Awful Interviews That Destroyed Celebs' Careers

Nicki Swift
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Bad interviews happen. Sometimes celebs are just having an off day, or they grow tired of the same questions - or even spill info they shouldn't be sharing. Whatever the case may be, these stars all opened their mouths and inserted their feet during interviews - and it cost them big, in terms of their careers...
Megan Fox | 0:18
Katherine Heigl | 1:34
John Mayer | 2:27
R. Kelly | 3:17
Paula Abdul | 4:20
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Apr 15, 2018

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Comments 3 533
Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift Year ago
Which of these celebs do you want to make a comeback?
WonkaaVision 6 days ago
I haven't watched TV for 18 years, why did this come into my autoplay feed. TV and films are for morons that have no purpose in life. They need to seek outside sources to entertain themselves because they haven't a clue what they are doing with their own lives and cannot create there own entertainment.
Lewis Keyes
Lewis Keyes 2 months ago
Paula Abdul had talent...
Zlatko Vuckovic
Zlatko Vuckovic 2 months ago
None, Hollywood is dead.
Cooler 2 months ago
August Ames, but she D-E-D
Flapjack K
Flapjack K 3 months ago
None of them.
James Gaither
James Gaither 2 days ago
Napalm ain’t a drug
Heidi Minten
Heidi Minten 2 days ago
Fantastic! At last...honesty!
coquijean 4 days ago
John Mayer isa 1.3, I don't understand 🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄
Aaron Singleton
Aaron Singleton 4 days ago
Umm, you guys do realize that napalm is not a drug, right?
WonkaaVision 6 days ago
I haven't watched TV for 18 years, why did this come into my autoplay feed. TV and films are for morons that have no purpose in life. They need to seek outside sources to entertain themselves because they haven't a clue what they are doing with their own lives and cannot create there own entertainment.
Jimmy Droid
Jimmy Droid 6 days ago
I'm a simple reptile, I see Megan Fox, I click and drool.(hint) this also applies to Margot Robbie.
Tom Yazel
Tom Yazel 6 days ago
Fox was fired from some shitty movies...probably should be grateful they tried her out.
Kaalulangus Dietoloog
Wish you all a good day
Loredo Mattoni
Loredo Mattoni 8 days ago
Define teenage
Raven Black
Raven Black 10 days ago
5:25 Paula can say what she wants but shes drunk as hell. Her eyes are rolling back every scene.
Brit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & Mullen
Something fishy about them black listing Katherine Heigel, had lady Gaga said the same thing or Beyonce...they'd be rewarded woman of the year... 😒
Brit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & Mullen
I bet Bay is a pedophile, he sexualized teens...how blatant. I bet that's one thing she dislikes him for.
bobo fattt
bobo fattt 15 days ago
Ironically katy heigel , most people are the same person as their role. Maybe that's why you felt that way, because you are that way
Brianne Slamin
Brianne Slamin 15 days ago
Um. Napalm is not a drug. That should be your career ruiner. Really?!
Charlie B
Charlie B 16 days ago
Why deny being drunk? Most of the actual critical and unkind reaction to Paula happened after she started denying it. And that's as it should be, we're not children, we know what a drunk person looks and sounds like, why disrespect everyone like that for your own mistake?
Lahiru Perera
Lahiru Perera 16 days ago
Napalm isn't a drug, dawg.
Jessica Uyvette Thompson
Teens are 13-19. 🤦🏽‍♀️
JD O'Connor
JD O'Connor 17 days ago
Heigl is a hero it’s an absolute disgrace she was blacklisted given what we know about Hollywood since MeToo.
james99953 18 days ago
This is why most celeb interviews are as blend as cooked rise
Don Emerson
Don Emerson 19 days ago
R Kelly is as stupid as he looks.
Brenda Echols
Brenda Echols 21 day ago
Megan fox is not pretty. Just saying....looks fake.
John Wiley
John Wiley 22 days ago
If it wasn't for Megan Fox's looks, no one would even know who this stupid bitch was. And to be honest with you I think she goes overboard with the little Sourpuss faces and the way she talks and the way She carries herself , she acts almost like a real snobby stuck-up bitch she really isn't all that and it totally ruins it for her
Caiden Frasier
Caiden Frasier 23 days ago
Omg the second one is from wish upon a star I love that person
Ifaj Adgs
Ifaj Adgs 24 days ago
"Wait till you see the next one, everybody dies."
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 25 days ago
Do I want to hear this? No. Blah blah
Kiki's Kurls
Kiki's Kurls 28 days ago
Idk how I would react, but I don't think I'd be too pressed if a guy told people my sex was like "sexual napalm".🤷🏾‍♀️
Lucian Heart
Lucian Heart Month ago
Napalm... isn't a drug
Henry Nelson
Henry Nelson Month ago
Naplam is not drugs, its the goo that spreads fire quickly they used in Vietnam.
Casper 24
Casper 24 Month ago
Bullshit I saw Paula at the LAPD celebrity golf tournament that woman is a mess! They seriously had to hold her hand and arm everywhere she went..
Danielle Sierra
Danielle Sierra Month ago
John Mayer is a dickhead
Matshadi Mogoaladi
But why can't people give honest opinions about things?! I thought Fox's remarks were rude she needed to be more polite/professional in her criticism. Heigl's comments were honest and professional. But her insults about the writting on Grey's Anatomy. I guess in planet Hollywood when you're asked to give an opinion you must lie.
Your Ego
Your Ego Month ago
Just yesterday 11 more counts came out against r Kelley. He’s a real perv. Help the perv.
Aphiwe Matyolo
Aphiwe Matyolo Month ago
Teenage is 19-13 years, the interviewer made him look like a monster, with his face and what kind of question was that? it's not even specific, it's like asking: do you like food? Of course I'm gonna ask, what food are you talking about? The guy was an idiot, he should've never asked such a tricky question in the first place, it's so dumb. Had he asked, do you like girls who are underage like 16, 15, 14, then the question would've made more sense, but he wanted to make him to look guilty and everybody willingly ran with it.
soreheart Month ago
Heigal was right.
opium extract
opium extract Month ago
Pretty sure no one was in "transformers:dark side of the moon". Maybe it is transformers: dark of the moon.
Cool Patience
Cool Patience Month ago
John Mayer is based
Ian Dog
Ian Dog Month ago
Brie Larson soon to be on this list.
Tracey Reed
Tracey Reed Month ago
How can they even use this excuse for Abdul? Different cities in her ear at the same time? Good grief she must have been high.
THE REAL 2 months ago
DruidsCalling 2 months ago
i love paula shes adorable
Michael Newell
Michael Newell 2 months ago
R Kelly. Lmafo.
AdamG1983 2 months ago
I would like some clarification about the "sexual napalm" comment plz
AdamG1983 2 months ago
R. Kelly LOL
😶 2 months ago
3:31 I cracked up at his dumbass reply lol the reporter was like wtffff
SMiRKViLLAiN101 2 months ago
Paula looked like she was Rollin...
Petruta Jucatoru
Petruta Jucatoru 2 months ago
If sexism will disappear as a notion then it will disappear as a problem, then both genders will be more happier, same applies to racism, when you stop suspecting others of racism you will find freedom and happiness...if not , if you start the war be ready to fight
Warrior Soul
Warrior Soul 2 months ago
She's overrated. Not the greatest actress I've seen. Could be that she's never been given good roles. Regardless, never got into her. Seems like an arrogant person. Speaking from a talk show I watched.
Ed Masterson
Ed Masterson 2 months ago
napalm is a chemical used in warfare, not a drug, but what the hell lets make shit up. i do like these vids but who thinks napalm is a drug? seriously?
MiGUERUTA Movies, Gaming & Fun
He was talking metaphoricaly! "Napalm" was used to refer to Awesome Sex. Good sex is a "drug"!
Michael Pennington
Michael Pennington 2 months ago
Paula Abdul...you were full of it...lol that had to be some alchohol going on. Anyhow she's still fine as hell
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