Attempting To Eat 30 Burgers at IN N OUT..

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Jun 12, 2019





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Comments 19 656
Its Your uncle
Anyone else think the guy who was sweating shit rude asf
Elias L.K.
Elias L.K. Day ago
Imagine dropping a doose after eating 30 of those
Becca Bellante
Becca Bellante 5 days ago
Becca Bellante
Becca Bellante 5 days ago
Your fucking dumb PUNK KID I FUCKING HATE YOU.
Becca Bellante
Becca Bellante 5 days ago
By the way you're STUPID
Damn you Da Man!!
D W 7 days ago
Love me some In N Out this time of yeauhh
Gio De Rosas
Gio De Rosas 8 days ago
I fuckin hate the fucking old lady peace of shit looking at Steve so like ill and discussed. She a discrase
Relody 8 days ago
who are the baddies toward the second half of the video 👀
katie myron
katie myron 9 days ago
The most I’ve had is 4😂😂
Tyler Irwin
Tyler Irwin 15 days ago
I need more videos you fucking monster of a human
niko._ affs
niko._ affs 17 days ago
Omg I’m hungry now
Josh 17 days ago
Way to many cuts, you don’t eat all that. Fake ass
BOMBZA DANGER 17 days ago
Keep up the work!
Andris Kalejs
Andris Kalejs 17 days ago
Lick my clit
Crni Covek
Crni Covek 17 days ago
Fall sund
Crni Covek
Crni Covek 17 days ago
I should make ur beats
Crni Covek
Crni Covek 17 days ago
Was that alex mandel?
Crni Covek
Crni Covek 17 days ago
Ill kill a duck
Gangsta A Glide
Gangsta A Glide 20 days ago
He's literally a mellinial Steve-O
Mike Montgomery
Mike Montgomery 20 days ago
everyone like this comment
Nancy Rebel
Nancy Rebel 21 day ago
How on earth did this guy get 1 million subscribers in 1 month oh meh goawd this dude got popcorn fast.
person 11
person 11 22 days ago
Homless john is such a cool dude I wouldnt mind doin a little rock smokin with him
Polxer Bruh
Polxer Bruh 24 days ago
2 mil fake veiwers😑😑
1:48 vegans have left the chat
Jonothan Hi
Jonothan Hi 24 days ago
4:11 the hoes callin their sugar daddy to buy them food
hunts Sizzle
hunts Sizzle 24 days ago
10 happy meals drinks included in under 5 minutes
Brian Benjamin
Brian Benjamin Month ago
When he put his hands from the floor back to the patties
The Wolf Assassin
That was insane
Moneyman Month ago
The old man at 4 mins Nd sum lmao he was with 3 bitches 😂😂🤣🤣 there Sugga daddy 🤣🤣😂 shit real in La
Ralph's Dream
Ralph's Dream Month ago
Ralph's Dream
Ralph's Dream Month ago
Female version of you
i got fat just watching this
Jude Cornman
Jude Cornman Month ago
full send
Level Heading
Level Heading Month ago
Just don't shit near me.
Ceejster Month ago
How do you poop
Joeybabbs .BABBS
nothing shoenice hasnt done already.. challenge shoenice if you wanna slam alcohol
Zaron XX
Zaron XX Month ago
Gotta love that music at 4:47
i g
i g Month ago
you good bro ?
Xavari Scarlett
Xavari Scarlett Month ago
Steve ur my fucking idol
AntiSocialFB Month ago
i eat a couple double quarter pounder and the grease makes me nauseous. i can eat hella food but this much grease im 100% vomiting haha
B&T fix Reality
B&T fix Reality Month ago
Steve wassup
eddie Sebastian
eddie Sebastian Month ago
how did he blow up on youtube??????
Russ bub
Russ bub Month ago
Full send
uber goober
uber goober Month ago
Lmao who is this view boosting, hamburger-faced insta cunt? Fuuuuuck outta here and leave it to real OG's like LA Beast.
Roy Beck
Roy Beck Month ago
where can i get this beat
Collin Young
Collin Young Month ago
He'll eat a horse and 2 meals xD that homeless guy was a comedian
Mary Dust
Mary Dust Month ago
Save some food for the rest of us
Fred Idk
Fred Idk Month ago
he ate 30 burgers in 5:30 minutes
k n17
k n17 Month ago
Eat a can of chew
CrAzytAcA 73
CrAzytAcA 73 Month ago
Healthiest man alove
Daquan Harvey
Daquan Harvey Month ago
Craaazy bro
He got a million subs in a month span. Insane
Jacob Page
Jacob Page Month ago
Kids nuts!!!! 🤯🤯🤯 Mad impressive.
Hejsa GK 123
Hejsa GK 123 Month ago
Eat 30 cow balls
Build Wavy
Build Wavy Month ago
30 Mf burgers this niggas a fat ass😂
Broken Inbox
Broken Inbox Month ago
Steve, please like if you see this! I love your videos man! Also... Stay high and lifted!
Ace_sportspro214 xbox
2:32 the guy on the left is wearing faze merch
Kazi Month ago
thats like 7,000 or more calories in one sitting. healthiest man alive!!
Mack Millie
Mack Millie Month ago
So fake...
MarinersFK7 Month ago
Old head og in hollywood with a gang of hoes. Goals
Nate Serrato
Nate Serrato Month ago
How is bro not fat
Austin Bruneel
Austin Bruneel Month ago
his ass has to be on fire when he shit
Jose #IDGT Lopez
Roshan Gurung
Roshan Gurung Month ago
I hate that guy acting like a gangster calling him you a fat motherfucker whats his problem fucking asshole
Tom Breault
Tom Breault Month ago
Dude your honestly impressive. Just be aware of your health is all
ryan iscool
ryan iscool Month ago
David Lee
David Lee Month ago
Your a fucking champion bro
Zack Yourth
Zack Yourth Month ago
Proper twelve baby🥃
_lil_martinez 21
4:10 poor guy getting gold digged lmao
Antonio Serenil
Antonio Serenil Month ago
lmao no one noticed the girl passed out inside @ 1:15
Steven Syphus
Steven Syphus Month ago
That was epic, made my night man. Lol Now I can sleep.
Laura Aguilar
Laura Aguilar Month ago
Ok, but you did NOT eat 30 burgers. You ate ONE thirty meat thirty cheese burger.
Angel Barba
Angel Barba Month ago
Your crazy for doing that bro I could barely eat 3 burgers 😂😂 but your videos are soo entertaining bro keep up the hard work! 👌🏻👌🏻💯🤘🏻🔥🔥
Xd_ Shadow
Xd_ Shadow Month ago
oStraight OG
oStraight OG Month ago
That's called munchies
ct350r Month ago
The guy at 4:00 piss me off fuckn clown lol
duncan baxter
duncan baxter Month ago
This fella will grow up and look back on how he fked his body up for likes!
Doriamo Month ago
Steve you need to enter Nathan's famous hotdog eating contest next year!
Doriamo Month ago
They messed up the caption for the homeless guy at the beginning. He said that Steve will eat a horse and two mules. Not meals. It's an old saying.
Fabian  Pena
Fabian Pena Month ago
Y’all seen when peter had a heart attack after 30 burgers
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