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Avengers Endgame cast: who dates who? Watch the video about surprising real-life partners of Avengers!
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Avengers Endgame is coming soon, so it’s about the time to find out more about your favourite Avengers 4. Catch up on fresh facts about Avengers: Endgame cast behind the scene.
Chris Evans aka Captain America - is very private about his real-life partners. Find out whom the Marvel Cinematic Universe star has been dating.
Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye - has gone through a painful divorce. Find out how Marvel Comics celeb is doing now.
Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow - was married a couple of times. Here are some fresh facts on Endgame star new partner.
Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel - is the newest addition to MCU. Here’s an updating on her cancelled engagement.
Mark Ruffalo aka Hulk - has been through some tough moments in his life. Watch how he managed to cope with it. Here are more fresh facts about Avengers partners.
Robert Downey Jr aka Iron Man - is known for his struggles with addiction. Find out what helped Infinity War hero get back to normal life.
Chris Hemsworth aka Thor - is having a happy family life. Find out more great stuff about your favourite on-screen comics star here!
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Apr 19, 2019

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Comments 1 532
OSSA 2 months ago
Who is your favorite couple on the list? Here's a complete list of all the upcoming Marvel movies: ruvid.net/video/video-2dHGgOrX6ks.html
Me and my gurl
Hello Sunshine
Hello Sunshine Month ago
Alpha Maverick
Alpha Maverick Month ago
Me and Scarlette Johansson
shelly Singhl
shelly Singhl Month ago
OSSA scarlet and his patner
No One's business
Scarlett and Chris
Salsa Penguin
Salsa Penguin 14 hours ago
7:26 " They have one of the sweetest love stories, as Sunrise was literally his son."
imsupawesom lmao
imsupawesom lmao 2 days ago
Chris: I can do this all day
Bindhu Mathew
Bindhu Mathew 4 days ago
thorrrrrrr luv you
Awesome Wow
Awesome Wow 4 days ago
Insyirah TV
Insyirah TV 5 days ago
Duhh i thought scarlett and chris evans are dating
Yoonmin Mah Lifeu
Sorry but I ship Mark and Scarlett(Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff)
The Blue Ninja
The Blue Ninja 5 days ago
Ant man
Elias Spencer
Elias Spencer 5 days ago
3:43 thought he was going to say "Shotgun"
Sophia Tran
Sophia Tran 6 days ago
Ughhhh I came on this video cause the thumbnail of Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson. I thought they were together 🥺😭. But one day they will be together. I ship them so baddddddd ♥️ #evansson
Alexander Morton
Alexander Morton 6 days ago
Donkey: Celebrity marriages, they never last, do they?!
Snowflxke 8 days ago
The men always look better then the women smh...
kara dizon
kara dizon 8 days ago
Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans would definitely be an adorable couple. Two beautiful people
Shikha Sinha
Shikha Sinha 8 days ago
Chris and Scarlette
Loki Laufeyson
Loki Laufeyson 10 days ago
Scarlett Johansson and Elizabeth Olsen r so pretty
Theodora St
Theodora St 10 days ago
I ship both Elizabeth and Chris ...and Chris and Scarlett.. is that bad?
aawaa aawaa
aawaa aawaa 10 days ago
I'm regretting shipping Johansson and Renner bc he called her a Slut😬
aawaa aawaa
aawaa aawaa 10 days ago
I'm regretting shipping Johansson and Renner bc he called her a Slut😬
No One's business
😂😂😂 he's kidding
Hunter Sammons
Hunter Sammons 10 days ago
Thor all day baby :)
PrqyForTheWicked 10 days ago
Jeremy Renner: *is manipulated* You: omg its all his fault
Amy Kassis
Amy Kassis 11 days ago
*O* *S* *S* *A*
Brawl Kid
Brawl Kid 13 days ago
2:01 WHAT
Federico Marchi
Federico Marchi 13 days ago
They are both short
Liane Miller
Liane Miller 14 days ago
chris evans is so damn hot😍😍😍
Tedd NG
Tedd NG 14 days ago
Hello there
why is black widow so hot?
*is shipping Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson.*
trini 15 days ago
Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth and their respective spouses are my faves from this list.
Lucila Sarmiento
Lucila Sarmiento 15 days ago
Scarlet Witch
Ap3x Justin
Ap3x Justin 15 days ago
Scarlett dated Jared Leto..?! Da fuq?? Damn right she should’ve left em!
Queen Faboulous13
Queen Faboulous13 16 days ago
My one and only ship Captain America and Black Widow
Oh my gosh! That thumbnail just made me hope that Chris and Scarlett were in a relationship and I just didn’t got that😂🥰 but tbh they would be so cute
Just Jules
Just Jules 17 days ago
Chris Hemsworth Aka.... Hemmy
Salah Idris
Salah Idris 18 days ago
Scarlett and Chris
Budak Cacat
Budak Cacat 18 days ago
0:55 if the capt admit to said she's his gf, honestly she will also admit that she's in love with him for entire life.
Georgia Ritchie
Georgia Ritchie 18 days ago
Scarjo and Chris Was just C.L.I.C.K.B.A.I.T. Besides. Scarlett is engaged to Colin Johst from snl
New ideas For buying
Halk I like that couple there is trust so ... I am from India😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
im boss ass bish bish bish
Chris Evan's and Elizabeth Olsen is a cute couple
Jung shOoK
Jung shOoK 18 days ago
Chris is like a kid in a adult body
Eliana Barraza
Eliana Barraza 19 days ago
Yall I ship Scarlet Johansson and Chris Evans SO hard
Ashy Danforth
Ashy Danforth 19 days ago
I think Black Widow should be with Haulk and chris should be with Peggy Carter like this comment if you agree
Nayla Sikking
Nayla Sikking 20 days ago
Almost every comment is about Scarlett and Chris Because there both so cute
Agnes Engström
Agnes Engström 20 days ago
I love how like 10% are about this video and 90% are about Chris and Scarlett😂 Well i really ship them😻❤️❤️ But Scarlett is now engaged to u know who... skskskskskss😭😭
Χρήστος B.
Chris Evans is a Good Man and a Great Much for Scarlett Johansson :)) Unless if they’re already TRULY happy in their relationships I hope those two get together :))
when life gives you games
Show some love for. END GAME..
Imagine Stories
Imagine Stories 21 day ago
Everyone knows that Chris's GF IS HIS SHEILD
Yael Berger
Yael Berger 21 day ago
Sooo basically I won't have a happy love life...
Clara Baker
Clara Baker 22 days ago
I mean I’m already with Chris so...he’s taken...😏 Jkjk
annmarieknapp 22 days ago
Delighted for Mark Ruffalo and his family. Very sweet! Makes him even cooler in my eyes.
Bat1O1 23 days ago
Derpy Chihuahua187
Derpy Chihuahua187 23 days ago
Jeremy is a cinnamon roll so are the Chrises so is everyone
Sibs restaurant
Sibs restaurant 23 days ago
I kinda ship Chris and Elizabeth
did u asume my species?
Why you gotta catfish me with the thumbnail of Chris and Scarlet :(
Mysticalz :3
Mysticalz :3 25 days ago
*sees thumbnail* *o wait wat*
Faizan Max
Faizan Max 26 days ago
Hulk don't die he became more powerfull
Jayla’s Kawaii World
I will always shipped Chris Evans and Scarlett Johanssan
911 calls
911 calls 28 days ago
FINALLY! After 1 day i have found the only site where you can see Avengers EndGame with hd quality and awesome sound! Im giving away link to you, guys ) Open in browser _AVENGERS. IHACK. CO_ (without spaces)
Mi Ra
Mi Ra 28 days ago
Did anyone else run to go see Johanssen nudes?
Latesa Manoban
Latesa Manoban 28 days ago
I don't care!! Scarlett Johanson is perfect for Chris Evans!!
nunchukdaddy champion
Well Scarlett is engaged now
Gabby Dark moon
Gabby Dark moon 28 days ago
Awwwwww poor Jeremy I believe him
Layla Danielle
Layla Danielle 29 days ago
I am still shipping her with Chris evens
Captain America and black Widow are perfect
Tr0picalBanana Month ago
Victoria Hatzson
I think the only woman I would ever be truly happy for Chris to be with is Scarlet Johansson... how can such a gorgeous man not be married yet??
Merline Agustin
Merline Agustin Month ago
5:54 I still ship Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson
Jean_Greyz06 Month ago
Chris & Scarlett 😍😍😍 I’m so inlove with their love team before they becme avengers in “The Nanny Diaries”
Swati Shah
Swati Shah Month ago
So is no one gonna talk about Chris Hemsworth??? Man he is a playboy❤️❤️❤️
Douglas Bimpak
Douglas Bimpak Month ago
Ashley Pantoja
Ashley Pantoja Month ago
But wait I didn't know 2 of my favorite Marvel characters married whaaaaaaa Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds wtf...
TreeGan Gacha
TreeGan Gacha Month ago
I used to pronounce aka ahk-a
Brie Yela
Brie Yela Month ago
hoping to see Evansson like..
mariamaou Digital Paintings
i liked the video but i clicked dislike because if the thumbnail. stop deceiving people
Aqib Hero
Aqib Hero Month ago
Most handsome captain America
Pewfetti Month ago
People say stop shipping black widow and captain America... But not us.
Stevi Elinel
Stevi Elinel Month ago
5:52 Nope! I ship her with Jeremy Renner...
Renter Complaint
That blue outfit is ridiculous on Brie
Ajay Arkawar
Ajay Arkawar Month ago
The iroman couple is inspiring
Binky Diaper Cakes
I still ship widow with cap😍
Neo Sia
Neo Sia Month ago
WeShould SaveOurselves
scarchris. i dont ship often but scarlet witch and captain are so cuteee.
Tea in Korea
Tea in Korea Month ago
iron man and aunt May dated omg 😂
My Bias Is South Korea’s Best Booty
...I’d like to date Scarlett, please.
NOOB_milky _123
NOOB_milky _123 Month ago
Reynolds is whawha
Silver Surfer Returns
Chris Evans🇺🇸Captain America easily could of had a Hawaiian Tropic model,Playboy centerfold Bunny,Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader or Victoria's Secret Angel model,but I see he does not care about a woman's looks.He is definitely Not a shallow Man.👍 👍Genuinely he seems to be a Good Man.👍
Silver Surfer Returns
🇺🇸yes✅our Captain America🇺🇸 is sooo Lost without Black Widow and I believe she is Lost without her Captain.Chris❤Scarlett should consider making little Avengers together💪💪⭐. Poor Jeremy Renner! 😞😢He was married to a 😈🐍Demon Snake woman.
Jojo Gansch
Jojo Gansch Month ago
I dont like Scarlett Johannson's husband...I always thought she was going to mary me
Eryl Dawn
Eryl Dawn Month ago
Spoiler Alert: But they didn't end up each other in Avengers End Game
em otr
em otr Month ago
ahhhh i ship Scarlett and Chris so bad just like in the movies and i'll never stop. They are fucking meant to be
Stelliah Howard
Stelliah Howard Month ago
I still ship her with Chris Evans
Chris Evans and Scarlett are the best couple! #TEAMCAPT
somebuddyX Month ago
I thought it was Elizabeth Olsen and Chris Evans in the thumbnail and was like "Finally!"
tony chen
tony chen Month ago
it is all bullcrap.
Madison A
Madison A Month ago
Soooo, what personality or hygiene issue does Chris Evens have that precludes him from getting a mate? Something is off.... I feel sorry for him.
Super Tuber
Super Tuber Month ago
Evan's and Johansson, Yaaaas
Kezia Margareth
Kezia Margareth Month ago
I've been shipping scarlett and christ since i watched the winter soldier..
I ship iron man and captain america (:
Sing with Shaziya
I love Chris Evans... I wish I could date him 😢😢😢😢
Aulow h2h3
Aulow h2h3 Month ago
Chris Evans no no not that mugle
Alexandru Babliuc
Who else skipped Brie Larson?
Ali Cat
Ali Cat Month ago
I ship thor and captain Marvel And Captain America and black widow Who else?
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