Atlas 10x30 Safe-Cellar - Luxury Bunker Built Under A Home (Complete Installation Video) - Part 1

Atlas Survival Shelters
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In this Video, Atlas installs a luxury bomb shelter with a fire place and a wine cellar. Base price is $94,999. also go Watch "Billy BombProof" channel to for reviews on Survival gear and get some laughs to Warning its R-rated
To order your Survival Food visit:
Atlas Survival Shelters
7407 Telegraph Road,
Montebello, CA 90640
# (323) 727-7084
Website - www.atlassurvivalshelters.com
Ron Hubbard
President/CEO & Founder
Email - ron@atlassurvivalshelters.com
On Facebook - facebook.com/pages/Atlas-Survival-Shelters/396118537110586

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Sep 13, 2018




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Comments 80
cory skipper
cory skipper 11 hours ago
Heat /AC ?
cory skipper
cory skipper 11 hours ago
If you that kind of cash you should have went doublewide.
P T Day ago
I want one
Rohit Konalikar
Can it survive in nuclear attack
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller 3 days ago
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TEAM6USA 5 days ago
i love this kind of work. But people can't stay 3 months inside of the own homes, i can imagine inside a shelter. Zombies will be very happy i can tell.
kusina ni batang
kusina ni batang 5 days ago
thanks for sharing stay connected
Go Ohio
Go Ohio 9 days ago
Congrats, now all you safe bunkers should be built like that. Good Job. Forget manhole covers out in the yard.
Mardiyano Ady
Mardiyano Ady 13 days ago
Good job. Thanks from Indonesian
Robert L
Robert L 13 days ago
How much $?
ツSlicks 3 days ago
That model was 94k
BUBearL 13 days ago
If you need this to survive some short intense event, do you even want to survive the initial event? There will be nothing left except the walking dead, fighting for the scraps of what's left.
Michael Norman
Michael Norman 14 days ago
I'll bet their business is booming nowadays. Looks great!
gracz misiek
gracz misiek 14 days ago
A regular basement with a hidden entrance that no one knows about is safer than a nuclear bunker everyone knows about.
ScienceGuy 15 days ago
Not a woman in sight.
DGAMER 14 15 days ago
Who’s here after the Infographics
Clown Lives Matter
Clown Lives Matter 16 days ago
100k under the house geez louise.
moses gutierrez
moses gutierrez 18 days ago
I thought it be bigger inside,but prices now a days
kidd villa-pal
kidd villa-pal 19 days ago
cost: dollars __________________________________
XLIVLP 20 days ago
Since the bunker itself and the assembly with the stairs are separate, when were they welded together? Were they welded before the epoxy was sprayed over the bunker or after inside that was done?
R A 24 days ago
Rade Dzakovic
Rade Dzakovic 25 days ago
Super,aber kaum bezahlbar für "Otto-Normalverbraucher".Eigentlich Schade.
J D 28 days ago
I like it
Info Musket
Info Musket 29 days ago
Nice, but don't they need to go deeper underground?
Mary Heltke
Mary Heltke Month ago
Love to listening and watch your videos ever need a CDL driver . I'd love to be apart of your team . Driving since 1993. Still driving class A
Johnny Productions
I just have one question, do you make bunkers for gaming?
TheWildAnon Month ago
so what if people know you have a bunker? they cant do shit about it
Arnav z
Arnav z Month ago
Sigma Geranimo
Sigma Geranimo Month ago
I wish i had more money.
pan Del
pan Del Month ago
this shelter door needs a certain weight to close like the gentleman who stepped on it. otherwise someone with less weight will probably throw a few yards away
STeeLo205 ImDatRapper
Love this
Energy3 Month ago
haha when the world has gone to shit a bunker is going to be the least of your problems.
Shay Mourik
Shay Mourik Month ago
Is it a good idea maybe to olso put lithium batteries in bunkers ?
John Garza
John Garza Month ago
I'm gonna get this with my stimulus check. 😆
Lauer Road Radio
Алексей Александров
У них в бункерах уютнее, чем в 90% российских жомов.
FnF Hsjee
FnF Hsjee Month ago
We can as
JP JW Jordan's
JP JW Jordan's Month ago
So is steel radiation proof
Razia Rahmat
Razia Rahmat Month ago
Toby The Wolf
Toby The Wolf Month ago
im gonna build one when i get my own proporty but i would build it alot deeper in my opinion but what ever its cool.
Hoppy Spadge
Hoppy Spadge Month ago
Lucky they didn’t forget the wine.
Luiz Toredo
Luiz Toredo Month ago
Luiz Toredo
Luiz Toredo Month ago
Juan Antonio
Juan Antonio Month ago
Looks brilliant you survivalists know how to survive well done really well done it's amazing
drfusion55 Month ago
J McCracken
J McCracken Month ago
If you stop with the A_ _ word you would make GOD 😁
Jonathan P.A
Jonathan P.A Month ago
S el bunker mas completo que he visto..
russian bot
russian bot Month ago
do you need to own a land to build this thing or no
Sharvan TV
Sharvan TV Month ago
Kick ass
Dan Seabreeze
Dan Seabreeze Month ago
...but is it ZOMBIE proof???
alexey Month ago
Damn that intro was a bit too loud, blew my ears lol
Murat Yildiz
Murat Yildiz Month ago
why such small bunker when you so much area ?
Jeff MK
Jeff MK Month ago
Comes with John Goodman :)
Elliander Eldridge
Elliander Eldridge 2 months ago
For this style bunker, why can't you place within a larger cylinder to have the best of both worlds? An interior with straight walls and the ability to safely bury as deep as the cylinder bunkers? Or couldn't you even put a slant over it to add protection?
Аркадий Петрович
Пипец, кто вас так напугал ?
King Croc
King Croc 2 months ago
fallout 5 2089
daz rod
daz rod 2 months ago
Quiero una thank you
Jose Wellington
Jose Wellington 2 months ago
"No girls allowed"
juan palencia
juan palencia 2 months ago
how much is that?
Rakhi Chakraborty
Rakhi Chakraborty 2 months ago
Name ur company safevault
Carlos Uscanga
Carlos Uscanga 2 months ago
the idea is good, but it is very close to the surface it needs to be deeper underground.
Gabor Torda
Gabor Torda 2 months ago
Geoffrey Mwangi
Geoffrey Mwangi 2 months ago
Good escape for Covid19 did you know there will be virus.
SUB BALIK 2 months ago
Amazing bunker
Canada 2 months ago
This is what happens when you get bored playing MINECRAFT !!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carlos Baltazar Dos Santos
Joseph Fritzl 2040
stephen h
stephen h 2 months ago
Bunker should stay under the ground minimum 50m ..is not it?
tymzr achangin
tymzr achangin 2 months ago
Seriously.... so the only thing that came to your mind was a bunker should always stay underground 164 feet ( which is 50m) Well, feel free to come up with the mega cash to pay someone to dig a 164 feet deep hole and then the mega cash for the unit that has to extend all the way down to the bunker whereby probably talking having to install a frickin elevator
Alexander Pushkin
Alexander Pushkin 2 months ago
concrete itself protects from corrosion
Supreme Mathematics
Supreme Mathematics 2 months ago
What about your laundry 🧺 room
cush african
cush african 2 months ago
Now that a real strom shelter
Esteban Baialardo
Esteban Baialardo 2 months ago
More Wine Please
Dily Art C-plix 83
Dily Art C-plix 83 2 months ago
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez 2 months ago
Minuto 4:43 tiene una figura una cara el cuadro
Behzod Hodjaev
Behzod Hodjaev 2 months ago
it was also necessary to install a surveillance camera in the bunker.
Logan KS
Logan KS 2 months ago
this video is cool
Саша Иванов
Главное бухла побольше!От Торнадо сгодится от ядрёной бонбы не поможет.
Lopez Lopez
Lopez Lopez 2 months ago
Неужели? Где же ты был раньше? А они думали, что поможет!
Pablo Adrian Otero
Pablo Adrian Otero 2 months ago
Que pelotudez al angulo!
NPC 017289292973
NPC 017289292973 2 months ago
Do you make larger and in different shapes like T or H?
Stanley Jean
Stanley Jean 2 months ago
Great work now build a house on top of it
DoZHдь Channel
DoZHдь Channel 2 months ago
A good bunker👍 Where does the sewer run off to?
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