this dansih kid speaks better englsih than some americans
Kristian Juul
Kristian Juul Month ago
0:59 I'm Danish myself and speak good english as most other Danes, but i'm very impressed by this little boys English. Not only does he have a big vocabulary, but his accent is also very decent. A lot of Danes have a strong Danish accent when speaking English, and it's not a pleasant sound. :D
Katy 3 days ago
so true! 😅 that Danish-english accent is.. interesting 😂
paxwallacejazz 4 days ago
As someone who lived in Italy and Germany now in Copenhagen believe me you guys got nothing to worry about!🙋‍♂️
Blood Cotton Candy
Naw, you guys sound awesome. Makes it feel like I'm speaking to Viking warriors.
Xx_Wolfire_xX DK
Im Danish too :D
Lulin Guo
Lulin Guo Month ago
Let's see whether covid19 will bounce back in Denmark.
Finn Krone
Finn Krone 4 days ago
@Garry Hardfield Still spared sonewhat here in Denmark Jiuly 7, 2020 - cross fingers but we have been spared - did you read the statistics? But you are right - noone knows what is in line for us :-(
Garry Hardfield
Garry Hardfield 7 days ago
The store that i work in as a cashier has had no problems with corona and no one is wearing masks only social distancing. I was scared at first when I had to work even tho corona was a thing... Things are going the right Way. My mom is working from home tho but most people are not affected by the virus
sofwan Month ago
Denmark. Unicorn. Throne . ruvid.net/video/video-zue3iBz33Nc.html
bzdtemp Month ago
Quick update on things here in Denmark. Numbers are keeping to move in the right direction and we are nearing everything being open, but with social distancing and all. Big events are still far off, so football matches without spectators and so on. On testing - some two three days ago testing for all that wants is now available. You book a time for test, the wait is about a day in most places and most get the result within 24 hours with some waiting longer for the result. More than half a million Danes has been tested, some 20,000 within the last day so test rate is almost 1 in 11, so almost double that of the UK. However I think effective social distancing, early lock down, safety in the homes for the elderly and hospitals never have been anywhere near capacity is what makes the difference.
mr democracy
mr democracy Month ago
You must remember that the population in Denmark and in schools is much less densily populated than the UK and the coronavirus was no where near as bad.You cannot compare.
well, the virus was not bad in denmark, because we did a good job stopping it from the start... and the population per square mile is pretty much the same
William N
William N 4 days ago
mr democracy The UK has twice as many cases and deaths per 1 mil people
Morten Reippuert Knudsen
Denmark is MORE densely populated that the UK - but distribution óf space to live is more equally distributed (just like income and wealth)
nathan o'sullivan
sunlight will help you
impmanful Month ago
The Dannes have shown common sense, something this country lost a long time ago. People in this country talk about heroes during the current situation, they talk about the war time spirit. I watched a program last night about the evacuation of British troops from Dunkirk , now that was about real heroes , not the self promoting shallow Facebook so called heroes of today's society
impmanful Day ago
I consider the heroes of this present situation to be all the patients who have died due to having there chemotherapy and urgent operations cancelled, being told stay away from there doctors.The mantra being we must protect the NHS at all cost The NHS needs to renamed the National health organisation, because like all other government organisations it bends rules,lies and Bullies it staff.
Regnar Andersen
@impmanful don't you consider nurses and doctors to be heroes in this situation? If not I urge you to volunteer for cleaning the hospital's ECUs and corona wards!
Javahc1 Month ago
Denmark schools another level! Classroom size, kids able to speak English as a second language as good as or better than the Brits, there is trust in teachers, good behaviour, and so on...Nothing comparable with England!!
Anas 43 minutes ago
Oh no no no. England has a far better education system than Denmarks. I've been in both and prefer Englands by far - it is more academic and leads a person into a more professional life with the uniforms and the behaviour systems at scoool.
Twikkilol Day ago
Class sizes are too small, too many children with too little teachers. Too many hours per day. It's not possible to have optimal learning with our current conditions. Don't think it's such a haven, because it's not. Yes, we learn english from an early age, some places even from kindergarten, but the school system before becoming specialists, sucks. You should in no way look towards us for inspiration, perhaps look at Finland instead. Those are even better.
Finn Krone
Finn Krone 4 days ago
@DrDewott Yes. And the youtube "fever" (the kids rehears and rehears the lyrics of their favourite English language songs) together with viewing all English speaking programs on TV with subtitles :-)
paxwallacejazz 4 days ago
As an American Expat I'm greatful for the high level English language skills.
DrDewott 10 days ago
Yeah, I myself started learning English all the way back in 3rd grade, since then English class has been pushed ahead to 1st grade. I mean it just makes sense in a small nation where less than 6 million people speak the native languages, along with the ever increasing globalization, digitization, and especially Americanization around these parts.
Lin Vloger
Lin Vloger Month ago
I love Denmark❤
C J Month ago
Are there any white children in Denmark?
Garry Hardfield
Garry Hardfield 7 days ago
Hahahaha yes but other colours are as Common as White people.. I work at a store and i serve a lot of diffrent people when im working
Gypsy Kay
Gypsy Kay 7 days ago
What a stupid question.
DrDewott 10 days ago
Well yes, obviously, but we shouldn't forget that Denmark has a relatively large immigrant population, about 11% if I remember correctly. A good chunk being middle eastern, but also quite a few African Americans along with a chunk of other population groups. Plus quote a few Danish families have adopted children from poorer countries in places like Africa and south America as well. I mean heck we even have a famous TV program here in which a TV crew tries to track down these people's biological parents so that they have a chance to meet them.
The What!!?
The What!!? Month ago
Nobody is "white" except sheets. Danes are typically a lighter shade of brown. We are all descendants of the people who came out of Africa some hundred thousand years ago. Deal with it.
C J Month ago
Terry Winter
Terry Winter Month ago
There is no virus flu season is over
Александра Иванова
Hey. Dear Danes, I need your help. My sister went to Denmark. I want to surprise her and buy perfume online to deliver this to my sister. But I worry that I will make a mistake. Perhaps one of you can help me with this?
The Rainbow Ziege
If you tell me what you want help with then I shall gladly help you
Maiku Keku
Maiku Keku Month ago
Александра Иванова what do you need help with? Finding a danish website?
Julie N
Julie N Month ago
Denmark has 5.806 million United Kingsom has 66.65 million. YOU CANNOT COMPARE THE TWO. ONE COUNTRY HAS MORE PEOPLE IN IT, AND IT IS NOT DENMARK. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️FOR FUCKS SAKE.
marconatrix Month ago
Thing is though, the Danes actually trust their government ;-)
Regnar Andersen
Because they are trustworthy. Of course there are people who doesn't. They want to open everything as soon as possible. They think just like Dummy Dumb Which makes them trumpists!
Regnar Andersen
@Liberty Constitution Legacy I guess you're a trumpist? Not better that Dummy Dumb or the liberals and right wings in DK!
Timonster007 11 days ago
marconatrix and that’s why our society functions so well.
sofwan Month ago
Trusting the gov regarding the unicorn too ruvid.net/video/video-zue3iBz33Nc.html
Nikolas Becker Andersen
@Liberty Constitution Legacy What is wrong with you Liberty. Old angry man?
EU Protects asylumestonia Twitter
Its a wakeup call for those who love the EU . #IAmAVictimOfCrimeInEuropeanUnion #IWantJusticeCampaign Twitter @asylumestonia
Liberty Constitution Legacy
People wont read this bc they scared of the truth, might wanna just give up these numbskulls will never learn anything if they don't question things..
Lord Kek
Lord Kek Month ago
Why does the presenter have a joke voice?
Ali Bin Tariq
Ali Bin Tariq Month ago
If physical distancing persists even after lifting the lockdown, people will have psychotic problems yet unknown, i reckon.
fex144 Month ago
but that is still better than being dead though.
Carrie Month ago
The back-to-school work is being carried out in succession. Time to click www.cloudstylehome.com/protective-cap-c-104.html and purchase a protective cap for your child. It could protect your child away from the danger and as well as to make you assured.
Ezra Zou
Ezra Zou Month ago
Is there anybody knowing that it takes up to 2 weeks for Covid-19 patients to show symptoms? Take any action today, the consequences will come after two weeks. That also means even if you feel that you control the virus, better to wait another 2 weeks to open anything.
TeTea Month ago
Yeah we know. We always make a rule, then wait for at least two weeks and if the numbers are good, we make a new rule again. We all check the numbers a lot!
gert just jensen
We opened for 1-5th grade 3 weeks ago, and our curve is still dropping
I go to haggerston 😂
Kiera-Leigh Ravariere-Harper
I was so surprised, I saw it on someone's snap and now here I am😂
Avoke Trippy
Avoke Trippy Month ago
Anonymous Month ago
The CDC did the same thing, tryin to hide it, like Ebola. They even have a patent out on it.
tamsinwood2 Month ago
"Every 18 -30 year old with NO symptom is offered a test....." Compare to UK where you only get a test when you have symptoms despite 25% of carriers being asymptomatic. The UK is simply hopeless.
Morten Reippuert Knudsen
@tamsinwood2 nothing new there.... it started out when you elected Thatcher and you guys confirmed when you voted for brexit.
tamsinwood2 Month ago
Again, the UK is simply hopeless.
Leif Andersen
Leif Andersen Month ago
Actually, EVERYBODY over 18 is now offered a test, even without symptoms...
Holly A Villella
Recess is not safe with no social distancing. The children and staff should be wearing masks. Does Denmark have reliable tests? It's a social experiment using children.
Fia Durhuus
Fia Durhuus 11 hours ago
because we don't need it lol. everyone in denmark can not get a test if they want, and the testing procedure usually lasts 2-3 days, including results. we also use sanitizers and wash our hands much more often than before; all stores and shops have sanitizer that you can use before you go in.
Garry Hardfield
Garry Hardfield 4 days ago
Holly A Villella I never Said that you are stupid.. You sound stupid when you talk about the Danish corona situation because I believe that you have to live here to know what is going on.. I am sorry if i offended you Holly
Finn Krone
Finn Krone 4 days ago
@Holly A Villella You're right, Holly. And in fact. What have the US then learnt? Look at the statistics. and USA tops level of stupidnes, no? With that President not helping the situation - just makes it so much worse. No? You're right, Holly, The Danish PM is warning all the time of the consequences of not following Denmarks covid-19 instructions as they develop.
Holly A Villella
Holly A Villella 7 days ago
@Garry Hardfield Good way to establish good international relations and represent Denmark, Garry. My questions were asked a month ago. Denmark's cases are much lower than many U.S. areas. This report doesn't mention testing of children and whether the children are asymptomatic and whether any of their families contracted Covid. I have been reading and researching the situation since WuHan. Masks are advised in the U.S. and many other countries because of rapid spread of the disease, and masking is a proven strategy at disease prevention. The CDC recommends 6ft distance. That caution may changed upon the President's wishes as reported yesterday. Research shows elementary children might not contract the disease as much as older children but they can still infect their families. Denmark's children have been fortunate. Good! Older students can get Covid and some have suffered serious cases even death. I'm glad you, yourself have been able to remain without serious illness and symptomless despite using only distancing and handsanitizer. I hope your good health continues, Gary, unlike hundreds of thousands of unfortunate people globally and who knows how many more as the pandemic rages on in several countries. While scientists are learning more about the virus every day, they still don't know exactly where the pandemic is headed, especially since immunity has been shown to last only a few months. Let's hope the situation doesn't become as awful as 1918. You must not have read the letter this week verifying aerosole transmission of Covid and signed by more than 250 global scientists. Aerosole transmission is a concern in offices, school rooms, lavs, and other small rooms with poor ventilation. See the research about a restaurant where everyone sitting in the path of the air conditioner caught Covid as the draft transmitted the virus from one guest to many others among them. My concern was and is that every precaution be taken to protect school children, their teachers, staff, and their families. Denmark seems to be having success. The conditions are different from many U.S. areas. You should read Patricia Evan's books, Garry and do some research about how to treat people online. 🕊️☮️
Garry Hardfield
Garry Hardfield 7 days ago
Holly A Villella Your comment shows that you didnt do any research... Many people like me have been working like we did before.. im a cashier and the only thing we did was using hand sanitizer and social distancing.. I was working waaaay before my little sister was allowed back in kindergarden... You just Sound like the dumb America stereotype..
Luka Thomson
Luka Thomson Month ago
Hey hey hey you can't compare Denmark to the UK! Denmark and scandinivia overall have very low populations with much less tourist and visitor rates than countries like the UK. It is preposterous to compare the two.
Finn Krone
Finn Krone 4 days ago
@Liberty Constitution Legacy Liberty, you went to school at one stage. Gather yourself and learn reality - and narcopathy? Where have your got that idea from - VERY few here in Denmark believe that narcopathy helps anything in any way?
diamond0509_ Month ago
@Liberty Constitution Legacy You are a literal troll. You back nothing up with facts, but is just here ranting about this "horrible" country.
Kaya Elise
Kaya Elise Month ago
@Liberty Constitution Legacy I'm Danish
Kyrihn Month ago
@Liberty Constitution Legacy And you don't..? Wild.
Liberty Constitution Legacy
@Kaya Elise No point in responding to most Danish people as they have stuck-up attitudes and suffers from narcopathy..
adsotbraz Month ago
We should all learn that this c-virus is a worldwide media LIE. ruvid.net/video/video-yAO0NN-bcAQ.html
31YAH Month ago
Irresponsible comparison: Denmark total case 11182, new confirmed 64 and total death 561 !!! UK total cases 250908, new confirmed 2615, and total death 36042 people !!!!! Unbridgeble gulf!!!!
TeTea Month ago
It was in danish news, that we were very confused why you didn't close down sooner. And also that Boris Johnson didn't believe it was as bad, but then he got it himself. We are very lucky that we have a prime minister who took action right away. Have Boris Johnson done anything different after we got it himself? Do he understand it is real now?
bangers n mash
bangers n mash Month ago
No comparison what so ever with uk numbers, more kids in uk so more asymptomatic, but test and trace starts tomorrow so no worries enjoy the sun see your family. Do as THEY do and not as THEY say
Javahc1 Month ago
@Liberty Constitution Legacy you guys wish to be a happy nation as Denmark!
Liberty Constitution Legacy
@Kristoffer Sparegodt He3 means there's also a vast difference in populaiton size, nobody likes DK.. it's all an complimentary smear campaign to make fascist states look cooler..
Dom PM
Dom PM Month ago
If only Johnson had acted sooner instead of milking the economy!
LINCS Month ago
You need to keep in mind that the CPR system makes for a fully integrated health system. Add the social attitude to follow as instructed by government and a high level of general education, besides an overall affluent citizenship, then the positive result is not very surprising.
Morten Reippuert Knudsen
​@Alex Harrington CPR (your central citizens number assigned at birth or immigration). I doubt that it would be possible in the UK. It requires a level of trust in the social contract in soceity that does not and never has existed in the UK. Germans dont even have it, and they are not even thinking about implementing it - last time they had it they where unable to avoid abuse (1933-1945). It requires an ethic, a trust and total absence of corruption in all levels of society that you can only find in the nordic countries - and apparently New Zealand.
Liberty Constitution Legacy
Denmark is much smaller in quieter place.. our system is corrupt af..
LINCS Month ago
Alex Harrington ...and reflected in the disastrous stats and fatality outcomes, besides a timeline that will be much much longer. DK are already stabilising and have things adjusted to be fully functional. It just shows which countries are governed properly and which aren’t really.
Alex Harrington
Alex Harrington Month ago
And all of this is an impossibility for the UK!?
What's Denmarks GDP?
Morten Reippuert Knudsen
@Javahc1 Danish GDP is the highest in the world when you exclude Oil nations and Tax havens - only rivalled by the US and Iceland. Like Iceland the distribution of wealth and income is very different from the US (& UK). GDP in Sweden, Finland and NZ is a tiny bit lower but in the same 'club'. Norway is higher but belong among the Oil nations, if oil contribution is excluded Norway would sit bellow Sweden, Finland and NZ. (Denmark is near self sufficient with oil - just like the UK but neither are oil nations. Both nations oil production from the north sea is mainly for strategic protection of national supply lines and to avoid major trade deficits when global oil prices are high and does not contribute much to GDP as its very expensive to extract from the danish and english oil fields - the norwegians parts are much larger and cheaper to extract). Ireland, Netherlands and Luxembourg belongs to the tax haven club and finance their wellfare by bleeding the rest of the EU & UK dry of corporate taxes (Just like Delaware does in the the US). The global tax avoidance scheme is mainly directed from the city of London (and to a lessor degree Wallstreet) where a tiny part of the the cleaned dirty money is spend and included in GDP of the UK and the US when oligarchs buys insanely expensive properties etc. (The major part of those accumulated dirty fortunes remains in taxhavens even though they are bleed from taxpayers and workers in OECD remains safe and untaxed forever in mainly British and US territories). I believe the last 3 tory PM's are all famous for having earned their family fortunes from such tax schemes (added to the fortunes earned on slavery, colonialism and domestic exploitation in Ireland and workers northern england and Scotland . That is what pays for Eton and Oxford educations.
Javahc1 Month ago
Among the best in the world with its Scandinavian neighbours.
Spellbreak Wiki
Spellbreak Wiki Month ago
@x603x rekt
x603x Month ago
Denmark 59,795 us/capita. UK 41,030 us/capita
Kevin Casey
Kevin Casey Month ago
Kid speaks perfect English as a second language - first rate.
Finn Krone
Finn Krone 4 days ago
@Liberty Constitution Legacy You must be a Dane with a bad grade or ? - They sing along with all the newest songs as soon they learn to watch television ... just to say.
TORBEN 5 days ago
Liberty Constitution Legacy then look at english people ... they are generally bad at danish 😂
Linsey 4638
Linsey 4638 13 days ago
Honestly Most kids know how to speak English we learn from a young age
Svend Wann
Svend Wann Month ago
The younger generation speak English very well, but admittedly the older generation is generally pretty bad at English
The Rainbow Ziege
@Liberty Constitution Legacy I’m from Denmark and everyone I know speak really good English
Tele Box
Tele Box Month ago
One simply can't compare UK to Denmark.
The Rainbow Ziege
Watch me
sofwan Month ago
@FINLEY no unicorn in UK but in Denmark ruvid.net/video/video-zue3iBz33Nc.html
FINLEY Month ago
Yes, why not?
Spellbreak Wiki
Spellbreak Wiki Month ago
Sure one can.
Aaron-Jerome Agyei
I understand why...but the idea of children losing out on an education I find heartbreaking.
Regnar Andersen
I'm teaching adults and my students and I really quickly found a new way to teach and learn with distance. Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool combined with Plumbago as a replacement for a black board. BTW. What do you consider best or worse. Missing out on learning or missing out on the rest of ones (could also be relatives) life?
Timonster007 11 days ago
The danish school system functions well. So it’s really not an huge deal over here. For many children it has been a nice stress relief actually
Disruptive Pattern
‘Essential travel only’ channel 4! - that’s what I got told at the trains station when I wanted to buy a ticket to leave after being stuck inside, with no job. I guess the rules don’t apply to the media. When will the U.K. be free of this awful channel along with the bbc!
Javahc1 Month ago
They are safer in Denmark...
Aaron-Jerome Agyei
Yes you're right. It doesn't apply to the media since the govt has classed them as 'Key workers' too. So if they need to travel for work they can.
Veronica Manley
Veronica Manley Month ago
We will be getting our next high wave of COVID by jul August.
sofwan Month ago
Unless Denmark really has that unicorn ruvid.net/video/video-zue3iBz33Nc.html
Ernst Raedecker
Ernst Raedecker Month ago
4:46 WE SEE NO FACE MASKS. Yeah. You see no face masks BECAUSE FACE MASKS DON'T WORK.
Kristoffer Sparegodt
Truthfully Rude
Truthfully Rude Month ago
Every 19 minutes 😱 Hello dermatitis!
The Wee Norn Iron Woman
That's normal in a commercial kitchen, often more. We also use hand moisturiser afterwards. That's how you stop cross contamination and infection. Hands are the ideal temperature for germs to multiply.
Veronica Manley
Veronica Manley Month ago
They do employ Scottish people who live in Denmark, also from every country in the world, you haven’t traveled or read about what the real world is about, have you, go and educate yourself. Idiot.
Veronica Manley
Veronica Manley Month ago
90 mins not 19 mins
Ru k
Ru k Month ago
Do they learn Glaswegian in Denmark?
TeTea 4 days ago
@Finn Krone Yes I know. I'm a dane :P
Finn Krone
Finn Krone 4 days ago
@TeTea A lot of Danes watch the lovely TV UK series with the different English accents - and love it :-) like me.
TeTea Month ago
You don't very often hear a dane with a UK accent and especially not glaswegian. If a person talks british, it's because they have lived there for a while or visited a looot.
Morten Reippuert Knudsen
She probably studied there at some point.
K. Miller
K. Miller Month ago
She is 100% Danish, but married to a Scottish guy for over 20 years
Chaka cain
Chaka cain Month ago
A laboratory with children?
J K Month ago
There Not Social Distancing! 😡😤😠
TeTea Month ago
We talked a lot about this and did the math before opening the schools, because we knew that you can't really make a child understand the importance, that they always have to keep apart. So they made sanitizer more often and such things in stead and would close the school if the numbers went down. In the start we had virtual home schooling.
Kristoffer Sparegodt
@Brother Spartacus. Shut up Karen, the adults are having a conversation
Brother Spartacus
There is no science behind Social Distancing.
Liberty Constitution Legacy
K, Karen.
Kristoffer Sparegodt
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