Aydan REACTS to Our Edit "We Enhanced Aydan with this Fortnite Memes Edit"

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Aydan REACTS to Our Edit "We Enhanced Aydan with this Fortnite Memes Edit"
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All of the gameplay footage used in this montage are by Ghost Aydan (though the montage is made and edited by us):
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Music Used:
Nyptane - Crew
Conkers Bad Fur Day SoundTrack
Evan King - End This
Outro: lucio - we move together as one (andromulus remix) [Overwatch remix]
#Fortnite #Aydan #Grumbae


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Jun 11, 2019




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Grumbae 4 months ago
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Yung Catman
Yung Catman 2 months ago
Grumbae you our my god
Paul Morice
Paul Morice 2 months ago
Thankfully he doesn’t say like and subscribe and comment your username cause that would be fake
Obey products -YT
Obey products -YT 2 months ago
Keep up good work and I let everyone know to use code GRUMBAE can i pls get shoutout
PO OP 4 months ago
We enchanced faze sway plzzzzzzzzzz
Wesam Wehbe
Wesam Wehbe 23 hours ago
Oh shit lel
janay gaskins
janay gaskins 3 days ago
Can you do N3ON next? 🤣🤣🤣
Brandon Hernandez-Solorzano
5:11 XD
Peterplay L
Peterplay L 3 days ago
3:32 im dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
game master-brawl stars
I was crying when he said go crazy 🤣🤣
MONY A 3 days ago
10 ZxromYT
10 ZxromYT 4 days ago
Subscribe to my channel it is 10 ZxromYT
isaac madrigal jr
8:30 go crazzzy lol😂
Kavan Mckay
Kavan Mckay 4 days ago
In every clip he’s in a different setup like for yes dislike for no it’s okay😕
Omegagod 5 days ago
Ayden:*kills mr.savageM* Now here comes shitfuhny :D And THICCmerks
Broken king
Broken king 5 days ago
1:24 i like how there's a Minecraft ad
Brian Miller
Brian Miller 5 days ago
No cap u fat
GGShotZ channel
GGShotZ channel 5 days ago
Grumbae is the best editor in f***ing history. He is the best. Sub 2 him plz
GGShotZ channel
GGShotZ channel 5 days ago
That s*** was f***ing good as f***! So hilarious
panda j
panda j 6 days ago
Clickbait he never cried in mad
caps-Phillip_ btw
10:00 What is the music?
IG Gravitas
IG Gravitas 8 days ago
JED 8 days ago
Galaxywolf Rivera
Ghost aydan is so much Better with pump then combat
Kisame _exe
Kisame _exe 9 days ago
7:56 most funny moment
Keegan Griffin
Keegan Griffin 10 days ago
I farted it tickled my butt cheeks jiggled
TheReal MZN
TheReal MZN 10 days ago
3:16 gilla om ni är svenska
OTB_Pink Gamer
OTB_Pink Gamer 10 days ago
When you only hot headshots. NANI!!
gabriel drew
gabriel drew 10 days ago
User name Myztksnc
ZenzySZN 11 days ago
Justin Aaron
Justin Aaron 11 days ago
The whole clip at 4:55 had me dying
Fabian Moreno
Fabian Moreno 12 days ago
3:35 that shit had me dead
Fabian Moreno
Fabian Moreno 12 days ago
0:59 that me no joke
GD Mixer
GD Mixer 13 days ago
XxAlph4_Kn1ght 685xX
I kept laughing cos I imagined aydan saying that he remembers sum of da clips nick minute it wasnt even his vids
Avinav Sharma
Avinav Sharma 15 days ago
Who's here after he got banned and got a lot of hate?
YoMomsDaddy 14 days ago
Avinav Sharma me
Harris Nelson
Harris Nelson 14 days ago
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher 16 days ago
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher 16 days ago
His m
RTV Jonathan21
RTV Jonathan21 16 days ago
This one made me cry LMAO
CJ_ BINGUS 16 days ago
He’s the Ed Sheeran of fortnite
Miss Jodie
Miss Jodie 18 days ago
BoP_ Foxy
BoP_ Foxy 18 days ago
If only the whole video wasn’t censored
This Loser
This Loser 19 days ago
You wouldn’t wanna have asthma anyways.
guld Daniel
guld Daniel 19 days ago
Panda Nuggetz
Panda Nuggetz 19 days ago
he kinda looks like a chunky bearded Elon Musk
Michele Wells-Scott
OA ASPECT 22 days ago
Aiden is a bean
N3MO _STICK 22 days ago
whoopthereitwas 22 days ago
Leave it to grumbae to over do it with the thumbnail
mds_ moosetrack64
mds_ moosetrack64 23 days ago
Michael Novy
Michael Novy 25 days ago
What song was he getting scared of
Dawson Daniel
Dawson Daniel 27 days ago
Nick's was better
Happyiest Orange
Happyiest Orange 29 days ago
Happyiest Orange
Happyiest Orange 29 days ago
Ur welcome
EJ Games
EJ Games Month ago
1:18 that moment when you watch a fortnite vid and get a minecraft ad
Rakeem Smith
Rakeem Smith Month ago
Tell Ayden he's wrong about the plane it wasn't his it was someone else's lol at the start Ayden plane was red but when the guy got hit it was a white plane isn't that weird lol
Syn1cal Month ago
Love your content Grumbae!
Unknown Identity
mikhailg74 Month ago
And plz gift me taco skin Mikhail74
mikhailg74 Month ago
Do we enhanced liquid poach
Mansour Hassine
Mansour Hassine Month ago
Joe Holmes
Joe Holmes Month ago
"OMG look at my hair what was i doing?". Currently: looks EXACTLY the same 💀
gabika xd
gabika xd Month ago
Click bait
dux Month ago
3:55 lol
Daye Month ago
Nobody: Who said that? Oh yea no one: Fablo T: I EdItED tHiS ComMeNt So NoOne KnOWs WhY I HaVE lIKeS
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