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‘Avengers: Endgame’ cast members Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige open up about their journey as the original 6 Avengers, Stan Lee and much more.
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'Avengers: Endgame' Cast Full Roundtable Interview On Stan Lee & More | Entertainment Weekly

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Entertainment Weekly
The end is near. We assembled 6 covers with the founding Avengers! Check them out with Anthony Breznican's full cover story: bit.ly/EWAvengersEndgame
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns 4 days ago
you guys didn't invite a raccoon to the interview>bradley cooper
Steve Thea
Steve Thea 5 days ago
+u jay so Johnny Storm from Fantastic4 turned into Captain America
santosh kumar
santosh kumar 7 days ago
Please make Avengers past story line of "Kang the conqueror" - most super intelligent super vilian in MCU.
Yeowon Bodhisattva
Yeowon Bodhisattva 16 days ago
Please back to the thor body Next movie
umpy Goodness
umpy Goodness 27 days ago
1) STAN actually spent half his LIFE trying to get H'wood to DO MARVEL RIGHT. (He got the bug when Superman The Movie exploded.) Feige knows that, but he downplayed it. (Stan was right: Marvel Comics were MADE for the big screen.) 2) HOW do we get Marvel to GET BETTER? (Success makes all humans lazier and lazier, and Marvel's getting super-lazy. EX: the idiotic CGI battle on Wakanda, in IW.) EX: IT WOULD BE SO EASY TO SHOOT MARVEL'S FIRST ROM-COM: could be THOR and BLACK WIDOW at a restaurant, on a first date. THE ENTIRE 2-HOUR MOVIE is their conversation. How easy is this to film!! You just need a GOOD writer to make every line great. (Not hard.) (Gimme a call if ya get desperate.) MARVEL WOULD NEVER DO THAT. (We'd ALL go see the Rom-Com date with Vision and SW too. But MARVEL doesn't really like to push the envelope, tragically.) (When Feige dies, TAIKA SHOULD BE PUT IN CHARGE of the MCU!!)
SuperOmnicron 5 hours ago
&18:55 I will never forgive that jackass Bill Maher for besmirching the name of Stan Kee by attacking his fans... his creation gave us enjoyment, Wonder and hope ... while his ridiculous commentary and divisive banter in politics was eye rolling. Who the hell was that guy to run his mouth on Stan Lee?!!?
yong yieteng
yong yieteng 8 hours ago
This is best interview with the six original of them...this is what we call team spirit
Alesk Koskov
Alesk Koskov 22 hours ago
I love seeing this family bonding team time!! And by the way, I want Robert’s shirt!!
Christian Friis
They are all just so lovely
dav ep
dav ep Day ago
I still think of ScaJo first as Mindy the Princess from the SpongeBob movie.
Jason Scroger
only thumbs up if cpt marvel is not there
MadLane 2 days ago
"the lack of female super heroes" oh really? like seriously? ok then i guess the 80's and 90's didn't happen, it was a fragment of my imagination the huge amount of female heroes and main characters -.-
PotatoTuber 2 days ago
1 girl surrounded by seven men, 1 feet apart cause they're married
Logan Show
Logan Show 2 days ago
This is way better than F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Sabrina Hwang
Sabrina Hwang 2 days ago
"What about you, Scarlet?" X 3 ... Just one, "Who about you, Jeremy?" ... Was this interviewer crushing on Scarlet?
I’m Here
I’m Here 2 days ago
*WHAT HAPPENED IN ROME* They didn’t let Kevin finish his story
I’m Here
I’m Here 2 days ago
20:31 Chris Evans Boston accent came out hard
David Pulanco
David Pulanco 3 days ago
Everyone looking at Ruffalo making sure he doesn't spoil anything lol.
pjaats movies productions
Kevin would literally close ruffolos mouth if he talks
Red Rose
Red Rose 3 days ago
I just loveeee BLACK WIDOW! And Scarlett herself! She is just so pretty and she really represented how woman could also be really powerful and independent🖤 Arghhh, I!!!Really!!!am!!!curious!!!what!!!happen!!!to!!!budapest??!!
ladalei 3 days ago
i dont want iron man to dieeee i hope they bring him BACKKKKK and cap n black widow
Tanya Damahe
Tanya Damahe 3 days ago
Can't take my eyes off evans.. Ugh ! The way he laughs 😍😍😍
sam home
sam home 3 days ago
What the hell happened in Budapest?!?!!?
Naief Alromi
Naief Alromi 3 days ago
I hate it when actors and other celebrities talk together and laugh and stuff because it reminds me that i'm lonely and i'll never get a friend group to laugh with
suz q
suz q 3 days ago
Table full of attractive humans
Grace S
Grace S 3 days ago
Wow I remember watching Iron Man when I was a very little girl. I was 5 when it came out and now I am almost 16. Can't believe this beautiful journey is over ❤️
Feras Hannawi
Feras Hannawi 3 days ago
“Unless you lose sometimes, you don’t value winning, & winning wouldn’t mean anything.” -Mark Ruffalo Thats was true wisdom right there.
King Bruce
King Bruce 3 days ago
part of the journey is the end :(
The Idiot
The Idiot 3 days ago
I’m now upset that the movie was completely spoiled for me
Emily Divehall
Emily Divehall 4 days ago
Can someone please tell Mark Ruffalo he's also famous PLEASE
Biggest marvel Fan
Emily Divehall please! That guy doesn’t give himself enough credit!
Jacob 4 days ago
2:41 Scarlett Johansson being a complete savage to Chris Evans, "Speak for yourself." Ouch!
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns 4 days ago
you guys didn't invite a raccoon to the interview>bradley cooper
unknown360ful 4 days ago
All the Avengers that retired/died, are sitting next to each other...
I feel bad for Chris hemsworth left out😳
itsjustemy 5 days ago
Scarlett explaining the story abt that Superfan happened to me too bc I first watched her when I was 6 and she was the only female avenger and I related to her for that reason😊
Lax Xon
Lax Xon 5 days ago
Hawk eye always looks sleepy he is sleepy as hell there haha
febby ayu
febby ayu 5 days ago
CABOOSE27x 5 days ago
did he just say stan lee is dust. within the first 20 seconds of this video. im disgusted and i hope this interviewer gets hit by an 18 wheeler or shot right in the face . how dare you disrespect stan lee.
Zangatti 5 days ago
D Allen
D Allen 5 days ago
It is truly impressive how Kevin was able to weave all the story arcs across 21 MCU films. I don't know if any other franchise has had that big and that long of character arcs.
D Allen
D Allen 5 days ago
Renner looks like he was out all night drinking.
The Super Slayer
The Super Slayer 5 days ago
Its like even when Robert is being Robert I see Tony Stark
F A 5 days ago
Drinking game: take a shot every time anyone says "you know"
F A 5 days ago
When the interviewer said the lack of female superheroes, hawkeye gave the marvel dude A LOOK
Sonnystar 6 days ago
I don't think that captain Marvel is the strongest avenger because I saw what Thor done in Avengers infinity War end endgame he is truly the strongest Avenger even if he dies
Saul Clemente
Saul Clemente 6 days ago
did scar jo do this interview after the hot ones?
HawYee HelpMe
HawYee HelpMe 6 days ago
SPOILERS! *after Tony and Natasha die* me, crying: sOME PEOPLE... MOVE ON... BUT NOT US. my friend: bUT NOt uS
Huron Hui
Huron Hui 6 days ago
I love you all 3000
breezyjimin 6 days ago
i hope one of the og six will make an appearance in the black widow solo movie! especially chris evans
Levi Thorstone
Levi Thorstone 6 days ago
Wow there all kiss asses
Sumaiya Azim
Sumaiya Azim 6 days ago
Natasha has been my hero since the first time i saw her on screen. Yes, she was sexualized in the beginning and then they stopped with that. ScarJo made Nat such a real, kind woman. She has no special powers. It was all through hard work, training and her integrity. For that, she has been my favourite avenger for so long
Dushan Fernando
Dushan Fernando 7 days ago
Props to Feige for giving credits to Kirby and Ditko along with Stan.
spywhale 7 days ago
Iron Man makes a metal suit for Odin.
mizuki03 7 days ago
Mark is adorable, he's just so adorable.
santosh kumar
santosh kumar 7 days ago
Waiting to see - "'Kang the conqueror" - past time line in Avengers.
Shaza E
Shaza E 7 days ago
Honestly they never deal with blackwidow acr correctly , maybe on the Winter soldier it was ok .. but on the rest movies they really failed with her .. and specially unjustified ending like that on Endgame ... she deserves more senses on endgame and more clearly on all movies for her Arc .. Really scarlett did great jop for character while the writers used to be lazy writing with her arc & didn't justified her !
Iron Vlogger
Iron Vlogger 7 days ago
Who's here after ENDGAME? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Henry Carter
Henry Carter 7 days ago
who is trying to stress over
JML689 7 days ago
Some of this guy's questions and demeanor were cringey. Especially about female representation: Kevin Fiege and the rest of the gang were in cringe mode. Mostly because they don't have the rights to a lot of female characters i.e. X-MEN, Fantastic Four. Where the best female characters are present and they just don't have the rights to till recent.
Patrick Daniel Herpuji wungkana
13:26 wow. That impression.
J Claflin
J Claflin 7 days ago
They sound like they’re having so much fun, it’s awesome
Nizkalaz 8 days ago
thank god, no captain marvel
Mr.Ridley 6 days ago
Mottahead 8 days ago
Why isn't Josh Brolin at that table? The coolest move villain ever and what? No show? Not invited? What the heck !
Ivory Poet
Ivory Poet 8 days ago
Yeah this bastard society not accepting female leads. Just ask Sigorney Weaver and the Aliens franchise, Mila Jovavich and the Resident Evil franchise, the list goes on. So groundbreaking Marvel! Lets continue this narrative of how bad society is!
Mr.Ridley 6 days ago
They said super heroes specifically, holy shit, calm down. Before her, it was sue storm....awful representation, catwoman....elektra, that's it. She made female super heroes cool.
aeroripper 8 days ago
RDJ wins the 'loudest shirt in the room' award.
420 IQ
420 IQ 8 days ago
Why is Josh brolin never in these interviews
Mr.Ridley 6 days ago
original 6
mcatriana 8 days ago
I'm broken that black widow and iron man die & cap grows old 😭😭 I hope my baby hawk eye holds up to the name
t40364 8 days ago
Funny how happy everyone looks without Brie Larson there
Mr.Ridley 6 days ago
why bring her up when no other mcu character is there either?
Umar Tahir
Umar Tahir 9 days ago
1:22 Jeremy Renner is hearing about this for the first time 😂😂
Akansha Pandey
Akansha Pandey 9 days ago
Is it only me or they all look really sad, especially Robert? In all his interviews he never looks like this, so calm and just keeping the composure while actually he looks like he is fighting back tears the whole time. Sigh!
Carenn Manatad
Carenn Manatad 9 days ago
"Are you really intimidated by me?" Mark Ruffalo soOooo soooofftttttt
StarBright 9 days ago
I love how Jeremy spent almost the entire interview sitting there and just nodding.
Sarah Kim
Sarah Kim 9 days ago
I wish I could get Hawkeye's solo movie. Or better... Hawkeye x Black Widow's one. Because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IN BUDAPEST.
Norie Pielago
Norie Pielago 9 days ago
My most favorite Avengers interview ❤️
Audrie Melyn
Audrie Melyn 9 days ago
Where are C. Evan’s eyebrows?
Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet 9 days ago
Get you someone who looks at you the way they look at each other when they’re talking😍
Happy Gal
Happy Gal 9 days ago
i truly love scarlett and mark, natasha and banner 💓
Kiki Pendragon
Kiki Pendragon 9 days ago
when chris puts his arm around mark at the 8 minutes xD
Hilary Arnold
Hilary Arnold 10 days ago
7 white guys and ruffalo is talking about inclusion????
Balaji Ganesh
Balaji Ganesh 10 days ago
The black widow movie is long overdue! Black widow > Captain Marvel
dorodoro JPN
dorodoro JPN 10 days ago
Ah i really this roundtable. The casts are just talking with each other. I wish this is an exclusive and longer video. They were so into it but at the end they need to stop bc of the press tour/organizer whatnot
Amaiso Nensy
Amaiso Nensy 10 days ago
I love Stan Lee Cameo ..
Connie Crawford
Connie Crawford 10 days ago
I am SO happy that Stan Lee knew how beloved he was before he passed!Always remembered, Legend!
Connie Crawford
Connie Crawford 10 days ago
In real life, RDJ had a druggie youth and past including arrests. He really turned his life around and helped create the much beloved Tony Stark. He deserves a lot of respect for becoming the decent person he is in real( and reel) life!
DAVID S 10 days ago
When Kevin open his Fat Mouth and utter his First sentence or Word Its about Captain Marvel, You Kno Its Woke!!
alex 10 days ago
4:00 **sigh**
Kíra Völgyes
Kíra Völgyes 10 days ago
yOu kNoW
Lakshmi S kaimal
Lakshmi S kaimal 10 days ago
Me:Watching through all their interviews why did i feel that something is wrong between scarlett n chris. Friend:Maybe u r shipping them too hard.
heyits brook
heyits brook 10 days ago
13:27 aww😫🙏! Rip tony stark 😫! & rip stan lee😩
Cunt 10 days ago
they all look so damn sad...
Cunt 10 days ago
I wonder how Robert felt when Chris talked about coming back to the character and the character becoming a friend since he had to say good bye to Tony for good
waterbee 10 days ago
It was one of the greatest interviews of all the casts and crew and I feel like everyone got overwhelmed by emotions esp. Chris Evans --> I feel like he gonna cry. Love the friendship among them.
Sam Ward
Sam Ward 11 days ago
Kevin is magnificently humble. When everyone has finished revering him for managing to put this fantastic ten-year tale together he immediately moves on to the brilliance of Ditko, Lee and Kirby. Such an articulate and intelligent person.
JL G 11 days ago
Who in the world didn't like this video? Super fandomship satisfied!!
Ayub A Ali
Ayub A Ali 11 days ago
Is hulk gonna appear in future mcu movies ?
Abi Naya
Abi Naya 11 days ago
The way rdj look each of them and listening seriously ... that was nice..
UkieoftheSand 11 days ago
Why everyone bashing brie, I've seen several interviews of the other avengers with her and they look to be enjoying themselves. Leave the woman alone, this brie Larson mob hate mentality is stupid
Riley Sage
Riley Sage 11 days ago
yay ba brie Larson free interview
RW M 11 days ago
Table so white ... 😳😳😳
Ish Uluturk
Ish Uluturk 11 days ago
720p !!!!!! I am not watching it .
Andrew Delgado
Andrew Delgado 11 days ago
Glad I had the privilege to live when mcu had great characters and actors these cast members made these movies great
Rachel Barton
Rachel Barton 11 days ago
21:20 'and I DONT LIKE IT' ........
mage 12 days ago
I can't believe it's over ;(
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