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A pair of speakers (Adam Driver, Cecily Strong) warn students about the dangers of social puppeteering. [Season 41, 2015]
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Jan 20, 2020




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Comments 922
Jonni Cray Cray
Jonni Cray Cray 2 days ago
#RUvidrsAgainstBullyingAndChildAbuse #JonniCrayCray
Jonni Cray Cray
Jonni Cray Cray 2 days ago
Jonni Cray Cray
Jonni Cray Cray 2 days ago
fdsjlaf 5 days ago
I am being pupeteered, fuck
ssslatten 6 days ago
Those @2:53 eyes are... distracting 😳
Shardonic 8 days ago
We managed to convince this one dude in our art class that he was colorblind- it was a great couple weeks
ImmortalChaos 10 days ago
Social puppeteering sounds extremely expensive.
Kristen Michelle
Kristen Michelle 10 days ago
So when did the girl at 2:07 become Bobby the 37 year old man?
sheesh 12 days ago
Bobby wasn’t there in the beginning
ReinVa 12 days ago
Damn that was fucking terrible. Snl needs new writers
Scruffie Jelly
Scruffie Jelly 14 days ago
is it bad that i kinda want to do the hat thing?
Chefloud Pack
Chefloud Pack 14 days ago
Yea so I would definitely do this........
Bonnie Roberts
Bonnie Roberts 14 days ago
We need to start brainstorming some social pupeteering pranks on here:
idk what to put here sooo
Alexa Bella Muerte
Alexa Bella Muerte 17 days ago
Cuz that's when he had the molly 😂
Bethany O
Bethany O 17 days ago
Can yall just please make Adam Driver a regular
Imran Chowdhury
Imran Chowdhury 17 days ago
I actually learned something today
riley pierce
riley pierce 18 days ago
2:57 is the guy in the back ok?
ARonaWillDo 18 days ago
i- ... i had that DC hat LMAOOOO
Lauren Victoria
Lauren Victoria 19 days ago
I'm legit gonna try this
devonferris 19 days ago
Adam Driver is really good. He should do more comedy
Violet G
Violet G 20 days ago
Here you go🐖💨
Madison Wadsworth
Madison Wadsworth 20 days ago
Remember when SNL and Pete Davidson were funny and had actual talent? Nobody does.
ya boi dumbass
ya boi dumbass 20 days ago
I think someone was trying to do this to me. About 8th grade a few people kept asking me if I knew this specific guy (can’t remember who), apparently he is a football player or something, and I’m just like “who?” And they said I knew his little brother so again I’m like “who?” And they said some name and I ask “when did I hang out with him” they said last year. “Nope don’t know him” and I had that conversation with seven or ten different people for a month and then it never came up again, I actually was thinking, ‘was there just some guy I was friends with that I don’t remember?’ For a solid year. To this day it still confuses me because they all have the same description but for the life of me I couldn’t remember even speaking to anyone with that description or name.
The Trend
The Trend 20 days ago
21 Jump Streeted
Jesse Richards
Jesse Richards 21 day ago
Smellavision 21 day ago
Sounds ridiculous, but by this time next year this will be a real thing.
Shane Kinsella
Shane Kinsella 21 day ago
Fuck.....that was good!
Rick Rose
Rick Rose 22 days ago
I would like to watch another video, but I have to go out and score some squiff.
/Zoe Greene
/Zoe Greene 22 days ago
them: you got 21 jump streeted me, an intellectual: you got 21 jump strote
charliechocolte 22 days ago
Was I the only one who noticed the be more chill reference because I scrolled through the comments looking for someone saying it for 5 minutes and no one did-
Kynk 23 days ago
How deep this speaks to our current political climate. Republicans have yet to realize there is no hat.
roger smith
roger smith 23 days ago
we need this for the millional snowflakes. to teach them
Selah Belah
Selah Belah 23 days ago
The squiff part made me think of the musical Be More Chill.
VigiLantTig3r 14
VigiLantTig3r 14 23 days ago
The vampire one killed me 😂
Lynnaea 23 days ago
someone send this link to him halpert
Travis Porter
Travis Porter 23 days ago
So gaslighting is the "slang" version of social puppeteering.
the9thhell 23 days ago
I got social puppeteer'd once in elementary school: The day after the AFC & NFC championship games, my entire 6th grade class conspired to convince me that the Bills and 49ers hadn't won, and weren't going to the Super Bowl. I finally started to question what I had seen with my owm eyes; whether or not I was actually wrong... I can still remember the mocking laughter cutting through me like so many daggers when they finally relented and told me the truth. It happened 27 yrs. ago, but I relive that horrible experience every day.
Gabriel Clark
Gabriel Clark 23 days ago
I don't know, it's a useful skill to manipulate the masses to your benefit. Probably explains why they had so much money...
Izmir 23 days ago
Jajaja Q Q jajaja
NuttyNate88 [Nathan Schira]
Do I have a hat?
Brooke Stop
Brooke Stop 24 days ago
Bobby Moynihan!!
Joseph N
Joseph N 24 days ago
Is jay pharaoh back on SNL?
Anna MacMenamie
Anna MacMenamie 24 days ago
Roses are red Violets are blue I'm in love with Adam Driver And so are you
Tony K
Tony K 24 days ago
is that Adam Driver?
Telika Howard
Telika Howard 24 days ago
so this is bullying for people who have money?
Matilda Muller
Matilda Muller 24 days ago
Is it bad that when he said "My name is Wendell and this is Harper" I thought "of course it is"
Ruth Resetar
Ruth Resetar 24 days ago
This is funny, but anti-bullying programs have been toned down or stopped at some schools in my area because many students were actually putting into practice ideas they got from class!!
Morgan Bisdorf
Morgan Bisdorf 24 days ago
When you realized Adam Driver was the "cop"
TheOakFather 25 days ago
They couldn’t spend 100 bucks to make that website
assmane999 25 days ago
I wonder how many jerks got inspired by this sketch to socially puppeteer somebody. Please share with me the stories of you have :D
Ricky Renes
Ricky Renes 25 days ago
Adam Driver is a diamond in the rough.
Nebur B
Nebur B 25 days ago
Thank you snl I am try this
Frank Severino
Frank Severino 25 days ago
Why isn't that website real?
Kookkie Bird
Kookkie Bird 25 days ago
Hello world
wink wink
wink wink 25 days ago
I too crave the night. What is my life? 🤔
Kamala LSB
Kamala LSB 25 days ago
Adam Driver is so funny that he's able to be consistently hilarious even when the substantial comedic drag factor of the cast of SNL is applied to him.
hisoka D. luffy
hisoka D. luffy 25 days ago
I hate when the molly wares off
Christian Carmona
Christian Carmona 25 days ago
but wait... social puppeteering does sound fun. 🤔😈
J Kim
J Kim 26 days ago
The proper term for it is gaslighting and it's actually really harmful to people's sanity. It sounds like a lot of fun but seriously please don't do this.
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