Audi R8 generations 2006-2019 - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST!

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It’s time for an Audi R8 head-to-head! It might not be too hard to choose the winner from this line-up, but how do you think the older models will compare against each other? Does the original V8 Manual have what it takes to cause an upset? There’s only one way to find out… Let’s race!
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Jun 15, 2019




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Comments 80
No gen 2 plus
Daniel Blake
Daniel Blake 2 days ago
okay but the fact that matt’s launch was that good when the other cars are automatics is astounding
MUSPI 3 days ago
My dream R8 🤩
Akhil Kumar
Akhil Kumar 6 days ago
RadRich 6 days ago
1:46 the newest one sounds a bit funny compared to the other models.
Howard CHUNG [09N]
fast or slow, mt is always the most fun to drive
Faiq Muyassar Hanief
where's the e tron
R A 12 days ago
You can pick up the original used for around 40k now. Absolute bargain for a Supercar that Iron Man drove !!!
Lee Johnston
Lee Johnston 14 days ago
Race starts at 1:51
Alina Aitieva
Alina Aitieva 15 days ago
Rong Q
Rong Q 15 days ago
1:54 good start 🤣🤣🤣 How many times have we heard 🤓🤓🤓
team money
team money 18 days ago
Yeshlin Govender
Yeshlin Govender 21 day ago
4 cars 40 cylinders 0 turbos
Public toilets Cheap toilets
I think the r8 was way faster then the r8 And the r8 sounds way better then the r8
Dave Wsh
Dave Wsh 22 days ago
So buy an V8 more performance for the price you are happy your wife is happy and your wallet
Lidan 22 days ago
Tony Stank : yeah boii
Jon Murdock
Jon Murdock 24 days ago
12.6 in the 8 cylinder is respectable.
Jean Andrei Aquino
Jean Andrei Aquino 24 days ago
Hey carwow can you do the the v12 drag race Lamborghini aventador Ferrari gtc4lusso (NA v12) BMW m760Li Aston Martin vantage Pagani huayra
__Tymir 17
__Tymir 17 25 days ago
Need a driver mod
GearHead Aakshun
GearHead Aakshun 27 days ago
I think the winner is the Audi r8😜
Dhai Zayed
Dhai Zayed Month ago
All the drag race on this channel is not accurate because it all comes down to who's driving...
What ☺
jeremy Purwaraharja
that newest r8 v10 sound is really good tho
CasamTDA is cutie
Why is this car running manual transmission? HOW THIS CAR CAN RUN A MANUAL TRANSMISSION WHEN THE ENGINE IS IN THE BACK?!
Amanda Lin
Amanda Lin Month ago
Please do one of the drag races: Audi R8 Etron vs Tesla model S Audi TTS coupe vs chevorlet Camaro GS Mini couper roadster vs Alpha Romeo Mito GTA
Kishor Kuthe
Kishor Kuthe Month ago
We want the legendary 🔥 🔥Bugatti 🔥 🔥
Shakir M.
Shakir M. Month ago
All beautiful but my favorite was the drop top 😍
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Month ago
If you want to be fast get an auto R8 if you want to be cool get an Manual. Even Tony stark himself would get a V10 auto anyday
Callum Reed
Callum Reed Month ago
A customer let me take his 2007 Audi R8 manual for a blast after i did some work on it for him, was the most exciting thing I've ever done, first time driving 4wd aswell but so glad it was a manual, a 4.2 V8 with a near straight piped exhaust was absolutely mental and loved every minute of it.
Stanley Ferguson
You have Mercedes Benz c-class
Vegas Tan
Vegas Tan Month ago
I’d still take that manual stick, and stick a Supercharger in to keep up with the reso ‘em!
Random Restoration
Personally I’d have the Original . Looks perfect! Alloywheelwelding.co.uk
Ahmed Abbas
Ahmed Abbas Month ago
Spoiler Alert: *The R8 won*
Taelo Mmatli
Taelo Mmatli Month ago
Golf 7 vs golf r v golf R32 vs golf r34
Taelo Mmatli
Taelo Mmatli Month ago
Try a Lamborghini elemento vs a Tesla vs Royal Royce phantom
Fathan P.
Fathan P. Month ago
Brits be like : Are you "R8" Mate ?
sk8erok Month ago
Just think about it. 2019 hothatch RS3 is faster that a 2009 sport car!
Dekadenz Month ago
sk8erok so you are saying rs3 isnt a sports car?
Griffin Glenn
Griffin Glenn Month ago
Awesome video Matt and CarWow 🙌 cool to see the differences in generations of R8. Although, the V8 could have been quicker if he revved it past 7000 but hey, cool to see this run.
Jarne Akkermans
Jarne Akkermans Month ago
maybe coming a Audi r8 with a v12 😱
kawa kocher
kawa kocher Month ago
سيارة خارقة ..منافسة جميلة..كلما يتقدم زمن يتطور تكنولوجيا وخاصة الوحش ألماني ..Audi من حيث مواصفات والامانة والجمال
Waleed Chand
Waleed Chand Month ago
I missed yiani
Bigdrop Month ago
The best would be the newest one but with a manual. Why do everyone gotta do only automatic? :(
Drmcx Month ago
Man cars were so much better before tech took over. The original R8 was incredible in its V10 form. 2008 was not that long ago after all. New cars are boring with all the limits being imposed on them thanks to tyrannical EU. Edit: ALso, Matt, stop calling a modern car "old" just because it's no longer in production.
Mid evil
Mid evil Month ago
New one is 620 hp and hauls ass hot cams like the lambo v10
Tech Tronic
Tech Tronic Month ago
Virat kohli is proud of that R8 V10PLUS
Carrington Pettigrew
That new r8 sound trash 👎🏽👎🏽🤬
Mr Waternoose
Mr Waternoose Month ago
When the original R8 does the quarter mile slower than the new Supra
P. Kudom
P. Kudom Month ago
V8 is obviously the slowest but it doesn't help that you were short shifting 3:30
sherman4970 Month ago
Well that’s a shock....NOT!
henry wilson
henry wilson Month ago
I fell in love with this car when I saw Tony stark drive it to the airport, it was the coolest thing ever
Jordan Plain
Jordan Plain Month ago
“picks slowest car” Matt: what's going on? lol 😂😂
Aarav Baddam
Aarav Baddam Month ago
The Audi R8 Matt drove was the same one Clarkson drove in the top gear review
Relebogile Mothomogolo
Yet you still hear people talking about wanting stick shifts aka manual transmissions in modern cars when clearly duel clutch autos are way better now...
Kyle Mandt
Kyle Mandt Month ago
Not much of a race.......we knew the R8 was going to win before the race even started......SMH
Yulia YU
Yulia YU Month ago
or something like ferrari laferrari and lamborghini aventador
Yulia YU
Yulia YU Month ago
matt can you do a speed test with audi r8 v10+ peformance and lamborghini aventador? that is gonna be cool. imagine if the audi won.
Matty18795 Month ago
If i could choose any of them cars i would take the r8
Djınn 鬼神
Djınn 鬼神 Month ago
v10 looks the best
Daniel Dany
Daniel Dany Month ago
Please do racing the Nissan Patrol v8 Platinum vs Lexus v8 Vs Toyota land cruiser v8 Vx Vs Infinit v8
kirby rabara
kirby rabara Month ago
do you have a tiktok
Anis Chetoui
Anis Chetoui Month ago
That V8 R8 is the same car driven by Clarkson against Hammond in the 911 Porsche, also driven by Vicki in Carfection. Same number plate😉
Ahmed Bilal
Ahmed Bilal Month ago
My Camry runs 240kmh
MrHott50 Month ago
Shit gear changes on the v8 if u were better it would be closer let it rev !!,
Banana_Bro11 2 months ago
oof nice race
Idiots Everywhere
Idiots Everywhere 2 months ago
V8s, good engines, but V10, nothing like v10s
Nikhil Mangla
Nikhil Mangla 2 months ago
You make great videos bro, love it so much
jhouser972 2 months ago
I don’t care if it’s slowest the v8 manual is my favorite.
Francis Paulino
Francis Paulino 2 months ago
try the Audi R8 LMS
prpjustice 2 months ago
How soon does one get bored with such trinkets? Over a quarter mile or so.
Bilal Asif
Bilal Asif 2 months ago
The manual v8 one is most elegant of all i would choose it any day
DΣLIGHT 2 months ago
Wheres the v10 plus
Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson 2 months ago
That gen 1 r8 looks amazing, its really aged well, whenever I see one it always looks stunning
Hamza Shah
Hamza Shah 2 months ago
Marks mother: our house has caught on fire Mark:so what exactly happened
Mo02-Mo 2 months ago
Audi and yani its not her wtf
CookieSlip 2 months ago
He lives in Uk
Spoiler: the audi win
Daniel Bentley
Daniel Bentley 2 months ago
Me laughing knowing that people who bought a brand new one 18 months ago have lost 40k.
Laughing Man
Laughing Man 2 months ago
The original is still a really fun car for $50k-$60k
HollaDaze801 2 months ago
You should try and do the McLaren spider and trying to be everyone.
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