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Vinyl「BxMxC」2020.12.9 (wed) Available!! (JAPAN ONLY)
TFJC-38046 / ¥1,800(tax out)
12 inch / 45RPM
BxMxC (original version) is now digitally available worldwide
download & stream bmetal.lnk.to/BxMxC
Blu-ray, DVD, and LIVE ALBUM 「LEGEND - METAL GALAXY」 Now Available!!
▶Blu-ray & DVD
【2Blu-ray(初回盤)】TFXQ-78184 / ¥9,000(tax out)※アナログサイズジャケット仕様
【2Blu-ray(通常盤)】TFXQ-78185 / ¥8,000(tax out)
【2DVD】TFBQ-18228 / ¥7,000(tax out)
【CD】TFCC-86717 / ¥2,500(tax out)
【CD】TFCC-86718 / ¥2,500(tax out)
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Oct 8, 2020




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Comments 100
Johnathon Smith
Johnathon Smith 2 minutes ago
Moa should have sung her battle
e. k.
e. k. 23 minutes ago
Jordan Morello
Jordan Morello 9 hours ago
When it hits at 2:30 its got me headbanging every damn time!
Honey___Kpop _bx_
Honey___Kpop _bx_ 10 hours ago
Él director:no le pongas muchos efecto Él editor:que le ponga muchos efectos que te den asma dice.
Lee Olson
Lee Olson 11 hours ago
If I had any doubts before, I don't now; she is my Queen. I love BabyMetal.
Panda Blox シ
Panda Blox シ 12 hours ago
sk8terkooo 14 hours ago
Lightskill _
Lightskill _ 16 hours ago
The song itself is really good, but she really doesn't need auto tune
ZUCKIYU 18 hours ago
Why this is like dat stick rich brian
CrEaTiVe KoMeDi
CrEaTiVe KoMeDi 20 hours ago
why only one person says
Thrandaylen 20 hours ago
Su-metal is the lead singer. Moametal did mostly background vocals on the album "Metal Galaxy".
HF10 21 hour ago
I just wanna ask you guys, did i just hear *Wasabi* on the lyric
Thrandaylen 20 hours ago
0:52 It's "Want Some Beat?"
葉龍 Day ago
紅白おめでとうワァ───ヽ(*゚∀゚*)ノ───イ やっとだね(;A;) 色々やって欲しいけど、紅白これやったらめちゃ格好良い!!
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy Day ago
Achi 🤧?
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy Day ago
Hi, it's been a while since I heard your music. it lacks many arrangements, and your style has changed a lot in less than 1 year. would you to be melodic? .
cometmeme Day ago
BABYMETAL fuses so many genres of music with metal. If you listen through their latest album, Metal Galaxy, you'll be amazed at the variety of music. It doesn't make sense to listen to just one song and say what this band is like these days.
vance watson
vance watson Day ago
you would think with the worldwide following of them there would be more knowledge of them in japan. i have been here in japan since last april in tokyo,osaka,hiroshima nagasaki and now okinawa and it was very hard to find a shirt from them. most places i asked about it had heard little about the band. finally got the shirt but even in the areas of tokyo you would expect they were very slightly known.
Lành Phan
Lành Phan 4 hours ago
@vance watson Guess that's just depend on Amuse or Koba's marketing strategy or something? But yeah, considering what BM has achieved for the passed over years they didn't get enough recognition they deserve in JP. As far as I know, 58Ms Japanese watched the Kouhaku in 2019. I'm hoping BM's show up this year will change the situation better.
vance watson
vance watson 6 hours ago
@Lành Phan saw the tour in the us so i thought coming here would allow me to find merch not going through amuse but nope. I can find stuff for most any other band here just not them.
Lành Phan
Lành Phan 7 hours ago
Ikr? I'm curious what's gonna happen after Kouhaku.
Austin Cameron
Man su is the best. Who remembers sakura gakuin
Léo Day ago
We don't "remember" Sakura Gakuin, we're still living it to the fullest :p
Kamylly Taekooka
Macumba saravá
IY Day ago
Thanks BMTH for introducing me to my new obsession:).
JoyMadrugada 16 hours ago
Wlcm to the fox hole you can get into this kawaii universe and enjoy
Wandering Ronin
Sorry, but given the choice between Baby Metal and Band Maid...it's Band Maid !!!
jonathan Dacasin
jonathan Dacasin 23 hours ago
Tbh bandmaid fans are toxic af. Contrary to babymetal fanbase. Love the band but too many edgy rude teenagers.
Rina! 23 hours ago
I don't get the point of bringing up Band-Maid here lol. They're also a great band, but there is literally nothing in common between BABYMETAL and Band-Maid except for the fact that they're both Japanese girl bands (both with cutesy "gimmicks", sure, but even that is different). BM is a fusion of metal and idol j-pop. B-M is classic hard rock. Literally almost nothing in common. The only reason I can see why you'd feel the need to say this is because, as a B-M fan, you're jealous of BM's higher popularity (but don't get me wrong, B-M definitely deserves to be bigger).
FreddyYUL Day ago
To each his own
Dabeast9x Day ago
Took me so many listens to get it but just realized BMC stands for Baby Metal Cypher!
michi michi
michi michi Day ago
初めて見た時はなんじゃこりゃ…だったけど、今や毎日見なきゃ気が済まない。 中毒性高すぎ(꒪ཀ꒪) ちなみに、アルバムで好きな曲だったからMV嬉しいdeath🤘
el vkook es real
cancion qlia wena wn 😎🤝
Евгений Решетилов
Ребята, подскажите пожалуйста,а где третья участница,что там произошло?Буду очень благодарен, спасибо заранее)
stylish yabuttiチャンネル
BloodClaat Spata
wow, worst song so far, she has beautiful voice, no reason to edit it, bad choice on behalf of producers to make this abomination. Megitsune is the best one, wish they would make more like it.
BloodClaat Spata
BloodClaat Spata 20 hours ago
@Rick Wagner yes, yes, the voice is always tuned to make it sound a bit better, smoother, but here it's out-rite distorted, with same effect they could just swap them with vocaloids.
Rick Wagner
Rick Wagner Day ago
Su's voice is tuned on the album track and official music video for Megitsune as well. I'll agree that she is phenomenal live, but 'BxMxC' breaks new ground for a group that was already one of the most creative and innovative.
Léo Day ago
on the contrary, even though I don't like it, this processing is a perfectly sensible choice for what they intended the live version is much better though
SR. CHERRY Day ago
alguém do Brasil? 🇧🇷👁️👄👁️
LINDA린다 Day ago
이정도면 아라시를 밀게 아니라 베이비메탈을 밀어야 하는거 아닌가....
Dream colaps
Dream colaps Day ago
too much electronic sound, pop idol try to be metal
Lành Phan
Lành Phan 21 hour ago
I'm from Japan. In JP Idol fans call them Idol, Fans from another music genre rarely call them Idol..It's depend on their own musical background I guess.
Léo 22 hours ago
"They are strictly regulated like Japanese idols." No not "strictly" far from it. They are managed both like idols and bands. For exemple they don't record music like idols but like a rock/metal band. Their manager isn't an idol manager, he was a band manager. "it looks like management will replace it" Nice, how is the future going ? Will COVID still be a thing in 2030 ?
Rina! 22 hours ago
@Dream colaps Sure, they're idols. Metal idols. I doubt they're getting replaced. They also grew out of their teenage years, right? Did they get replaced? The music evolved with their growth.
Dream colaps
Dream colaps 22 hours ago
I never considered them a band, but idols. They are strictly regulated like Japanese idols. I wonder what happens after they turn 30 years old, it looks like management will replace it with a young girl again. Without the musicians behind the girls they are just like any other idol group.
Rina! 23 hours ago
That's... the point? Fusing the genres??? Lmao
Wahyu Nur Hakim
Candi Prambanan from Indonesian 😍😍😍
そらシド 2 days ago
紅白歌合戦の出演決定おめでとうございます❗ 曲のスタートは神バンドのソロからお願いします‼️ 藤岡さんのギターソロ映像からぶちかまして欲しい‼️ そして、三人で
Елдар Исахмет
Это. Просто. Охуенно
Martino Vittori
Martino Vittori 2 days ago
this video is absolute trash! everybody wanted a studio MV after all those live ones but Koba managed to do an absolute crap. ridiculous
Lành Phan
Lành Phan Day ago
Each their own , guys...
Martino Vittori
@cometmeme you cannot compare a masterpiece like Megitsune MV to this low cost green screen garbage video... This is by far their worst video
cometmeme Day ago
Everyone has their own way of feeling emotions, but I think this MV is awesome. From the start, BABYMETAL had sense of humor and playful in their early MVs, such as Megitsune, Iine, and IZD, etc. I’m glad they don’t forget their origin even in ten years.
ア。fed.e! 2 days ago
x: cuantos efectos especiales queres? babymetal: wanna wanna wanna be
Jamie S
Jamie S 2 days ago
Man this is really aggressive for a babymetal song
Léo 2 days ago
Must have missed quite a few then :p
Alvarado de la cruz Ana Valeria
Joyita de canción 💎 baby metal es todo lo que está bien en el mundo 🤘👁️👅👁️🤘
GymbalLock 2 days ago
There's only two of them now? What happened to the one with the dimples?
Léo 2 days ago
And the dimples are still here :p
Thrandaylen 2 days ago
Yuimetal left the group in October 2018 due to recurring health issues.
Gaelle Gomez
Gaelle Gomez 2 days ago
Mais j'aime trop 😳✨
Gaelle Gomez
Gaelle Gomez 2 days ago
@Léo je suis déjà fan 🥺🥺
Léo 2 days ago
Si tu es nouvelle à Babymetal, t'as encore rien vu ! ;-)
Liмαяio៹. 2 days ago
Stuck Things
Stuck Things 2 days ago
NovaK Efecto Nebulosa
K A Y L A UVU 2 days ago
Coelha chan
Coelha chan 2 days ago
Esse é o tipo de música que eu escuto pra me acalmar quando estou extremamente puta com algo/alguém.
burhudar 3 days ago
Как же ахуенно!
Ar9 90
Ar9 90 3 days ago
BMC = Betroit Metal City
Edgar Estev
Edgar Estev 3 days ago
axtrlie 3 days ago
eu amo tanto vcs😭😭😭💗💗💗
Regineire R silva
someone tell why just have 2??? :(( it's not 3??
Ben Barcham
Ben Barcham 3 days ago
Yuimetal left the group due to health issues.
Madeleine Morales
Y que ha pasado con la otra integrante? :')
kiara colato
kiara colato 5 hours ago
@wasabi eso si
wasabi 9 hours ago
@kiara colato Nadie lo sabe, pero cualquier cosa que ella decida, aquí la estaremos apoyando
kiara colato
kiara colato 14 hours ago
@wasabi y ya no va a volver:(?
wasabi 3 days ago
Se tuvo que ir por problemas de salud
Panqueque de dulce de leche!
B, M, C Sore no, sore no B, M, C B, M, C Sore no, sore no B, M, C Tekina metaru saifa Like a loop sore ga roots (Sore no, sore no) Raimukowasu sutairu kaozu Makiokosu ze Mosh Tekina metaru saifa Break a rule sore mo Role (Sore no, sore no) Raifu moyasu taimu kawasu Watashi-tachi no Mosh Hayari-sutari kidori miburi teburi kamashi Hokori akashi sagashi batori sakebi Kidoku through na taimurain Kizetsu suru na panchirain Put it, put it all on the line Put it, put it all on the line Wanna, wanna, wanna be Wanna, wanna, wanna be Wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna Wanna, wanna, wanna be Want some, want some, want some beat Want some, want some, want some beat Want some, want some, want some, want some Want some, want some, want some Tekina metaru saifa Like a loop sore ga roots (Sore no, sore no) Raimukowasu sutairu kaozu Makiokosu ze Mosh Tekina metaru saifa Break a rule sore mo Role (Sore no, sore no) Raifu moyasu taimu kawasu Watashi-tachi no Mosh Kotoba takumi kazari agari sagari fukashi Hitori futari odori noroshi agari Sawagu Doof Wack Wack Swag Doxx Waku Waku Whatcha cha whatcha cha macallit Whatcha cha whatcha cha macallit Wanna, wanna, wanna be Wanna, wanna, wanna be Wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna Wanna, wanna, wanna be Want some, want some, want some beat Want some, want some, want some beat Want some, want some, want some, want some Want some, want some, want some B, M, C B, M, C B, M, C B, M, C Hayari sutari kidori hokori akashi sagashi batori hadashi Kotoba takumi kazari hitori futari odori noroshi hikeshi Riaru feiku katari sabita kusari maboroshi Hayari sutari kidori hokori akashi batori hadashi Kotoba takumi kazari hitori futari noroshi hikeshi Riaru feiku katari sabita kusari maboroshi Tekina metaru saifa Hayari sutari kidori hokori akashi batori hadashi Kotoba takumi kazari hitori futari noroshi hikeshi Riaru feiku katari sabita kusari maboroshi Tekina metaru saifa B, M, C Sore no, sore no B, M, C Tekina metaru saifa B, M, C Sore no, sore no B, M, C Tekina metaru saifa B, M, C Sore no, sore no B, M, C Tekina metaru saifa B, M, C B, M, Ce
P A D O R U 3 days ago
*warning epileptic* xD
Varga Brigitta
Varga Brigitta 3 days ago
Best song 2020 idc
lyrics: want some want some beat? my mind: wasawasawasabi
Eduardo Vinicio
Eduardo Vinicio 3 days ago
elle 3 days ago
Lành Phan
Lành Phan Day ago
your mom.
Putin Thanus
Putin Thanus 3 days ago
Last couple of tracks have been hot garbage
Putin Thanus
Putin Thanus 18 hours ago
@Léo singles then, pedantic bugger.
Léo 3 days ago
since they released a full length album with 16 tracks, what are the last couple of tracks ?
Muhammad Nizam
Muhammad Nizam 4 days ago
love from 🇲🇾
2244スヌミ 4 days ago
Marih •
Marih • 4 days ago
1:54 De nada.
Pain 11 hours ago
Heil Starly
Heil Starly 4 days ago
Yooo yooo she spittin
Ximena Guillén
Ximena Guillén 4 days ago
Jimins Pinky
Jimins Pinky 4 days ago
Yasssss I bloody love them
Leah Kazanjian
Leah Kazanjian 4 days ago
aigh ohil
aigh ohil 4 days ago
紅白でこの曲ぶちかまして欲しいけど無難にPAPAYAになるんだろうな 後、紅白だからこそメギツネとかめっちゃ映えると思うんだ
ForYouAllGames HD
I kinda dig with this beat
Lành Phan
Lành Phan 4 days ago
Su-Metal's Japanese pronunciation is way more cleaner and clearer than the other Japanese singers, even in fancam ,spittin bars or whatever ,I can easily catch each word. What a vocalist she is.
Samira samira
Samira samira 4 days ago
راب الاخير دوريمي 🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♀️
samiam777 4 days ago
I don't know what they're saying, but damn this shit's good!
Sthefany Batista
Sthefany Batista 4 days ago
Cadê os brasileiros fã de BABYMETAL 🖤⬛⚫🖤
Susy Alves
Susy Alves 4 days ago
Broteii Obs:conta da mamis
BTS tus patrones yo
ᴍ ᴀ ɴ ʏ ᴀ ᴍ
BTS ARMY 4 days ago
So hard🤯🤐
Hanami 4 days ago
BMC = Bring Me Covid19 😆
FreddyYUL 4 days ago
Bring Moa chicken
Carlos Bastias
Carlos Bastias 5 days ago
This is like the reggeton for metal people
ryo 。
ryo 。 5 days ago
mis reinas ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏
Black Warrior
Black Warrior 5 days ago
Mantap ngab, ngalahin younglex ini mah biarpun gatau doi ngomong apaan
Michael Burroughs
Yo that was hard AF!
Guilherme Rubio
Guilherme Rubio 5 days ago
So the tournament arc began.
Luz Alaniz
Luz Alaniz 5 days ago
JeoKim Taegguk
JeoKim Taegguk 5 days ago
Arte puro
Greatsenso 5 days ago
The name of the song looks like an IGN for someone who can 360 snipe you in Call of duty.
Joshua Valencia
Joshua Valencia 5 days ago
Very Insane djent breakdowns. ❤
㊗summer sonic 配信
Arian Nuryadin
Arian Nuryadin 6 days ago
Mind Blowing,, the music is awesome and brilliant 👾👾👾
ll00 00ll
ll00 00ll 6 days ago
From the USA with love; luv you Babymetal.
Reggie Key
Reggie Key 6 days ago
Great jam and su singing rock and roll cool steaming
Iassen Lazarov
Iassen Lazarov 6 days ago
hahah, this is awesome!
K Y 6 days ago
the most kawaii moment is 0:12 shown occiput of Moa seeing something above.
monYA DevilLord
monYA DevilLord 6 days ago
За что не люблю японские клипы любых групп. Это монтаж. Рваный и эпелтический. Показывать одного персонажа больше сем 3 секунды это уже достижение. Вы мне нравитесь, спору нет. Но бллллллл... Я хочу видеть Вас, а не мелькающие лица, вгоняющие, даже меня, в припадок эпилепсии... Такие дела....
Karine Alexandrini
Eu to toda arrepiada! 🔥
0nF1REy •
0nF1REy • 6 days ago
Muito bom
ぬこどの 6 days ago
naoki Nakano
naoki Nakano 5 days ago
tinky sz
tinky sz 6 days ago
i’m f*king addicted to this song i love su i love moa
Rhys D
Rhys D 6 days ago
This is genuinely one of the best songs I've ever heard. Goes the FUCK in
It's MDrian!
It's MDrian! 6 days ago
strawberry¡¡ 6 days ago
me sinto idiota em tentar cantar o rap da Su
biscoito 6 days ago
TS FH 6 days ago
Something new from baby metal right?
Léo 6 days ago
The video is new yes, the song is not
minnie 6 days ago
bruh why does this slap so hard😭
nurimep 6 days ago
Weird without 3 of them in a music video.
Gonzalo Casimiro
Gonzalo Casimiro 6 days ago
Next videos
Chto za biznes suka?