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Avengers Endgame cast: who dates who? Watch the video about surprising real-life partners of Avengers!
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Avengers Endgame is coming soon, so it’s about the time to find out more about your favourite Avengers 4. Catch up on fresh facts about Avengers: Endgame cast behind the scene.
Chris Evans aka Captain America - is very private about his real-life partners. Find out whom the Marvel Cinematic Universe star has been dating.
Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye - has gone through a painful divorce. Find out how Marvel Comics celeb is doing now.
Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow - was married a couple of times. Here are some fresh facts on Endgame star new partner.
Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel - is the newest addition to MCU. Here’s an updating on her cancelled engagement.
Mark Ruffalo aka Hulk - has been through some tough moments in his life. Watch how he managed to cope with it. Here are more fresh facts about Avengers partners.
Robert Downey Jr aka Iron Man - is known for his struggles with addiction. Find out what helped Infinity War hero get back to normal life.
Chris Hemsworth aka Thor - is having a happy family life. Find out more great stuff about your favourite on-screen comics star here!
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Apr 19, 2019




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Comments 1 633
OSSA 5 months ago
Who is your favorite couple on the list? Here's a complete list of all the upcoming Marvel movies: ruvid.net/video/video-2dHGgOrX6ks.html
Usana Mindanao
Usana Mindanao 2 months ago
My favorite is chris evans
Me and my gurl
Hello Sunshine
Hello Sunshine 4 months ago
Alpha Maverick
Alpha Maverick 4 months ago
Me and Scarlette Johansson
shelly Singhl
shelly Singhl 4 months ago
OSSA scarlet and his patner
lil meow meow
lil meow meow Hour ago
wtf I feel bad for hawk eye :(
Cherish Anderson
Cherish Anderson 3 days ago
I ship chris and scarlette
Amazing yashu
Amazing yashu 7 days ago
I ship hawkaye and black widow a lot
Naveena Vice
Naveena Vice 8 days ago
Scarlett is engaged, isn’t she?
Splitz Cinamatics
Splitz Cinamatics 14 days ago
Why do they think they have to date another celebrity
Muhammad Zubair
Muhammad Zubair 18 days ago
I respected Raffalo before, more respect after this video.
Fale YT
Fale YT Month ago
the one who dislikes their jelous of chris evan's wife and chris hemsworth's wife xD lol
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Month ago
The thumbnail, you ship Chris and Scarlett too
Nicole paguntalan
I really really want to be Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans to be together because they are very very nice couple but my Favourite couple is Colin Just and Scarlett Johansson
Alex Corleone
Alex Corleone Month ago
Really ship chris and scarlet
Christus Terran
Christus Terran Month ago
Maybe chris evans is gay
Hdjdhd Jsjrvvrj
Hdjdhd Jsjrvvrj Month ago
scarlett and chris❤️💖
lilly henderson
lilly henderson Month ago
Pyrimon Productions
2:15 mah wigga WHO DOESNT LIKE P.E.
Arwa Quadri
Arwa Quadri Month ago
Chris Evans is my favorite
Cringy kidsTV
Cringy kidsTV Month ago
Everyone is shipping Scarrlet and Chris but like what about RDJ and Tom?
Sikes Yike
Sikes Yike Month ago
The Channel: “Cap doesn’t know what giving up is” Cap: “I can do this all day.” The Channel: Sooooooo that’s why you don’t give up
Sikes Yike
Sikes Yike Month ago
1:19 cap when his dog gets undusted
isαвєllα cσєllσ
Mark Ruffalo aka Bruce Banner/Hulk, is sooo underrated! Like seriously, this guy deserves a lot more attention. Jeremy Renner too, is very underrated too, these two need more love! I used to ship him with Natasha even Though literly everyone hates their relationship in the movies ;-;
Joyce Nditsi
Joyce Nditsi Month ago
Chris Hemsworth and Mark Raffoulous family is the best.
Joyce Nditsi
Joyce Nditsi Month ago
Mark Raffolou family is the best.
Jennifer Rotvold
Jennifer Rotvold 2 months ago
Favorite couple is my man Tony and mea
AlphaJumbo 2 months ago
I'm just saying, I just came here for evansson because of the thumbnail but my hopes went soo low!
Jenson Setiadi
Jenson Setiadi 2 months ago
I like PE
Ben Borja
Ben Borja 2 months ago
and Tom Holland?....yer just gonna ignore Tom Holland!?
Jane Gilmore
Jane Gilmore 2 months ago
New sub. Enjoyed. They are all hot, but Chris Hemsworth is the hottest and a really good family man... One of those families having a barbie, swimming, booze and all fun. Matt Damon is trying to buy a house near Chris and families as they get on really well and stays with The Hemsworth often. Oh and his wife was his high school gf so they have been together for ages.
Ismat Kazmi
Ismat Kazmi 2 months ago
Chris and scarlett are a ship for life❤❤❤
Beera Beera
Beera Beera 2 months ago
Thor and wife Elsa patsky
Sypher Oliver
Sypher Oliver 2 months ago
WTF why didn’t scarlet stay with Ryan ...... Ryan is the most handsome man on earth
Atif Aslam
Atif Aslam 2 months ago
Chris Hemsworth
Ryuga Kishatu
Ryuga Kishatu 2 months ago
I came here for tony stark
RemiKitty 2 months ago
Did Chris Evans name his dog Dodger because it was close to his role name Steve Roger's?
Faaris KHAN
Faaris KHAN 2 months ago
I actually saw Chris Hemsworth once in real life at a Aus Open match and completely freaked out and I wasn't the only one
Simsfp Cc
Simsfp Cc 2 months ago
What about Anthony mackie and Sebastian Stan ? I really wanna hear about Sebs, like does he even have one?
Ana Carolina Lage
Ana Carolina Lage 2 months ago
Chris Evans and me!
Debasish Barman
Debasish Barman 2 months ago
Chris and scarlett💕💕💕💕
Gamerkittylove 2008
Gamerkittylove 2008 2 months ago
Jeremy Renner and Scarlet Jonasson
Aavash Hothead
Aavash Hothead 2 months ago
Of course Chris hemsworth's couple is best.
Job Online
Job Online 2 months ago
Are you saskia odessa
Arini Novianti
Arini Novianti 2 months ago
Chris Hemsworth totally a Great Man
Bijan Tastanov
Bijan Tastanov 2 months ago
so good voice
Emma Parker
Emma Parker 2 months ago
RDG and Susan Downey 😊
Debanhi rodriguez
Debanhi rodriguez 2 months ago
I ship scarlett and chris they have known each other for long and get along great
AlphaJumbo 2 months ago
When I still ship scarlett and chris so badly.
AlphaJumbo 2 months ago
You know I thought that scarlett and chris is dating cause of the thumbnail..
Francis Turner
Francis Turner 2 months ago
Natalia Munoz
Natalia Munoz 2 months ago
She dated the joker (Jared Leto) let’s all hope Harley don’t find out
Natalia Munoz
Natalia Munoz 2 months ago
I knew Chris is single before I clicked on this video liar liar pants on fire I hate you
Chloe Blake
Chloe Blake 2 months ago
Where tf is Tom Hiddleston, ik this is Endgame, but.. bruh srsly🤧
dota leavers
dota leavers 2 months ago
i think capt. america is gay.
Christinee 916
Christinee 916 2 months ago
I clicked because of Chris and Scarlett 😩❤️
Kipu Bbe
Kipu Bbe 2 months ago
08:38 Is that Freddie Mercury on the back??
omar muhsen
omar muhsen 2 months ago
They're not happy as long as they they don't believe in marriage in first time,sex outside marriage is adultery
N.N. Castro
N.N. Castro 2 months ago
I read somewhere that Chris is gay. Does not bother me, but I can see how marvel would try to keep it quiet. True or not he comes across as a intelligent, compassionate human being.
Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw 2 months ago
Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart 2 months ago
What's wrong with johannas face in endgame it looks fake like its plastered on or something and the short hair on girls needs a news flash you are beautiful femanistic spirits quit trying to be boys because you'll never be a man. Oh and it will never look good short makes your bodies look wierd as well as your self
Jaime Ramirez
Jaime Ramirez 2 months ago
Robert Downey jr ofcours
Mikah Paylad
Mikah Paylad 2 months ago
I still ship Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans
iin anggreni
iin anggreni 2 months ago
Capt. and Black Widow
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