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Mar 27, 2020




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Comments 60
RainHuffle rob
RainHuffle rob 2 hours ago
This whole comment section: Hairdresser: That will be $10 Ava: I only have 5 Hairdresser: No problem
Jonah Wand
Jonah Wand 3 hours ago
Huhu AVA
Sofia §tella
Sofia §tella 3 hours ago
Is it just me or I thought it went like “If all of kings had the queen on their toe we would pop Champagne and raise our toes”
satyex 3 hours ago
Shot through the heart And you're to blame Darlin', you give love a bad name!! - Bon Jovi Inspired by this song
Claire Godbee
Claire Godbee 3 hours ago
I love it so much
Sy Pan
Sy Pan 4 hours ago
the beatdrop tho
make me king
make me king 4 hours ago
( Д`v Д゚ m´ Д' メ )
make me king
make me king 4 hours ago
メ`∀`ω ∀`^`∀
duygu Yurddaser
duygu Yurddaser 4 hours ago
duygu Yurddaser
duygu Yurddaser 4 hours ago
Ava max 1. 👍👍👍
Myles Alucard
Myles Alucard 4 hours ago
Care to explain why your song sounds nearly identical to "Bein' Friends" from Super Smash Bros Ultimate?
Miracle Etas
Miracle Etas 5 hours ago
The intro is so damn good❤️
Agustin Toro
Agustin Toro 5 hours ago
Kyriakos Tsairlis
Kyriakos Tsairlis 5 hours ago
game of thrones : am i a joke to you ?
Ali José Silva Bolivar
Jéssica Pissika
Jéssica Pissika 5 hours ago
Wonderful *Ava Max* !! what a beautiful song with the strong lyrics empowered, I loved
Bear One
Bear One 5 hours ago
Mr. Piggy: If you feel like a woman even when you are man, just be listening to a song, you should consider to change your pills.
Eulises Manuel
Eulises Manuel 5 hours ago
Ilove song 🤩
Bear One
Bear One 5 hours ago
Again, since my first comment has been deleted: This song is just a cover of the Joey Diggs ad for Coca-Cola "Always Coca-Cola" in the 90s. Now, I'm waiting for the next deletion of an obviously unwanted comment, that is based on a true fact.
New Songs Lyrics
New Songs Lyrics 6 hours ago
Feels so free and independent while listening to it.. .. 😄❤
New Songs Lyrics
New Songs Lyrics 6 hours ago
Queen with no sword but great heart ❤
LAHIA KIM 7 hours ago
Love it 👸💕
Ofelia Mariano
Ofelia Mariano 7 hours ago
Love it make anither one go girl
main chris
main chris 8 hours ago
girls night wuuuuuuhhhhh lets gets crazy bitches haha wuhuuu
Barry Allen
Barry Allen 8 hours ago
So here i am to beg you guys for liking my comment
norasmar Azrizan
norasmar Azrizan 9 hours ago
And we can 💃
SaraZe MONKAY 9 hours ago
No one can disagree with me this is hands down the most powerful audio on tiktok,let the videos under this audio prove me right
Swe ets
Swe ets 9 hours ago
ava max so Underrated :(
Zach Gamer
Zach Gamer 10 hours ago
Woah posted the day before my bday
Sandra Reyes
Sandra Reyes 10 hours ago
Like the song, just can’t help but seeing feeling like she is sounding somewhat like Lady Gaga or Lady Gaga’s music or even her look. She needs her own sound and identity. But good song.
Rachael R
Rachael R 10 hours ago
Being a girl this song is so empowering who would vote Ava Max as 2020 president if we could 👇
Julian Plascencia
Julian Plascencia 10 hours ago
Lady gaga has been cloned!
Kathy Saggese
Kathy Saggese 10 hours ago
Love this
Uri Netzer
Uri Netzer 10 hours ago
"if i had one it'd be bigger than yours" no need to expose me like that
MachoMarley 11 hours ago
She dressed like the younger version of Lady Gaga
Mark Moffat
Mark Moffat 11 hours ago
This is alright I prefer sweet but sycho
wayne 11 hours ago
Best song ever
George Bryson
George Bryson 12 hours ago
Lady Gaga really was a trailblazer...
Emily Morales
Emily Morales 12 hours ago
My birthday is on February 15 and her birthday is on February 16
Bautista Montse
Bautista Montse 12 hours ago
I ts súper cute
Roger Menezes
Roger Menezes 12 hours ago
Felipe Farias
Felipe Farias 12 hours ago
Te quiero acá Max Mercedes muchos Luke además la personas no sabes que te esfuerza esa es gente que no aprendía 😊
Felipe Farias
Felipe Farias 12 hours ago
Te quiero ava Max mereses muchos like además la personas no saben que te esfuerzas esa gente no sabe te quiero😊
Jahmaine Howard
Jahmaine Howard 12 hours ago
Damn I love the message this song send best lyrics " In chess a king can move one space at a time but a queen is free to go wherever they like" keep this hot songs coming
Idk I feel like I heard something like this before like it sounds familiar but I love this so much
Johannes Kepler Caribou
I think so.. that's song feel likes 'bon Jovi- You give a bad name' same :(
Heather Scheck
Heather Scheck 13 hours ago
To all the people in quarantine I hope your hanging in there and listen to this song until you die which I hope you don't till your older
Romain FR
Romain FR 13 hours ago
Correction : rull my country and it's off with your head.
TooMany NPCs
TooMany NPCs 13 hours ago
the guitar choreography( one of the most genius things i've ever seen) saved my life litarally , what a true queen
TooMany NPCs
TooMany NPCs 13 hours ago
i can even look past the beats add... i know the MACHINE all too well but this feels like love not like manipulation(maybe to some)
Christopher Müller
Christopher Müller 13 hours ago
Ava Max ihre Stimme hat es in sich. Sie kann sehr gut singen.
I love this songggg love frin israel 🇮🇱🥰🥳
Lee Xian
Lee Xian 13 hours ago
The views of this video is kind a impressive.. It's getting more and more attention now. Same as with her new single who's laughing now. Congrats Ava..
Stein Rozema
Stein Rozema 13 hours ago
This number make’s my happy
me: i'm independent after listening to this songs Burgers: HA! you wish we all know you can' t do a week without us
Mateusz T
Mateusz T 14 hours ago
beautiful ❤
xochitl Paz
xochitl Paz 14 hours ago
No sé porque pero sentí como que es una copia de Lady gaga
JonMendez Roblox
JonMendez Roblox 14 hours ago
No :/ ella es única en su estilo al igual que lady Gaga cada una tiene un buen estilo
9en9ar 14 hours ago
this looks like a low budget K-POP video lmao
Theo Grant
Theo Grant 14 hours ago
Is this.... why does the chorus sound a bit like Bon Jovi You Give Love A Bad Name Just a little bit
Alexios 14 hours ago
Yeah I thought the same thing, it's very very similar
Ana Laura Driemeyer
Ana Laura Driemeyer 14 hours ago
You is perfect e beautiful!❤
XxXNissa 14 hours ago
This somehow gives me confidence
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