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Jun 20, 2019




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Comments 712
gamer shrey agarwal
Me watching movie for the first time in theatre thinking when the portal scene come up:should i cry or should i scream or should i laugh or should i go crazy or should i do all these things at the same time
Raul Cotella
Raul Cotella Day ago
Como vas a sacar la parte que thanos levanta la espada para que su ejército ataque! Amargo!
Tudor Rusu
Tudor Rusu Day ago
Damn, i used to think that a bag of chips makes a lot of noice. Just let us watch the movie....
Unicorn Potato
Unicorn Potato 2 days ago
6:49 wakanda fO eva lol Yaas ma yaaaasss!!!!!
el perro oso alv :v
Tekstar 2 days ago
Im curious how the M.C.U is going to go after this masterpiece.
Alan Aljenar
Alan Aljenar 3 days ago
The exact fucking reason why this is the best movie ever
Dasun Gamage
Dasun Gamage 3 days ago
Is this a Sri Lankan cinema?
positive pete
positive pete 3 days ago
Stupid kids. Script stolen or sold by WB to Marvel. Socialist actors running the show. This is tainted
Bobby Neacsu
Bobby Neacsu 3 days ago
This is my nr 1 moment of the decade no doubt about it
Vasiliy Papatidi
Vasiliy Papatidi 4 days ago
Im so happy i watched this at home.
klarenz cobie
klarenz cobie 4 days ago
6:33 ur welcome
Mystery of the Universe
Female superheroes gathering to fight together hmm I got a better idea every alternate version of the original characters introduced and siding with the originals to fight their biggest threat
Chad McDaniel
Chad McDaniel 5 days ago
The best part about Avengers Infinity war and endgame, they kept politics out of this and the end result was a fun movie
Tausif Hadi
Tausif Hadi 6 days ago
New York 2012 ❤️
Jay Cray
Jay Cray 7 days ago
They couldnt have done a better job building up to this movie. This was the most anticipated movie for me ever. And man did they deliver. What an emotional roller coaster.
its yeshua not jesus so get over it
Dorks that movie sucked
Oisin Reilly
Oisin Reilly 7 days ago
I'm sorry but it's stupid you didn't include people's reactions to Hawkeyes and black widows signatures, incase you didn't notice, they're avengers too
Libby Kay
Libby Kay 8 days ago
Stan Lee would be so freakin proud
Libby Kay
Libby Kay 8 days ago
I watched it first day AND LEMME TELL YOU the energy in that theatre was like this!!! Surrounded by fans and nerds is the absolute best thing ever and it reminds you you’re not alone, there are tons of other people like you. Honestly it’s the best feeling ever being in that room
Cool Kat
Cool Kat 8 days ago
So glad I watched this alone at home in silence
justin thompson
justin thompson 9 days ago
I really hope they rerelease this movie into theaters again. I mean if they can do it for Avatar, Endgame should. Hey Disney, you want more money? Rerelease it. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Audy Birdo
Audy Birdo 9 days ago
Many fan-gasms were had that day.
J.D. Wilkes
J.D. Wilkes 9 days ago
It sounds like a baseball game and a One Direction concert mixed together.
Chandana Naskar
Chandana Naskar 11 days ago
HL Snipes
HL Snipes 7 days ago
Chandana Naskar goosebumps
Andres Cadungog
Andres Cadungog 11 days ago
The only 2 movies I got real goosebumps and with this kind of audience reaction, first - Jurassic Park and then this Endgame... Now I can live my life without regrets...
Euphoric DRMR
Euphoric DRMR 11 days ago
Everybody's be like: "IBOMBEE"
Sanguine Rose
Sanguine Rose 11 days ago
That guy who screaming EBOMBE really got me so hard )))
Dan Rowe
Dan Rowe 12 days ago
Send in.. the Pool 🎶
Soxzl 12 days ago
Couldnt hear 70% of the dialog because people just clapped and yelled all the time.
sathya skywalker
sathya skywalker 13 days ago
Like dogs barking
Janelle’s Vision
Janelle’s Vision 13 days ago
6:49 Audience: WOOOOOOOO T’challa, okoye, and shuri walk out of the portal* Someone in the audience: “WAKANDA FOREVERRRR”
Ma Edward
Ma Edward 13 days ago
No reaction when tony meets his dad?
Brianna Grover
Brianna Grover 12 days ago
Ma Edward I was wondering the same thing!
Rikin Thakkar
Rikin Thakkar 13 days ago
It would be so annoying to have a bunch of wild people screaming next to your ear every second
rumdoog 14 days ago
i almost threw up watching this movie
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte 11 days ago
rumdoog Thats weird reaction to a good movie.
skkibaatein 14 days ago
Endgame is an awesome never-ending cinematic masterpiece with an abundance of mixed emotions ✊
Cuphead Prime
Cuphead Prime 15 days ago
Which movie theater was these?
Kirishanth Pusparajah
Thank you so much but only one important is missing that captain marvel entry
David THA BEAST 16 days ago
Nasreen Hafeez
Nasreen Hafeez 16 days ago
Manager: Woah what the hell is going on in there is there a fire or something? Worker: Oh they’re just watching Endgame Manager: That explains it-
Yeniceri92 17 days ago
like kids you cant watch a movie like that with screaming people
thelonewolf191 17 days ago
When Cap threw his Shield, and hit it back at him WITH Mjolnir, I lost my shit
Guilherme Venancio
Guilherme Venancio 17 days ago
When Cap said "assemble" somebody in this room gets a heart attack
Kelvin Anarchy99
Kelvin Anarchy99 18 days ago
If u guys ask me. I'd still want nd need 'Tony Shark'. The one nd only "The Iron Man". And I'm gonna miss him like hell for sure. I don't much care about the others 'Avenger' members, at the first place. I know but, please first heard me out here before u guys start Shitting on me. "The Iron man". He's much bigger nd much more efficient. Even after u combined all the others members of the whole "Avenger team". Because, He was the main core of the whole "Avenger team". And He's the one who literally built it up from the scratch. Come on guys please let's try be to honest here okay. ✌ RIP "Iron Man" u'll be remembered for all your Deeds nd urs Sacrifice. Damn u Thanos Fuck u man.
Montage Video
Montage Video 18 days ago
Wy they are screaming at the "assemble" wy its so anoiyng
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy 15 days ago
Your grammar is annoying
donkeywankershelby 18 days ago
Remember carrying the pain and a bag of tears while walking out of the cinema (tears of joy and tears of pain) Well I am not the only one who cried lmao
GOAT 18 days ago
I wanted to shout "Ibambe" in the theater but was too scared.
Fantastic Madness
GOAT i did and our entire theatre started chanting it was crazy.
JCSenpai 19 days ago
In my opinion It would have been fine if they just cheered for the signature scenes or the part where the other heroes appeared or smth. They didnt have to cheer in every fight scene some wants to watch it without screaming adults or kids while hearing the punches n sht
The guy screaming BLACK PANTHER!!!! 😂
surfer dude
surfer dude 20 days ago
Most people didnt get the humor when capt said hail hydra
surfer dude
surfer dude 18 days ago
@GOAT hail hydra then react "woah"? They got humor after capt smiled
GOAT 18 days ago
Everyone understood it
Han Wu
Han Wu 20 days ago
R.i.p iron man
PRIME CRZ 21 day ago
Avenger 2012: cap to iron man "you only think about urself, you re not the type of guy who make sacrifice, stop pretending to be a hero" Endgame: iron man sacrifice himself
morgan kuhn
morgan kuhn 21 day ago
i would give anything to relive this experience again. the best feeling ever.
marcus hopkins
marcus hopkins 22 days ago
First movie I ever uncontrollably cheered at I’n theaters . If you didn’t see this on opening day you truly missed out on something really special . endorphins and adrenaline surging through my body during that last hour. Amazing experience!
just§ufi 21 day ago
marcus hopkins shut up soyboy
Mj Reyes
Mj Reyes 22 days ago
Am I the Only one who havent watch the yet. I already Watch Too many Spoilers so It feels like I dont really need to watch the movie But I want to watch it But i dont really feel excited because it is my fault to watch too many spoiler Clip and audience Reactions.
Christian Kiggins
Christian Kiggins 22 days ago
In the uk the cheering thing is frowned upon and you would look like a bit of an idiot but when cap took Thor’s hammer for the first time there was a huge gasp in the audience and for the first time in my life everyone clapped-no cheers- just an applause, and I will never forget it
OG Slapz
OG Slapz 23 days ago
6:54 guy in the background WAKANDA FOREVER
CodeName Savage
CodeName Savage 28 days ago
Theater watching others:........ Theater watching endgame:(Endless screams)
Venkman 28 days ago
What an obnoxious fucking audience
just§ufi 21 day ago
Yeah, what fucking idiots cheer at a screen?
CPD98 28 days ago
What is wrong with that people 😆
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