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Peter Kay
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Peter discusses getting back to school at the end of your holidays.
From Peter Kay: Live at the Top of the Tower: Stand-up comedian, Peter Kay filmed live in front of an audience in Blackpool covering subjects such as dinner ladies, parents, holidays and the Brits abroad.
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Apr 7, 2020




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Comments 51
Ba Whatever
Ba Whatever 3 days ago
Don't do it!! Don't do it!! Jump up and down top of the tower can't handle the stress Peter! I fucking told you! Your not a kamakhazi comedian! Now jump!
Rachel Sirett
Rachel Sirett 12 days ago
I had muppet show slippers as a child and pjs !! Aww memories 😊xx
Janet Cozens
Janet Cozens Month ago
What a Fantasticcccc comedian Luv ya Peter xxx
Peter is just naturally funny and must gone through arrested development! It's as if he is stuck in a 6yr old body at times. Luv him to bits!
Mark Peers
Mark Peers Month ago
Have a cup of tea.... Literally every time 😂
John McMullen
John McMullen 2 months ago
Pedro the funniest guy on the planet
John McMullen
John McMullen 19 days ago
Peter Kay man you make me laugh so much it hurts lol
Elliott Noad
Elliott Noad 2 months ago
2:09 tempted to do something like that either first lecture or class of uni year 2 now
Hols G
Hols G 2 months ago
My mum used to say tea would cool you down quicker then water 😂 Apparently it heats ur insides up to the same temp as the outside of u and makes u feel cooler lol
J0hNF_UK 2 months ago
'Fingers on lips.' Bloody hell, I remember that.
mark lloyd
mark lloyd 2 months ago
David Walker
David Walker 2 months ago
Reading his Autobiography just as funny in parts
LamboMOT 3 months ago
that forgotten how to write thing got me like omg this happened to me EVERY YEAR from year 1 all the way to fucking year 11
Jedi master
Jedi master 3 months ago
Can relate to the 'Can't write' reference! Primary school flashback! But, the power of handwriting comes back after an hour or two ;)
Misslaura Parkes
Misslaura Parkes 3 months ago
Love him so funny 🤣🤣
Pixie Tod
Pixie Tod 3 months ago
Went to see him live...he was crap. Really disappointed, when hes being filmed he makes an effort
Ben Saunders
Ben Saunders 3 months ago
Waa waa.
Seema Hussain
Seema Hussain 3 months ago
He should be on TV every day for a laugh.
DM87™️ 3 months ago
Coronavirus brought me here We’re on a Peter Kay Binge aren’t we..
Jenny Perrio
Jenny Perrio 2 months ago
Its not easy to laugh with a slipped disc but lying on the bed clutching a pillow I gave it a bloody good go Back to the Physio monday Love Peter Kay BIG TIME 💫🌟✨😘
Janette Barr
Janette Barr 2 months ago
I can’t see the screen for laughing
David Walker
David Walker 3 months ago
So am I superb
mark UK
mark UK 3 months ago
Geraldine.. I'm getting worried about you, Peter
Craig Kelly
Craig Kelly 3 months ago
Nike slippers Lol
Ross 3 months ago
Does anyone actually find this cretin to be funny?
MrSofakinggreat 3 months ago
Why are you taking the time to watch it then??
bansheebandithot350 3 months ago
Classic .goat
Claire Osborne
Claire Osborne 3 months ago
I love it cz it’s so funny and so true, I lived this 😂 x x
97channel 3 months ago
"I can't write, what the matter wi' me?". Haha, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who experienced that. You really couldn't. Holding a pen just seemed so awkward and unnatural. I also remember going back school, after the big summer holiday, for the final year of secondary school. That was mad. We were all a bunch of smoking, drinking, club-going adults forced to sit in little chairs. It felt like it would if you were suddenly recalled to attend a final year today. You just couldn't get back in the swing of it.
Ivan DE
Ivan DE Month ago
LMAO right.
97channel 3 months ago
@dragonfitter I've always been a very lucid dreamer, and it's really difficult for me to share my dreams with others because they are very personal to me. But I'll tell you this much, I very often dream of attending school as an adult. What does it, is that I had a very weird final year at school. Most of our teachers completed the curriculum in January, and allowed us to attend those lessons for further education at our own desire. So, of course, most of us skived off as much as we were allowed. Looking back, not a wise move. But given that option at 15 years old, difficult to resist. Then, for unknown reasons, we were not given our school's traditional farewell disco. So we had no particular end to our final year. It just gradually faded out over a course of six or seven months. I was working with a temp agency, before my school days officially ended. And, in all honesty, that had quite an affect on me. I often dream of being recalled to school and not being equipped for the role. Nearly 40, myself. There you go, that's as much as I'll ever reveal about my dreams. Interesting or not, but it struck a chord with me that you shared yours. And I'm really interested in dreams as a study.
dragonfitter 3 months ago
97channel I have a regular dream where I get recalled to do the last year of school but I am still in my forties
M G 3 months ago
Best comedian ...so right with his observations.
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy 3 months ago
Moe A
Moe A 3 months ago
This is true stand up. Not the rubbish gervaise has been spewing last couple of years. Pandering to the Americans will do that unfortunately
Kathleen Smith
Kathleen Smith 3 months ago
Teacher at school called Miss Cartwright, called Miss Can’t wright... oh happy days.
Geraldine Ekhator
Geraldine Ekhator 3 months ago
I noticed that he has a tendency to talk a little too fast; so it takes my extra attention to understand him because he has his beautiful accent as well.
Lewis K
Lewis K 3 months ago
It wasn't even the slightest bit funny for me
Jenny Perrio
Jenny Perrio 2 months ago
@David Briggs Haha yup I love Jim Davidson too You take care too 😘
David Briggs
David Briggs 2 months ago
@Jenny Perrio She's like some that would go to a Jim Davidson show and complain after they sat all the way thru it that he's disgusting, a sexist and swears a lot, lol, YOU ALSO STAY SAFE SWEETHEART AND I HOPE YOU KEEP FINDING SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT IN THESE TROUBLED TIMES, XX
Jenny Perrio
Jenny Perrio 2 months ago
@David Briggs Why do they watch it then I wont ask them because i will forget im a lady and a Granny I agree with your comment Haha i may have even added an expletive or two I love Peter Kay With all thats going on its areal tonic to have a good laugh Stay safe David Jenny 😘
David Briggs
David Briggs 3 months ago
Miserable twat
Henners A
Henners A 3 months ago
Same, where are you from?
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 3 months ago
lockdown is the perfect opportunity for scientists / nerds globally to test Warming & Pollution a few weeks without unnecessary industries, a few weeks of limited car use = cleaner air? lower temps? we shall see
Henners A
Henners A 3 months ago
What's that got to do with the price of fish?
I'm all out of Bubblegum
OMG!! BILL GATES Coronavirus *EXPOSED!!* ruvid.net/video/video-NX_6Meo9QFY.html
Lee Mason
Lee Mason 3 months ago
Unbelievably funny man,i remember everything he says from when i was a kid,those were the days👍👍
Stewart Nicol as BILLY CONNOLLY
I still dream of how fast I could run in slippers... Fast or what??? Love Peter Kay ❤️
random_monkey 3 months ago
"Six weeks of Why Don't You'" kills me every time
River Mersey
River Mersey 3 months ago
37k view in 6 hours... Of course I'm jealous! Many thanks, Peter, for sharing your back catalogue with us 👍
Stephen Ward
Stephen Ward 3 months ago
His next appearance I believe will be this year hopefully the tour that didn’t tour on tour.It goes with out saying we all need Peter what with this virus lockdown bs I work round the corner from the Phenix club in Bolton.Ill definitely be getting tickets as soon as there up for sale.
Jenny Perrio
Jenny Perrio 2 months ago
@Les Williams Hahahaha The lyrics so funny haha Brilliant comment 😘
Les Williams
Les Williams 3 months ago
Peter mate pork pie
Beerbuddy G
Beerbuddy G 3 months ago
My mum says the same about tea, drives all the family mad Haha
DM87™️ 3 months ago
G M are you northern
Marcus Alford
Marcus Alford 3 months ago
He should do a netflix special .
CornusXBL 3 months ago
jon jon people on the left still fucking laugh you nutcase
BannerTurtoise1 3 months ago
He's right about the tea.
Caroline Bedford
Caroline Bedford 3 months ago
@DM87™️ it is a northern thing, you're right, also irish, irish descent people love loads of tea!
DM87™️ 3 months ago
BannerTurtoise1 I thought it was a northern thing I’m from Manchester
Caroline Bedford
Caroline Bedford 3 months ago
Banner tortoise. Irish people, people of irish desent are well known for drinking lot's of tea, I am addicted to it!
BannerTurtoise1 3 months ago
@DM87™️ Was born in the midlands, but I sound nourthern.
DM87™️ 3 months ago
BannerTurtoise1 are you northern ?
DrGrowknow Uk
DrGrowknow Uk 3 months ago
Always great videos Peter 👏👏👏 Great to have a laugh at this sad times 😷 Stay safe ✌🏻
Josh G
Josh G 3 months ago
Amazing. Truly amazing.
Shaun Martin
Shaun Martin 3 months ago
I remember the slippers mine had batman stickers on the front of them, you could run like the wind. 0 to the corner shop in 10 seconds
Misslaura Parkes
Misslaura Parkes 3 months ago
Mellia Boom Bot me too mate! 😂they always felt so tight!
Shaun Martin
Shaun Martin 3 months ago
Happy days not a care in the world.
Mellia Boom Bot
Mellia Boom Bot 3 months ago
Not slippers for me but those black elasticated plimsoles, climbing trees was fantastic in them.
Misslaura Parkes
Misslaura Parkes 3 months ago
Shaun Martin 🤣🤣🤣lush lol I had dog ones cheap ones with big black floppy ears and trip up over them
Nathan 3 months ago
he knew we had it all booked
Watch Me Do
Watch Me Do 3 months ago
One of the best comedians out there
Henners A
Henners A 3 months ago
TTGGREEN 1 3 months ago
The best of our time
rubber rodger
rubber rodger 3 months ago
How fast was your school pumps when you was a kid they where fast haha
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy 3 months ago
"We'll get on the gear out here" 🤣
Cocaine Rain
Cocaine Rain 3 months ago
"Ive got all my gear out here"*
A I 3 months ago
Ffs I still don't get the joke he does about his mum not being Irish
Céiteach Mac Stiofán
Mark Oneill irish is irish a mhac :-)
A I 3 months ago
@Joe23 THANK YOU, that sounds most likely
Joe23 3 months ago
Lol I think it means that British mums, no matter what park of the UK they're from always puts on an Irish accent no matter what when they're in mum mode. Growing up I noticed it with my mum 😅😅. When she was in mum mode, tidying up, cooking dinner etc.. she would actually sound a lil Irish no idea why and she never realised she was doing it 😅 and my mum and both my nans said exactly the same about tea, best thing you can drink when you're thirsty haha 😅😅
Elvar Masson
Elvar Masson 3 months ago
I aim to please
Gary Louk
Gary Louk 3 months ago
Elvar Masson thanks pal
lewan gillard
lewan gillard 3 months ago
stop adding fake laughter from other shows whoever edits this video
lewan gillard
lewan gillard 3 months ago
@Caroline Bedford cos just like my previous comment stated, you are getting butthurt haha
Caroline Bedford
Caroline Bedford 3 months ago
@lewan gillard I very much doubt it, you are a stranger, why would your comments matter to me? Haha.
lewan gillard
lewan gillard 3 months ago
@Caroline Bedford nah haha it's you getting buthurt over laughter
Caroline Bedford
Caroline Bedford 3 months ago
@lewan gillard ls lockdown making you a bit crazy?!
lewan gillard
lewan gillard 3 months ago
@Caroline Bedford nah you're obviously deaf hahaha
Hippie Bev
Hippie Bev 3 months ago
Three quid slippers from market👍👍👍.... Keep them coming🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alison m
Alison m 3 months ago
Love this
Johnson 3 months ago
When is his next stand up special gonna be?
SML 3 months ago
Misslaura Parkes take your face for a quick shite
Misslaura Parkes
Misslaura Parkes 3 months ago
SML so why u on here u muppet
TTGGREEN 1 3 months ago
@SML Jimmy Carr is only tier 2 mate hes not a great, and wont ever be tbh
SML 3 months ago
TTGGREEN jimmy Carr
TTGGREEN 1 3 months ago
@SML SML finds Jack Whitehall funnier 😂😂😂
Oliver Bacon
Oliver Bacon 3 months ago
this nigga gay
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