AURORA - Apple Tree

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“Apple Tree is about the potential that hides in all of us. We can all save the world if we put our minds to it. The world won’t listen to scientific proof that the world is dying, so maybe it will listen to the dreamers, the children. In a bleeding world the power of the individual is our only hope. Let her save the world. Let him save them all. Believe in us, and maybe we’ll be the generation that saves the world, rather than the one that killed it” - AURORA
All of my life,
I’ve been hunting,
I’ve been a girl,
I’ve been a boy,
digging my feet into the ground,
like an apple tree
wanting to live with a purpose.
Skin is a word,
love is not a sin..
people are bad
people are good
Just like the moon is a stone,
but it’s a star when it’s dark
and now she’s hiding

If you’ve seen what a heart is. You’ve seen its colour
If I ever knew how we could guide it
I would take care of its children, become their mother
If I ever knew how we could hide it…hide it
Let her save the world, she is just a girl
Let him save them all, he is just a boy
Let her save the world, she is just a girl
Let him save them all, he is just a boy
Hunger is quiet, if you do it right
Hunter is loud and predictable
Scaring away every prey
So they are gone
Before the hunter arrives
Would you be kind
And put away your sword
You cannot cut Away
What we got
You cannot kill what we are
We are not here
In physical form
You’ve seen where the knife is
It’s dark location
if I ever knew how we could hide it
I would cut into our anger, make pure emotion
If I ever knew how we could hide it… hide it
Let her save the world, she is just a girl
Let him save them all, he is just a boy
save the world, she is just a girl
Let him save them all, he is just a boy
Can you carry the weight of mortality?
The explosions around you is your symphony!
Let her save the world, she is just a girl
Let him save the poor, he is just a boy
save the world, she is just a girl
Let him save the poor, he is just a boy

Director Rianne White @riannewhite
E.P Maying Wong @maylingjinna
Company Partizan @wearePartizan
Producer Ben Pengilly @pengillyb
DOP Olan Collardy @olancollardy
Steadycam Gary Kent. @karygent
1st A.D Sam Barnham. @samuelcharles
Dance Choreographer
Olivia Lockwood@livlockwood
Kristina Martanovicova
Eliška Bolečková Z
Uzana Veselá
Finetta Mikolajska
Commissioner - Olivia Hobbs & Nicole Hartley Blackstar London


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Sep 26, 2019




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Comments 6 138
The Panda09
The Panda09 Hour ago
Aurora could be Pearl in a Steven Universe Live action
jeff goetz
jeff goetz 15 hours ago
Came here after so many Aurora fans are spamming Grace VanderWaal's latest upload, and just yuk! No where near as talented, or interesting. Bjork and Delores O'Riorden have been done before..
Leo D
Leo D Hour ago
I hant seen a a bad comment about Grace from Aurora fans , are you ok ?
arijona 21 hour ago
this song is fire u can't change my mind
dreaming4ffr Day ago
can you all stop mainstreaming her next to ariande or anyone else... she's unique... it shows in how many artists take over stuff she did...
Aurora kick's asses, she writes good music and lyrics, great artist overall! :D
jeed888 Day ago
Let's be honest here, i like aurora but this vid is plain gruesome, ugly and pointless.
jack black
jack black Day ago
Mano q musica INCRÍVE!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Vlad Dicusara
Cool dance!
gigi sia unicornio
Eu amo a autores!!
gigi sia unicornio
METANOIA 2 days ago
Just made a lyrics video for this song :)
Zoey Ariffin
Zoey Ariffin 2 days ago
People comparing her to Billie. Why not we appreciate the message she is trying to show.
Nick de Haas
Nick de Haas 2 days ago
Ah ah oh oh oh Ah ah oh oh oh oh oh oh!!! Into the unknown!!! ♫
Perhaps a song or two
Perhaps a song or two
Stop comparing her to Steve Martin!
King Kromulus
King Kromulus 2 days ago
Peach Tree? Smirk Emoji. Balloon Emoji.
Mi3ro6ku9 2 days ago
real もののけ姫
Yara 2 days ago
1:41 Honor to us all - mulan
GamingGazer 3 days ago
Why is she wearing a latch hook kit?
Asdram 3 days ago
I don’t know about you, but for me Aurora Aksnes looks a lot like Maddie Ziegler with the wig (the dancer in the clips of Sia)
nissa shamiza
nissa shamiza 3 days ago
This was so different than what she used to make. This is art. Amazing, raw art
ry.hillner 288
ry.hillner 288 3 days ago
Never even heard of AURORA until today, from her being featured in the Frozen 2 soundtrack.
Miken_playzgacha 6 hours ago
revoltin85 Day ago
me too!
Nokukhanya Hadebe
okay this is awesome! my kinda music..amazing video
Ysamar Garcia
Ysamar Garcia 3 days ago
Is this the same "AURORA" from "Into the unknown" Frozen II?
kbakk1 3 days ago
Lea cutaya
Lea cutaya 3 days ago
Damn aurora, gruesome
Kelly Fields
Kelly Fields 3 days ago
I miss the old Aurora...
aeropilot 2 days ago
Kelly Fields Don’t be bummed out, this is just one song off an amazing record
__ 3 days ago
Wdym? She never changed She's still the same beautiful artist :)
Luís Filipe
Luís Filipe 3 days ago
Aurora fabulosaaaa!!!
Shaya Almeida
Shaya Almeida 3 days ago
perfeita ❤️
Mya Goodbody
Mya Goodbody 3 days ago
Shame on you playing Israel thought better of you, your hypocrisy no bounds, I’m out finished with you
aeropilot 2 days ago
Mya Goodbody LOL okay, but you can find another artist to listen to, and hopefully not get stuck in the superficial
aeropilot 2 days ago
Kelly Fields you’ve given up too easily, embrace the artistic cycle, she’s only 23 and with so many years ahead of her as an artist 🙂🦋✨
Leo D
Leo D 3 days ago
@Kelly Fields bullshit
Kelly Fields
Kelly Fields 3 days ago
I've lost even more respect for her. She's lost her way and has become what she said she didn't want to be...
Mya Goodbody
Mya Goodbody 3 days ago
We will see, a lot of people feel the same as me
Lou Azous
Lou Azous 4 days ago
Sasya 06
Sasya 06 4 days ago
she is a treasure.
Tweety4Bunny 4 days ago
Bloody pagan
Layra Lua
Layra Lua 4 days ago
Amei muito!!!❤
PHSF Vaporden
PHSF Vaporden 4 days ago
I would be willing to bet the bloodiest thing you have had to deal with was a hangnail. That cavewoman armpit hair? Is shaving just that hard for you? This video screams no life experience and a desperate desire to make some kind of statement just not sure what. empty. tasteless. work to watch.
aeropilot 2 days ago
PHSF Vaporden That’s a pretty funny comment, you know this is just one song off a truly amazing record
Olivia Swadkins
Olivia Swadkins 4 days ago
When she says apple tree it’s so satisfying for my ears for some reason
Perhaps a song or two
Like little bubbles popping!
Emeem trash
Emeem trash 4 days ago
0:39 She remainded me to Melanie Martinez
Morganencia 4 days ago
Let her save ZA WARUDO, she is just a girl 🎶 Let him save ZA WARUDO, he is just a boy 🎶
Jorge Georgius
Jorge Georgius 5 days ago
Disturbing Video. I like it.
KaisCreations666 5 days ago
I don’t think this was 100% menstural blood, honestly even though it’s “weird” it portrays that not only is the world bleeding but we will be too, and just like ourselves we can stop the bleeding! - even if this was actual blood it’s very powerful!
Future OL
Future OL 5 days ago
she is beautiful .
Aline Alves
Aline Alves 5 days ago
Dany Garcya
Dany Garcya 5 days ago
What kind of sia/grimes/gaga/eilish clone is this? 😒
aeropilot 2 days ago
Dany Garcya you obviously have no clue, mate
Agent Miracle
Agent Miracle 4 days ago
and FYI... she's been singing like this even before eilish came out
Agent Miracle
Agent Miracle 4 days ago
Excuse me? Get out of here...
benzhi. 5 days ago
fuck off dude
Jodeci Jam Millinghaus
Y’all she sang like this way before Billie became acknowledged
Dylan Granado
Dylan Granado 5 days ago
Literal chills
Solve Everything
Solve Everything 5 days ago
The viking music is 1000x better.
aeropilot 2 days ago
Solve Everything Stay tuned, more Viking music is coming
Zedd Haze
Zedd Haze 6 days ago
We are never here in physical form
WishesNHoney ASMR
There is no way the message of this song and video can be misconstrued and thank cosmos, and Aurora, for that. This needs to resonate deep in the chest of humanity
Jacob Vlogs
Jacob Vlogs 6 days ago
I like it
Maryna Defraeye
Maryna Defraeye 6 days ago
Is the fucked up world worth saving? Probably 51/49
B 9
B 9 7 days ago
CREATIVE LABS - Something magic
Addicted to this song
Anna Winchester
Anna Winchester 7 days ago
This sounds Bollywood
aeropilot 2 days ago
Strangely yes
Leo D
Leo D 7 days ago
bollwood? yeah sure
Mimo 7 days ago
This song i so underrated!
It’s Billieboi
It’s Billieboi 7 days ago
Ok I’m sorry she really is talented but I don’t hear music when I listen to this I’ve tried and idk it just sounds like noises HELP IM TRYNA LIKE IT
aeropilot 2 days ago
It’s Billieboi yes well like I’ve said many times before it’s just one song off of one record, you don’t have to like this song to like AURORA 🙂🦋✨
Dävid 7 days ago
scott meyers
scott meyers 7 days ago
AURORA dont care what people think your an artist and all your songs have feeling and emotion I for one love everything you have done so far true talent keep it up .
Dave Withaddednutrients
orang wymen bad?
helena way
helena way 7 days ago
"Now she's hiding" AURORA *actually hides ☞0:28☜ Sooooo cute♡♡♡
warkawarzone rorak
Probably her worst song. Where is that amazing girl that she was just 3 years ago?
scott meyers
scott meyers 6 days ago
@aeropilot DAME their is intelligent live out there 👍
aeropilot 7 days ago
I think she is still amazing, even though I may not like everything she’s putting out now I give her the space to do it and I support her in exploration ... you know, we can’t keep people hermetically sealed in a jar like they were three years ago, people change and see things that they didn’t know existed, feel feelings that they didn’t know they were going to feel, and so please give her the consideration, she wrote this song and it means a lot to her, it also means a lot to a lot of other people
Leo D
Leo D 7 days ago
@scott meyers truth! At least we can go back and listen to her older stuff! I often do that.
scott meyers
scott meyers 7 days ago
@Leo D never expect an artist to give you what YOU want a real artist is ever changing and I love everything AURORA does
Leo D
Leo D 8 days ago
Watch this video and listen what she said about the song ruvid.net/video/video-4xR9KBFo90c.html , Aurora is experimenting alot and thank god she is doing that , staggnation is not what she wants. But i understand some people are nostalgic.
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