AvaMax Greatest hits Full Ablum 2020 - Best Songs Of Avamax

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Best Of Avamax - AvaMax Greatest hits 2020

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Aug 15, 2020




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Fun with the Kitsune
I like this
Ece Özinan
Ece Özinan Day ago
i know sweet but a pyschco so am i kings and queens who's laughing now torn
Oly Mendoza
Oly Mendoza 2 days ago
ava max you are pretty
we all have our dreams we should chase our dreams until we get it! and we will always be strong forever
Leah Playz
Leah Playz Day ago
No, we shouldn’t. We can’t waste our time on a fantasy. That’s what I’ve learned. You have to find your talent and work on that. Then you can chase your dream. Once you have people that can back you up. Your friends aren’t enough. You need people that know people so that way you can get ur dream.
my favourite song is alone ava max so good
isumi weerasinghe
I LOVE AVA MAX!!!!! She is the best!!!
Trần Vân Thiên Long Girbert
Bonjour ,hi kay horse honey ava max singer 8/10 love you much horse honey beutiful , Federer music video catwhats fan Vietnam's go to home he is tomorou full Trần Vân Thiên Long Girbert singer 11/5/1979 chào vợ yêu của anh , chúc ngày mới tốt đẹp , anh yêu vợ xinh đẹp của anh nhiều lắm , thu âm tại sàn fan Vietnam's xong về nhà anh chờ em , chỗng của em Trần Vân Thiên Long Girbert singer 11/5/1979❤️🇲🇫♥️🤴👸👄
ela ecrin ibuk
ela ecrin ibuk 3 days ago
A V A ❤ M A X
Unicorntwins forever
She is the queen we pop champagne for
true jacky
true jacky 3 days ago
I adore Ava Max so much ! Her album is my fav
I Johnson
I Johnson 4 days ago
Top best: Alone Pt:2 So am I Kings and Queens Torn My way Salt
Nattaya Fanning
I Johnson
I Johnson 4 days ago
Some people say that Ava Max is the next Lady Gaga, but no she is the first Ava Max
Melissa Augsburger
I actually was listening to her talking and learned that her idol is Lady Gaga.So that is probably why they say that.But never mind that I 100% agree with you.
liL-an-Lil 4 days ago
😍❤️❤️ she have a beautiful voice ❤️
non non
non non 5 days ago
I love it
TitanicBrawl 6 days ago
Just beautiful
long pham
long pham 7 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-esiSYLXz2bY.html ruvid.net/video/video-JSp8tr7YhbA.html ruvid.net/video/video-dcUsTaWnrq4.html facebook.com/profile.php?id=100027295387717
Julios baclao
Julios baclao 7 days ago
I always got goosebumps when I listen to her songs. Like...ohemgy So Powerful!
Jana Gjorevski
Jana Gjorevski 7 days ago
Ava is such a unique person and when I grow up I really want to be a singer like her:)
Tommy Le
Tommy Le 8 days ago
Tommy Le
Tommy Le 8 days ago
Tommy Le
Tommy Le 8 days ago
Tommy Le
Tommy Le 8 days ago
She is my idol
Rialrose Man
Rialrose Man 8 days ago
Nice song
ela ecrin ibuk
ela ecrin ibuk 9 days ago
ela ecrin ibuk
ela ecrin ibuk 9 days ago
Sally Saretta 1502045
A: Awesome V: Violin of music A: Angel
Kaleb Smith
Kaleb Smith 11 days ago
Ava Max in my opinion is one of the best singers
Selma Gunes
Selma Gunes 11 days ago
You ar mi Queen 👸🏼 with dis Power
Selma Gunes
Selma Gunes 11 days ago
I love you ❤️ much with you muziek 🎵
Selma Gunes
Selma Gunes 11 days ago
Jour muzik is perfect 🤩 I love ❤️ you Ava max 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜💞💓
Nihal Bibar
Nihal Bibar 7 days ago
Turksun sanirim
AvaMaxQueen4Life 11 days ago
There is no word to express how much I love Ava Max. She is such a powerful woman and has a unique lifestyle. Love you, Ava
สมพิศ อนันต์กุลธรรม
@AvaMaxQueen4Life //////++++++++///////*
cartoon girl 2005
AvaMaxQueen4Life 8 days ago
@GetzGG that was just my personal.opinion
Katie Thurgar
Katie Thurgar 12 days ago
My kid loves you so much
Miss DomArm
Miss DomArm 13 days ago
She is POWER
Emma Ortiz
Emma Ortiz 13 days ago
I need singing practice from her
Isabella Ordonez
Isabella Ordonez 13 days ago
Love ava max 💜💜😘
Yesenia Pasten
Yesenia Pasten 14 days ago
i love this
Clarisse Chanel
Clarisse Chanel 14 days ago
Ava max love_is_the_only_solition j'espère que tu es toujours aussi belle 🤑🤑💟
Love all her songs!! 💕
Michelle Vaquerano Serrano
i love ava max
You are very beautiful!
I love you Ava Max
Maria theodosaki
Maria theodosaki 15 days ago
Suzann T
Suzann T 18 days ago
i love you ava max from sienna
Princess Dinson
Princess Dinson 19 days ago
Rachel Liow Foo Siong
Ava. Max. Love. Music video. You👱‍♀️😍🥰
Thachang Surat
Thachang Surat 20 days ago
ILove Ava Max❤️❤️
princesprim 21 day ago
She’s just so amazing
I'm a Weirdo
I'm a Weirdo 11 days ago
Lucie Laporcakova
💖🥰😍😍🥰💖😘 LOVE LOVÍ
Lucie Laporcakova
🥰😍💖😍🥰🥰 Love
EDM HoLa 21 day ago
Her voice is absolutely gorgeous, sometimes I wonder how I only discovered her after hearing Kings and Queens on the radio and being like "Who the heck is this? She's awesome!"
Maria theodosaki
Maria theodosaki 15 days ago
Daniel mc
Daniel mc 23 days ago
subbed for the name lol
Tessia Riti
Tessia Riti 23 days ago
I feel so powerful when I listen to this
Abrielle Kimble
Abrielle Kimble 24 days ago
I love Ava Max! She rocks!
Patrycja Mielnik
Patrycja Mielnik 24 days ago
Raevic Ferrer
Raevic Ferrer 24 days ago
Expectation: Me doing my homework Reality: Me jamming out to this playlist instead of doing homework HA!
Isla Rebecca Barr
Isla Rebecca Barr 25 days ago
we finally have some PROPER talent like not just anyone can sing like that best singer i know for defo nodoubt
Ben Richardson
Ben Richardson 23 days ago
Ah right, that's a bit much. She ain't no beyonce, celine dion or adele when it comes to vocals and range. Meanwhile most modern singers sound like this, and the actual instrumentation doesn't compete with 70s and 80s music.
Patricia Conrades
Patricia Conrades 25 days ago
My name is Ava to Patricia is my Mum's name she gave me her phone and got a new phone love you so much Ava and my dog's name is Ava to
Jose ST
Jose ST 26 days ago
My personal top 3 would be 1. Sweet but Psycho 2. Kings and Queens 3. Not your barbie girl *or Alone* idk xd
alice moon
alice moon 18 days ago
damn your basic :P
Vellyne Xaveira Axyra
Knp gk bisa di download padahal gw suka lagu Nye😭
Bianka Cesar
Bianka Cesar 26 days ago
Nevaeh Weaver
Nevaeh Weaver 27 days ago
i love her songs they motivate me so much!!!!!!!!!! love your music ava
Isla Rebecca Barr
Isla Rebecca Barr 25 days ago
god yas girL!! goin through the comments now while listening to this very playlist...alone btw
Suman Jayakumar
Suman Jayakumar 29 days ago
Stay safe and keep yourself away from COVID-19
Suman Jayakumar
Suman Jayakumar 29 days ago
I love😍 Ava Max ‘s voice it is stunning 🤩
Anh Pham
Anh Pham 29 days ago
nadia nascimento
nadia nascimento 29 days ago
Amo as músicas da Ava max😍💕
sarashna dihal
sarashna dihal Month ago
Ava max is my 2nd favorite singer bc alan walker is my 1st favorite
Wilson Gonçalves
Krista White
Krista White Month ago
carrot is so coool
Krista White
Krista White Month ago
my favs :1. not ur barbie girl.2.so am i 3.torn 4.kings and queens 5.sait .6.who's laughing now 7.sweet but psycho 8.alone done with my favs i like em u don't have to tho
Lillie Rose
Lillie Rose Month ago
Lillie Rose
Lillie Rose Month ago
When I use to do my it was boring but now I want to do it more
Kaixin Respicio
Kaixin Respicio Month ago
I always play this music!
Top Music Forever
These characters are Hereos brave deeds nobel qualities in battle. Feeling the sky with light fire.
Feride Buse uysal
Nhut Pham
Nhut Pham Month ago
Tessia Riti
Tessia Riti Month ago
김수아 Month ago
Lea KUENTZ Month ago
Caleigh Arthur
Caleigh Arthur Month ago
TBH this music really changed my life
Eaint Thet Hmue
Eaint Thet Hmue Month ago
i'm burmese girl. I really love ava max ....
Ava Ava
Ava Ava Month ago
Ava Ava
Ava Ava Month ago
Ava Max has been my favourite singer since I was 3 years old now im six years old
Ava Ava
Ava Ava Month ago
I just love Ava Max ❤ 💕 ♥ 😍 💓 💗 ❤
Ava Ava
Ava Ava Month ago
I am seriously Ava Max's fan I really love her all of her songs are going on my play list right now like right now
Zofia Kochanowska
love love love
Zofia Kochanowska
nie widziałam lepszej piosenki jest poprostu siwietna
Superkitty PRO
Superkitty PRO Month ago
Tylko jedno w glowie mam...ava max
Luna Schultheiss
Ana Carolina Perez Osuna
I LOVE Ava Max! her songs are amazing!
7D tugsjargal
7D tugsjargal Month ago
i love this songs
Superkitty PRO
Superkitty PRO Month ago
Ummm ok...?
Eric Month ago
I love her songs 😌
nandini khatter
nandini khatter Month ago
me listening with my brother me having fun and brother not understanding
Ezzati Meow
Ezzati Meow Month ago
I like so am i song
Ezzati Meow
Ezzati Meow Month ago
This is Ava max songs
Ezzati Meow
Ezzati Meow Month ago
I like ava max songs
Max loveko
Max loveko Month ago
I always listen to this pretty girls song even when i go to gym for my workout it feels so good doing all my routine🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Akib Zilan Ramim
Ashley Wolf
Ashley Wolf Month ago
If I had a daughter, she's so listening to this!!!
smitha pallavi
smitha pallavi Month ago
I have two daughters and they're listening to this song😂😂😂
Yahya Official
Yahya Official Month ago
Indonesia absen 🔥
Pu Tube
Pu Tube Month ago
I love it 😻 you
Jhon Arwin Paez
Jhon Arwin Paez Month ago
So beautiful song of ava max❤️❤️
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