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We’ve seen Avengers Endgame - many of us, multiple times - yet so many visual details and secrets remain undiscovered throughout this epic film. New Rockstars’ #InfinitySagaRewatch series arrives at the movie we’ve all been waiting for these past months, the culmination of the Avengers’ saga throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark’s “I am Iron Man” sacrifice, Captain America wielding Mjolnir, and the dramatic showdown with Thanos in the Endgame final battle. Erik Voss revisits #AvengersEndgame to explain the new details overlooked in past reviews, including clever callbacks in the music, never-before-noticed VFX details, and thematic parallels with Iron Man (2008), Captain America (2011), Avengers (2012), and Avengers Infinity War (2018). What’s the explanation behind some of the odd continuity errors discovered in the Endgame final battle? How do the opening minutes of the film foreshadow everything that follows? What can we learn from a frame-by-frame analysis of the way the Infinity Stones affect those who wield them? And what’s the deeper meaning of “I love you 3000"?
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Kelly Hopper
Pony Stark
Alfredo del Barrio
Zach Gonzalez
Producer: Erik Voss twitter.com/eavoss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Written by: Erik Voss
Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina twitter.com/filupmolina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Editor: Josh Hurd, Aaron Carrion, Devin Cleary, John Costa


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Jun 17, 2020




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Comments 100
New Rockstars
New Rockstars 3 months ago
Erik here! Thank you all so much for supporting this rewatch series! I thought I had found everything there is to find in Endgame, and sure enough, SO MANY new details were discovered in the VFX. My favorite new detail was the updated Marvel Studios title card. What was yours?
A.C. 20 days ago
Question is the mcu the 616 universe or is it the universe with miles morales because of captain america giving the mantle to falcon
Jesse Maynard
Jesse Maynard Month ago
Thanos dusted away. Btw I have a replica of the Infinity Gauntlet.
Koninika Nowar
Koninika Nowar Month ago
dark nova
dark nova Month ago
how do i join ur discord server
Gary Getty
Gary Getty 2 months ago
Guys missed a couple
hxrofn Day ago
I think the stairs part in endgame is a reference to The Fantastic 4 Movie with Chris Evans when they told Ben to take stairs because the elevator hit max occupancy
BetaOswin 2 days ago
Mantis could’ve just made everybody sleep
Pat176 2 days ago
27:00 If i tell you, it won't happen, but well
Ry Plays
Ry Plays 3 days ago
I saw something when the birds chirping fact you can see dust flying away
Alan Kennedy
Alan Kennedy 4 days ago
Brightburn was young Scott
Queen K
Queen K 5 days ago
I just had the biggest "OH" moment on #77 27:45
Green Becker
Green Becker 5 days ago
How come everyone has crazy audience I don’t they only laugh at funny scenes
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos 6 days ago
Hulk is in fact the strongest avenger, but Thor, well Thor is the most powerful
Lewd 6 days ago
...The entire helmet having it's right side messed up at the start was a foreshadow to the end this entire time. How'd I not notice that?
Spookychris01 6 days ago
Cant believe people are still talking about this movie 18 months or so after it was released.
Charlie! At The Disco
The attention to detail in these movies is INSANE
u a nerd
Mark Tracy
Mark Tracy 8 days ago
no he's not
Benjamin St John
Benjamin St John 8 days ago
What about how in the opening fight that the hulk buster’s left forearm is a different color because of the fight with black dwarf. I guess they hadn’t had any reason to repaint yet.
Juan Duran
Juan Duran 8 days ago
Captain America look so much different in infinity war then in avengers endgame
Antonio Roca
Antonio Roca 8 days ago
Rest In Peace Chadwick Boseman
Stoned Simian
Stoned Simian 8 days ago
They get all those small details throughout all these movies correlated and correct but yet Scarlet Witch's accent vanished after Civil War lol
Aaron Walker
Aaron Walker 9 days ago
RIP Chadwick Boseman
XZD1 ROBLOX 9 days ago
Not honey from you but from Mr.beast best youtuber
Aerin_Is_Here 9 days ago
I notice those opening scenes that a lot of them are missing
Insert Fun
Insert Fun 9 days ago
Just a fact correction, Donald Mustard is the Creative Director, not CEO, of Fortnite
a dead dog
a dead dog 10 days ago
I still dont know why captain marvel is female now
Cake Crazy22
Cake Crazy22 10 days ago
Wow, just, wow
JudasOP 11 days ago
I can't handle your personality. I'm out
Cookie Boi
Cookie Boi 11 days ago
How did Chad do this with COLON CANCER, LEGENDDD
Dxb Bred
Dxb Bred 11 days ago
"that dumb blue ball ending..." best way to describe that hahah
beast orjett
beast orjett 12 days ago
Rip Chadwick bosman
Abigail Provost
Abigail Provost 12 days ago
Wait isn’t there still a captain America still stuck in the ice at the end of endgame?
Vito Stan
Vito Stan 12 days ago
Wakanda Forever Rest In Peace ☮️ t’challa🙏🏾❤️
Riley Wilde
Riley Wilde 13 days ago
If past nebula died shouldn’t present nebula have died too
Edrak Haque Chowdhury
its fun watching the movie after knowing this details
ALIAS No. 4 and Over
I Think the Avengers Movies are to Emotional.
Marcus Humose
Marcus Humose 14 days ago
You are funny
SavageCabbage 15 days ago
I really didn’t care how long it was but I wish there was more
Steve H
Steve H 16 days ago
Could Capt Marvel ware and use the infinity gauntlet without suffering the radiation injury and death like Hulk and Tony Stark?
Nerd_ #4,137.
Nerd_ #4,137. 16 days ago
Wait, stuff, and things, or stuff?
Anthony Rocha
Anthony Rocha 16 days ago
That Tony-Peter hug kills me every. single. time.
Drew Craycer
Drew Craycer 16 days ago
Whenever I saw this I remember seeing to broken shield and thinking about Tony’s vision
MsLouisez 17 days ago
I laugh everytime: -I could do this all day.. -I know, I know... Funny, and displays evolution of character. Captain being a lilting more like Tony now, and Tony being a little more like cap.
IMakeYouCringeAlot 17 days ago
it feels weird seing black panther come back to life and now the actor is dead R.I.P Chadwick Boseman
hunter jameson
hunter jameson 18 days ago
Banner was almost calling back to when Tony said that the hulk saved banner for a reason
Tushar Turkar
Tushar Turkar 18 days ago
Booty muncher Jakob
Boom! You looking for this
Vote Third Party
Vote Third Party 18 days ago
I feel like they always reach pretty far out for some conclusions where i cant help but roll my eyes
Rocco Morris
Rocco Morris 18 days ago
Yay I was 35000 like
Rodney Coleman
Rodney Coleman 18 days ago
Wakanda forever!!! Rest In Peace Chadwick
John fall guy
John fall guy 19 days ago
Donald mustard is a fortnight maker
carli's cookies
carli's cookies 19 days ago
codes 19 days ago
you've to be the biggest virgin of all time to put this whole thing together
Mondo Cabazo
Mondo Cabazo 20 days ago
Anybody else notice how mantis single handily took down those giant ape lookin things when cap and Thor traded hammers
jereman618 ahYT
jereman618 ahYT 20 days ago
Egyptian_ Glam
Egyptian_ Glam 20 days ago
Wakanda forever 😢
Eber Orellana
Eber Orellana 21 day ago
todd lucoix
todd lucoix 22 days ago
Do u guys think they should of had stan lee's grave right next to iron mans grave
Gabe 22 days ago
Thanos:I am enevitible Me:I am SDEA(Elemental me,Angel me,SkeleMe,Demon me)
Osman Omar
Osman Omar 22 days ago
Rip the King chadwick boseman
MadGamer1043 22 days ago
Rip Chadwick Boseman
Jordan Ballard
Jordan Ballard 22 days ago
You notices when he’s holding the stones it’s a call back to age of Ultron. when ultron says gods gonn throw a stone at earth
patrick simeon
patrick simeon 22 days ago
ashtonfetnet boy
ashtonfetnet boy 23 days ago
Rip black panther
Dan Peschell
Dan Peschell 23 days ago
Rip black panther
TBW HG 23 days ago
Lets pretend that giant backround antman is hank in an older suit...
Mondo Cabazo
Mondo Cabazo 23 days ago
If the Asgard army came back why didn’t vision or black widow or even gamora come back cause the Asgard army didn’t die to thanos but to hella
Juan Carlos Rodriguez
How the hell do you even catch some of these things? Lol
LastKnight0727 23 days ago
22:38 every swing that Thor takes at Thanos is for the head.
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 24 days ago
That honey extension is genius!
831 Mobb
831 Mobb 24 days ago
RIP Chadwick Boseman
Kazu Kid
Kazu Kid 24 days ago
Imagine being in the fortnite game with Korg and noobmaster69
Deon Osbey
Deon Osbey 24 days ago
Hahahahah!!! The Hulk and Lokei one got me 😂🤣😂🤣 lmao! That’s hard to see I’m glad y’all caught that 😂🔥👌🏾
Gustave's G
Gustave's G 24 days ago
RIP Chadwick Boseman💔💔💔
Marian Villanueva
Marian Villanueva 24 days ago
The #35 detail is just basically foreshadowing
Ronald Reardon
Ronald Reardon 24 days ago
A little late on my part but, Very Well Done, and Thanks Lots!!! Truly enjoyable.
Tom Hillard
Tom Hillard 24 days ago
Rip Chadwick Boseman. The only black panther
saarah kamilah
saarah kamilah 24 days ago
This guys spirit animal is Kermit the Frog
Jonathan Bills
Jonathan Bills 24 days ago
RIP Chadwick Boseman
Timmy Boi
Timmy Boi 25 days ago
Who else is here after Boseman died and is seriously doubting a black panther 2
UnklePeanut 25 days ago
RIP Chadwick.
Julia Walkow
Julia Walkow 25 days ago
defaultyboii 101
defaultyboii 101 25 days ago
Rip Chadwick boseman
dogfrogman 123
dogfrogman 123 25 days ago
the actor who plays black panther died to cancer
Charles Noks
Charles Noks 25 days ago
4:38 this was the pinnacle of a meme 😂
Brady Maughan
Brady Maughan 26 days ago
Rest In Peace chad bosewick
MWSin1 26 days ago
Random thought: Bucky was born a year before Steve. Then Steve was on ice for 70 years, but Bucky was in and out of ice for about as long. Then Bucky skipped five years. So I wonder, which one is older at the time of the Blip?
Josh Moorash
Josh Moorash 26 days ago
Is there gonna be a stand alone for the rat that saved the universe
The Kids Kinsey
The Kids Kinsey 26 days ago
I a x l
Admin Command
Admin Command 27 days ago
Guess what I watched the movie before some scenes are deleted
teejitus Lyons
teejitus Lyons 27 days ago
Everything you said, purposed, examined, mentioned, portrayed, was good and well and maybe right. Except after 31 mins. You almost had it, until the end. No worries 🍻💚🤙🤘🙏🖖
Mandozzz _
Mandozzz _ 28 days ago
Yes uhh this kinda had some stupid ones to extend it 😂
Easy Name
Easy Name 28 days ago
Disney did well. Very well
Aarav Bhandari
Aarav Bhandari 28 days ago
I just realized that in the endgame trailer everybody who said whatever it takes either died or is really old(Cap) and about to die
Lmaooo MySpace 😂😂
Aervin Apiag
Aervin Apiag 28 days ago
J dont know if its coincidence but.. in 6:43 scott lang's prison which is labeled 616 is said by mysterio (earth 616 and he's from earth 833)
Gael Time
Gael Time 29 days ago
Can we all agree that the "Hail Hydra" bit is a nice Easter egg to the comic where Captain America turned out to be a Hydra agent?
David Bakke
David Bakke 29 days ago
Yinsen’s sacrifice is like Tony’s sacrifice
Micah hart
Micah hart 29 days ago
My family has friends that had a friend that worked on marvel avengers endgame that told them the name the avengers movie was gonna be named endgame and they told us so we knew months before the world was told.
Harry Whyatt
Harry Whyatt 29 days ago
Lets be honest thor would destroy captain marvel
Dez Roman - 3D
Dez Roman - 3D Month ago
I watched this Friday, Saturday and Sunday night opening weekend and I enjoyed it all three times
David Bakke
David Bakke Month ago
Yinzen’s sacrifice is like iron man’s sacrifice. So true.
Treshawn Oravetz
What if red skull was possessed by one of the celestials
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