Awkward Stories From The Closet

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I tell you some more stories from when I was an awkward closeted teen!
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Jul 10, 2020




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Comments 100
KemonoGalleria Music ☮️💜
Gay Panic! At the (Chinese Restaurant) Disco
Andrew Russell
Andrew Russell 2 days ago
You are a literal genius 🙏🏼
gremlin bitchboy
gremlin bitchboy 7 days ago
literally it two
• ioanna d •
• ioanna d • 13 days ago
KemonoGalleria Music ☮️💜 amazing
Pumpkin Dog 77
Pumpkin Dog 77 16 days ago
@scarlett you shut up
NasikaSakura 20 days ago
Gahhhhhhhhhhhh... (inhales)... This comment is so 90s kids and very topical to classic trying-and-failing to be edgey Phil... (tongue click)... Yes.
Annabel Johnson
Annabel Johnson 9 hours ago
my friend told me i gave off straight energy and i got so offended i accidentally outed myself😔🤚
Lilly-B 13 hours ago
I also had an experience exactly the same as the Jason one before quarantine apart from It wasn't the jasons name lmao
ThirrinDiamond 17 hours ago
The repetition of the sentence "you wanna talk?" Is me when processing literally anything neurotypicals do 😂
Mikayla Morey Peralta
Don't know how I missed this video coming out! Absolute gold
Lish Fletcher
Lish Fletcher 23 hours ago
There was this really funny and pretty girl I had been friends with for a while. She confessed that she liked me, at a public pool. I was freaking out. Had no gay experiences yet. So I was just like “I like you too.” And we just kinda swam together in silence. Next day she comes up to me, and says she got a concussion at her house, and wouldn’t be able to remember anything from yesterday. Years later I find out: it was a prank! Yay. My friends sucked. She’s very much straight. So yeah.
Katsuki Bakugou
*So is it safe to say I have 4 wattpad fanfics of DanxPhil.*
Taylor Catherine
Taylor Catherine 22 hours ago
maybe don’t announce that
beehwi Day ago
Luke Day ago
My second hand gay panic is ✨astronomic✨
Snoop Boop
Snoop Boop Day ago
Anyone: Describe your life in two words! Me: *.....gay panic*
aishwarya 2 days ago
the msn noises made me jump and i checked my laptop for a message only to realise i wasn’t 10 and on msn anymore 🌚
christine 2 days ago
I checked and it turns out the prank is definitely still a thing.
Francesca 2 days ago
jason watching this now like 👁👄👁
grace hopkins
grace hopkins 2 days ago
i’m so glad the guy at the restaurant wasn’t there to be mean omg i was nervous
Ilyric 2 days ago
THE SECOND YOU SAID HE SENT YOU THE CRUSH COMPATIBILITY TEST I KNEW WHERE THAT WAS GOINGGG. that happened to me too. we never talked about it. those things are closeted kids worst nightmare
Azra Sophie
Azra Sophie 2 days ago
I'm just staring at the lava lamp the whole time
Liberty Theuerkauf
"There was no gay love for Phil at the Chinese restaurant disco" is the most interesting evocative sentence I've possibly ever heard
Maiya Burgess
Maiya Burgess 3 days ago
Jason watching this: 👁👄👁
Basic VVitch
Basic VVitch 3 days ago
I'm demisexual sooo the whole crush thing rarely happened with me. At sleep overs all the girls would gossip about their celebrity crushes... And I'd just be hanging out eating all the snacks. 😂😂😂
Lily Island
Lily Island 3 days ago
I've accidentally "outed" myself to my mother. I let my family know my male partner identified as a woman instead and I was asked by several people what I was going to do. My mother got this weird look on her face that let me know she was absolutely laughing at me when she realised it hadn't even crossed my mind to end things. (I'm ace, not bi. There are only two people in my life who know it and she ain't one of 'em.)
Groovy 3 days ago
Makenzie Yager
Makenzie Yager 3 days ago
My friend had a story like the gay or straight story someone asked if she was straight and she was like NO, but she didn't know what it meant she was in elementary school around that time.
Dontley 3 days ago
Omg the Jason story made me stressed for you Damn, when you saw the screen go black and say "PRANKED" that must've been so scary
Dontley 3 days ago
"Young, secret gay" I love that 😂
Alison Hyde Pascale
So, I'm here because I remembered that dan and phil existed earlier today. last i remember them it was like, 2015 maybe? glad that they're gay now, so are the rest of us. so . . . anyone know if dan is alive? like, no reason he needs to keep doing whatever this is, but it seems like he dropped of the face of the earth.
Kurapika is My husband
I’m kinda non-binary and my awkward closeted moments are just me fighting with people about Genders and stuff and they always ask why I’m so passionate on that subject haha 😳
Lauren Strick
Lauren Strick 4 days ago
Any aromantic asexuals here?
Lizzy Florence
Lizzy Florence 4 days ago
Joe Momba
Joe Momba 4 days ago
Two dudes chilling in an apartment for 10 years cuz they're not gay.
Kyle Palmer
Kyle Palmer 4 days ago
Yes Mabel. I came out to my brothers after getting my wisdom teeth out. Can't say for sure if it was the anaesthetic or the Vicodin. Or likely, some combination of the two.
ryan fire
ryan fire 4 days ago
“a phil” 😂
Sophieslazy 4 days ago
That last story is sad...some people, I swear...and MSN pranks, Gooooosh I remember them! All the "your computer got infected" ones, I can't remember how many times I shut the family PC off scared of what I had done.
Faye Gibbons
Faye Gibbons 4 days ago
5:42 now that's just cruel
Alex Osborn
Alex Osborn 4 days ago
Omg i have a gay anesthesia moment lmaO. I’m an afab non binary and I was getting my wisdom teeth out. I went under, got my teeth out and woke up very very groggy and incredibly high. The doctor was trying to tell me about how to take care of the wounds in my mouth and he was trying to tell me I couldn’t drink from straws but he really said “No sucking for two to three weeks.” And I pouted and then waved him off saying “it’s fine. I like girls too” so yeah. My dad was in the room. One of my proudest moments
Foul Lily
Foul Lily 4 days ago
that restaurant story makes me wanna cry, i think i'd just, run if that was me, like ya nah, sorry mate i have to um....clean my teeth
Taylor Griffin
Taylor Griffin 4 days ago
Writing a legit love poem for a hs assignment that was subconsciously about my best friend, and READ IT OUTLOUD to the class and afterword my friend came up to me asking if it was about her 🤭
Steve Tayler
Steve Tayler 4 days ago
Phil - Sophisticated Londoner Northern accent - 2:25 still exists
taako y'know? from tv?
Oh my god the crush email thing happened to me to and I died 😭
Jaaah18 4 days ago
Um... I think I might be a lesbian... I have always identified as pansexual, but I think I'm only attracted to girls
lovelyjuliexo •
dogs? *classic* 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
5:00 omfg i remember these kind of websites 😂 (but omfg that was a crazy prank)
lovelyjuliexo •
the furthest from being straight 😂
lovelyjuliexo •
is it just me or was Phil talking SUPER fast in this video???
Clary Taylor
Clary Taylor 4 days ago
okay so fun fact my friend got surgery one time and in recovery started flirting with the nurses and even got someone’s number! so! not outing herself but kinda like what the one person asked lol.
Keith 4 days ago
I was barely even closeted lmao, my parents figured out not long after I did
Sora Senpai
Sora Senpai 4 days ago
When you wish you could be close friends with Dan and Phil 🥺
Marian Averill
Marian Averill 4 days ago
Phil I'm a lesbian and I also think of spike and Buffy all the time it's great.
Chocolate Cosmos
Chocolate Cosmos 5 days ago
Phil! What happened to the car insurance commercials? they were deleted!
Jaden 5 days ago
i came out to my brother as bie
Lee 5 days ago
Okay so I love your stories so much and I legit would listen to a podcast or something with just you talking about your awkward stories.
Song Spell
Song Spell 5 days ago
Phil: "I was thinking of spike" Me: "What about Angel?"
Shadebreak 5 days ago
Not specifically awkward but it is always fun to hear people make the "I identify as an attack helicopter hahaha lolololo" joke and then I go: "Hey um...so I'm trans, cold you not?" and then it is just awkward silence......classic
NDW 5 days ago
One time in high school one of my classmates asked me if Rihanna was hot and I didn't even realize I was bi back then but my brain just short circuited and then he was like girls can say if another girl is hot so I thought it was normal to think they were, fun times.
Daphna Czako
Daphna Czako 5 days ago
Omg so I was discussing with my family celebrity crushes and my brothers listed a bunch of girls and were like girls are so hot and I'm like ikrrr (note: not out to my parents only my brothers lol) and my dad asked me who was mine and started listing a bunch of boys and I said Katherine Gillan :) (cuz I'm sorry but goddamn) and my dad was like uh she's a girl..? As if I didn't know that lol. And I said yep and he went uh okay weirdo. And never figured it out alright XD. I mean honestly, I'm thankful cuz suuuper not a safe space and my dad would probably kill me but fun times fun times.
Cat.Lady. 5 days ago
Please do more of these!!!
Chanjana Ilangovan
That's a really cool sponser ngl
ZELLA 5 days ago
my friend did the crush prank on me then PUT THE RESULTS ON FACEBOOK
Cat.Lady. 5 days ago
Jaison Jowett
Jaison Jowett 5 days ago
This boy is a bottom 🥰
Cleo Tippler
Cleo Tippler 5 days ago
More awkward stories please! :)
Ilya 5 days ago
Was it dan because your last video together is ages ago
Cassetti 5 days ago
8:05 "Not a red flag" So, maybe a rainbow flag
Starlight Kiss
Starlight Kiss 5 days ago
Love this video so much. Watching these newer videos and hearing these stories makes watching dnp gaming videos hit different. ^.....Yeah reading that it sounds like it was going in a different direction^
Hey im L
Hey im L 5 days ago
dude this is too relatable, phil
Kelly M
Kelly M 5 days ago
IMA SAY WHAT WHERE ALL THINKING , ARE U AND DAN DAITING .....sorry for yelling I'm just exited
Arianna Buffinet
Arianna Buffinet 5 days ago
me and my crush/best friend were sleeping together at her house and watching a horror movie on her computer. we were holding hands and stuff bc she gets scared easily and then she buries her face in my chest and I entered a gay panic
Arianna Buffinet
Arianna Buffinet 5 days ago
Arianna Buffinet
Arianna Buffinet 5 days ago
Arianna Buffinet
Arianna Buffinet 5 days ago
Pien 6 days ago
I thought I went out with a girl once but then she said "you know I just asked you out as a friend, right?" And that was the moment I started hating myself
JimGyuunyuu 6 days ago
Does anyone know if displate is recycled aluminum cause i ant find anything about it anywhere, which makes me think it isnt :c
-Brooke Burleigh-
Ann Brogan
Ann Brogan 6 days ago
“jason” is punching the air rn 😂
Angela Coronado
Angela Coronado 6 days ago
Omg I started SWEATING when I saw the word prank and I would die if that would have ever happened to me.
Madison Batten
Madison Batten 6 days ago
my whole life has been *gay panic* lol
Inky Playz
Inky Playz 6 days ago
What happened to Dan?
dcarney72 6 days ago
okay i haven’t seen much from dan is he okay?
Taylor Catherine
Taylor Catherine 6 days ago
you can see his foot in phils plant video
Lunática 6 days ago
*Phil:* You ready for the move? *Me:* No. I'm really embarassed with this stories, but let's pause a minute the video and then you go on.
lily breshears
lily breshears 7 days ago
When I went to a private Christian school I was sitting in bible class when the guy next to me said “I really like girls” and my dumbass said started to say “me too” but i tried to correct it halfway through so I ended up saying “me-ISO SOUP IS REALLY GREAT, HUH?”
Flóra Kocsis
Flóra Kocsis 7 days ago
I'm not gay, but I've also had awkward moments like these. God they suck.
nimrodgrrrl 7 days ago
Hey does anyone know what happened to Phil’s regular live-streams? Have they moved to members only or? I really miss them :(
wolfbloodforest 9
Umm... ITS BEEN 3 WEEKS... WHY ARE YOU NOT POSTING... Hold on, lemme rephrase that, Please post soon, I like moss :P Okay, Just please don't stop posting :(
Angharad Bain
Angharad Bain 7 days ago
Why did I think that the car insurance story would actually turn out ok? And then I remembered the title 🤷🏼‍♀️
Angharad Bain
Angharad Bain 7 days ago
✨ Let’s gay it up ✨
Obsessed Freak
Obsessed Freak 7 days ago
When I was 12 I spent two weeks researing LGBT+ terms trying to find out what I identify with. Turns out I'm ace aro.
Leo Pine
Leo Pine 7 days ago
i love phil sm 🥺
Moribee 7 days ago
Holy shit I haven’t seen you since I was like 12
Panic! at the Romance
0:38 me and phil said "Same" at the same time 😂😂
Jaime Danielle
Jaime Danielle 7 days ago
imagine showing this video to someone in 2015
Luiza Pina Vaz
Luiza Pina Vaz 8 days ago
Young Phil really said if you're straight no you're not ❤️
• ioanna d •
• ioanna d • 8 days ago
phil i miss youuuuu
it's Jay
it's Jay 8 days ago
"Well, I've got one between my legs" phil you might wanna rethink that one lolol
Linda Mayheart
Linda Mayheart 8 days ago
I can't beileve phil is 33
Gaytorade :D
Gaytorade :D 8 days ago
My parents specifically asked me what qualities I like in women and I so badly wanted to reply with ‘their boyfriends’ but I wasn’t out so I was stuck to saying... ‘uhhhhhhhh... hair?’
julian the gamer
julian the gamer 8 days ago
What happened to Dan and Phil Gaming
ImThe Artifact
ImThe Artifact 8 days ago
I miss dan :,)
erica rose
erica rose 7 days ago
@Moribee hes taking a break from youtube whilst he works on a project x
Moribee 7 days ago
What happened?
Allex N
Allex N 8 days ago
My story is basically, i had a crush on this girl, like the first girl i ever had a crush on, and she was very pretty and a few months older than me. We were hanging out at lunch and someone sat in her seat so she just went over to me and lap between my legs and the ALARMS that WENT OFF in my head of gay panic wad MASSIVE. This was like a year ago and i have since come out to 95% of my family and its an awkward story i tell to make people feel better now😅
heartbrokenvinyl 8 days ago
When is Phil gonna talk about his time creating Lester’s Fixins?
Niamh Winters
Niamh Winters 8 days ago
Gay awkward stories are the best stories. Trust me 😂
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