Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions Drum Cover

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Chop Suey Drum Cover: ruvid.net/video/video-T8CaOHn4QxQ.html
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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 100
jacksepticeye 11 months ago
So Avenged Sevenfold actually ackowledged this cover and put it on their channel, I'M FREAKING OUT!!!
Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer 2 months ago
lil memer
lil memer 3 months ago
Good job sean
NascarGod48 Gaming
NascarGod48 Gaming 3 months ago
Mina Nikolic
Mina Nikolic 3 months ago
Bitc WhEr
izzy xx
izzy xx 3 months ago
Congrats, dude! 😮🥳
Moss Man
Moss Man 54 minutes ago
JamCentral 2 hours ago
Slipknot must be next
racoon nut
racoon nut 5 hours ago
the bass drum being loud annoys me
I’m dying inside
I’m dying inside 6 hours ago
I think I’ll give drums a try
OG PXNTHAZ 11 hours ago
Best drummer evvvvveeerrrr 👍🏻🔥🔥
Randomness Multiplied
I did not know jack was a god on the drums
Mighty Mammoth
Mighty Mammoth 12 hours ago
Can’t believe it’s been a year since Jack did the cover for Unholy Confessions! I’ve been a fan of A7X since 2016 and I remember when he did this cover I was freaking out just because two of my favorite things that you’d think would never collide, collided. Absolutely killed it and now rewatching it a year later to see Jack kill it again. Would love to see a Brompton Cocktail or Unbound On The Wild Ride cover! 🔥🔥
ProDudeFilms 13 hours ago
I would love to see Jack play Toxicity on the drums! Its so fun once you learn it!
TheRealFoxMadness 21 hour ago
*me, waiting for another cover*
The Inferno The Only
You should do 115
The Inferno The Only
I think this is a great cover because of the commitment that Jack put in to make this.
The Inferno The Only
Sweet Eabha
Sweet Eabha Day ago
Absolutely fucking phenomenal.
YourBoyTom Day ago
I think jack would really enjoy doing the godsmack drum duel
PhatMan Afro
PhatMan Afro Day ago
Do more of these for dme the Phat Man commands it
Braiden McCallum
I want to see more of this it’s so awesome to watch him play
Johnny Day ago
I thought all jacksepticeye did was letsplays, didn't know he was a drummer too.
Joshie 228
Joshie 228 Day ago
Wow Sean really beats the shit out of that drum doesn’t he
Ethan Castillo
DiceDodo Day ago
I like the bit where he hit the drum. Also is it just me or... Does he look like the zodiac killer from Brooklyn nine nine? I’m so pissed off at those “he looks like the drummer from nirvana” things, I’m gonna start saying he looks like the haha funny guy from the jacksepticeye variety channel.
Vulpax 84
Vulpax 84 Day ago
Underrated Avenged song too, epic. I feel the Rev approves
Money Nation
Money Nation Day ago
Storm Cloud
Storm Cloud Day ago
Hey Jacksepticeye I Play Gautar So It'd be Cool If I could Have A Jam Session With you I'm A Big Fan You Remind me Alot Of Myself
Haruto Games
Haruto Games Day ago
You need to cover the song into the fire by asking alexandria
Tom Day ago
YourLocalPanAlex OwO
Lowkey the start of this sounds like some edgy anime intro xD?
Enzoss100 Day ago
Hoping that by any any any chance he would have another cover out when he hits 25mil... which is coming anytime soon
Dimitri Petrenko
The Rev would be proud
Dont mind me just head banging alone 😁
micro husky
micro husky Day ago
He so happy im gonna melt
NikhalWrench Day ago
damn you have got the rythm near perfect. this is awsome and really loved the enthusiasm
Julianne Garcia
Julianne Garcia 2 days ago
whats the model and brand of the drum set
Jean Luc
Jean Luc Day ago
Watch his first drum video “I got a drum kit”
vincible gameing
vincible gameing 3 days ago
Imagine if he played rip and tear on the drums
Kristian Borsberry
i know jack will probably never see this but if you do happen to see this jack could you do Shepard of fire by avenged sevenfold
Sweg Peasant
Sweg Peasant 3 days ago
I really want jack to do another cover soon. I would love if he did a blink-182 song or green day song.
Idoflips420 3 days ago
More of this plssss sean
Billy Longley
Billy Longley 3 days ago
Jack will be my second favorite drummer foREVer
Billy Longley
Billy Longley 3 days ago
Jacksepticeye , avenged and drumming are my 3 favorite things
Katherine TheCat
Katherine TheCat 3 days ago
How was I not made aware of another drum cover until now? RUvid, get your shit together!
Julie Santos
Julie Santos 3 days ago
how is he DOING THAT
SongOf Storms
SongOf Storms 3 days ago
Just a potato lad living his best life
Schon Loesch
Schon Loesch 3 days ago
You can tell how into it he is once he gets to a hard part he just smiles digs down and nails it. Im honestly not sure ive seen him into anything more than he is in drumming
Schon Loesch
Schon Loesch 3 days ago
We want more.... please🥺
Jackson Dunne
Jackson Dunne 3 days ago
the rev would be proud
Medisen beats
Medisen beats 3 days ago
Neighbours might be wondering what kind of washing machine you got
Doggo McDoge
Doggo McDoge 4 days ago
This was the first fast paced song I learned on guitar
Elektrik ツ
Elektrik ツ 13 hours ago
Neo 4 days ago
I had no clue jack made this but i wish i did sooner
Anne Karoline
Anne Karoline 4 days ago
You should play and upload more of these, the audience obviously loves it!
Joshua Vaz
Joshua Vaz 4 days ago
Hey, Jack! I am a drummer myself and absolutely love doing it like yourself. When I saw this, I realized the amount of passion and work you put into your amazing talent. I loved watching this! It was so good! I was wondering if you could play the son Lido Shuffle by Boz Scaggs. It's not too much of a popular song but it has a really groovy drum part and is something I am learning at the moment. I would really enjoy watching you do it. Keep the amazing work up!
Dean Bennett
Dean Bennett 4 days ago
Bruh. Your good
SueZ Beans
SueZ Beans 4 days ago
HOW DID I ONLY DISCOVER THIS NOW?! I absolutely LOVE Jacks drum videos! You are awesome Jack, We love you!
Ariana Cudahy
Ariana Cudahy 4 days ago
I wish he'd do more videos like this. Seán genuinely loves drumming and he looks like he's having a lot of fun. I tried learning this and OMG is it hard.
Apple bottom jeanz the hamster
im sorry but the rev is way better
Daniel Pelter
Daniel Pelter 4 days ago
You should cover G.O.A.T by Polyphia!
Nich3n 4 days ago
i actually learned the bass line to this song a while back and was tempted to pull out my bass and play along
Justin McRobie
Justin McRobie 4 days ago
Please do more avenge sevenfold drum cover if any way nightmare
Ewwa !
Ewwa ! 4 days ago
can u give me lessons not that I have a drum set but I’ll pay for lessons
Damn! This dude can drum!!!
Zero Gaming
Zero Gaming 5 days ago
ok i see you, you need to be in a septic band i tell you what!
DASHAWN Kadin 5 days ago
Jack this actually made me cry because my dog used to listen to this and it would warm my heart if you could do hail to the king
shadowlink3339 5 days ago
Jackaboy plays the drums, LIKE A BOSS! Double bass legs, SPEED IS KEY!!! Awesome cover, Sean! Absolute wholesome stuff! Lots of love from Florida!
Andrew Giannotta
Andrew Giannotta 5 days ago
Jim Pickens
Jim Pickens 5 days ago
I had no idea jack likes A7X
Hoxony 5 days ago
might never happen, but! my special request would be "Out of My League" by "Fitz and Tantrums"
Uddeshya Sonkar
Uddeshya Sonkar 5 days ago
No one will believe that this guy's job is to make funny videos and not doing music. As a drummer myself.. i can mute the video and still say he nailed it just because how happy he looks..keep drumming, the world is better with more drummers.❤️
grim Hunter
grim Hunter 5 days ago
bro jack ur fuckng amazing dude
The Music Man
The Music Man 5 days ago
all u need for a true cover is a marimba, and I happen to be a keyboard (mallet) player
Logan 6 days ago
I usually don’t like Heavy Metal but I can’t stop listening to this! Sean, your awesome.
Neddheadbedshed Boom
You should do 'One' by metallica
Connor Dauzat
Connor Dauzat 6 days ago
I love this you can see he is enjoying himself and honestly I was to. BTW sean i love your vids and i love the drums.
crinkly scar
crinkly scar 6 days ago
can you do a nirvana song
Henrik Arnold
Henrik Arnold 5 days ago
I can tell he's more of a melodic metal guy, and Nirvana has no double pedal, but that would be cool
The Man Behind The Slaughter
needs more cowbell
DragonMatt 6 days ago
Wow that was cool
The Nifty Guy
The Nifty Guy 6 days ago
Question. Jack starts the song on his phone and puts it down on the floor. you can clearly see that it's screen-up (0:30). but throughout the video (if you pay attention) the phone is screen-down. Why is that?
The Nifty Guy
The Nifty Guy 6 days ago
@a name just wondering.
a name
a name 6 days ago
Why does it matter?
Hatori Ibuki
Hatori Ibuki 6 days ago
carl Johnson
carl Johnson 6 days ago
If only he could do more
Call of Duty Legion
I be head banging
Jay_Bro_ 868
Jay_Bro_ 868 7 days ago
What kit is that???
kinda new
kinda new 7 days ago
Im imagining jack on stage whith pyros
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson 7 days ago
Avenged sevenfold is one of my #1 fav bands and my god it’s so awesome to see you cover this and omg how awesome that you actually got on their channel anyway I think you should cover exist next lmao thatd be hell for real though you should cover buried alive that songs so good
Dylan Mccuistion
Dylan Mccuistion 7 days ago
Do slipknot
Cocodec 15
Cocodec 15 7 days ago
Jack should try 115 from kino der untoten
Logan Beasley
Logan Beasley 8 days ago
You must have the ticcest thighs dude
Marcus Lillie
Marcus Lillie 8 days ago
would you consider playing killpop by slipknot? it would be so awesome!
Dylan Montoya
Dylan Montoya 8 days ago
We need more of these Jack!!!!!
KaiTheGuy 8 days ago
Wow your double kick is crazy i wish i could do that nearly as good as you!
Lazy Panda
Lazy Panda 8 days ago
Jack you inspired me to start drumming and now a can play Chop Suey :D And i hope you do more stuff like this. Keep up the gud work uwu
Desmend Miller
Desmend Miller 8 days ago
jack im going to be 100000000000000% with u, you need kodak blacks grammy
Bullman 8 days ago
I want moooooooooooore
Quentonion 8 days ago
Just decided to come back to this video because I’ve been getting back into metal
djfromsirenic 9 days ago
am i the only one that wants him to do cannibal corpse or slipknot
Dead Dylan
Dead Dylan 9 days ago
Cheers Jack for making me find this song
photondebuger45 9 days ago
Much nicer that the actual band is cool with it instead of them tanking it or RUvid well RUvid is responsible for that tho but still.
DCsdontfit 9 days ago
KermitTheFrog 9 days ago
Now you need to do a unholy gravebirth by infant annihilator cover
AFreaking Monster
i can now say that i ACTUALLY vibed to this at 3am
Ethan Gonko
Ethan Gonko 9 days ago
hey fucking jacksepticeye maybe hang a bit off of the front end of the beat like wtf have you even heard the song????????????? i went to berklyee >:( and your stupid. just kidding i just got done watching the septiplier amv and i have to say yOU specifically gave me a bONER HAHAHAHASHAHA (BJBJDJ JFJFJF 0)
Ally Gaffney
Ally Gaffney 9 days ago
I heard avenged did a cover of this. But in all seriousness, blew my mind. I have played many instruments but, the drums is more difficult to me then classical piano. Irish pride going out to ya
Edlargo 9 days ago
You should see Neil Peart drumming
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