Audi R8 generations 2006-2019 - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST!

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It’s time for an Audi R8 head-to-head! It might not be too hard to choose the winner from this line-up, but how do you think the older models will compare against each other? Does the original V8 Manual have what it takes to cause an upset? There’s only one way to find out… Let’s race!
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Jun 15, 2019




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Comments 2 448
Diogo Vasconcelos
Diogo Vasconcelos 7 hours ago
R8 wins
CORENTIN 8 hours ago
Im sorry but wtf is that engine sound on the mk2 r8 ? It sound so bad, and definetly not like a v10...
jimakosgian26 16 hours ago
manual is fine and perfect its all about horse power
Hans Perfect
Hans Perfect 18 hours ago
so the R8 won, right?
Shobhit Mistry
Shobhit Mistry 23 hours ago
1.37 thank me later
No Name
No Name 3 days ago
Я так и знал что победит Ауди
MXD 4 days ago
When fanboys say manual is faster
Vitalic Vovk
Vitalic Vovk 4 days ago
В 2017 году компания Ауди выпустила серию дорожного купе Audi R8 V10 RWS с заднеприводной трансмиссией ограниченным тиражом в количестве 999 экземпляров. Этот эксперимент принес компании удачу. Поэтому, производителями была создана новая модификация Audi R8 V10 RWS 2020 модельного года с одной ведущей задней осью и на этот раз сделали ее обычным постоянным элементом модельного ряда: westicar.ru/evropeyjskie/audi/303-audi-r8-v10-rwd-2020
Gotze9 5 days ago
3:02 min ohhh boy cold engine :(
smoker joker.
smoker joker. 8 days ago
Can't believe the R8 won !!
Top End
Top End 8 days ago
Gen 1 overall looks better to me
Eduardo Gomes
Eduardo Gomes 9 days ago
bugatti chiron na Drag Races
Ryan Rodis
Ryan Rodis 9 days ago
That looked like the fast 1 race between the rx7,civic,integra and eclipse🤣🤣🤣
Best Gear
Best Gear 9 days ago
Our favourite is the LMX
Lichi R
Lichi R 10 days ago
And the electric
Yoshiaki Uematsu
Yoshiaki Uematsu 10 days ago
the r8 reminds me of yianni
Gio 11 days ago
My god that gated manual gearbox is just NSFW Good thing you didn’t chose the v10 manual cause that would’ve put an age limit on this vid
CMM # Intervention
CMM # Intervention 11 days ago
The facelifted r8 revving sounds like me when my mom is trying to wake me up
Sambridhi Thapa
Sambridhi Thapa 12 days ago
Even the Alpha is faster than that R8😂 LOL
Jordan King
Jordan King 13 days ago
I driven an 2008 R8 V8 and it's DAMN quick and the suspension is stiff. Unless you're on track, you're not going to tell the difference in performance because it drives like a snake on the freeway.
Dashcrash 1
Dashcrash 1 15 days ago
Worst sound was the og R8, best sound was the GT spyder R8
Jean Viloria
Jean Viloria 19 days ago
All those cars look the same, I wonder why? 🤔
Chris Vyme
Chris Vyme 21 day ago
No photo finish this time hehe
Умар Аджиев
Я единственный кто говорит по русски?
Inferno Diamond
Inferno Diamond 24 days ago
I knew the Audi R8 would win oh wait
Shami Shami
Shami Shami 25 days ago
A good race
Chris Huynh
Chris Huynh 26 days ago
Perfect examples of progress!!! R8 are the best ever looking Audi!!!!
Divine _34
Divine _34 27 days ago
Please do a race with a 2020 gt500 against a zl1 or the c8 corvette
CARS and potato gamez
Sounds like a Dyson vacuum
Danger Danger
Danger Danger 27 days ago
From this video we know that money and age matters.
Yousha Modan
Yousha Modan 27 days ago
I want a wihte lxm
Nhân Trần Danh
Nhân Trần Danh 29 days ago
And up to this day, I can afford none of them :))
Borys Mita
Borys Mita Month ago
Joey N
Joey N Month ago
The brand new R8 looks way better at the front and sides but it has the worst rear end so far. The white spyder has my favorite
Jeevan Tom
Jeevan Tom Month ago
Do it with Tesla roadster 2 and u guyz will find the champ😀😋
Dzek Trbosjek
Dzek Trbosjek Month ago
Your roof must be on when racing.
Nicolas Bocchino
The new one sounds awful
Vojd Naroda
Vojd Naroda Month ago
Moral of the video is: R8 Wins
Xavi Month ago
74% of everyone in the comments: I want r8 4.2 because _m a n u e l l e_ and *_a n a l o g e x p e r i e n c e_*
Lee  Humphrey
Lee Humphrey Month ago
About 30k for the original r8 with a manual is not a bad way to go
Kingsley Jehez
Kingsley Jehez Month ago
Plzz do drag race between koenigsegg agera r and Bugatti chiron sport plzzxx
gönnt mir abo auf ehre pisdez
Lol they dont have every car in the world
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson Month ago
Fucking love Audi high performance!
Sir Render
Sir Render Month ago
I'll take the V8 manual all day. 👌
Mick Clarke
Mick Clarke Month ago
Great idea! Love the videos keep it coming!
tukanxx Month ago
please specs on the screen!
Villarb Orias
Villarb Orias Month ago
My favorite cars is koenigsegg one and regera and agera r
Villarb Orias
Villarb Orias Month ago
I sure this acceleration 2009 audi real his v10 to slow campyou for audi change by engens for 2010 audi what happend sure that to fast u compere the audi real and audi 2010 what happends
Araz Rashid
Araz Rashid Month ago
John Jerrehian
John Jerrehian Month ago
Personally, this was an interesting video to watch. See how the years have changed the R8, etc. Vs racing against some electric car and an SUV...
KR-Y dontaskmewhy
This guy hates losing
Buddy Woof
Buddy Woof Month ago
The latest one doesn't look as good as the previous ones. The facelift sucks. Okay, it still looks really sharp but the previous 3 versions look like masterpieces
AMG Bretheren
AMG Bretheren 2 months ago
The r8 has aged like fine wine. Truly was ahead of its time. Too bad every Audi every other Audi produced has aged like milk. Wierd how they hit a home run on one but have done so poorly on anything else.
Christo Clark
Christo Clark 2 months ago
Sham Wow
Danny 2 months ago
more generation drag races!!!
Alan Tejeda Croda
Alan Tejeda Croda 2 months ago
Esa si es una evolución es más nuevo es mal rápido no cómo con otros que el viejo corre más qué el nuevo
Kendell Crenshaw
Kendell Crenshaw 2 months ago
4:37 coupays
Arjun Bhat
Arjun Bhat 2 months ago
LMX was close. Pretty darn close. Was even leading until a point.
Emirhan Pala
Emirhan Pala 2 months ago
Türkiye'den selamlar
VALAKALAV 2 months ago
Every high spec Audi & Merc sound the same now, especially the little fart they do when changing up.
Fanhe Zeng
Fanhe Zeng 2 months ago
Spoiler: R8 Wins
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