Awesome Back to School Tech 2018! (BALLER Edition)

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Still looking for some back to school tech? Here is my not-so-budget friendly list of gear for 2018!
Awesome Back to School Tech 2018! (Budget Edition) - ruvid.net/video/video-9aftNp5J_M8.html
The Tech Survival Kit 3.0 (Must Have!) - ruvid.net/video/video-CjCfBSq3l-0.html&list=PLllvXU2Kt6Mfyhfz1MHJAs5Ct8hJJWe1r
Find everything here:
Ghostek NRGbag 2 - amzn.to/2M5rGUi
Sony XB950N1 - amzn.to/2vnQkGc
Sony hear.in Wireless - amzn.to/2vndWe0
Portable Charger:
RAVPower 27000mAh AC Outlet PC - amzn.to/2ALrsgx
Seagate Backup Plus 5TB - amzn.to/2OQ0Ttt
Nomad Universal Cable - amzn.to/2f1sQRW
Nomad Lightning Cable - amzn.to/2vc1TBq
Nomad 0.3M Rugged Universal Cable - amzn.to/2P6k6rf
Native Union Lightning Cable - amzn.to/2vMBrNI
DELL XPS 15 Laptop - amzn.to/2MTaZsw
Laptop Case:
Lacdo 15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve - amzn.to/2vlZmoS
Spudz Microfiber Cloth - amzn.to/2Ouopv5
Social Networks:
Twitter: bit.ly/1ItDLeU
Instagram: bit.ly/1Q7GoH4
Facebook: bit.ly/22zYfsO
Snapchat: uacreviews
UrAvgGF -
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Snapchat: uravggf
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Aug 15, 2018




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Comments 80
Miltos Bardopoulos
Miltos Bardopoulos 17 days ago
No One: UrAvgConsumer: tHeSe ArE mY FAvOriTe cAbLEs
Maanas D
Maanas D Month ago
when he calls the charger "portable"
Joe Manning
Joe Manning Month ago
Jot down notes........When wouldn't you ever have a notebook for class
Tyler Chungus
Tyler Chungus Month ago
What wireless but why are they still wires
Shivam Tiwari
Shivam Tiwari Month ago
1980: In 2020 we will have flying cars. 2020: we out here charging our backpacks at night
Aslam Sheik
Aslam Sheik Month ago
why don't you add an ifixit kit while you are at it or tech survival kit
Sam Rivers
Sam Rivers 2 months ago
Highschool students don’t 8 headphones 7 portable charger
Zia Enero
Zia Enero 3 months ago
Teacher (Student)gimme that
Mo Does Stuff
Mo Does Stuff 3 months ago
hold up i forgot to charge my backpack
Nischal Valluru
Nischal Valluru 3 months ago
Only Jud would think of a tech emergency lol
scpz ult
scpz ult 4 months ago
RIP to the biggest baller of all time😔
Nolan Crawford
Nolan Crawford 4 months ago
Are you gonna make a cheap skate version soon because that’s what I need
💩 4 months ago
Roland bennett
Roland bennett 4 months ago
So where u put ur text books
kvh 4 months ago
dont buy the Dell... its build well good hardware Butttttttt the software is totaly broken i cant turn my laptop off via windows it makes a random noise bleutooth works decent internet works only 1m after boot and the customer support is shit.. way to expensive laptop with these glitches
Exo. co
Exo. co 4 months ago
I bought everything. Nothing to regret at all
Alec Jnkm
Alec Jnkm 4 months ago
I want YOU in RUvid rewind 2020 just to make it a little better.
PATRICK OCONNOR 7 months ago
why not beats headphone
shikari is nub
shikari is nub 8 months ago
U r best
Tech Point
Tech Point 9 months ago
All this tech. but imagine ur internet not working on the go
Suj Potluri
Suj Potluri 9 months ago
The backpack surely comes in handy. I even have the MDR 950N1, which makes it even better. I enjoy this channel! Keep it up!!😁😁😁😁
Andres Estrada
Andres Estrada 9 months ago
Damn @ 4:56 ... really calling out str8 facts
I don’t wanna do this anymore XXX
My boi did the khawai laugh before it was even known khawai could laugh. 8:44
Madelyn 9 months ago
Nice safe with the mouse 😂
Solodolosaucy 9 months ago
Please make more of these for back to school
Justin 9 months ago
I have that backpack! I love it, highly recommend
Connor Cason
Connor Cason 9 months ago
3:25 who else thought it was a lunchbox
Yer Xiong
Yer Xiong 9 months ago
I THINK IM BOUT TO STEAL!!!😂😂😂jk 2019 anyone?
Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez 9 months ago
Kayla 9 months ago
I bet he has a big black... that contains that good stuff... A big black backpack to hold all that good tech
Casijn Yuen
Casijn Yuen 9 months ago
Waiting for the 2019 version
Aether 9 months ago
Get this out of my recommended school🙄
Obrine Tamon
Obrine Tamon 9 months ago
4:53 omg
rishi2089 10 months ago
Even professional guy hesitate to afford these stuff..video title should be..go back to your work🤔🤔🤔🤑🤑
JUAN SOLOO51 10 months ago
I know it's late but Never!!
Foxy8904 10 months ago
2:56 This is so awesome! I can just plug this in to my Pixe.... Oh snap P.S I know them Android fanboys be calling me out when the iPhone no longer has a headphone jack, but I remember my friend has a Pixel 3 and he no joke forgot he did not have a headphone jack, so ya know....
just a random educated human
You can't be a fanboy of an operating system. iPhones suck.
Arctic Games
Arctic Games 10 months ago
i thought he was going to write "Sub to Pewdiepie"
Ned Marshall
Ned Marshall 10 months ago
bAlLeR eDiTiOn
Dr Incursio
Dr Incursio 10 months ago
I like how e doesn’t tell us how much this stuff is what a prick
Relative Genius
Relative Genius 10 months ago
8:44 wtf jud
10 months ago
spoiler: thanks to your nice tech select BUTwe're not an solider it's tooooooooo heavy for pimpy students gonna be 24hour rugby shoulder im not an PICOLO (need to scream cause, heavy weight!!!)
Melvin Ingvarrson
Melvin Ingvarrson 10 months ago
UrAvgConsumer: Just plug into that in your headphone jack! Apple users: Whats that?
Emily Coppen
Emily Coppen 10 months ago
Hi Jud, where can I get that screensaver on your laptop from?
Rocky Jel Dela Cruz
Rocky Jel Dela Cruz 10 months ago
I love technologies
Thundeon 10 months ago
I have the XPS 15 and I only got a base model which well... needless to say the graphics card doesn't do that well in gaming of almost any kind if you get the base model. So... take what I learned about the XPS if you are a gamer and get the 1050. Seriously, I wish I had a different laptop considering that my budget was only $1,000 I picked the wrong laptop. xD
Randomyootoobpurrson Tistzisotitzxoy
This is the funniest comments section ever lmao 🤣
ShiningASMR 10 months ago
Mckenzie Curry
Mckenzie Curry 10 months ago
Do you still recommend any of these items for the 2019 school year? I hope you put out another video for this years back to school tech love your content keep up the great work ❤️😀
iSoUpZz 10 months ago
Nice video. I have a summer birthday and I got 160$ in total. I was gonna buy some stuff for gaming but I'm going into 8th grade and decided I'm gonna get some stuff to help me out more.
XxWeekly Xx
XxWeekly Xx 10 months ago
I have to keep my phone in my backpack because we can’t use our phones in class
ShiningASMR 10 months ago
Chrome_Mars 77 us too. But I have an apple watch, so technically I have a phone in class. I really recommend a smartwatch!
Abhijeet Dash
Abhijeet Dash 10 months ago
stop making me feel poor...
Ree Rip
Ree Rip 10 months ago
Parents: what you doing? Rich people: charging me backpack duh Parents: what have we done to deserve you.
Ree Rip
Ree Rip 10 months ago
I came here to suffer cause I'm apart of the broke squad 😂😂 80$ Rich bois: weak Broke gang: budget edition I'm a coming home I'm too broke for 80$ I can't even afford 50 😭🤣
Shanuka Embuldeniya
Shanuka Embuldeniya 10 months ago
Awesome video broh 🔥 love your smile 😂🙅‍♂️
Frosty_Apex 10 months ago
Won’t make you go broke sssuurrreee
Celes Chai
Celes Chai 10 months ago
Any girls ?
Ayesha Naz
Ayesha Naz 11 months ago
Back to school or Back to ICT laboratory
Braden Woolley
Braden Woolley 11 months ago
I'm left handed and school never had any left handed mice, so I just learned how to use a right handed mouse
lol Hernandez
lol Hernandez 11 months ago
Why does he have like a 100 earphones
Charitha T
Charitha T 11 months ago
A J 11 months ago
Logitech g pro wireless>>>>
President Sad
President Sad Year ago
I got the xps 13, still good tho
President Sad
President Sad Year ago
I need new wireless earbuds, I gave my airpods away
Bangdk Year ago
if it is "baller" edition why wasn't the laptop not a macbook pro 15 i9??? xD
David Daniel
David Daniel Year ago
You should do a back to school for middle schoolers
Noxillious Year ago
You can't make us go broke cuz we are already broke
Chezzburger Gaming
I bought song headphones headphones like 2 weeks ago and I love them
Richards Videos
My laptop here at home is a little big to take anywhere 😂
linda roshisne
so budget !You are lamar!
Oma berry
Oma berry Year ago
Awesome tech man I subscribed and turned on post notifications yooooooooooo👌👌😉😇
Xbox Grom
Xbox Grom Year ago
Only 80$ still affordable
Matt M
Matt M Year ago
Who’s just watching this for the technology
Gaming Central
A Nike elite bag is 80 bucks
astro Year ago
If you’re a baller you don’t take the bus to school
Ethan Keene
Ethan Keene Year ago
there's a guy in my college class that did his whole media poster designs on his note 9
Brielle Edwards
The world is getting spoiled like a tech survival kit really
Skade Year ago
Well.. I can't agree with many of the gear recommendations. But you got good humour :D
charlie peters
Hold on mom I have to plug in my backpack 🤪🤪
Zach Year ago
Um... you forgot actual school items like at least pens
Navidson Year ago
Unless you’re downloading a ton of ”VIDEOS“ am I right guys?
jesus christ
jesus christ Year ago
WDYM! tech emergency?
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